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Experience southern hospitality and the best skydiving in Alabama! There isn’t a better place for the thrill of flying thousands of feet above the ground! With several skydiving options to choose from, great instructors and excellent customer service, there’s no better place to skydive. Get ready to conquer your fears and feel unstoppable! Tuscaloosa is here to bring out the champion in you!

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For the #1 Skydiving Experience in Alabama, Choose Tuscaloosa!
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For the #1 Skydiving Experience in Alabama, Choose Tuscaloosa!
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Experience southern hospitality and the best skydiving in Alabama with Tuscaloosa! There isn’t a better place for the thrill of flying thousands of feet above the ground! With several skydiving options to choose from, great instructors and excellent customer service, there’s no better place to skydive. Get ready to conquer your fears and feel unstoppable! Tuscaloosa is here to bring out the champion in you!

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You’ve had a high interest in skydiving, and now is your chance to actually do it! Our skydiving experts will tell you everything you need to know so you have the skydive of your life! You’ll have no doubts that skydiving is the best choice you can make. Fun, smiles and adventure await when you join the pros for a jump in Alabama. See the world in a whole new way through skydiving! We’re sure you won’t forget it, so call to make an appointment today!

Tandem Skydiving near Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Tandem Skydiving

It takes two to tandem skydive! This is a perfect introduction to skydiving if you’ve never done it before or if you love it so much you want to do it again! The instructors do most of the work, but you still get to have most of the fun! Jump from a plane thousands of feet above the ground and into the open air. While the parachute flight is not quite as thrilling as the freefall, we are sure you will love both! You’re sure to love the feeling of flying! Learn more…

Advanced Skydive Training in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Advanced Training

Are you ready for more skydiving? Looking to become a solo skydiver? Well, you’re looking at the right place! Tuscaloosa partners have the skydiving school for you to become a certified solo skydiver! We recommend Advanced Free Fall and Tandem Progression training to ensure you have the most in depth skydiving education possible! Your instructors ensure you won’t fail with hands-on guidance. So take the jump by elevating your skydiving now! Learn more…

Skydiving Video Packages - Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Video Packages

What could be better than skydiving? Getting it all on film! We have great options to capture your skydive forever! You’ll love watching yourself freefall again and again. The wows, smiles and even screams are captured with our video packages. Your friends and family are sure to enjoy watching you too. Plus, the videos are compatible with social media! This is the perfect addition that you don’t want to leave out of your skydiving. Learn more…

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Alabama – Where fun, southern life and skydiving meet!

With superior instructors and skydiving options, there’s no one better in Alabama than Tuscaloosa and our network of affiliate dropzones! We value safety and experience, which is why our partners only hire certified instructors who have made over 500 skydives! Our skydiving experts are always available to answer your questions and help you make the best choice in skydiving. We want you to have nothing short of fun and excitement skydiving. It doesn’t matter who you are. We work with you whether you’re a seasoned skydiver or brand new! Do you want friends and family to join you in this amazing outdoor adventure? Tuscaloosa also offers group discounts so you can enjoy skydiving at a reduced rate! You can also take advantage of our holiday discounts to make special days throughout the year even more exciting! Do you want to give the gift of skydiving to someone who loves being adventurous? Our gift certificates are the perfect way to go! Your recipient is sure to be wowed.

Tuscaloosa is known as a college town with one of the best college football programs in the country. However, there is more to the fifth largest city in Alabama than the gridiron. Tuscaloosa is a unique city with its name coming from a Native American, Chief Tuskaloosa, which means Black Warrior. The University of Alabama which makes up most of Tuscaloosa, was established in 1831. During the Civil War, Union troops destroyed most of the college campus, except Maxwell Hall, The Little Round House, The Gorgas House and the President’s Mansion, which still stand today. Tuscaloosa is also well-known in other ways in Alabama. Healthcare, commerce and education are just some of the staples that are a part of this city’s identity. You can find various places to eat, including Tuscaloosa’s own Manna Grocery & Deli that focuses on natural food and supplements. If you’re a big sports fan, you’ll want to check out the Paul W. Bryant Museum. At this landmark, you’ll learn about the history and accomplishments of the University of Alabama’s most storied athletes. Another local attraction to visit is the Tuscaloosa Veterans Memorial Park, which honors veterans of the United States Armed Forces. This is another great place to experience the city’s history.

