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The sky experts you will jump with can get you airborne faster than you can holler “Geronimo!” You just yelled it didn’t you? Well, maybe not quite that fast, but we are confident that you will be impressed at how smooth and easy the whole process will be. Whatever you have in mind for your skydiving excursion, we are ready to help get you started! From tandem jumps to certification courses, the sky is the limit when you call Tulsa!

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The sky experts at Tulsa can get you airborne faster than you can holler “Geronimo!” You just yelled it didn’t you? Well, maybe not quite that fast, but we are confident that you will be impressed at how smooth and easy the whole process will be. Whatever you have in mind for your skydiving excursion, we are ready to help get you started! From Tandem skydiving to certification courses, the sky is the limit with Tulsa!

Don’t wait to start living! Call 1-800-617-7948 today! Tulsa is your genie in the lamp, your fairy godmother, your valiant caped hero, and your sage wizard all wrapped up into one. In other words, we have and can find all the resources needed to get you into the sky to grab hold of your highest, wildest dreams. Tulsa will make the booking process so simple it will feel like magic. Your dream that once upon a time felt so far away is now within your reach. You can fly!

Outstanding Options for Soaring Oklahoma Skies!

Tulsa Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving near Tulsa, Oklahoma

Fly Tandem!

Check out the most popular skydiving option! Tandem Skydiving allows you to make the most of your monumental leap, without any of the pressure. Get strapped to a skilled Jumpmaster and rest easy knowing that you are in the best hands. Ideal for first-time jumpers, the Tandem skydive will introduce you to the heart-pounding thrills of sky soaring. We’re giving you fair warning though: the freedom of flying through the air is incredibly addictive! Learn more…

Tulsa Skydiving - Advanced Skydive Training in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Level Up!

For the hardcore thrill seekers, adrenaline junkies, and boundary pushers, chances are the intense excitement of Tandem diving will not be quite intense enough. There is more freedom to be sought and obtained in the air up there, and for those who yearn for more, we recommend Advanced Training courses. The Accelerated Free Fall program helps you quickly reach your solo soaring goals, while the Tandem Progression course allows you to get comfortable with a few Tandem jumps first. Learn more…

Tulsa Skydiving - Skydiving Video Packages - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Making Memories!

Your skydiving adventure will definitely be breathtaking. You’ll experience a wide range of emotions and sensations as the exhilarating event flies by in no time at all. Even with eyes wide open and your rapid heartbeat urging you to savor each second, time will be flying as you do. Relive the adventure as often as you’d like by including a video package! See yourself soaring, and remember the rush. Don’t forget to share it with friends and family! Learn more…

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Welcome to the Air Above Tulsa!

Doesn’t everyone dream of flight at some point? Feeling the wind so intensely, until you begin to sense that you are actually one with the wind, wild and free and without limits. Getting airborne may have been an outlandish idea for humans once upon a time, but today things are different. If you are curious about life in the clouds, Tulsa is here to help get you off of the ground. Making this leap could be just the thing that jumpstarts a life of adventure for you. Seizing the moment, seeking everyday ecstasy, and facing your fears could become business as usual for you. Tulsa gives you the chance to lift off and experience life with a whole new perspective.

With a range of skydiving options for you to choose from, we will work with you to create the ideal air affair. Our well-informed and friendly customer service team can answer any questions you may have and get your sky voyage underway right away. Your jumpmasters are among the most experienced in the industry, and their number one priority is always the perfect combination of fun and safety.

Don’t forget to ask about our specials, discounts, and gift certificates!

Explore the Skies and Views of Tulsa, Oklahoma

Regardless of your familiarity with T-town, we are confident that you will be completely enamored with the sights that you see while soaring through the sky. If you are a local, you will surely want to challenge yourself to identify your favorite spots and notable landmarks. If you are a tourist, ask your skydiving instructor and aircraft pilot to point out some interesting things from above for you to explore later on. How many people get to say that they have not only posed for a picture with the famous Golden Driller who stands guard at the Tulsa Expo Center, but they have also drifted over that tall, proud icon of the city? Most people couldn’t imagine seeing the city from his perspective at 75 feet above the ground. Meanwhile you’ll be seeing for miles further than the Golden Driller can as you feel the air thousands of feet up.

