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Stepping out of a plane a couple of miles above ground and flying down until landing sounds crazy to some people, but skydiving has become extremely popular in recent years. It offers an incomparable range of emotions as well as an unparalleled aerial view of the scenery below as the skydiver floats through the flight portion of the jump. Whether you want to overcome a fear of heights or become a certified solo skydiver, we can find the right skydiving option for you!

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Explore Idaho’s Beautiful Skies with Skydiving.com Twin Falls
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Explore Idaho’s Beautiful Skies with Skydiving.com Twin Falls
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Stepping out of a plane a couple of miles above ground and flying down until landing sounds crazy to some people, but skydiving has become extremely popular in recent years. It offers an incomparable range of emotions as well as an unparalleled aerial view of the scenery below as the skydiver floats through the flight portion of the jump. Whether you want to overcome a fear of heights or become a certified solo skydiver, Skydiving.com Twin Falls provides the most skydiving options in Idaho!

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Do you picture yourself as an intrepid adventurer of the skies, but aren’t sure how to get started skydiving? Skydiving.com Twin Falls makes it easy for you to take to the Idaho skies! Our partners offer a full range of jump options, training courses, professional video packages and gift certificates. Our trained professionals are available seven days a week to discuss your needs and help you schedule your skydive. We’ll handle the details so you can just enjoy your adventure! Check with our experts now to get your jump booked.

The Jump Options You Want!

Tandem Skydiving near Twin Falls, Idaho

Tandem Skydiving

If you’ve checked out a lot of skydiving videos and pictures in your quest to get started jumping, you’ve probably seen images of two skydivers jumping together, attached via a double harness to the same parachute. This option, known as Tandem Skydiving, is the most common method used for novice skydivers. You get to just enjoy the full experience of your first-time jump while the instructor controls all aspects of the skydive. Learn more…

Advanced Skydive Training in Twin Falls, Idaho

Advanced Jump Training

Perhaps your skydiving dream has advanced well past the point of your first jump and you’re pondering how to become a solo skydiver or maybe even a skydiving instructor. We recommend a number of choices from Accelerated Free Fall to Tandem Progression training courses. Our trained specialists will discuss the available options and help you select the right training program to reach your goals! Learn more…

Skydiving Video Packages - Twin Falls, Idaho

Video Packages

Having a professional video made of your skydiving extravaganza is almost mandatory in today’s world of visual imagery. Skydiving.com Twin Falls knows a variety of video packages available to fit different budgets. The affordable GoPro choice is one of the most popular, or you can have a videographer jump with you and record your entire skydive in breathtaking detail. Whatever option you select, you’ll be able to share your experience via social media or other methods. Learn more…

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Transform Your Fantasies to Reality

Although skydiving in various forms has been around since the first recorded successful jump in 1797, prior to the 1950s it primarily was used for military troop maneuvers. The term skydiver came into use in the mid-1950s when the first non-military jump and training centers were opened in the United States. Since then, the sport of skydiving has become immensely more popular.

Many people spend their lives fantasizing about things they’d like to do—such as experiencing their first skydive—but they never put those thoughts into action. Skydiving.com Twin Falls stands ready to help you make your skydiving dreams come true! Our partners offer complete skydiving services with the widest range of options available. Our partners have a near perfect safety record and work hard to maintain it. The jump options range from Tandem Skydives to Accelerated Free Fall training; in addition, we can set you up with a variety of video packages and gift certificates available. Because outstanding customer service is also our focus, we don’t make you figure it all out. Give our skydiving experts a call seven days a week to discuss your skydiving details. Be sure to ask about our group and holiday discounts, as well.

Experience Skydiving Magic in Twin Falls, Idaho!

Twin Falls, situated along the Snake River in the south-central Idaho area known as Magic Valley, is one of the country’s premier areas for skydiving. With rainfall averaging only about 10 inches yearly and sunny days averaging about 210 per year, the climate is ideal for outdoor adventures. With a population somewhat less than 50,000, Twin Falls provides a multitude of local activities without some of the big-city problems.

The I. B. Perrine Bridge, at 486 feet high and 1,500 feet long, is not only one of the most popular attractions in Twin Falls, but is also the United States’ eighth tallest bridge. The bridge is famous in the U.S. for building, antenna, span and earth (BASE) parachuting and is the only U.S. bridge at which BASE jumping is legal throughout the year without first obtaining a permit.

