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Skydiving is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Every year more and more people have taken to the skies. Professionals face off in international competitions. There is no better time to join the sport of skydiving than right now and there is no better place to do it than Topeka, Kansas. We promise to help get you into the sky and so you can have a one of a kind experience. No matter what your level of experience is, Topeka Kansas will make sure your instructor caters to your needs.

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Skydiving is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Every year more and more people have taken to the skies. Professionals face off in international competitions. There is no better time to join the sport of skydiving than right now and there is no better place to do it than Topeka, Kansas. We promise to get you into the sky and deliver a one of a kind experience. No matter what your level of experience is, Topeka Kansas will make sure to cater to your needs.

Call 1-800-617-7948 today and secure your spot in the sky! Topeka Kansas is your one stop shop for all things skydiving. Whether you are looking for a one off experience of a lifetime or are trying to see if professional skydiving is up your alley, we have what you are looking for. It does not end there though. We are also proud to tell you about some amazing photograph packages. The most professional skydiving photographers will capture all of your memories from 10,000 feet above Earth. Scared to go it alone? Topeka Skydiving has some incredible skydiving gift certificate packages available as well. If you think you are ready to take control of your life and reach new heights contact us today!

Free falling experiences especially for you!

Tandem Skydiving near Topeka, Kansas

Tandem Skydiving

You are in good hands on a tandem skydive when you have a certified instructor by your side. Feel the rush of being in the driver’s seat with the security of having an expert along for the ride. Great for beginners or those with some prior skydiving experience, Tandem jumps put you in the forefront of the free fall experience. Take that leap from your comfort zone with an enthusiastic expert. There is no reason to hesitate, get into the sky today Learn more…

Advanced Skydive Training in Topeka, Kansas

Skydiving Certification

As nearly anybody who has had the opportunity to skydive once will tell you, the thrills of flight will not stop calling you. For those of you who have already enjoyed skydiving but need more, accelerated free fall courses are the next step. By going through the accelerated free fall course, you will gain a litany of experience as a skydiver. By the time a student graduates from this immersive experience they will be able to skydive by themselves. Learn more…

Skydiving Video Packages - Topeka, Kansas

Video Packages

While we love the fact that Topeka Kansas, with the help of its partners, is able to provide one of the most amazing experiences in Kansas, we want you to remember it all too. That is why each affiliate dropzone is staffed with a team of skydiving photographers who are ready capture everything that happens at 10,000 feet. These professionals are truly the masters of two domains as they are able to get some of the most incredible angles at some serious altitude. Check out a video package deal for great prices! Learn more…

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Skydiving is one of those experiences that cannot truly be replicated. In order to truly understand how incredible it is to free fall towards the earth at speeds over 120 miles per hour, you just have to do it yourself. That being said, Topeka Kansas wants to give you a taste of the one of a kind experience we know so well.

There is nothing quite like the pre jump flight. No matter what your level of experience may be, the wonderful butterflies will flutter in your stomach in anticipation of what you are about to do. As a certified instructor goes through a few last minute procedural instructions (pay attention newbies!) and the plane continues to rise, you can tell the time for the dive is getting closer. While instructors stress preparation and readiness, the fact is that there is really no way to prepare you for the moment you step foot out of the plane. This is what you have been waiting for! This is why you called Topeka Skydiving!

Before you know it you will be in full fledged free fall. Your body is entirely weightless as the air rushes past your face. This is usually the time when people finally realize just what they have been missing this entire time. While in flight you will reach top speeds of up to one hundred and twenty miles per hour! As you plummet towards the earth be sure to take a second (they will go by fast!) to appreciate exactly what this is. The emotions running through your body are unlike anything else you can experience. In all, the free fall will only lasts about 30 seconds. No need to worry though, some people swear that the best is yet to come.

While the free fall always gets all of the attention, anybody who has ever been skydiving will tell you to not sell the parachute ride short. The slow descent towards earth is a quintessential part of the skydiving experience.

Skydiving is a bucket list item that everybody needs to check off. If you are ready to achieve new heights, contact Topeka Skydiving today. Our partners have amazing skydiving instructors who are ready to teach you everything you will need to know to get into the sky as soon as possible. The excellent customer service staff is your first step in the process though. Our experts have all of the answer to any and all question that you may have. We take pride in offering customers the best communication and support possible.

Beautiful Topeka, Kansas!

Situated in the great plains, Kansas is at the heart of the country. From the grains that this great state provides throughout the world to the wonderful people that call Kansas home, there is truly no place like it (just ask Dorothy). Anybody who has visited this one of a kind place will tell you just how amazing not only the area is–but the people too. If you have never been able to experience America’s breadbasket you need to consider a vacation soon–just take care, Topeka can be difficult to leave.

