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Welcome to Virginia’s Best Skydiving School in Virginia Beach. 1-800-617-7948

Welcome to Virginia’s Best Skydiving School in Virginia Beach. 1-800-617-7948

Your experience will be lead by our highly experienced team of Free Fall professionals. Our Tandem instructors comply with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations requiring 500 skydives prior to teaching, and our equipment meets or exceeds FAA expectations. Those rules dictate the inclusion of secondary parachute activation features in Tandem and solo parachute systems that reduce the risk of a life-threatening situation. They also mandate the reliable packing of all of our parachutes by highly trained riggers. Embrace the unknown and step outside of your comfort zone. We offer solo and Tandem services for skill levels ranging from novice to advanced.

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Virginia Beach Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving in Virginia Beach, Virginia
Virginia Beach Skydiving - Skydiving Video Packages in Virginia Beach, Virginia
Virginia Beach Skydiving - Advanced Skydiving in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Skydiving.com Virginia Beach knows what is the best skydiving adventure in East USA! We’ll give you the chance to fly alongside trained pros and experience real wingless flight! Call us for more information on skydiving and we’ll help you take your first steps to a once in a lifetime thrill.

Your Options as a Future Skydiver.

Virginia Beach Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving near Virginia Beach, Virginia

Tandem Skydiving

Ready, rookie? The beginner Tandem jumps are waiting for you. Live your dreams of soaring through the skies with Tandem skydives and experience the coolest and safest skydiving experience of your life! From the ground to the sky, we’ll take you on the craziest thrill ride you’ve ever been on and leave you begging for more. Learn more…

Virginia Beach Skydiving - Advanced Skydive Training in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Advanced Jumps

If you’re ready to take the next step and start skydiving on your own, we can help make it happen. Our partners have all the tools you’ll need to learn the ropes, develop your moves and get you flying solo and living your dreams of soaring like an eagle! Ready to take the reigns and fly the friendly Virginia skies? Contact us and book your skydiving adventure now. Learn more…

Virginia Beach Skydiving - Skydiving Video Packages - Virginia Beach, Virginia

Video Packages

What’s the point of defying gravity and being extreme if there’s no proof? The perfect add-on to any skydive experience is to have a certified videographer join your adventure and capture every pulse-pounding moment. Every shoot is edited by the pros and ready to be shared with your friends. Call 1-800-617-7948 today!
Learn more…

Welcome to a Whole New World….
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What You Should Know About Virginia Beach Skydiving

Welcome to a whole new world. We’re ready to help you start your journey to the ultimate high-octane thrill ride. From Tandem jumping to flight school where you can learn how to conquer the skies, we can find the right skydiving experience for you. For visitors and vacationers, Virginia Beach Skydiving offers group discounts and holiday rates so that you can add some flair to your vacation.

What you’ll get when you book through us is some of the top instructors and the safest learning environment you can hope for. We’ll get you ready to rock so you can suit up and tame the cast blue wonder that hangs over Virginia Beach.

If you know someone that’s headed to Virginia Beach, we have gift certificates for intro and beginner skydiving lessons. That’s right! We can get you a skydiving lesson near Virginia Beach and 80 other amazing locations across the United States.

Welcome to Virginia Beach!

Can you think of a better place to take flight than Virginia Beach’s beautiful coastal backdrop? We can’t. The treasure of Chesapeake Bay has a lot to offer tourists and has a really cool and laid back nightlife, so skydiving is just an added perk to an already awesome long weekend or holiday. The Atlantic Ocean makes the city’s weather a bit on the humid side, so we like to offer visitors a nice breeze, like to one you get from jumping out of a plane. How refreshing!

As you’re enjoying the gentle breeze while bombing toward the ground at incredible speeds, you can take the time to soak in the local attractions like the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, the Cape Henry Lighthouses and the statue of the God Neptune. You can probably see them better up close after you reach the drop point, but making a mental note doesn’t hurt right?

Once you land, more of Virginia Beach awaits with boardwalk art shows, sporting events, fantastic dining, great national parks and an amazing wildlife refuge. All in all, you’re looking at a great balance of laid back and extreme fun! If you’re on the Virginia Beach boardwalk, make sure you don’t get too excited! Local law prohibits the use of profanity anywhere near there, so be careful or you’ll get stuck with a gosh-darned ticket.

Other than that, the pros will show you Virginia like no one else has, from high above with a team of amazing instructors that will show you the time of your life.

