For the Best East Texas Skydiving Experience, Contact Waco! Waco will introduce you to the basics of the extreme sport as well as tell you about a few existing methods of learning to jump with a parachute. You can proceed to book your own Tandem jump right now or chose the solo Accelerated Free-fall training. Alternatively, you can keep scrolling through Waco to learn more about the local skydiving experiences and then make your well informed decision!

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Here’s your once in a lifetime opportunity-try skydiving in Waco, Texas by booking at Waco!

Here’s your once in a lifetime opportunity-try skydiving in Waco, Texas by booking at Waco! Waco will introduce you to the basics of the extreme sport as well as tell you about a few existing methods of learning to jump with a parachute. You can proceed to book your own Tandem jump right now or chose the solo Accelerated Freefall training. Alternatively, you can keep scrolling through Waco to learn more about the local skydiving experiences and then make your well informed decision!

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Are you one of millions of people who have always been curious to try skydiving in your area but never knew where to start? Then Waco is the perfect place for you! Here, you can learn more information about local skydiving opportunities and get a deeper look into the sport itself. For those interested, we specialize in a full range of services, including beginning tandem jumps as well as advanced skydiving training. Whatever fits your needs, we know options for both inexperienced and seasoned jumpers! So, get in touch with Waco today and find out more.

Tandem Skydiving near Waco, Texas

Tandem Skydiving

For the first time jumpers, there is no better option than Tandem skydiving. It is an enjoyable way to skydive because you don’t need much training before jumping-a short session with your instructor is enough to get you going! You won’t have to learn how to deploy the parachute because your trainer jumping with you will do it. The only thing you have left to do is enjoy every second of this breathtaking experience and the fascinating views!

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Advanced Skydive Training in Waco, Texas

Advanced Training

If you already have skydiving experience and you want to become a real pro in this sport, you can go for advanced skydiving training. This is not for everybody. You must be at least 18 and have past experience in Tandem jumps. But if you meet these requirements, you are eligible! Skydiving training comes in different varieties, and you can find out more below. Most importantly, all of them are enjoyable and interesting for those who love extreme sports!
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Skydiving Video Packages - Waco, Texas

Video Packages

People who go skydiving find the experience so exciting that they want to remember it. We can help with that. Just add a video package to any experience you order on Waco. This is a service that provides you a recording of your jump that you can enjoy for many years! The video comes in a shareable format, so it will be super easy for you to send over and show to your friends and family! Learn more…

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Fly in the Texas Sky!

We are ready to help you book the best skydiving experience of your life! The options available to you are endless. For starters, you can go for a Tandem Skydive to warm up and get the first taste of this extreme sport. If you love the exhilaration of flight and you want to continue, you are welcome to try one of the Advanced Skydiving Training options in Texas. These can be solo, like the Accelerated Free-fall, or in tandem with your instructor. Both options will lead you toward becoming a more confident and fearless skydiver. Not only will you learn a new sport with any of these jumps, you will also get to see Waco from a whole new perspective in a way you have never seen it before! There is nothing quite as exciting as seeing your favorite city from thousands of feet in the sky!

If you like your own experience and you want to share it with someone close to you, no problem! Waco also offers amazing gift certificates that can be tailored to your (and your loved one’s) preferences! Just go ahead and order one of them. Our friendly customer service specialists will help you make the experience truly special for the recipient. The skydiving session will be booked at one of the trusted service providers that will ensure a safe and enjoyable jump to your special someone. And if you want to make an awesome surprise for a lot of friends, go ahead and order gift certificates for all of them. You will be pleased with the group discounts Waco offers! Of course, you are welcome to join them for this delightful trip. What could be better than exploring the skies together with your best friends?

Things to See in Waco from Thousands of Feet in the Air

Waco is a cozy little place that is home to a bit more than 130 thousand people, which makes it the 22nd in the list of most populous cities of Texas. But despite the fact it is so much smaller than, say, New York or San Francisco, by no means can you call it small or boring. There is plenty to see in this beautiful city, located between Austin and Dallas. For example, you can visit the Dr. Pepper Museum, Waco Mammoth National Monument, Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum, McLennan County Courthouse, and as the wonderful atmospheric downtown with the beloved Austin Avenue.

That’s not all. The most amazing beauty of Waco, Texas will reveal itself to you if you look at the city from way up in the air. When skydiving here, you can enjoy the views of the magnificent Waco Suspension Bridge, the campus area of Baylor University, the iconic Waco Hippodrome, and William Cameron Park. There is also Cameron Park with its impressive zoo, the fun and colorful Hawaiian Falls Water park, and the charming Lake Waco with its dark past. With so many attractions of all sizes, you will find something fantastic to see that will suit your personal tastes when skydiving in Waco, Texas.