Besides Snake River, Twin Falls has two nearby lakes: Bass Lake (part of the Country Club) and Dierkes Lake, which is open to the public. What’s more, the area boasts three waterfalls. About 5 miles east of the city, Shoshone Falls is known as the “Niagara of the West” because at 213 feet, it’s 46 feet taller than Niagara Falls! Next is Pillar Falls, about 1.5 miles upstream from the I. B. Perrine Bridge. Finally, the city’s namesake, Twin Falls, is upstream from Shoshone Falls.

Other popular Twin Falls’ attractions include the Herrett Center for Arts and Science, which is found on the College of Southern Idaho campus; and nearby Balanced Rock Park, where you can view an astonishing 48-foot-tall, 40-ton weathered rock perching on a base only 3 feet by 17 inches.

The area offers auto, powerboat, and motocross racing; golf; mountain biking; hiking, camping, and climbing; bird watching; fishing; and other water activities. Theater, performing arts, and symphonies are readily available. Some of the most popular shopping spots are the Magic Valley Mall, which offers a broad range of shopping opportunities; and Ooh La La, which carries vintage and consignment clothing and accessories. Downtown Twin Falls also boasts many shopping and dining opportunities.

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Tandem Skydiving near Twin Falls, Idaho

Tandem Skydiving Gets Your Adrenaline Skyrocketing!

You’ve finally made your decision—you’re ready to conquer the beautiful Idaho skies by making your first skydive. You’re probably excited, eager, and maybe just a bit apprehensive about what is involved. Our experts at Skydiving.com Twin Falls are here to relieve you of those pesky planning details in scheduling your skydive. Give us a call seven days a week and we’ll walk you through the details, thoroughly explain your various options, and help you book every aspect of your jump! If you’re visiting Twin Falls for your skydive venture, we can provide details about the local area as well.

Safety is the No. 1 Priority

If you’re a taking your first-ever skydive, you’ll probably book a Tandem Jump. If you’ve already done much research on skydiving, you’ve likely seen the videos and photos of two skydivers, one right above the other, hooked together to one parachute. That’s a Tandem Skydive. It’s by far the most popular type of jump for novice skydivers, both for safety and to allow you to just enjoy the full experience without worrying about the nitty gritty details of controlling the jump.

Another safety feature with a Tandem Skydive is that the main parachute is larger (it must be a minimum of 360 square feet) than that used for a single jumper, to support the added weight of two skydivers. Also, at Skydiving.com Twin Falls partnered locations, each of the instructors and pilots is trained and certified according to the standards of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the United States Parachute Association (USPA). For example, each instructor is required to have at least 3 years of experience and to have 500 completed skydives, as well as other specialized training.

I Want To Try Tandem Skydiving – Now What?

When you arrive at the jump site, you’ll have a short on-ground training lesson where you’ll learn some skydiving basics, just as a safety precaution. Then, with the excitement building every moment, you board the jump plane, which ascends at a remarkably fast speed up to the jump altitude of about 10,000 to 14,000 feet. With you and your instructor securely buckled into a tandem jump rig, you suddenly hit that extreme adrenaline overload of exiting the plane into a free fall, which can reach speeds of up to 120 miles per hour! It’s understandable why skydivers describe the free fall as a true never-to-be-forgotten experience!

Although you might feel as if the free fall lasts forever, in reality, it lasts only about a minute. Once your instructor deploys the parachute, your descent slows and suddenly you’re soaring through the amazing Idaho skies, with the city of Twin Falls and surrounding areas spread out below you.

Although Twin Falls isn’t noted for its skyline or skyscrapers, you’ll have an abundance of landscape features to enjoy. Snake River borders the city to the north and you’ll be able to view the famous Perrine Bridge from above. East of the city, watch for the towering Shoshone Falls and the huge Snake River Canyon. Perhaps you’ll be able to see the massive Balanced Rock. You’ll see the area’s two lakes and might be able to pick out some of the golf courses, auto racing tracks, and other popular locations.

Remember, with the Tandem Jump, because the instructor is controlling the entire skydive, you’re free to completely concentrate on enjoying the scenery and every emotion you feel throughout your skydiving jaunt. As you soar through the sky, coming closer and closer to the ground, your perspective constantly changes and it will seem as if you’re viewing a complete new landscape. We can guarantee one thing for certain: Your skydive will not be boring!

Your skydive will last about 8 to 10 minutes, but finally, as all good things must, you realize it’s coming to an end as the ground abruptly seems to be rushing up to meet you. Your instructor brings you in for a safe landing and you realize you’ve achieved that once-in-a-lifetime adventure of making your first skydive!