From the impressive city skyline against the horizon to the Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area, the outstanding Oklahoma skies deliver exceptional views. Tour Tulsa from above as you fall through the clouds, watching the mighty Arkansas River winding and twisting along below you. See if you can spot Skiatook Lake, and keep your eyes peeled for the critters at the Tulsa Zoo in the magnificent Mohawk Park. Considering the nature of your excursion, it may be of interest to you to look for the Tulsa Air and Space Museum and Planetarium in Tiger Fields, and maybe even check it out from the ground once you land back on the earth.

Skydiving offers more than a quick, fun jump. We want you to feel that you have truly experienced the splendor of Tulsa, Oklahoma, in addition to the beauty of soaring with the wind. And if you have ever felt the heat of Tulsa in the dead of summer, you will be clamoring for that cool rush of air against your skin! Whatever your goal is, whether to escape the stagnant heat or to tour Tulsa with fresh eyes, Tulsa and our partners are ready to give you the wings that will ensure that you accomplish just that!

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Tulsa Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving near Tulsa, Oklahoma

Get Your Tandem Jump!

There can often be a flood of mixed emotions as you prepare to go skydiving for the first time, or even if you’re coming back for a repeat performance. There is, of course, the enticing draw of the thrill, the inevitable adventure, and the rush of adrenaline coursing through you. The excitement of seeing the world anew, believing for a moment that you can live like the birds do. But there can also be apprehension, fear, and a bundle of nerves. As you make preparations to make the big leap, we want you to know that all of us here at Tulsa are rooting for you. This is why the Tandem Skydiving option is such a popular one. It is a pretty impressive achievement to work up the courage to make the jump. You don’t need any extra pressure, stress, or factors to worry about. Taking the details and logistics of the jump itself, such as the timing, altitude, and location of the release of the parachute, out of the equation for you, we are helping you to realize the true potential of the sky adventure.

When you choose to book the Tandem Skydiving option, our helpful customer service agents will walk you through what to expect on the big day of your life-changing leap. And when that day comes, you will arrive at the launch site and meet an expert skydiving instructor. It is the duty of that professional instructor of yours to ensure that you are thoroughly and properly prepared. Before you even get anywhere near the aircraft, your skydiving instructor will walk you through comprehensive safety guidelines and procedures. Pay attention! If your skydiving instructor feels that you are not prepared or you otherwise pose a risk to yourself or any of the other skydivers, you will not be getting on that plane! Skydiving is, after all, talking about human beings throwing themselves from a moving aircraft as it cruises thousands of feet above the ground! It will certainly be worth it to be knowledgeable of each and every factor regarding your personal safety and wellness.

It is quite simple. Pay attention to your skydiving instructor. He or she will not withhold any information about your descent through the Tulsa sky. And once you have been briefed on everything that you need to know about safely plummeting through the air, you will set out for the aircraft. At this point, you will have been fitted with a harness, and your instructor will have checked and double checked the parachute on his or her back. Don’t forget to take in the spectacular views as you ascend! Keep those nerves in check, you are about to be so glad that you decided to embark on the ride of your life!

Your highly qualified instructor will get you firmly strapped to his or her own harness, review some main safety points with you, check in on your excitement levels, and start moving toward the open aircraft door. There’s that sky that has been waiting for you your whole life! Now is the time that you finally soar!

Safely secured to your instructor, your free fall will make you feel as if you are the wind itself. Feel every second with every fiber of your being. This is the whole point of the Tandem skydive! The instructor strapped to your back is watching your altitude, and will pull the canopy at the perfect moment, guiding you through the air and down to your landing spot. None of that is for you to worry about. Your sole responsibility, other than listening to any directions your skydiving expert gives you, is to revel in each and every second of your high-flying escapade.

Tandem Skydiving will be a major life event for you. Don’t put off living life to its fullest any longer. Make the leap!