This city bubbles with life any time of the year, so no matter the season when you schedule your skydive session, there is a good chance you will get to see a flamboyant festival or celebration down on the ground. For example, in wintertime, Waco has its special Waco Wonderland Holiday Parade dedicated to Christmas while in the summer the whole city gathers for Wade Bowen Music Festival at Indian Spring Park. Before saying goodbye to autumn, local citizens throw a massive Veterans Day Parade. Finally, the springtime here is marked with Spring at the Silos event, a three day festival gathering the most skilled artisans of the country all in one place with a poetic name, the Magnolia Market.

But arguably, the best thing about skydiving in Waco, Texas is the pleasant weather in the city that stays mild and nice throughout the year. The average temperature in these quarters during wintertime is around +19 degrees Celsius. The peak warmth usually comes around the beginning of August – the summer brings the average temperature up to +30 degrees! In general, you can safely count on very nice weather if you skydive in Waco between mid-May and mid-September. So, don’t postpone the adventure because warm days are coming!

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Tandem Skydiving - the Best Way to Start!

Jump Right into Action with Tandem Skydiving!

Are you curious to try skydiving in Waco, Texas but a bit afraid that you might not get the practicalities right away? It’s all right. After all, you don’t get to release parachutes all too often, let alone navigate them. How would you feel if you knew there was a way to experience the rush, the exhilaration, and the adrenaline surge of a real skydive without having to worry about all the technical stuff? Excited? Then, read on!

For a safe and enjoyable first jump, try Tandem Skydiving! The main reason it is so popular with our customers is because it offers a great experience without much preparation and worry. You can bypass extensive training as the instructor who will be firmly attached to you during the entire Free-fall experience will do the hard work of opening up and navigating the canopy. Your job is to relax (as much as possible after you have jumped from an airplane and are rushing through the air towards the ground at a crazy speed) and try to take in the beauty of Texas from thousands of miles in the air.

Tandem Parachuting in Waco!

The Time to See Waco from Above is Now

The procedure is simple. You arrive at the drop zone, go through a simple and quick training, and next thing you know you are already harnessed to a professional parachuting instructor ready to jump. The difficult part is taking that step into nowhere-remember, you will be attached to the trainer from the front, so you will technically be the first one to take the leap. But no matter how scary and surreal it sounds now, in retrospect, it will most likely be your favorite moment in the whole experience, the second before it all began.

Chances are, the rest of it will go by like a blur. You can’t hear anything because of strong wind enveloping your ears on both sides. You might be scared breathless as you are flying towards the ground at terminal velocity speed of 120 miles per hour, but you know without a doubt these are the best few minutes of your life. Suddenly, it all becomes calmer, and you can even chat with the instructor, if you so wish. What just happened? Nothing much, your trainer just released the parachute after 1-2 minutes of Free-fall. This is when you can truly comprehend what is happening, and when you can look at the tiny objects on the ground from a completely new perspective.

No satellite pictures or views from inside an airplane can compare. These are the best 5 minutes to appreciate the glory of nature and man-made creations as well as how they blend together. Though you can add a video package to your Tandem jump in order to keep these magnificent views of Texas forever, the recording will never compare to the actual moment you were flying in the sky above your favorite city. So, make sure to enjoy every second of it!

Perfect for a Quick Adventure

Now, to the practicalities. As you book your Tandem Skydiving session with Waco, you will take on the responsibility to arrive at the agreed location on the time specified in your booking. You patiently wait when registering with the reception at the drop zone, and you will be promptly let inside to prepare for the exciting jump. Though the trainer does most of the work, you still need about 20 minutes to grasp the idea of what will happen in the next hour. That is, an estimated amount of time needed to learn Tandem Skydiving from scratch and prepare for a safe and enjoyable jump.

These 20 minutes don’t include the short periods when you change your clothes for special skydiving attire, and when the professional trainer answers any questions you may have about the experience. It is worth mentioning that all the instructors at the drop zones where we book skydiving experiences are highly qualified with years of experience and hundreds of jumps successfully completed. They put your safety above all else, so when you have a question, even one that seems silly or embarrassing, just go ahead and ask. They will be more than happy to help clear things up for you. It is best to address any concerns during the ground training because you will not have much chatter time when you are up in the sky above Waco, Texas waiting for your turn to jump. At the end of the instruction session, you will hopefully be feeling confident and excited for what is to come. Even if you have more to ask during the Tandem Jump, don’t worry. The professional trainer will stay there with you all the way, ready and willing to help.

