Change your life with skydiving near Wilmington, Delaware!

Discover the thrill of flying over the expansive countryside of Wilmington, Delaware. connects you to a range of options for exploring your adventurous spirit. Wilmington Skydiving – for a variety of commitment levels, from a single Tandem Skydiving – experience to a fully credentialed Accelerated Free Fall certification program. Join the pros in flight and learn how far your passion reaches.

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Change your life with skydiving adventures over Wilmington, Delaware!
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Change your life with skydiving adventures over Wilmington, Delaware!
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Discover the thrill of flying over the expansive countryside of Wilmington, Delaware. offers you a range of options for exploring your adventurous spirit. We offer a variety of commitment levels, from a single Tandem skydiving experience to our fully credentialed Accelerated Free Fall certification program. Join us in flight and learn how far your passion reaches.

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Skydiving has a reputation for being a fear-inducing sport for those who want a little excitement in their lives. But skydiving is much more than a fix for adrenaline junkies. In the right context, and once past the fearful jump from the plane, soaring over the mountains of Delaware can be thought provoking and inspiring. Wilmington, DE wants you to learn about the different aspects of skydiving as a sport. Wilmington Skydiving encourages you to call and find out more or to book a reservation.

Choose Your Favorite Style of Skydiving

Wilmington Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving near Wilmington, Delaware

Tandem Skydiving

Great for the beginning skydiver or for the extra-cautious enthusiast, Tandem Skydiving allows you to experience the rush of the jump with the added safety of professional backup. You will be attached by a harness to a Master Jumper. They will deploy the parachute and complete the landing, so all you need do is relax and enjoy the scenery. Learn more…

Wilmington Skydiving - Advanced Skydive Training in Wilmington, Delaware

AFF Training

Accelerated Free Fall jumps cater to the adventurous and independent spirit. In an intensive afternoon course, jumpers learn all the basics of skydiving so that they can experience the full spectrum of emotions involved in the sport. While jumpers learn more of the skills they need for skydiving, assistants still remain on standby for the parachute deployment and landing. Learn more…

Wilmington Skydiving - Skydiving Video Packages - Wilmington, Delaware

Video Packages

One of the best ways to capture your skydiving experience forever is by hiring a professional videographer to follow you around on your big day. Wilmington, DE provides customers with the option of filming their jumps from start to finish, so you can relive the memory over and over. Imagine how thrilled your kids will be to see their so-not-cool parents throwing caution to the wind and taking a bite out of life! Learn more…

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Skydiving: Encouraging New Perspectives

Wilmington Skydiving has a rich history, but only in the last sixty years has it evolved into a popular and relatively safe pastime for flight enthusiasts. World War II paratroopers first brought the idea of skydiving into the mainstream after the close of the war, when they realized they had hundreds of unused parachutes. near Wilmington, DE is keeping the interest alive by encouraging you to let go of your fears and try Tandem Skydiving or Accelerated Free Fall options. These Jump Masters are thoroughly trained, and enjoy sharing their passion for the sport with anyone who wants to learn about it. If you’re not sure about trying skydiving yourself but know of someone who might want to, we also sell gift certificates for introductory jumps so you can bring a friend in on the excitement of Free Fall.

Soar over Brandywine Valley near Wilmington, DE

Wilmington, Delaware, is situated along the Christina River, a tributary of the larger Delaware River. Skydivers who fly miles high above the beautiful New England landscape have an unadulterated view of the Brandywine Valley. They can follow the smaller Christina River as it weaves between State routes 95 and 495. There is a certain solitude this high above the Earth, even in the midst of an adventure like skydiving. You’re in the perfect position to consider your life choices and celebrate the beauty of your surroundings.

If you love the outdoors, the patches of green scattered around Wilmington will give you a reason to smile. Each swath represents one of the area’s state or local parks, with the largest being the White Clay Creek State Park located west of the city. The campus of the University of Delaware is easy to spot on the south side of Wilmington. From a distance above the Earth, the stark contrast between rural and urban surroundings is easy to see, and this part of Delaware has its share of both. If you’re lucky, you might even catch sight of New Jersey’s Riverfront Park, located just to the east of the Delaware River, which separates Delaware from New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Wilmington Wants to Help You Soar Above It All.
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Wilmington Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving near Wilmington, Delaware

Skydive with Support: Tandem Skydiving near Wilmington

Tandem Skydiving gives you the control you want over your jump with the safety you crave. Instead of facing the feat of jumping from a plane by yourself, you have the support of a certified skydiving instructor who is harnessed to you. Since you share a parachute with the instructor, you don’t have to stress over whether the chute is packed correctly or will deploy when you need it to. The instructor may allow you to take part by pulling the zip cord or maneuvering into the landing zone, but most often, you will not have to do anything but enjoy the view.