This Is Virginia Beach Skydiving, and It’s a Great Place to Fly!

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Virginia Beach Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving near Virginia Beach, Virginia

Tandem Skydiving Lets Beginner’s Feel the Rush

Do something you’ve never done before and feel what it’s like to take advantage of life. Beginner classes are filled with all the thrills and excitement you’re expecting from a world-class skydiving school. So, before we get you started, let’s talk about what to expect from Tandem skydiving lessons.

Before any of your awesome and talented instructors were carving up the skies, they were just like you, beginners with no experience and a fear of the unknown. They learned, they grew and they became certified skydivers ready to teach the new generation of sky jockeys. So, what’s to expect? Like everything else that’s a little scary, it’s all about that first step, or in this case, jump.

Tandem skydiving, just like it sounds, is when a student diver is attached by a harness to an instructor. This allows the most control and the best way for beginners to enjoy learning while they practice and hit the skies in a safe and incredibly exciting environment. It’s the most popular way to learn skydiving simply because it’s faster, more fun and requires less training than its counterparts, you pretty much get set up and go! I mean come on, do you need more reasons than that?

It’s an amazing way to learn this exciting sport without too much theory. It’s more of a learn while doing situation. And with the best team at your side from start to finish, you’ll hit the skies in the safest and most adrenaline-packed adventure of all time. All you need to do is show up, get suited, and fly!

Your first experience with trained experts will be a wondrous and wild ride. You suit up after a short introduction and then the instructors will pile you and your friends into the aircraft. Once we reach the right altitude and you’re strapped in with your instructor, it’s go time. You’ll jump out and feel the most exhilarating rush you’ve ever felt. Feel free to keep your head in the clouds but don’t miss a chance to check out the awesome scenery and oceanside wonders during your descent. It’s an all day adventure that’s filled with the thrill of anticipation, the fun of learning something new, the rush of winged flight and the even bigger rush of the wingless decent! Once your chute is deployed you can let it all sink in and realize that you’re hundreds of feet in the air and enjoying the captivating scenery. There’s a reason why skydiving is on a lot of people’s bucket list!

And even though it’s great to experience new things purely for yourself, you know for personal growth and all that junk, it’s nice to know that a professional team is ready to film every moment, how great is that?

If you’re ready to learn more, our team is waiting to help you start a new path, learn a new skill or just get out there and do something incredible. Rookies and first timers, welcome to Virginia Beach Skydiving!

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Advanced Skydiving Training in Virginia Beach, Virginia

The Advanced Skydiving Team

Welcome to the Big Leagues at Virginia Beach Skydiving.

Advanced training classes for certification will get you accredited and trained to skydive all on your own! You’ll join pro training classes and work toward your certification to become a United States Parachute Association (USPA) certified solo skydiver. This means that you can solo jump at any location under the license, that includes our over 80 affiliates nationwide. As experts in providing the best possible experience for new flyers, we set you up with hands-on training and two completely different types of classes, so that you can find the perfect fit for you to learn.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your skydiving career and learn to ride the wind on your own, we can set you up with the perfect certification classes for you. You can choose the more popular Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) classes and learn to solo skydive! It’s the fastest and most popular way to learn and has the most in-depth training. For people who like to learn more “in theory” before they head up for their training, we also recommend Tandem Progression classes.

Accelerated Free Fall Training in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Join the Thousands of New Skydivers with Accelerated Free Fall Classes

Welcome to the big show! Virginia Beach Skydiving partnered dropzone and its team of pro instructors is ready to teach you how to fly solo and have fun doing it. Accelerated Free Fall classes are the fastest and most cost effective way to learn the ropes in a hands-on and high-flying environment. What makes AFF so great is that you’ll learn with one or two instructors while jumping from the airplane. They’ll be there to teach you everything you need to know to succeed, build confidence and help you pass your certification exam. The progression of your training takes approximately 8-10 jumps with various goals for each jump.

Your first jumps will require you to be attached to your instructor via your harness. From there you’ll learn basic moves as you and the instructor descend. It’s more to build confidence and to take your first chance at pulling the ripcord on your own.

The next series of jumps are designed to get you comfortable moving, turning and spinning with the high resistance of your free fall. One of the most important things about skydiving is control and movement so that you’re always in the best position possible. Your teachers will have you practicing 90 degree, 180 degree and 360 degree flight turns. This will eventually help you build the skills that you need to know in order to move when you’re skydiving. Basically, it’s soaring, moving, turning and spinning at high speeds, so you can maintain control of your movements and keep yourself primed and ready to deploy your chute. Also, it’s the perfect foundation to learn how to do some “showboaty” maneuvers, but that comes later. It’s all part of the trials and tribulations of learning the skills you need to tame gravity and and become a certified god of the sky!