No matter when you’ll be in Tuscaloosa, there are plenty of art exhibitions held year round from students and other contributors. The Tuscaloosa Museum of Art is a top location to see these contributions. You can also visit the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater to see concerts and other performances.

As for the weather, Tuscaloosa has four seasons. It experiences humidity like most of the south, which means warm, moist air throughout the year. This can also give way to some rainy days in the fall, winter and spring, with much warmer days in the summer. You’ll most certainly want to spend time outdoors, as Lake Tuscaloosa is a great place for fishing, water skiing or sailing. What else is great to do outdoors? Skydiving! While some seasons in Tuscaloosa experience more rain than others, there are still plenty of nice, warm days for skydiving. So the next time you’re in Tuscaloosa, experience the good food, museums, lake and skydiving!

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Tandem Skydiving near Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Tandem Skydiving – Your Exciting Takeoff to Skydiving!

Are you intrigued by seeing the world from thousands of feet in the air? Have you ever wondered what really makes skydiving all the rage that people are talking about? Maybe you’ve always been interested in skydiving, but are a little nervous about it. Or you just want to skydive with a place you can trust. Well, Tuscaloosa recommends the most popular skydive, tandem skydiving! Let us show you what makes this skydiving method so great!

Tandem skydiving is a wonderful way to introduce you to skydiving. The instructors provide most of the guidance and instruction, while you still get all of the thrills! So how does it work? You are connected by a harness to a tandem instructor. Then, the instructor initiates the jump from the airplane into the air, guides the free fall, dispatches the parachute and safely lands. It’s not like you won’t learn anything though. The tandem instructors are there to show you what they do! You’ll learn what it takes to perform free fall skills, exit the plane and deploy the parachute. Even though you won’t be actually doing these things during your skydive, it’s helpful to know what’s going on to add more value to your experience. Who knows, it may even inspire you to become a certified solo skydiver!

Tandem skydiving is a lot of fun, but we also know safety is important. For that, we use the best equipment to ensure you are safe when tandem skydiving. The drogue parachute that is used is essential to lengthen the skydive and support the weight of the tandem skydivers. There is a main parachute, as well as a reserve parachute if the main parachute doesn’t deploy. In rare instances where skydivers are still free falling at a certain altitude and have not dispatched their parachute, an automatic activation device will release the reserve parachute so the skydivers land safely. Tuscaloosa partners also have great tandem instructors with over three years of experience skydiving and over 500 skydives! These instructors are certified through the United States Parachute Association (USPA), which is also recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). To add to these credentials, these instructors also possess a FAA Class III Medical Certificate and have completed a USPA Tandem Instructor Rating Course. You’re sure to be impressed with these knowledgeable instructors, and they’re looking forward to sharing your skydiving experience with you. Do you still have questions about tandem skydiving? If you have any worries or concerns, they’re sure to go away after working with your instructors. They know what it’s like to face your fears, live adventurously and have fun!

If this is your first skydiving experience, you’re in for a treat when you skydive with the best. Imagine seeing this beautiful Alabama city from thousands of feet in the air, then landing gracefully back down to earth! With tandem skydiving, you’ll get that and much more. Many people would love to experience skydiving, but never do because of fear. Don’t let anything hold you back from having fun, especially if it’s skydiving! These skydiving experts are available to make sure you have the time of your life! Now is the time to take action. You’ve got nothing to lose! The Alabama skies are waiting and Tuscaloosa can’t wait to work with you!

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Advanced Skydiving Training in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Elevate Your Skydiving with Skydiving School!

Now that you’ve completed your first skydive and loved it, what’s next? You don’t want your skydiving to end after one dive do you? What if there’s more you can do? If you’re looking for more than your tandem skydiving experience, skydiving school is your fast track to becoming a certified solo skydiver! You’ll work with instructors certified through the United States Parachute Association (USPA), learn the ins and outs of skydiving, and then show what you’ve learned by yourself! Once you’ve passed the training, you qualify to become a USPA certified skydiver! That means you can skydive at any USPA approved skydiving location, which also includes our network of affiliate centers! We recommend two training options: Accelerated Free Fall and Tandem Progression. Not sure which training is right for you? Our experts at Tuscaloosa can help you choose the training that’s best for you. Imagine the new skydiving opportunities you’ll have after completing skydiving school. This is sure to encourage you to make skydiving a regular part of your life. Your instructors will work with you to ensure your training is a success. Detailed below we have more information about what you’ll learn from the skydiving school nearest to Tuscaloosa!