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Advanced Skydiving Training in Twin Falls, Idaho

The Best Advanced Skydiving Training from the Ground Up!

In the world of skydiving, there seem to be two basic groups: those who complete a one-time Tandem Jump and are perfectly happy to stop at that point, and those whose skydiving dreams extend much further to becoming certified solo skydivers. You might yearn to skydive from locations throughout the United States, or even throughout the world. There’s no legal requirement that you be certified to make solo skydives. However, such certification not only provides a much greater safety cushion, but also allows you to jump at all USPA-approved skydiving centers, which includes all those in the Skydiving.com Twin Falls affiliate network.

The Skydiving School at Skydiving.com Twin Falls partnered locations offers Idaho’s best advanced skydiving training! These skydiving instructors are certified by the USPA, as well as having extensive experience in teaching novice skydivers. The equipment, from jump rigs to planes, is top-of-the-line and selected with an eye to the most current safety features.

One of the most popular training methods, and the fastest way to earn your solo certification, is the USPA’s Integrated Student Program (ISP). This program was developed as a series of seven levels, with each level structured to build upon the knowledge and skills learned in the previous level. Each level requires the completion of a certain number of skydives, as well as Targeted Learning Objectives (TLOs) that you must complete successfully before your instructor allows you to move on to the following training level. After working your way through the training levels and completing 25 skydives successfully, you’ll be able to get your A license and become a certified solo skydiver!

Accelerated Free Fall Training in Twin Falls, Idaho

Accelerated Free Fall Training

Undoubtedly, the most popular training method at Skydiving School is the Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) program. These certified instructors keep up to date on the most current training methods and safety information, so that you’ll be equipped to handle unexpected issues that might arise during a training jump. Although it’s possible to progress through the training program fairly rapidly, most skydiving students take a few weeks or even a few months to complete each training level successfully.

Before any of your in-air training begins, you’ll finish about 6 hours of ground school. While ground lessons might not sound exciting—in fact, they might sound downright boring—remember that this training forms the real base upon which all your later training depends. Some of the basics you’ll learn are how to keep track of your altitude, how to properly deploy your parachute, emergency procedures, proper free fall procedures, and more. Once your instructor is satisfied you’ve mastered your ground school lessons, finally you’ll get to move on to your training skydives, starting with three Harness Hold Training jumps!

If you’ve ever watched a horse race, you know that at least one groom, but usually two grooms with one on each side, will lead the race horse from the paddock to the edge of the racetrack, where they release the horse to the jockey’s full control. Well, in a nutshell, that’s what Harness Hold Training is.

Your first three training skydives are Harness Hold Training jumps. As you exit the jump plane, you’ll have an instructor on each side of you physically holding onto your jump harness throughout the free fall. In spite of the ground lessons, many beginning skydiver students may have trouble with basics like releasing the parachute. When you reach the chute deployment altitude of about 6,000 feet, if you don’t release the chute, your instructors give you a hand signal to “pull.” If you don’t respond to that, the instructor can physically put your hand on the pilot chute release. And if you still don’t respond, your instructors can release your parachute themselves. Training harnesses have extra chute releases built in so that your instructors can quickly reach one if needed. After your chute deploys, the instructors let go of your jump harness and release their own parachutes.

Once you’ve successfully completed the TLOs for the Harness Hold Training, you’ll move on to “release jumps.” For these, the instructors still exit the plane holding your harness, but release their hold at some point during the free fall. That’s why it’s so imperative that you’ve mastered your previous lessons, such as being able to release your own chute at the proper time.

The “hard deck” is a vitally important point that you must learn. It’s the minimum altitude at which a skydiver must release the chute in order to land safely. An added safety feature for skydiving students is that the equipment contains a reserve parachute and Automatic Activation Device (AAD). If you should reach the hard deck without having released your main chute, the ADD immediately deploys the reserve parachute.

Throughout your training jumps, your instructors will coach you with hand signals while in the air, and provide any needed corrections after the jump. You’ll master a number of aerial maneuvers such as making turns and flips, keeping control of your fall rate, and learning how to move forward. You’ll also learn how to find the landing area both with and without radio communications.

Finally, as you complete the TLOs for each training level and have finished 25 skydives, you’ll be able to get your A license and will be a certified solo skydiver!