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Advanced Skydiving Training in Waco, Texas

Advanced Training Options for Real Skydiving Enthusiasts in Texas

If you have already tried jumping with a parachute and are now totally in love with the adrenaline it gives every time, this is what you need–advanced skydiving training! Waco partners offer a couple of different exciting programs for real skydiving junkies. You may be a fan of Tandem Jumps or more interested in flying solo. We know an option to suit your tastes either way! Just make it clear what you are looking for when you contact Waco, and one of our friendly trained customer service specialists will let you know which package is more likely to satisfy your needs. Both of the alternatives, however, are similar in their final goal: to amp up your skydiving skills and bring them to a whole new level. Forget jumping with an instructor who will do everything for you, now it’s getting real! Not only will you learn to release your own parachute and navigate it to the right landing place, but you will also get to do a lot of cool tricks in the air, such as forward movement (which makes you kind of like Superman) and even air flips!

Of course, you will need to put a lot more effort into this advanced training compared to a Tandem Jump. But you may rest assured that at the end of the day you will remember the experience as worthwhile. That is, because if you go through all the training stages and demonstrate your ability to do the cool things you have learned without close supervision, you will earn a professional USPA certification. This license issued by the United States Parachute Association gives you the official right to jump solo at any skydiving center approved by the same organisation, not just the one located near Waco.

Accelerated Free Fall Training in Waco, Texas

Want to Jump Solo? Accelerated Free-fall Training is For You!

Not everybody is ready to master the art of skydiving on their own, but if you are, you should most certainly try Accelerated Free-fall Training. It is an extensive program that includes both a comprehensive ground school course, and of course, enough practice to grasp the main elements of professional skydiving. Once you have passed all the stages of this sophisticated program, you are definitely not a rookie. You will know not only how to exit well and take a stable position in the air, but also how you can have fun up there without giving the instructor a single reason to worry. By the way, about instructors, all of them are USPA certified professionals, and they, of course, know the Accelerated Free-fall Training process like the back of their hand thanks to the years of experience they have raked up. So, you can rest assured you will definitely be learning from true pros when going through your skydiving training. These instructors will explain how to stay safe in any situation when jumping with a parachute and how to use the equipment correctly, so that it protects you from emergencies.

The beginning of the Accelerated Free-fall Training may seem a tad bit boring to you, but it is absolutely essential to your successful completion of the certification program. You will be given a standard course that will last anywhere between four and six hours where you will learn everything you must know to proceed to actual skydiving. There are sections dedicated to canopy control, other special equipment, aircraft procedures you need to comply with, normal landing, and landing in any unusual or emergency circumstances. Even though you will need to sit patiently at the table while learning the theory for this part of the Accelerated Free-fall Training, you will not get too bored because the next thing on the menu is way more delicious–the jumping practice! After ground school, you will have at least seven different skydives, each focusing on developing and subsequently testing a different skill that you have acquired along the way. As you progress through the practice stages, you will see less instructors around, which will culminate in a completely solo jump performed by you without supervision and only one trainer there to examine if you are ready for a license.

But to get there, you need a lot of guts and willingness to learn many new things. The learning curve is very steep, which will be made easier with the help of professional instructors every step of the way. At first, you will have two different trainers looking after your progress and teaching you how to grow to the next level. However, about mid-way through, one of the instructors will take the lead, and you will be relying on yourself a lot more from that point forward. At that stage, you will already know all the basics, and you will only have a few advanced maneuvers left to learn. After every stage, your primary instructor will be assessing your preparedness for the next level. Should you fail any practice jump by incorrectly performing the maneuvers, you will have to attempt the same level again. The Accelerated Free-fall Training is structured in a progressive way, which means you are not allowed to progress to stage six, for example, before stage five is completed and passed. While challenging, it works in your favor because by the end of all sessions, you will have 100% confidence in your skydiving skill. This is precisely why the Accelerated Free-fall Training is recommended to all aspiring professional solo skydivers.

Waco, Texas Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Prefer Tandem Jumps? Try Advanced Tandem Progression Training!

This training method is a lesser known alternative to the world-famous Accelerated Free-fall Training. It is not provided by all drop zones, so you will need to check availability of this kind of program by contacting Waco. That being said, it is still a good choice, especially for those who are more into Tandem Skydiving than jumping solo. This program aims to combine the security of jumping with a professional instructor by your side with the learning curve of jumping solo. In fact, after a few sessions where you skydive harnessed to the trainer, you will proceed to practicing on your own with the teacher jumping next to you for evaluation of your skills. It is a gentler alternative to the Accelerated Free-fall Training, but not an easier one.