As the capital city of the state of Kansas, Topeka is at the center of everything. History buffs will find a bevy of landmarks across the city. Constitution Hall in downtown is at the top of everybody’s list as it is the home of the original Free State legislature. The Kansas State Capitol is able to boast some of the most important public art pieces in the nation. Topeka is a great state for the entire family. Kids will relish in the opportunity to check out the Great Overland Station and it’s model train displays and exhibits. Everybody will enjoy the opportunity to step into the life of a prairie pioneer at the Old Prairie Town at Ward Meade Park. Wherever your party’s interests lie Topeka has something for you!

Long time residents will tell you that Topeka is also able to boast one of the most diverse yet temperate climates around. Moderate highs and bearable low temperatures make Topeka a great place to visit and stay throughout the year. If you are looking to get into the air though, March through October offer the best conditions.

It should be abundantly clear that Topeka is ready to offer you everything you may be looking for. The thrill of a free fall is followed up by a long, slow parachute ride that descends on the beautiful city of Topeka. Book your trip today!

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Tandem Skydiving near Topeka, Kansas

Go Now, Go Tandem! Topeka Skydiving

For those interested taking to the skies as soon as possible, Topeka Kansas knows the best option. We recommend tandem jumps as a way to get a taste of the skydiving experience. If you want to dip your toes into the waters of the incredible world of skydiving and aerospace. Team up with your seasoned diver today and get ready for a thrill you will never forget. With this option there is no reason to worry. The instructor is right there to take care of everything that goes into the skydive.

The best way to get into the sport of skydiving is by doing it with a professional instructor first. That is why every new skydive will first skydive in tandem. This offers you the chance to be able to experience all of the thrills of a skydive without having to take an excessive training and instructional course. Get into the sky as soon as possible by contacting Topeka Kansas and booking the tandem skydiving experience of a lifetime now!

Skydiving is an activity that requires a high level of detail. In order to be a solo skydiver, one has to be fully confident in everything they are doing. With that in mind all non certified skydivers will have to tandem skydive with a professional instructor. This means that they are attached to a professional instructor. This means that a personal instructor who will act as your guide to the sport for the entire experience. These professionals certainly fill a number of jobs in their role. Your personal tandem skydiving instructor will greet you as soon as you step into the dropzone. They will be there to walk you through everything that will be happening throughout your afternoon in the skies.

A skydiving instructor that is personable and knowledgeable is the key to a successful tandem skydiving experience. This requires them to be skilled individual skydivers in their own right while also being able to impart their knowledge and techniques onto their student. The experts at the dropzone are not only skilled, they also will take great care in ensuring that their partners for the day are prepared for anything that may happen on the skydive. By leading you through a bit of ground school material an instructor will make sure that you are each on the same page when you get into the sky. A successful skydive starts with the right amount of preparation, and great communication. Once in the air it is just you and your tandem buddy. You are going to rely on one another to carry out the proper procedures, so make sure you are on the right page!

In order to become a certified skydiving instructor an individual will have to pass through a multitude of training and testing procedures. Everything is overseen by the Federal Aviation Administration, who are more than careful throughout their vetting process in order to guarantee safety in the skies. At Topeka Skydiving we also boast extremely high hiring standards. The instructional skydiving instructors are the face of an entire hand selected team. You are sure to have the experience of a lifetime with these people by your side. There is no reason to hesitate, so get into the sky and experience the thrills of this amazing sport.

The goal is to provide each and every new skydiver with a fully customized experience. If this is your first time in the area, be sure to tell your instructor! They may make a point to direct you towards a Kansas landmark on the parachute ride down. Are you a long time resident? They may just pop over your home! The point is that these skydiving experiences are tailored to fit the individual. We are able to do so by taking great care in communicating with our customers and understanding what they need before you even get to the dropzone. So contact us today and let us know what you are looking for.

Many people hesitate to get into the sport of skydiving for a variety of reasons. Whatever the reason may be, your instructors will make sure to go out of their way in order to create a welcoming environment for all. These tandem skydiving instructors are happy to customize your entire experience based on past experiences and preferences. There is no reason to hesitate! All that awaits is the amazing views of the Great Plains region and the incredible rush of a free fall.

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Advanced Skydiving Training in Topeka, Kansas

Advanced Skydiving Options Are Available

The sport of skydiving has a tendency to call people back towards the sky time and time again. If once was simply not enough for you, consider enrolling in an advanced skydiving program. There are a variety of options available for all levels of interest. Accelerated free fall programs will take rookies through the gamut of skydiving instruction. Through seven skydives a student will gain all of the experience necessary to become a solo skydiver. The tandem skydiving training will be a slightly less involved look at solo skydiving. Contact Topeka Skydiving today if you want to sign up for a lifetime of thrills in the skies.