Accelerated Free Fall Training in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Accelerated Free Fall – Our Most Popular Training!

The Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Training is the best and fastest way to become a certified solo skydiver. As a student, you’ll go through several levels of training to make sure you know how to release your parachute, free fall and land safely. For the few jumps, you’ll go through the Harness Hold Training. In this training your USPA-certified instructor holds on to you as you learn to deploy your parachute. You typically do this between 6,000 feet and 5,000 feet above ground. If you have trouble dispatching your parachute, your instructor uses hand signals to encourage you to release it. If that still doesn’t work, the instructor deploys the parachute for you. For the AFF training, you never move on to the next level until you have mastered the skills necessary in the current level.

After you have successfully released your parachute on your own, you learn to free fall. Free falling can be a lot of fun, but there are skills necessary to make sure it is done safely, particularly if you find yourself out of control during your skydive. In this release dive skill training, the instructor shows you free fall skills, and then you have the chance to demonstrate them in the air upon supervision. Your instructor is always close by during this part of the training in case you need help with one of the skills. Sometimes they correct you on body alignment as necessary during your free fall or they use hand skills while in the air to remind you of what you need to do next on the skydive.

Another important part of your training is learning what it’s like to become disoriented during your skydive. As safe as skydiving can be, sometimes weather conditions can bring about undesirable circumstances. The instructors want to make sure you know what to do in case you’re not in control of your descent. For situations like these, our training has you intentionally lose control of your body. Your instructor will show you how to do this so you can simulate the situation correctly. Once you disorient yourself, you use the maneuvering skills you learned to regain control of your body during freefall. Some of these skills include flips, turns and controlled descent. After you’ve successfully completed the simulation, you’ll release your parachute as you’ve done in previous jumps. In case you happen to free fall below a certain altitude, the automatic activation device will dispatch your reserve parachute. While this rarely happens during AFF Training, we want to make sure all safety measures are in place. You continue to advance in your training once you have proven you can perform the skydiving skills on your own with supervision from your instructor. You’re sure to gain a lot of confidence as you continue the training as well!

One of the last skills you learn in the AFF Training is the “hop n pop.” It also involves recreating an emergency situation in the event it happens. Sometimes the airplane malfunctions during skydiving, and you’ll need to know what to do to safely land. With the hop n pop, you release your parachute right after exiting the plane. This simulation is performed twice for your training.

Once you have completed 25 skydives and the necessary objectives for licensure, you qualify to become a USPA-certified solo skydiver! This is a wonderful accomplishment that shows you want to make skydiving a regular part of your life! We’re here for you at Tuscaloosa to make sure you are set up with training that is educational, safe and fun. There’s no better place in Alabama to complete your AFF Training than with the pros!

Tuscaloosa, Alabama Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Tandem Progression – Second Most Popular Training!

If the AFF training doesn’t sound like it’s for you, we know another option. The Tandem Progression training provides a more easeful experience learning solo diving. With this method, you’ll have three tandem skydives with an instructor. The instructor gives you a little bit of information at a time to learn skydiving techniques such as releasing your parachute and maneuvering your freefall. This type of instruction is more hands-on as opposed to the AFF Training, but you’ll still have the opportunity to skydive on your own after you’ve completed the necessary objectives in the Tandem Progression Training. This solo skydive occurs on your third jump of the training. With your instructor observing close by, you’ll show what you’ve learned from the previous skydives. This includes releasing your parachute, demonstrating your freefall skills and observing your altitude. You’ll also have a chance to show your instructor what you’ve learned in regards to emergency situations, controlling your descent and where to land. After successfully completing this third dive, we’re sure you’ll be more confident in solo skydiving. It’s a great accomplishment to finish skydiving school. You expand your horizons on what you can do with skydiving and have a lot of fun!

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Tuscaloosa, Alabama Skydiving Video Packages

Keep Your Skydiving Forever with Video Packages!

If you’re serious about skydiving, then you’ve got to add a special video package to your experience. There isn’t a better way to keep your skydiving memories! We’ve got two great options to choose from that are sure to be what you’re looking for. Plus, you can get these video packages with tandem skydiving, accelerated free fall skydiving and tandem progression skydiving! Don’t let your skydiving slip away like a dream of the past. Keep it alive and show your friends and family your great accomplishment. They’re sure to enjoy your high flying adventure just like you did!