By the end of the program, you acquire almost exactly the same set of skills. You will get a handle on Free-fall stability, canopy deployment, and altitude monitoring. You get a little more assistance along the way, but the end result is just as impressive as in the solo progression. The only difference here is that as you start your training, the professional trainer who has been teaching you the basics of skydiving in Texas will jump with you up to the first five times, depending on how quickly you learn. After that, however, you will be expected to get out there on your own. Even though the beginning of the program resembles simple tandem jumps, the second part of it is pretty much identical to the solo Accelerated Free-fall Training. You can either go jump on your own right away or go for Tandem Progression that will smoothen the learning curve a little bit. So, the choice is up to you, and the availability of this option is in the local drop zone near Waco, Texas.

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Waco Skydiving Video Packages

Remember This Jump – Or Better Get It On Video!

Skydiving in Waco, Texas is certainly one of those rare experiences that you won’t want to forget, ever. Not only that, we are also 100% sure you will want to share it with your friends and family too! For these exact reasons, Waco offers to book a professional videographer who will jump by your side and takes a high quality recording of the whole experience for you. That’s right, you don’t have to sweat about the camera being in danger so high up. There are professionals who know how to handle this challenge with grace and provide fantastic results you will be astonished by for many years! All the videos from the jumps are made with a professional level camera and, after the landing, edited together piece by piece to cover the whole journey. You will see yourself arriving at the drop zone, going through a brief introduction into skydiving from a pro instructor, fitting into your equipment, and learning to use it properly. But most importantly, the recording will show the moment you made that incredible jump. What could be better than seeing yourself step out of an airplane and enjoying up to two minutes of Free-fall before the canopy opens? These are the kind of memories you will be looking back to when you are way older.

This sort of video package comes in handy, not just when your friends and family ask how the jump has been and when your kids ask what cool stuff you have done in your life, but it is also really convenient for when you have just arrived from the drop zone. Full of emotions and leftover adrenaline from the jump, you are dying to tell about this awesome adventure in Texas, the whole world! So, you go on to your social media pages and voila! You can tell what you have gone through and then show actual video proof of your brave step out of the comfort zone! The formats that the recording comes in are all compatible with the main social media websites, so sharing the experience will take less than a minute!

If you are going specifically for a Tandem Skydive in Waco, Texas, you can go for a different treat as well; a video of you jumping out of an airplane, made by your tandem instructor from a close perspective! This recording can be made quite easily with a Go Pro camera, and it definitely won’t miss even the smallest details, like the expressions on your face as you are flying through the Texas sky! This recording may not be made by a professional videographer skydiving by your side, but it certainly has its own unique appeal. It gives you the ability to look back at the experience as if from your own perspective again and again because the instructor is so close to you. It’s almost as if you have made the video yourself.

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Waco Skydiving Gift Certificates

The Ultimate Gift For Adrenaline Lovers: Skydiving Gift Certificates!

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes, but very often they fall short from recipients’ expectations. Well, not this time. Here is the ultimate gift for a true adrenaline junkie in your life: a gift certificate for a Tandem Skydive! This is something no extreme sports lover could refuse because it’s an opportunity to go skydiving in Texas! A gift certificate is the perfect option for a special someone in your life who loves adventures but has never tried this kind of activity before. And if you know a person who is already experienced at skydiving and knows how to jump with an instructor, there is a more advanced option to challenge their comfort zone! Go for Accelerated Free-fall 1 session where the recipient gets a chance to learn all about the AFF training method and then experiences an awesome skydive! If they wish, they can continue with the education afterwards and receive USPA certification at the end of the course. Both these gift certificates are absolutely sure to surprise and challenge an extreme sports fanatic in your life and give them a new influx of adrenaline. Who could say no to a present like that?!

As you purchase the certificate by contacting Waco, you will be informed that it must be used within two years from the date when it was bought. So, if you got one for your friend at Christmas in 2017, your buddy will be able to go for an exciting skydive anytime before Christmas of 2019. It’s simple like that. And they don’t necessarily have to use it in Waco, Texas either! In fact, the recipient is free to take this present to any affiliate drop zone location in more than 80 cities across the United States of America. Whether they want to skydive near New York or Philadelphia, Dallas or Baltimore, they can do it by presenting your gift certificate! What’s more, the recipient is free to re-gift it to somebody else (if you have one of those friends…). If for whatever reason they need to transfer the right for a skydive with this gift certificate, they can do it without a problem by calling in to Waco.

The final point that makes these presents even more flexible is that you are free to add a video package to them or not. It’s completely up to you! If you think your friend will appreciate having a recording of the experience to keep, go for it. Just make sure to let one of our customer service agents know about it when ordering. Plus, don’t forget to specify if you want a gift certificate for a Tandem Skydive or the first level of Accelerated Free-fall Training. The agent will take into consideration all the parameters and offer the best option. As a result, you will be remembered as a person with a mind-blowing taste for gifts, and your friend will get to keep this unique opportunity to fly in the sky! If that’s not a great deal, what is?

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