Gaining your independence as a skydiver is a monumental moment on the journey towards becoming an expert. This is the first step that will allow a competitive or professional skydivers to continue towards even bigger things. Even if you do not have dreams of becoming a professional you will benefit from the training. There is nothing as enjoyable the thrill and freedom that comes with skydiving on your own. Simply being able to skydive when and where you want is incredibly liberating.

The opportunity to learn from the best is what Topeka Skydiving will offer you. There is nothing that these seasoned skydiving instructors have yet to see in the air. The program that they will walk you through has been designed with real life experiences in mind. There is nothing that can truly prepare a student for a solo skydive as well as the real thing. That is why they get their students into the skies as quickly as possible. Throughout all of your lessons you will have a personal instructor right there with you. They will correct your form or technique while also allowing you the chance to spread your wings and gain independence in the skies.

Accelerated Free Fall Training in Topeka, Kansas

Accelerated Free Fall Training – The Fast Track

There is nothing like becoming independent as a skydiver. Anybody who has experienced the thrill of a solo skydive will tell you that. For those of you looking to get into the skies without a tandem instructor there is a bit of training that will come first. That is where the accelerated free fall course comes in. By providing students will seven skydives, there is no better way to get into the skies than with this instructional course. The training provided to a student will ensure that they are able to walk out of the accelerated free fall course much more knowledgeable. Moreover, the experience that is provided is unlike anything else offered in the industry. The accelerated free fall program offers students the chance to get into the sky alone from the first lesson. Achieve the rush of a free fall with full independence through the accelerated free fall course at Topeka Skydiving.

In the course of this engaging instructional program, you will gain all of the first hand experience necessary in order to become a certified skydiver. Everything in the course has founded on the idea that there is nothing like doing the real thing. These instructors have taken instructional teaching strategies to the sport of skydiving, and the results have been incredible. Doing so has not been easy, as inexperienced skydiving is a dangerous pursuit. While gaining the necessary skydiving experience to become certified, a student is accompanied by a personal instructor. The individualized instruction that we tailor to every individual student allows for the utmost in gained potential. We take a student’s personal skills and abilities into account when creating the instruction. Doing so has allowed students in the accelerated free fall program to make the most amount of gains possible in the shortest time. Your instructors will prepare you for a lifetime of thrills through the accelerated free fall program. Just be sure you are ready for it!

An accelerated free fall course is not for the faint of heart. The program is able to boast about the speed at which a student gains independence, but that comes at a price. The students that enroll in this program must be prepared to give it everything they have. From the jump there is no frills. Ground school is a grueling day of instruction and packs a lot of procedural knowledge into a short amount of time. After that you are in the air! The first lesson ends with a skydive and a solo free fall experience. There is nothing quite like it, but you have to be on top of your game. Tens of thousands of people across the globe have already completed the program and gained independence in the skies. If you think you have what it takes to join them, contact Topeka Kansas today!

The 7 Levels of Accelerated Free Fall Training

There are seven stages of the accelerated free fall training program. It all starts with ground school, which is a 6 plus hour course that is required before any student can get into the sky. After completion, the rest of the lessons are all in the sky! The first lesson actually takes place right at the end of ground school. In it a student is able to put their new knowledge to the test as the instructor will break loose during the free fall. They are able to do so as they use a grab and hold technique of attachment. This self explanatory method of instruction and training allows for the most freedom on the part of both student and teacher. In subsequent lessons the student will continue to build solo free fall experience. In the final lesson and testing session a student will be able to complete a fully solo skydive from start to finish. There is nothing quite as rewarding as knowing that you attained freedom in this amazing sport. The accelerated free fall program is the best way to get there.

Topeka, Kansas Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Progression Tandem Skydiving Training in Topeka

We are able to offer a wide variety of different options for every skydiver. One such option is the tandem progression training option. If you are interested in gaining autonomy in the skies but the accelerated free fall training seems a bit much, this is a great alternative. This tandem course will walk a student through the stages of skydiving in a more approachable manner than the accelerated free fall training. That does not mean that there is any less information provided. Across each of the two programs students will be schooled in the ins and outs of the sport. Think of the tandem progression training program as a year long course offering, whereas accelerated free fall is much more jam packed.

Whichever course you decide is best for you, be sure that you are getting the Topeka Kansas advantage. That is because each and every service our partners offer begins and ends with an individual approach. We are able to offer every student the utmost attention because of our affiliate dropzone’s impeccable student to teacher ratios. We take pride in the fact that these students leave these courses with more than just the ability to solo skydive. Your instructors aim to impart a passion for the sport onto every person that they come across. If you think that you may be ready to reach new heights and solo skydive, contact to start today!