The Tandem Difference: Preparation

Before you take off into the clear blue sky over Wilmington, you will have to learn some of the basics of skydiving, even if you’re not deploying the parachute. In a pre-flight briefing, you will learn the safety regulations associated with skydiving. This will take up to 45 minutes. During this time, you will learn:

  • About the equipment you’re using
  • How to properly exit the airplane
  • What to expect during the jump
  • How to fit the harness for maximum comfort and safety
  • Emergency procedures

With a Tandem Skydive, you will be prepared to jump from a height of between 10,000 and 15,000 feet. It is best not to overthink the event since you only have a small window in which to make a successful jump, and the instructor will not leap without your go-ahead. Assuming you are excited for the jump and ready to go, the free fall portion of the jump will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced. However, it is over all too quickly, within thirty seconds.

At 5,000 feet above the Earth, the instructor will deploy the chute. While you may think it prudent to hold on during this sudden change in speed, it isn’t as bad as you might imagine. Most people compare the feeling to jumping into a swimming pool the first time of the summer.

How to Enjoy Your Tandem Experience

Tandem Skydiving is less intensive than Accelerated Free Fall and, as a result, is often underestimated. Being harnessed to an instructor is an experience all its own. Landing requires a little more finesse, and you still must be able to control your body position to ensure the best possible jump. But these are little details that won’t dominate your thoughts. This gives you time to enjoy the view and think about your place in the world—something that Accelerated Free Fall students must often keep to the back of their minds.

To fully enjoy your Tandem experience, make a conscious effort to look around while you’re in the air. Soak in the beauty of rural landscapes and the busy menagerie of buildings in the city. Check out the horizon, where the sky and the earth meet. Unless it’s the middle of summer, feel the cool air on your cheeks as you slide through the atmosphere. This is a perspective you will never experience anywhere else, not even in a plane. Enjoy it while it lasts. The landing zone is imminent. Wilmington, DE gives you the chance to soar above the world that you know and see it from a new angle. The Tandem Skydiving jump is the most popular and affordable. It is also the least time intensive, requiring only a few hours of your day. The Tandem Jump makes an excellent gift for family and friends who might want a taste of skydiving. Gift certificates are transferable across our affiliate network, which is the largest in the country, and anytime within two years of purchase.

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Wilmington Skydiving - Advanced Skydiving Training in Wilmington, Delaware

Skydiving: Advanced Courses

Chances are good that once you try skydiving for the first time you will be hooked. With the advanced skydiving training, you can progress through a multi-stage program that will teach you professional skydiving techniques. In just a short time, you can earn a nationally recognized certificate and take skydiving to the next level. Once certified, you hold an ‘A-license’ and are qualified to jump solo at any skydiving center approved by the United States Parachute Association (USPA), including our large affiliate network of jump zones.

Achieving certification involves completing eight categories of progressive classwork and practical experience, including a series of at least 25 jumps. In these eight classes you will learn how to position your body, how to track and turn during Free Fall, and how to maneuver your body as you land. In addition, you will learn about safety and emergency procedures. Knowing how to properly handle an emergency is vital and will ensure that you stay safe, no matter how many jumps you make through the years.

At the close of the training program, you have the freedom to jump anywhere in the world. With more experience, you might even decide to teach others the joy of skydiving.

Wilmington Skydiving - Accelerated Free Fall Training in Wilmington, Delaware

Accelerated Free Fall Training – The Fast Track

While many people choose Tandem Skydiving for the safety and predictability of the jump, others want to fully experience skydiving the way it was meant to be—free of constraints and fully on their own. If you want your first jump out of a plane to be a solo jump, choose the Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) skydiving option.

An AFF jump is preceded by a ground class that can last anywhere between 4-6 hours and includes training in:

  • Parachute deployment
  • Exiting the plane
  • Safety regulations
  • Emergency procedures
  • Landing techniques
  • Air maneuvers for stability

By learning all of this material before takeoff, you can focus on the experience of jumping when it’s time. Often you will complete the jump on the same day as class. But if you are overly tired after ground school, you can wait until another day to complete the jump itself.

What to Expect During an AFF Jump

Once you’ve completed ground school, you are ready to make the culminating jump. The first step is boarding the plane for the ride up to the proper height, between 10,000 and 13,000 feet. This is far enough above Earth to provide an enjoyable amount of free fall (up to 30 seconds) and up to five minutes of travel after deploying the parachute. You will jump from the plane with your own harness and chute, but during Free Fall, you will have two Master Jumpers/Instructors accompanying you, one on each side. One may hold onto your harness and remind you when it gets close to the time to deploy your parachute. This happens at between 5,000 and 4,000 feet. After you have successfully pulled the ripcord and are traveling under the canopy, (another name for your chute once deployed), you will use radio contact with people on the ground to land safely in the landing zone.

At Wilmington, DE, we are passionate about skydiving – not just as a sport but as a lifestyle. That’s why Wilmington Skydiving recommendsAccelerated Free Fall (AFF) Training for those who want something more than just a one-time adrenaline rush. Those who choose to further their training after the initial AFF jump can count that jump as one of the 25 required for certification.

