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The experts at Wichita will set you up with the most exciting skydive experience anywhere. Our team of skydiving enthusiasts work with you to ensure the best Tandem, solo or Advanced Free Fall experience you can get is what you receive. Instructors take you to 14,000 feet and you experience a thrill far better than anything you ever imagined. Connect with us for the experience of a lifetime. Experience skydiving today!

Wichita Skydiving – Wichita’s Wildest Ride!

Why Wait? Call the Best in the Business at 1-860-358-0830! Wichita is your Kansas adventure headquarters!
Call 1-860-358-0830 Now! Wichita is your Kansas adventure headquarters!
Call 1-860-358-0830 Now!

The experts at Wichita provide the most exciting skydive experience anywhere. Our team of skydiving enthusiasts work with you to ensure the best Tandem, solo or Advanced Free Fall experience in Kansas. We take you to 14,000 feet and you experience a thrill far better than anything you ever imagined. Connect with us for the experience of a lifetime.

Why wait? Call the best in the business at 1-860-358-0830!

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to call Wichita. Indulge the thrill seeker in you right now. Not a thrill seeker? Step out of your box, jump with the pros and conquer your fear. Skydiving is also the perfect gift for someone special or one who has everything. The experts at Wichita will answer all your questions and remove all of your doubts. Whoosh over Kansas with a parachute and see it like never before.

More Jump Options For You!

Wichita Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving near Wichita, Kansas

Tandem Skydiving

A beginning skydiver will experience the same thrill as an expert free faller with a Tandem jump. You will be partnered with a seasoned instructor for your jump. With one parachute, you and your partner are harnessed together. You get all the exhilaration of the jump while the professional controls the steps involved. Your jump will be far better than you ever imagined. It can also be the best gift you have ever given. Learn more…

Wichita Skydiving - Advanced Skydive Training in Wichita, Kansas

Advanced Training Jump

After your first jump you are sure to find yourself wanting more. Skydiving school offers all the training you will need to advance your skill. The expert trainers offer instruction for the solo diver using both Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) and Tandem Progression training. They are skilled at assessing your knowledge and skills and will match you with the right course. Our professionals can individualize a training package for anyone. Learn more…

Wichita Skydiving - Skydiving Video Packages - Wichita, Kansas

Video Packages

Keep the excitement going. You can relive the experience and share the excitement with family and friends with a video package. Among the many video options is an affordable GoPro package, with which you can have your jump filmed from a first hand perspective. The video links easily to social media so you can share it with everyone. Your friends will want to jump too when they see it. Learn more… Wichita Is the Best in the Jump Business.
Call 1-860-358-0830 Today! Wichita, Kansas – What is Involved?

The team at Wichita will set you up with an experience unmatched by others. You want to jump with the best. These professionals are knowledgeable and friendly. Your instructors ensure the safest jump possible. You will soar with confidence, while the highly skilled experts worry about the details. Look no further for more jumps at every skydiving skill level. When you jump, you will feel like you are jumping with a friend. Ask our agents about the excellent group discounts we offer. Why jump alone? Your group will be talking about it for years to come. We even offer holiday discounts. At Wichita you are sure to find a time that is convenient for you. Don’t forget gifts. For the person who has everything or the person who loves adventure, we have gift certificates. Give the gift they’ll never stop talking about. Better yet, jump with them.

What it’s Like Over Wichita
Textron Aviation with its Beechcraft and Cessna, Stearman Aircraft, Learjet, Airbus and Spirit Aerosystems aren’t the only reason Wichita is called “The Air Capital of the World”; The experts at our DZ will get you into the air too. Get airborne with us and see Wichita like never before. See the engineering marvel of the Wichita-Valley Center Floodway. Locals call it the “Big Ditch” and you can see from above how it diverts the Arkansas River around Wichita. On a nice day in June, you could glance down at The Wichita River Festival as well. Summer is the perfect time to admire Botanica, The Wichita Gardens from above. The gardens are so colorful you’ll be inspired to see them again from below at another time. Reminisce about the old cattle drives along the Chisholm Trail as you admire the vastness of Sedgwick County from above. Look out over downtown and notice the Century II Performing Arts & Convention Center. This is home to the music of the Wichita Symphony Orchestra, Music Theatre of Wichita, Wichita Grand Opera, and Music Theatre for Young People. Notice how the former warehouse space is now used by great restaurants, shops, condominiums and offices in the heart of downtown. You can’t miss the Epic Center; it’s the tallest building in the state of Kansas. You’ll remember the great economic boom of the oil industry when you notice how large Koch Industries is. If you love camping, you probably have a lantern from the Coleman Company; another big Wichita employer. You haven’t seen Wichita till you’ve seen “ The Air Capital of the World” with a bird’s eye view.