Twin Falls, Idaho Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Tandem Progression AFF Training

Although not as popular as the standard AFF training, Tandem Progression training follows the same AFF< levels. The major difference is that instead of Harness Hold jumps, the first three training skydives are conducted as Tandem Jumps, with the instructor and student attached together through the double training harness. You’ll have to master the same ground school lessons before beginning your training jumps. During each of the Tandem Jumps, your instructor will give you more control, and you’ll be in complete control of the skydive during the third tandem jump.

Your next two training jumps will consist of harness hold training, with your instructor holding your jump harness during free fall. Once you’ve completed the TLOs for the first two categories of training jumps to your instructor’s satisfaction, the remaining jumps are carried out in the same way as standard AFF training jumps. At each level, you’ll have to master the same skills before being allowed to move forward with your training. Your end goal is the same as with the standard AFF training—successfully finishing the 25 skydives so that you’re eligible to get your A license and can start making solo skydives!

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Twin Falls, Idaho Skydiving Video Packages

Video Packages Protect Your Memories!

There are several major events in life that, if you miss recording them, they’re gone forever. You don’t get a “redo.” Some of these include your marriage, the births of your children, your child’s first steps or first dance recital or sports event—and your skydiving accomplishments. Whether it’s your first-ever Tandem Jump or your progression through AFFor Tandem Progression training jumps, these are memories you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Of course you’ll recall much of your skydiving adventure. How could you not? But in the immense excitement of the moment, there are details you might overlook. And naturally you aren’t able to see your own expressions as you experience your skydive free fall and then your flight through the sky. Capturing these moments on video not only allows you to relive your experience over and over, but also to share it with family and friends and to post it on social media or other websites.

In keeping with our policy of providing the highest-quality customer service and satisfaction, Skydiving.com Twin Falls offers you the ability to book a range of video packages. From the affordable GoPro option, where your skydive instructor wears a GoPro and records your skydive up close, to the elite videographer service, which involves a videographer filming you through your entire jump experience from boarding the airplane to landing, we have your skydive recording covered! Video packagesare available for Tandem, Accelerated Free Fall, and Tandem Progression jumps. Whichever video packages you choose, the staff at the dropzone will provide a professional edit. Your final video will be provided in a format that’s easy to share on social media or other websites. All you have to do then is enjoy watching it time and again!

Our skydiving experts are available each day of the week to explain the video packages and help you select the best way to record your daring skydiving venture. We recommend that you select your professional video package at the same time you schedule your skydive. That way, everything will be ready in advance of your jump. Scheduling ahead is particularly important if you choose the videographer option, because we want to be sure there are enough camera people on hand when your jump occurs.

Don’t wind up regretting that you neglected to have your skydiving experience recorded. Skydiving.com Twin Falls will protect your skydiving memories for a lifetime when you decide to get one of these amazing professional video packages.

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Twin Falls, Idaho Skydiving Gift Certificates

Our Skydiving.com Twin Falls Gift Certificates Are Ideal for Any Occasion!

Finding the right gift for a loved one can be a stressful, headache-inducing endeavor! No matter how hard we try, the gifts we select so carefully are often not quite right. Skydiving.com Twin Falls can alleviate that gift-giving stress through its broad array of skydiving gift certificates. A skydiving gift certificate is ideal for any occasion from birthday to graduation to wedding to anniversary. This is one gift that you can be sure won’t languish in the recipient’s closet.

You don’t have to try to figure out our gift certificate options by yourself. Our specialists are on hand seven days a week to explain the details about the various gift certificates and to help you choose the best one for your recipient. Our most popular gift certificate entitles your recipient to one Tandem Skydive. In addition, we offer gift certificates for an Accelerated Free Fall Level 1 skydive.

If there’s anything better than presenting your family member or friend with the gift of flying through Idaho’s skies, it’s giving them a gift certificate for the skydive along with a professional video package. Imagine the joy and excitement when your gift recipient realizes that not only will they get to embark on an amazing skydiving adventure, but they’ll also receive a professionally edited video that can be easily shared with family and friends. Adding a professional video package onto the skydiving gift certificate will truly make this a “gift that keeps on giving!” You’ll be giving your loved one a lifetime of remarkable memories!

We make our gift certificates as easy to use as possible. After all, there’s nothing worse than getting a gift certificate that has so many restrictions you’re never able to redeem it. Our Skydiving.com Twin Falls gift certificates are valid for a full two years from the date on which they’re bought. If the gift recipient is not able to use the gift certificate, they can transfer it in full to someone else. Finally, your gift certificate designee can use the certificate at more than 80 skydiving centers in our affiliate network.

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