Wilmington Skydiving - Wilmington, Delaware Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Tandem Progression – The Slow Track

Tandem Progression is a method of training that combines some of the principles of Tandem Skydiving with those of solo Accelerated Free Fall methods. It is intended for those students who wish to complete a solo jump eventually but need hands-on training over more than one jump or class.

Tandem Progression starts with a ground course where you learn the basic safety procedures, maneuvering techniques and steps to deploy the parachute and land successfully. After the ground course is complete, you must perform multiple jumps to build your confidence and skill.

The first series of jumps will be Tandem jumps, where an instructor will be there to guide you the whole way. They will show you what to do during the first Tandem jump. On the second and third jumps, you will complete more of the maneuvers on your own.

Once you’ve shown a level of confidence in your skydiving skills, you will perform a number of Accelerated Free Fall jumps. At first, you will be accompanied by two instructors, then one and finally you’ll go by yourself. Wilmington, DE recommends this method of instruction as an alternative to traditional immersion training. Give us a call and find out more about the types of skydiving training you can try out.

Ask how you can have your training jump filmed and recorded for history.

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Wilmington Skydiving - Wilmington, Delaware Skydiving Video Packages

Skydiving Video Packages

When you go to an important event, it is customary to bring a camera or video recorder along to capture all of the little details along with the emotions of the day. So why wouldn’t you want to record your first skydiving experience? With an unreal skydive, you are going to be more than ten thousand feet in the air to begin your journey. Below, the beautiful green pastures of rural Delaware and the grey buildings of urban Wilmington treat the eye with a contrast of textures. Adding a video package to your skydiving adventure gives you have access to a professional videographer who will record your big day from start to finish.

The Different Levels of Video Coverage Wilmington, DE connects you with and arranges several different levels of video coverage for your skydiving jump. If the jump itself is most important to you, Wilmington Skydiving offers a video package that is affordable and simple. With this choice, your instructor dons a GoPro helmet cam and comes along for the ride, shooting your jump from the minute you exit the plane to the moment your feet touch the ground and the parachute floats onto the grass. For an up-close, personal touch, this is the way to go.

If you want a more intensive video, you can use a professional videographer. With this option, a top-level photographer will film parts of your entire journey from the pre-briefing and ground school to the post-briefing meet-and-greet. Not only will you be able to relive the jump itself, but you will have your whole day on camera so that you can remember the people you met during your adventure.

Some Reasons to Add a Video Package to your Jump

Adding a video package to your Tandem or Accelerated Free Fall skydiving experience will create another layer of memories that might otherwise fade over time. The dropzone staff professionally edit the videos and format them for sharing on social media so no one is left out of the excitement.

Don’t let your first skydive or your fiftieth go unrecorded. You deserve the memory of your jump, and your friends and family deserve to share that part of your life with you. Of course, your bravery in the face of fear just might encourage others to find out what skydiving can do for them. Give Wilmington, DE a call.

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Wilmington Skydiving - Wilmington, Delaware Skydiving Gift Certificates

Gifting Skydiving Packages

Those who have gone skydiving before know how life changing it can be, particularly during the first jump when the experience is new and fresh. Do you know that you can share your love of skydiving with your friends and family? Wilmington, DE offers you the opportunity to purchase gift certificates to help pay for a Tandem Skydiving or Accelerated Free Fall Level One skydive. You can spread your passion around and encourage friends to try something new at the same time.

So why should you invest the money in buying a gift certificate for someone else to jump from an airplane? If you’re talking about buying for an annoying boss at work or that girl who keeps asking you out, it might be easier to rationalize sending them into the clouds. However, everyone can benefit from the adventure of skydiving. Not only is it healthy to face your fears, it feels good to release cortisol and adrenaline into the bloodstream, and doing so can actually have medicinal properties. It has been discovered that adrenaline in small bursts can boost your immune system, relieve stress and even slow down the aging process. So, by purchasing the gift of skydiving for your friends and family, you are showing that you care.

What makes our Gift Certificates Such a Good Deal?

Now that we’ve covered why you should be introducing your friends and family to skydiving, we’re going to tell you why you should get your gift certificates from Wilmington, DE and our affiliates.

  • Our gift certificates are affordable. We have some of the lowest prices in the country for the quality of the service available.

  • You can choose how to use your gift certificate. Wilmington Skydiving has certificates that feature Tandem Skydiving and certificates that you can use toward the Accelerated Free Fall Level One course.

  • Our certificates are fully transferable. If the person you bought the gift certificates for decides not to use it, you can simply give it to someone else.

  • You can use your gift certificates at any of our affiliate skydiving centers around the country. Since we have more than eighty such locations around the country, you can live just about anywhere and skydive. This means your out-of-state friends and family aren’t left out.

  • Certificates are valid for two years after purchase, so you have time to talk loved ones out of their fears of flying, heights, enclosed spaces or jumping from a plane.

If you need to know more about how a Wilmington, DE gift certificate can make the holidays or a special birthday even more special, Wilmington Skydiving have customer service representatives available seven days a week to answer your questions.

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