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Wichita Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving near Wichita, Kansas

Tandem Skydiving: Where It All Begins

How can a beginning skydiver jump on day one? To begin, you must be over 18 years of age. A first-time jump is done with a certified professional in tandem. Wearing a comfortable harness, you will be attached to a highly skilled professional. Together you make a Tandem Jump.

You Will Be Given Detailed Information and Instruction in a Pre-Jump Class.

The instruction ensures the safest jump. Your Tandem partner knows what to do every step of the way so you board the aircraft with the utmost confidence. You certainly can’t conceal your excitement as the aircraft ascends. You’re so excited you are not bothered at all by the cramped quarters of the plane. As the elevation increases, so does your adrenaline. The plane is headed for jump elevation and the pilot knows exactly where to take the aircraft for your safe jump.

I Want To Try Tandem Skydiving – Now What?

Although you may have nervous excitement, you have confidence because the pros have thought of everything. You are harnessed to your Tandem partner and you will exit the aircraft to begin your free fall.

The free fall is the portion of the descent where your parachute is not yet deployed. The velocity at which you are falling is incredibly exhilarating. It is difficult to speak or hear but you can breath easily. There is nothing like this part of the descent. It really feels more like flying than falling. It is the biggest rush you can feel. You can enjoy this rush knowing your expert Tandem partner is in full control on this downward trajectory. Very soon after you begin falling, the drogue parachute is deployed. This smaller parachute will slow the velocity of the Tandem free fall to that of a solo free fall. This slows the descent and allows the videographer to keep pace. A slightly larger parachute is used for a Tandem jump to accommodate the weight of two people. Not only does your expert teammate know when to deploy it, he or she is an excellent pilot of the canopy. There is a slight jerk when your chute deploys but your harness was designed with this in mind and you can quickly relax and enjoy. Now, you can even converse with your partner and hear him as well. Glance down at Kansas and consider how many cattle were driven through in the 1800s leading to the spectacular development of today. You have never seen Wichita’s beauty like this before. As you near the ground, you will need to think of the landing techniques you learned in your ground lesson. Of course your pro is still controlling everything in a safe manner but the landing is even smoother if you use the skills you learned. There is nothing like the feel of nailing your landing. You can’t help but let out a huge cheer for yourself. As you stand there basking in the excitement, admit it – you are already thinking about your next skydive.

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Wichita Skydiving - Advanced Skydiving Training in Wichita, Kansas

Advanced Skydiving Options Are Available – What is the Next Step

You thought you were just checking it off your bucket list, but now you want more. The experts can guide you through the Advanced Training you need to become a certified solo skydiver with the United States Parachute Association (USPA).

These instructors are fully USPA certified, with extensive experience in training others. The next level is to attain an A-License with certified professionals. An A-License is proof that you are a safe and competent skydiver. It allows you to jump at any USPA certified skydiving center. An A-License is the first step to further certifications. You will be able to expand your experience in the sky to many other cities and feel the exhilaration with a new and exciting view each time.

Wichita Skydiving - Accelerated Free Fall Training in Wichita, Kansas

Accelerated Free Fall: The Fastest Path to a Solo Jump

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) training is the fastest way to experience a solo free fall. It is intensive in that typically two AFF instructors jump with a student at the same time. An instructor will hold on to the student until the canopy is successfully deployed. This is called “Harness Hold Training.”

The instructor will then fly away to deploy his or her own parachute as there is no harness or physical connection to the student. As a student progresses through this training, they will progressively lower the elevation at which they deploy the canopy from 6,000 feet AGL (1 mile or 1,600 meters above ground level or AGL) to the lower elevation of 5,000 feet AGL. The instructor will use hand signals if a student is in trouble to remind him or her of what needs to be done. He or she could actually move the student’s hand to pull the cord or could even deploy the parachute for the student as a last resort. There are extra “pull” handles on the student’s equipment. After a few runs, and once a student has proven they can deploy their own parachute, they will move to the next level. At the next level, the student has a few more opportunities to prove they have the skills to jump without an instructor. After three levels and additional instruction, the student moves on to a “release dive.” This means a student will be released at some point during the free fall. The instructor is not close enough to deploy the student’s parachute although, he will be nearby for coaching.

