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Our skydiving experts at Tallahassee are ready to introduce you to our good friend free fall! Whether you want the security of a tandem jump for your first time, or you’re a returning jumper who wants to amp up the action with some solo jumps, we can arrange what you’re looking for with your skydiving adventure. At Tallahassee, we always go above and beyond to create the personalized experience that will make your skydiving experience epic!

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Ready to Skydive in Florida? Tallahassee has the adventure for you!
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Ready to Skydive in Florida? Tallahassee has the adventure for you!
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Our skydiving experts at Tallahassee are ready to introduce you to our good friend free fall! Whether you want the security of a tandem jump for your first time, or you’re a returning jumper who wants to amp up the action with some solo jumps, we have what you’re looking for with your Tallahassee skydiving adventure. At Tallahassee, we always go above and beyond to create the personalized experience that will make your skydiving experience epic!

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Skydiving in Tallahassee

From the heights of 14,000 feet, you want to have a great time with the most experienced folks in the business. Call us today to talk one-on-one about how we can help you find your way to life-changing adventure. At Tallahassee, we’ll walk you through the skydiving process from start to finish before sending you to an affiliate dropzone and getting you into the sky!

All The Skydiving Options You Could Want!

Tandem Skydiving near Tallahassee, Florida

Tandem Skydiving

Saddle up for the smoothest ride of your life on a tandem skydiving jump. Ride up with your instructor and take in the view from 14,000 feet, one that only gets better when you’re floating through thin air. Being strapped to your instructor may give you some peace of mind, but don’t worry—the adrenaline rush is just as fierce! A perfect skydiving adventure for first timers! More Info…

Advanced Skydive Training in Tallahassee, Florida

Skydiving Certification

If you’ve already inhaled the tandem skydiving experience, don’t worry—you can soar to even higher heights! Once you get the free fall bug, there’s no going back, but you can dive forward into advanced training. Take the freedom of skydiving to the next level with an intensive sequence of training jumps designed to prepare you for solo skydiving. Learn more…

Skydiving Video Packages - Tallahassee, Florida

Video Packages

Pics or it didn’t happen! Jumping out of an airplane is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you can remember the moment for the rest of your life by purchasing a video package. You’ll relish experiencing the rush again and again each time you see your skydiving footage. Your video is sure to be one that you’ll love watching for years to come. Learn more…

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Feel the whoosh of brisk air rushing past your face as you fall from 14,000 feet, and enjoy your stomach clenching, the adrenaline rushing. On a skydiving jump, experience adventure like never before. One of the most common questions we get here at Tallahassee happens to be: “Is it safe?” The answer: Yes! The number one priority at any dropzone is safety, and your future instructors have the years of experience to back it up. These professionals take all the precautions necessary to keep you safely careening toward the ground from over 2.5 miles in the air. All instructors are certified to the ultimate instruction level with the United States Parachuting Association (USPA) and have years of experience under their harnesses.

But the question of safety isn’t the question you should be asking. The question you need to know the answer to: “Will this be the most epic experience of my life?” And once again the answer is a resounding yes! You can’t imagine the feeling of free fall until you experience it. And once you’ve done it, you’ll never forget that uninterrupted view stretching out beneath you with nothing separating you from the entire world but air.

Experience Florida’s capital city from above with a skydive! You haven’t known this All-American City award-winner until you’ve viewed it through the open door of an airplane. The best way to escape the famous Florida humidity is to rise above it—literally. And there’s no cooling breeze quite like the feeling of the wind in your face as you plummet in free fall. We know Tallahassee is famous for setting Florida record high summer temperatures. Get out of the city in a whole new direction the next time the mercury rises—this time, head up!

How far do you think you can see from 14,000 feet? Will you see the city skyline, the Apalachicola National Forest? How about the Gulf of Mexico or the Georgia state line? You’ll only know once you’ve taken the plunge for yourself and taken in that unbeatable view we keep talking about! Whether you’re a first-time visitor looking for the best kind of tourist attraction or a Tallahassee native who wants to see your home through the eyes of adventure, we have a skydiving opportunity that will take your breath away. Break away from the daily grind—the infamous hustle of Tallahustle if you will—and feel the G forces working on your stomach as you break out the bucket list and skydive in Tallahassee!

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Tandem Skydiving near Tallahassee, Florida

Test the Skies with a Tandem Skydive

With a tandem master at the helm, a tandem skydive lets you get your first taste of adrenaline-fueled skydiving adventure with nearly no pressure on you. They handle everything from safety checks (which they have a lot of experience doing) to deploying the parachute and making sure you both land in one piece. All you need to do is decide to try out a tandem skydive.