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Topeka Skydiving Video Packages

Capture Your Adventure Forever!

Doing it is one thing, but if you want anybody to believe that you jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, you are going to have to capture it. To capture the incredible memories you are about to make with ask about some amazing photo and video packages. Each of our affiliate dropzones has an entire team of professionals that are ready to grab some great images at ridiculous altitudes. Make the most of your experience with a photo or video package!

We are incredibly proud of the fact that we have an experienced squad of professional photographers. While we would like to say it was difficult to fill out a staff, it really wasn’t. There is nothing quite as easy as finding professional photographers who want to make money while skydiving every day. These acrobatic photographers all have an affinity for skydiving, and make the most the shots that can come from 10,000 feet above the ground. You will definitely want to show off every shot that these professionals are able to grab. Your feats in the sky will look all that much more amazing.

The video packages are some of the most immersive memory options that we can get you. Professional editors will take the raw footage that the videographers are able to capture and give it the professional touch. This team of editors are able to take good shots and make them amazing. A professional video is the next best thing. The quality of a professional shoot from these videographers is unmatched across the industry. In order to find anything even comparable you would have to look at something produced in Hollywood. In fact, that is exactly where all of your friends are going to think you went after seeing your skydive escapades on video.

While these videos are of big screen quality, we know that full size theaters can be hard to rent out. Social media makes sharing videos and photos easier than ever, and Topeka Skydiving wants you to take advantage of that. The editors take all of your images and videos and make them easily shareable across every social media platform. Just be careful of pressing send too many times. The last thing we want to do is make your friends overly jealous of the incredible experience you had.

While we would love to tell you to bring all of your own recording equipment, we actually are not able to do so. The Federal Aviation Administration has created a set of strict laws that do not allow for any non certified skydivers from recording, or even possessing the equipment with them in the air. The idea is that there is enough going on for a new skydiver. The last thing we would want to do is overwhelm you. That is why the dropzones have an entire team of professionals who are ready to capture everything that happens for you. Leave them to worry about the filters and angles so that you can focus on what is really important–the beautiful Kansas skies!

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Topeka Skydiving Gift Certificates

One-stop Skydiving Adventures

Contrary to the seemingly wide held belief, skydiving is not just you and the sky. In fact, we think that it is an experience that is best enjoyed with friends and family with you. With that in mind Topeka Kansas invites you to well, invite all of your friends and family! A skydiving gift certificate will guarantee that your entire family is able to enjoy the thrills of skydiving!

If you have been skydiving before then you know exactly how incredible to experience can be. We do not want you to keep it a secret. Give the gift of a skydiving gift certificate to the loved ones in your life. Everybody deserves the chance to enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity. Give them the extra boost with a skydiving gift certificate from Topeka Kansas today.

With a gift certificate from Topeka Skydiving you are giving more than just an incredible experience. You are also able to free up your own brain space! From birthdays to graduations, the list of events and parties that require a present seems to grow each and every year. From your nephew in college to your retiring mother, everybody has a different set of requirements for their gift. A gift certificate for a skydiving experience may be the one thing that works for everybody’s list. So stop letting buying a gift take up every one of your weekends. Get out of the mall and make the most of your life by checking everybody off at once with a gift certificate from Topeka Kansas.

Skydiving is able to boast an experience that is universal in that it can be enjoyed by all. As long as a person is at least 18 years of age and does not have an discernable health issues, they are good to go! We take this to heart as we have created an atmosphere that caters to all ages and experience levels.

A gift certificate from Topeka Skydiving is not only a great experience, it is something that the recipient is able to fully customize themselves. The certificate itself can be redeemed at any point for up to two full years, though we doubt anybody will be able to wait that long to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. The flexibility of this gift does not stop there. We have been able to partner with our fellow skydiving centers and create a package that is redeemable at over 80 affiliate locations throughout the nation. So no matter where that indecisive sister of yours decides to move to next, she will be able to take advantage of this awesome experience.

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Skydiving is our passion at Topeka Kansas, but it is not our only one. We also enjoy offering our customers the best service possible. We know that your life is difficult enough and the last thing that we want to do is add to the stress. Our service team will do everything in their power in their power in order to ensure that you have a positive experience, and your booking experience with us is no exception.

Communication is at the forefront of everything that we do at Topeka Skydiving. From our service members to the certified instructors at each of our affiliate dropzones, every person on our team and our partner’s is in constant communication with each other. What this means for you as a customer is that you will never have to repeat a request more than once.

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