Learning the proper techniques is crucial, so you can master them and move onto the final phase of your training. With professional trainers, you’ll find it easy and fun to take your certification classes and become a pro in no time. These instructors are well-trained and love teaching people how to skydive because it’s an experience like no other. Are you ready to join the adventure and take your skydiving skills to the next level?

Virginia Beach, Virginia Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Tandem Progression Classes, a Slower Paced Action Adventure

Although it’s more popular with people who don’t want to jump right into the action, Tandem Progression is still a fun and exciting way to earn your certification. The most important factor in Tandem Progression is that there is more tandem time with your instructors and they can ease you into the world of skydiving during your jumps. The first step is attending the skydiving theory class that happens before you hit the skies. Amicably called ground school, the approximately 6-hour lesson will teach you all the important factors that come into play from the start and finish of skydiving. It will give you a complete overview of the sport and prepare you mentally before you head out and put your newfound knowledge and skills to the test.

Once your ground school and Tandem jumps are completed, you’ll transition into your Accelerated Free Fall jumps and learn key moves to help you progress into your final certification test.

Are you ready to learn more and book your classes, if so let’s do it!

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Virginia Beach, Virginia Skydiving Video Packages

Film the Whole Adventure with Video Packages!

Let’s face it, you’re going to want some souvenirs of an adventure like this. Turn your skydiving experience into an epic sports film and capture all the incredible moments of your day. We offer great ways to experience a full service filming and editing session to capture your entire day on film. From the ground to the sky, you’ll be able to show your friends and family your entire adventure and even share it online.

The Videographer Package

You’ll get a professional and polished look to go with the thrills and excitement of your jump. The trained cameraman will jump with you and follow your incredible ride to the landing zone. But first, they’ll build anticipation by starting the story exactly where you do, on the ground. Because jumping into the action doesn’t make sense, the build up is just as important and they make sure to put it together and give you a professional looking video.

Gopro Films

Capture all of the excitement with the intense and close up action of the Gopro videography service. For people who want a more cost-effective, but explosive feel to their skydiving adventure, our helmet-mounted cameras can capture every second of pulse-racing action as you and your friends leap out of the plane and experience the biggest rush ever. It’s the best way to catch the up close thrill of your entire skydiving adventure. Take the plunge and film the whole thing from start to finish.

The best part is, you can get the final cut of your skydiving film right away! Once you reach the drop zone, you can work with the editor to make sure your movie looks crisp and really embodies what you want to show off. They can even cut it into a format that’s easy to upload to any social media site, so you can show off your dive to your network.

You’ll love reliving the thrill of the dive with our high-resolution videos, anytime anywhere. Making memories is great, but it’s better when you can keep some of them on a thumb drive!

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Virginia Beach, Virginia Skydiving Gift Certificates

Virginia Beach Skydiving – Give the Gift of Adrenaline!

Everyone knows someone who is a fanatic for high-flying, adrenaline-pumping activities. So, why shouldn’t they get the most awesome gift possible? Our gift certificates are the perfect way to give an amazing gift to someone who loves extreme sports. We make it fun and easy to share the gift of skydiving with your friends and family. Here’s how they work.

You can call us at 1-800-617-7948 and talk to one of our skilled and friendly customer service reps to order your certificates. You can have them sent to you or to anyone else who you’d like to receive them. The certificates are good for two years, so there’s absolutely no rush to come find us right away and cash them in. To make things even easier, you can use the certificates at any of our 80 affiliate locations across the country, so you’ll be able to skydive almost anywhere in the U.S!

Once you’re at our location, you can use the gift certificates toward the Tandem jumps or the beginner level Accelerated Free Fall classes. You can use them for yourself or you can transfer them to anyone else, it’s entirely up to you. If you have any questions at any time, our on-site team is always happy to help. If you want to call us, our customer service team is available 7-days per week to help you with booking, locations, whatever you need!

Whether you’re looking to give a gift for Christmas, a birthday, a holiday or a Wednesday, you can be sure that you’ll be getting them the best present they’ve ever had. Imagine getting a day of adventure that you can unwrap and exchange any time you want. If you’re looking for the greatest gift on the planet, contact our team and get all the info you need to get the gift that everyone will be talking about.

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