This is the most popular jump, and for good reason. The other industry option for first-time skydivers are static line jumps, but trust us, static can’t top tandem! With a static line jump, you leap solo from the plane, but your parachute stays attached to the plane by a static line. This means the chute auto-deploys almost immediately, allowing hardly any free fall. The beauty of the tandem jump is that even if you go to one of our affiliate dropzones completely uninitiated to the sport of skydiving, you get to feel free fall: the drop in the pit of your stomach, the ultimate rush as you fall for seconds that seem to stretch into hours before your tandem jump master deploys the main parachute.

After you’ve watched the instructional video and gone over the basics with your new buddy, aka your instructor, get ready to take to the skies. At the jump site, we’ll get you suited up in your gear, with that all-important harness fitting snuggly. The fitted harness connects you to your tandem master, who has done hundreds of jumps in preparation for this very moment. The tandem master sports the best fashion accessory around—your parachute. Specially designed to take on the weight of two skydiving enthusiasts, the main parachute is ready for action. As an extra contingency, your reserve parachute comes attached to the whole ensemble. For even more safety, there’s also the automatic activation device (AAD), which senses your elevation and causes the main chute to deploy if you happen to drop below a safe altitude for some reason.

We promise you’ll feel your pulse pounding as you walk to the airplane, you’ll be breathing heavy by take off, your palms will start to sweat at some point in there, and your mouth may get a little dry. But the anticipation is the best part! Because nothing beats the utter mind-melting excitement that comes from jumping out of a plane for the very first time! Well, nothing that is, except knowing that you can do it again and again if you want. We have a little secret to share: once you get that first taste of free fall, you’re just going to want to try it again.

Disclaimer alert! Tallahassee takes full responsibility for you getting completely and totally addicted to the life-changing rush of free fall! All it takes is your first tandem jump. In fact, we stake our name and reputation on it. As the top skydiving experts in the business, we know just what it takes to arrange the adventure of a lifetime with the thrill of a tandem jump. Are you ready for the most exhilarating leap of your life?

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Advanced Skydiving Training in Tallahassee, Florida

Dive Deeper with Advanced Skydiving Training

Did you try out a tandem jump on your first skydiving trip and fall head over heels (in love, we mean)? Did you wonder what could ever top that feeling of free fall? We know the next step for you: solo skydiving. With an advanced training course, you will be set on the road to USPA solo certification and getting your A License. A certification gives you the freedom to free fall from any USPA approved skydiving center in the entire United States, including each of the jump sites in the affiliate network.

Your experienced instructors guide you through each level of the process, from your first accompanied jumps to the invigoration of solitary free fall. Become an expert in adventure! Start by taking the first step and registering for your advanced training. Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) is the speediest way to propel yourself into a life of adventurous solo skydiving. In a series of 25 jumps, you work with instructors to get you comfortable in free fall by yourself. But no matter how many times you head to that open plane door, the same rush you felt the first time at 14,000 feet always stays with you.

Accelerated Free Fall Training in Tallahassee, Florida

Advance into Adventure with Accelerated Free Fall

First, head up into the wild blue yonder with a team of skilled instructors. Your first jumps in training send you up with two instructors who are there to show you the ins and outs of solo flight. You go through comprehensive initial training, and then taxi into the skies. The first few jumps with AFF have your instructors jumping along with you, keeping a hand on your harness to make sure you get your main canopy open at the right moment. Even so, it’s your hand that pulls the cord! After three of these jumps, you’re ready for the next step.

Next, you get to prove you have what it takes to fly through the air with the greatest of ease. Your jump instructor will walk you through flying techniques on the ground, and then your next jumps let you strut your stuff as you maneuver through the air under observation. This succession of dives is called “release dives,” for obvious reasons. Your instructor sets you free into the wild, releasing your harness after the first moments to move on your own and get a feel for free falling solo.

From those initial release dives, progress into further release dives as you achieve the Targeted Learning Objective (TLO) of each level of training. Once you’ve completed all of the training jumps and your instructor signs off on your progress, the A License is yours! Congratulations, you are now certified to skydive from nearly any site in the world.

Tallahassee, Florida Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Getting Comfortable with Tandem Progression

Listen, you don’t need to be a born daredevil to lust after the adrenaline rush and excitement of solo skydiving. If you feel a little hesitant to head straight into advanced training with Accelerated Free Fall, we’ve got you covered. That’s where tandem progression comes in.