The student’s equipment has an Automatic Activation Device (AAD) with a reserve parachute as a final level of protection, because in an emergency the instructor must save himself. It is imperative that the student has the skill required to activate their parachute properly at the right altitude. Before a student moves on to the next AFF level, all objectives must be met. The subsequent levels of AFF require only one instructor. Next, the student will need to prove proficiency with more advanced aerial maneuvers. He or she must be able to achieve intentional stability after disorientation. This is done with more advanced flips and turns. During the AFF jumps, a student may have contact and instruction from ground personnel via radio but he must have the skills for a solo landing without assistance. When the student has reached all of his “Targeted Learning Objectives” (TLOs) for each level, the instructor will deem him ready for the next level. Like the name implies, AFF is a relatively quick way to become a proficient solo jumper. AFF is a very safe and effective way to attain your goal of being a solo skydiver.

Wichita Skydiving - Wichita, Kansas Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Tandem Progression: A Methodical Approach to a Solo Jump

Tandem Progression to AFF Training is offered at some drop zones. After participating in a ground school, the student proceeds with 3 Tandem jumps. This will reinforce the skills learned in ground school. For subsequent AFF jumps, the student is given additional assistance from both instructor in the sky and the radio personnel on the ground. There is more professional guidance with more detailed verbal and hand signals. In the air, the instructor will hold on to the student longer. This additional support leads to greater confidence as the students work toward deploying their own parachute. This progression of 8 jumps is great for providing skills and building confidence.

For the Safest and Quickest Certification, Call at Wichita 1-860-358-0830

Wichita Skydiving - Wichita, Kansas Skydiving Video Packages

Take Your Jump Home from the Drop Zone

Share your experience with family and friends with a professional video package. It will be fun to relive the jump over and over. With the most comprehensive package, every moment of your adventure is recorded with your own private videographer. From the lesson on the ground to boarding the plane, he will capture your excitement as it builds. The videographer is with you in the plane as you ascend to the proper altitude. He will capture your every expression as you anticipate the jump. The camera is focused on you and will catch every moment of your free fall, from start to finish. The facial expressions are hilarious. The video will show every moment of your proud celebration as you nail the landing in the drop zone. Wichita partners have video professionals who will edit your jump into a spectacular video, in an easy to share format. Your friends will see you on social media and feel like they were there. Don’t just tell your family and friends about your jump. Show them.

There is also a more affordable option to capture the excitement. You can do this with a GoPro video. The entire jump is recorded from your perspective with your Tandem Master wearing the camera. Just like the more advanced option, the professional videographers in the drop zone will edit your experience into a spectacular video to upload and share. Everyone watching is going to wish they could jump too.

Discuss Video Options with Your Agent, and Take Your Jump Home!
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Wichita Skydiving - Wichita, Kansas Skydiving Gift Certificates Wichita – The Perfect Gift

The gang from The Big Bang Theory would probably over analyze the physics of a free fall prior to skydiving. You and your friends don’t have to because has already done all the work.

A gift certificate from Wichita is the perfect gift for thrill seekers, the person who has everything or even the physicist in your life. Our team members will discuss the many available gift options and customize the perfect gift for you. A Tandem Jump is the most popular gift certificate. Your gift certificate will include all the necessary professional services for a safe and exciting adventure. Gift certificatesare the perfect gift for someone who has already jumped and is now trying to master the sport. It will be greatly appreciated and it is sure to help them achieve their goal faster.

You will want your friend to remember the gift forever, so consider adding a video package. They will put it on social media and show off to their friends. At home, they will watch it over and over. Don’t worry that your friend may be too busy to get the jump into their busy schedule. There is plenty of time for the recipient to plan their jump because our gift certificates are valid for two years from the time of purchase. Don’t just think of your local friends, a gift certificatefrom is valid at over 80 affiliate skydiving centers in the U.S. making them ideal for family and friends everywhere. Sometimes things happen and a recipient just can’t schedule a jump. Don’t worry about your generous gift being wasted. The gift certificate is fully transferable should the recipient be unable to use it. Our convenient 7-days-a-week customer service makes it easy to accommodate any schedule. Let our representatives talk you through the best options for a customized gift each time.

Get Your Gift Certificate!

You can now purchase online right thru But you might want to give one of our friendly experts a call to see if we are running any specials or if you qualify for any discounts!

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When you make the decision to jump, you’ll want to jump with the best. Wichita connects you with the safest adventure with the best certified professionals. The Tandem Skydive is an unmatched and spectacular experience from start to finish. Our agents can customize the best options for you or your group. They will walk you through the entire process so you will buy with confidence. Take your experience home with a professionally edited video produced right at the drop zone. Don’t settle for anything less than the best for your skydive experience.

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