The best skydiving package is the videographer. Throughout your skydiving experience, the videographer films all of the great moments from your start on the ground, to the air and after landing! All of your nerves, excitement and jubilation are captured with the videographer. You’ll also see views of Tuscaloosa from thousands of feet in the air, among other details filmed during your skydive. It’s like having your own movie, and you’re the star! Completing your skydiving experience doesn’t get much better than that. The videographer is also a trained and USPA-certified skydiver, so you know you’re getting the best.

The next best video package is the GoPro option. With the GoPro, you get a different experience, but still capture the same excitement from skydiving. Your tandem instructor wears the GoPro as you freefall from thousands of feet in the air at up to 120 miles per hour! This provides more of a first-person experience of skydiving as opposed to the videographer. When friends and family watch your skydive, they’ll see it as if they’re skydiving with you! Everything from jumping from the plane, your time freefalling in open air, and all the way to landing is filmed from your perspective. You’re sure to love it. The GoPro video package is also more affordable to add to your skydive. So if you want to see your skydiving closer to your perspective, the GoPro is for you!

What are some other cool things about these video packages? All of the videos are professionally edited, so you won’t have to worry about doing that yourself. The videos are also formatted for social media. That means you can share your skydiving with the world! Imagine getting all of the exciting reaction and attention from this cool feat! You’re sure to inspire others to skydive when they watch you fly.

With video packages, you’ll keep your skydiving memories for years to come. Whether you choose a videographer or the GoPro, you’re making a great addition to your skydiving adventure. For more information or if you’re not sure which video packages is right for you, give our skydiving experts a call. They’d be more than happy to help you choose the package for you. Trust us, you’ll be glad you added video footage of your skydive. Your friends and family will want to see your enthusiasm again and again.

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Tuscaloosa, Alabama Skydiving Gift Certificates

Surprise Someone Special with Our Gift Certificates!

Do you want to be the one to make someone’s day? Are you looking for a way to impress a friend or family member who loves the outdoors? Are you looking for a birthday or Christmas gift someone will never forget? At Tuscaloosa, we offer gift certificates that are sure to thrill the adventurer you care about! This is a great way to inspire someone to skydive who has always wanted to try it! It’s excellent for someone who’s looking to upgrade their skydiving skills! Imagine the smile on your recipient’s face when they see what you’ve given them! You’re sure to make them happy.

So what options do you have with our gift certificates? We offer gift certificates for tandem skydiving and Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Training Level 1. Plus, you can add a GoPro or videographer video packages to either skydiving experience. If you’re looking for a gift for someone new to skydiving or someone who wants the tandem experience again, you’ll want the gift certificate for tandem skydiving. Tandem skydiving is a wonderful introduction to skydiving because your recipient has all the fun, while the instructor leads the jump from the plane, freefall and landing. Do you know an experienced skydiver who’s looking for the next step in skydiving? Give them a head start to the next level! A gift certificate for the AFF Training Level 1 is perfect! This puts your recipient on track to becoming a certified solo skydiver!

We’re confident that whichever gift certificate you purchase, your recipient will use it right away! Each gift certificate has a two-year expiration date from the purchase date. That’s plenty of time to take advantage of high flying action in the air! All gift certificates are also fully transferrable and can be used at over 80 affiliate locations, including the closest dropzone to you in Tuscaloosa. There are so many possibilities to skydive with the gift certificate, making it a popular gift to give and receive.

It’s important to call our customer service so one of our representatives can ensure you get the exact gift certificate you want. Remember you can also add a video package to the skydiving gift certificate. This is a must-have addition so your recipient can watch the skydive again and again! All videos are edited for you and made available in social media formats so they can be shared with virtually anyone! That allows you to see for yourself what the skydiving experience was like for your recipient. Our customer service is available seven days a week, so call us! We look forward to helping you create the perfect gift with our skydiving gift certificates!

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Now that you know more about skydiving, the options and great instructors, we’re sure you’ll love skydiving! Our excellent skydiving team is always available if you have any questions or need assistance in making your skydiving dreams come true! We know once you’ve taken the jump, you’ll never see Tuscaloosa or the world the same way again. You won’t always get opportunities for this kind of adventure, so don’t let it pass you by because of fear or uncertainty. Skydiving is the ultimate way to build confidence, which doesn’t happen by watching the action on TV. It happens by doing it firsthand! At Tuscaloosa, we know skydiving is something you’ll never forget, so why wait?

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