Beyond ensuring you work with the best, most experienced instructors out there, the dropzone you visit will put extra safety measures in place to make sure you make it safely to the ground every single time. For one, you’re sporting the same high-tech safety gear—from harness to parachute—that’s gotten your instructor safely through each of their 300-plus jumps. For another, your kit includes an Automatic Activation Device, or AAD. This specialized device is designed to detect your altitude and automatically deploy your main chute if you drop below a safe height.

Tandem progression follows the same methodology as AFF, with an additional first step. Instead of diving straight into the thick of things, start with a sequence of additional tandem jumps. Once you’re more comfortable with the epic rush of tandem free fall, you progress to the first stages of AFF. This will take you from an instructor’s hand on your harness to start, all the way to jumping solo!

Take your first step to solo flight: Call 1-800-617-7948!

Tallahassee Skydiving Video Packages

Get Ready for Your Skydiving Close-up!

At Tallahassee, we can give you the tools to make you a movie star! But it’s even better than the glamour and glitz of the red carpet on premier night. This version comes with 14,000 feet of falling in style, all captured by pro videographers.

Once you jump out of an airplane for the first time, your life changes forever. That instant when you feel the flow of air surge around you, the supreme thrill of the moment that sticks with you long after your feet are back on solid ground, now that is a life event worth capturing. With this premium video package, a professional videographer jumps ahead of you to capture the crazy look on your face when you first experience free fall. They’re with you from takeoff to touchdown, catching your nerves before you get on the plane and your giddy grin when they get that exit interview back on solid ground.

As another offering, GoPro videos give you a more budget-conscious option, getting that tight-in close-up for a lower cost. Your tandem master attaches a GoPro to their gear and gets the whole jump on video. You can still relish the look on your face when you first drop into free fall and get transported back into the moment of bliss every time you watch the film. It certainly can’t match the professional videographer for cinematic quality, but you’ll be sure to remember the adventure and enjoy watching the footage again and again!

At the drop zone, a professional staff will edit together the clips into a video of feature film caliber. You won’t need Oscar winning flicks to keep you entertained this year! All you have to do is see your own starring skydiving role. And to make it effortless to spread the joy you feel in free fall, the video comes in an easy-to-share format. It’s simple to post to social media and let all of your loved ones get a glimpse into the experience behind the scenes of your skydive.

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Tallahassee Skydiving Gift Certificates

Show Your Appreciation with a Skydiving Gift Certificate!

We know that it can be a challenge to find meaningful gifts that show how much we appreciate the people in our lives, which is why we offer gift certificates. How many people do you know who say they want experiences instead of things? Who on your list seems to have it all already? Which person do you know who has an insatiable appetite for adventure?

These are the people who need Tallahassee gift certificates! You can purchase vouchers to redeem for tandem jumps or AFF Level 1 training. If you’re picking up a gift certificate to give to a friend or family member, get yourself a little something at the same time and add on a video package. That way, you’ll get to enjoy the jump virtually alongside them (and delight in getting a visual of their giddy screams). Our gift certificates are valid at over 80 affiliate jump sites in the United States. So even if you live on the opposite side of the country from the ones you love, you can give them an unforgettable present without being limited by location.

Since you have two years from the date of purchase to redeem the jump, you have a little time to persuade reluctant friends to go skydiving with you. With adventure already paid for, who can resist the temptation to dive out of a plane at 14,000 feet? If they do chicken out, rest easy in knowing that Tallahassee gift certificates are all fully transferable. So really, if worst comes to worst you could always go in their place! Now that’s the kind of gift we can get behind. Adventure doesn’t exist on a set schedule, and you don’t have to either. You can reach our helpful customer service team every day of the week, so you’re not limited by the constraints of the work week to buy your gift certificate or book your skydive!

Get Your Gift Certificate!

You can now purchase online right thru But you might want to give one of our friendly experts a call to see if we are running any specials or if you qualify for any discounts!

Shop on!

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If you’ve ever dreamed of flying free, we dare you to electrify your life and take to the skies! All it takes to start your skydiving adventure is a single phone call. Before you know it, you’ll be diving your way into your best year yet. We know everything you need to feel the wind in your hair as you plummet in thrilling free fall from 14,000 feet. Don’t wait to start living the way you’ve always dreamed of: harness up and go!

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