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Tulsa Skydiving - Advanced Skydiving Training in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Step up Your Skydiving Game

Some people just need a little bit of extra thrill in their lives. These are the true daredevils and boundary breakers. These are the ones who need more of a challenge and risk than the Tandem Skydiving option provides. These are the individuals who are the perfect candidates for the Advanced Training courses.

These Advanced Skydiving Courses give you the opportunity to become certified as an official United States Parachute Association skydiver, which will allow you to make jumps on your own at any USPA dropzone across the country. You will have the chance to obtain your A License, your first ticket to true freedom. This basic license not only affords you the ability to skydive solo, but it provides the perfect platform to launch yourself toward more advanced licenses down the road as well. Tulsa believes in your dream of a solitary sky sailing excursion. Whether you opt for the Accelerated Free Fall course or you are more interested in Tandem Progression, Tulsa Skydiving can set your course for the heavens! Read on to learn more about the training that Tulsa Skydiving offers in order to open the skies for you and your future endeavors.

Tulsa Skydiving - Accelerated Free Fall Training in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Get Higher Faster with Accelerated Free Fall Classes

Most people who are eager to get into the air on their own are hoping to make it happen as soon as possible. This is why the Accelerated Free Fall course is the typical path that a future lone flyer will take. As you might deduce from the name of the course, it is meant to get the student through the training more quickly than other methods. Do not think, however, that the accelerated nature of the course means that there are any corners cut or that safety is not the priority. No matter what course is chosen, you can rest assured that safety is always the main focus. The Accelerated Free Fall course differs from other training programs in that you, the student, will have one-on-one time with at least one, if not at times two expert Jumpmasters. And with such intensive training, your very first jump during your course will not be a Tandem dive.

The Accelerated Free Fall, or AFF, training begins with in-depth lessons about body position, maneuvers, wind and weather conditions, altitude, parachute release, steering, landing, and of course, emergency safety procedures. And all of this will take place before you even leave the ground. You will not be boarding the aircraft for your first practice jump until you are comfortable with the idea of pulling your own parachute, and until your Jumpmaster feels that you are ready to do so.

When that day finally arrives, regardless of your level of excited anticipation, there will likely be nerves and emotions present that you might not know how to process or deal with. Be open with your skydiving instructor. Remember, they have been through this entire process before as well. Don’t be afraid to ask for tips. Your expert Jumpmaster will be happy to help, whether you have a question about calming nerves or you have a technical enquiry about your parachute or body position at a certain altitude. Tulsa looks forward to your success as a solo skydiver as much as you do, and Tulsa Skydiving will do everything that we can to make sure that you are prepared before you even step foot at the dropzone.

When you make your first jump, unlike a Tandem skydiving adventure for the fun of it or the Tandem Progression training course for certification, you will not be secured to another person. Your Jumpmaster (or two) will be at your side every step and plummet of the way, however. Your first jumps will be conducted with what is known as Harness Hold Training. Your certified instructor will make the jump with you, grasping your harness as you both drop out of the aircraft. Using previously learned hand signals, your Jumpmaster will indicate you when it is time to pull your parachute. Because it is a learning process and safety is a key element, there are several subsequent steps that will take place, should you fail to deploy your parachute when your Jumpmaster signals to do so. Ultimately, if each attempt fails, your Automatic Activation Device will release your reserve parachute. Keeping in mind that there are so many safety measures in place will likely help you keep your head and deploy your parachute at the appropriate time.

From there, your training will progress, until you are finally certified to make solo skydives. The wide open sky is yours to explore! Venture onward, you brave, soaring soul!

Tulsa Skydiving - Tulsa, Oklahoma Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Ease into Solo Skydiving with Tandem Progression

Ready for solo soaring, but need to get a feel for falling through the sky first? No problem. some dropzones still offer the Tandem Progression course, which allows you to make your first jumps strapped securely to your expert Jumpmaster.

It can feel like a lot of pressure to be ready to make your first jump without the security of being attached to a professional. Rather than stressing out about whether or not you will remember everything on your first few jumps, you can opt for the Tandem Progress program. Your first three jumps will find you making the leap strapped to your Jumpmaster. However unlike the Tandem skydiving jumps that are made for recreational purposes as opposed to training, your tandem jumps will include more. Your skydiving instructor will give you more to do bit by bit, until you are ready to make a jump unattached. From there, you will move on to the Harness Hold Training and continue on to follow the AFF training program. Eventually, you will be making your first solo skydive!

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Tulsa Skydiving - Tulsa, Oklahoma Skydiving Video Packages

Record Your Skyfalling Fun!

When you make that leap from the airplane into the great nothing-but-air up there, you will be bombarded with a multitude of sensations that you likely have never felt before. Rushing wind more powerful than your windiest day. Speed more intense than the fastest motorcycle ride you’ve ever been on. Sights rushing up at you like you’ve never seen them before. Keep those eyes of yours wide open, because the free fall is over before you know it! The period of peacefully drifting under the canopy of the parachute allows you more time to take in the whole experience, but time will always fly when you are flying too. In what will seem like no time at all, you will be back on solid ground, probably plotting your next sky excursion.

Don’t let those moments slip away from you! Tulsa knows the perfect solution to capture those memories for all of time. When you call to book your skydiving adventure, ask our friendly customer service agents about including a video package.

Tulsa Skydiving recommends a couple different ways to document those magical moments in the sky. If you opt for the GoPro choice, your tandem skydiving instructor will wear a camera that captures the experience in the way that the two of you are seeing it. This more affordable option is a great choice if you want to relive the adventure through almost the same eyes as you experienced it in the first place.

The other option is the chance to jump with your very own videographer, who will begin to record prior to your first steps from the ground to the plane, and will stay with you as your feet drop from the plane, all the way to the ground. Including a videographer allows you and your loved ones to watch you throughout the whole ordeal, beginning with nerves and excitement, through flashes of fear giving way to pure elation, and landing with gleeful delight.

Regardless of your video package choice, your memories will be professionally edited at the dropzone before you leave, and they will, of course, come in easily shareable formats so that no one in your social media circles will need to miss out!

This is the adventure of a lifetime. Hang on to those memories with a video package, cherish and share your epic leap for years to come!

Call Tulsa at 1-800-617-7948 Ask About Booking Video Evidence!

Tulsa Skydiving - Tulsa, Oklahoma Skydiving Gift Certificates

Give Away the Sky!

You are ready to take to the sky. But why hoard it? There is plenty of airspace to go around! Tulsa Skydiving knows that you have at least one fellow adventurer in your life who deserves to soar just as much as you do! Think of how wonderful it will feel to give someone you care about such a monumental gift. Tulsa has gift certificates available for purchase! There is always an opportunity to give someone the gift of flight. Birthdays, holidays, milestones and special events, or simply to celebrate your friendship and mutual wild side, Tulsa Skydiving knows that you have someone in mind who will adore a Tulsa gift certificate.

There are plenty of companies that offer gift certificates with excessive amounts of fine print. Here at Tulsa, we want to ensure that our gift certificates fall into the right hands, which would be those that are attached to a sky enthusiast, ready to launch upward in search of new horizons. That is why Tulsa Skydiving is so flexible in our gift certificate conditions. The lucky recipient will have a full two years from the date that you purchase the gift certificate to use it. So if he or she comes down with a cold, or is too busy with work or family, be a good friend and help plan a date in the future that would work better. There has to be a free day somewhere over the course of two years!

Not sure if the location will be an issue? Tulsa Skydiving has things covered there as well. is not limited to Tulsa alone, in fact we have more than 80 different affiliate dropzones across the country! Chances are, we are not too terribly far from, well, anywhere!

Just in case the person you have in mind absolutely cannot make the jump, your perfect gift will not be in vain, as our gift certificates are fully transferrable. So if your initial intended recipient has to sit it out, another worthy sky seeker will be able to go. Who knows, it could even be you!

Our accommodating customer service team is ready to hear from you any day of the week. Drop us a line and find out about the array of options Tulsa Skydiving has for giving someone the sky!

Get Your Gift Certificate!

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