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Are you still not quite convinced that you have what it takes for skydiving? Do you have an intense fear of heights you’ve always dreamed of conquering? We have information for those only warming up to the idea of safely free falling, to experts ready to take on the responsibilities of instructors! If you would like to explore different diving options, trainings and offers, you’ve come to the right place! Experience skydiving today!

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Are you ready to feel the crisp winds of the Syracuse skies as you soar through the air?

Are you ready to feel the crisp winds of the Syracuse skies as you soar through the air?

Are you still not quite convinced that you have what it takes for skydiving? Do you have an intense fear of heights you’ve always dreamed of conquering? We have information for those only warming up to the idea of safely free falling, to experts ready to take on the responsibilities of instructors! If you would like to explore different diving options, trainings and offers, you’ve come to the right place!

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Syracuse Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving in Syracuse, New York
Syracuse Skydiving - Skydiving Video Packages in Syracuse, New York
Syracuse Skydiving - Advanced Skydiving in Syracuse, New York

Are you feeling more convinced? Ready to go for it? Do you feel like a skydiving expert with a desire to take your experience to the next level by becoming a certified skydiver? Or maybe you want more information about equipment, safety and training. You have nothing to fear!

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Syracuse Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving near Syracuse, New York

Tandem Skydiving

Starter Jump – If you still consider yourself a beginner or you’re super close to being comfortable with the idea of a free fall dive from a plane, this is the option for you! Take the jump while comfortably strapped to a certified instructor who can talk you through it all. They are there to make sure you have the safest, most exhilarating experience in your lifetime and will motivate you to come back. Learn more…

Syracuse Skydiving - Advanced Skydive Training in Syracuse, New York

Advanced Jump

Professional Training- So, you’re feeling pretty confident and you think you can handle the adrenaline overload as you plunge to the ground without being harnessed to an instructor? Lucky for you, there’s a package built specifically for the expert thrill seeker. Check out the Accelerated Free Fall course, which gives you a bit more freedom! And afterwards, take on wingsuit training: The epitome of professionalism and athleticism. Whichever route you take, we know the perfect training courses for you!
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Syracuse Skydiving - Skydiving Video Packages - Syracuse, New York

Video Packages

Lifetime Memories – Relive the adventurous moment over and over by adding a video option to your skydiving package. With this option, you’ll be able to watch the entire experience, from your initial reactions, to the life-changing dive, and the smooth descent to the ground after you’re safely on your feet and out of your gear. What’s even better is you can show off to your friends, coworkers and whoever else can’t believe you actually went through with it!
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What’s more exciting than willingly plunging from a plane, free falling at high speeds, and then slowly parachuting to the ground? We can’t think of anything! That’s why we partner with the best to offer the best skydiving services. From Tandem to certification, we’ve got everyone covered — newbie or expert. Our partners have the best instructors ready to provide training that ensures safety and fun to beginners and certifications to professionals. Know a thrill-seeker who is longing for a brand new experience? Give them an unforgettable gift! Surprise them with a gift certificate for a skydiving package. Or get the gang together for a trip you’ll talk about for years by exploring our group discounts. So many options. How could you pass it up?

Because Syracuse Has More Than Maple

When you want to explore New York, but avoid the millions of people in the Big City, you have to consider other places worth discovering. Try out Central New York, for instance, or, more specifically, Syracuse. Conveniently situated four hours away from New York, New York, and only 93 miles from Lake Ontario, it’s the perfect town to live in or simply visit. The upstate town is known for its record-setting snowfall in the winter and its beautifully bloomed scenery in the spring. Like any city, temperatures vary from year to year, but the city’s warm season typically lasts from late May to mid-September, while its cold season runs from early December to mid-March. Temperatures normally average around 15 degrees at the coldest and 82 degrees at the hottest, which most people would find pretty comfortable.

Some of the most popular attractions for those interested in indulging culturally in the city include Everson Museum of Art, Erie Canal Museum and Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science and Technology. If you’re more of a wine and beer connoisseur, there’s plenty of breweries to check out, like Lakeland Winery and Empire Brewing Company, just to name a couple. Football fans, venture over to Syracuse University to check out a few football heroes’ statues and monuments on the campus. And, lastly, animal lovers should visit Rosamond Gifford Zoo to get fuzzy feeling overload while seeing some beautiful creatures. So many options to bring you back down to earth after your exciting skydiving expedition!

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Syracuse Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving near Syracuse, New York

Tandem Skydiving: Gear up & Go For It!

So you want to test your limits and go beyond your boundaries? You’re on a mission to live life to the fullest and you no longer want to let anything stand in your way, not even fear. You finally feel like you are ready to take on the ultimate task of jumping from a plane about 14,000 feet in the air. But where do you start? The best starting point to get exposed to the thrilling sport of skydiving is Tandem Skydiving. This is the most popular form of diving for beginners and is a best seller at Skydiving.com Syracuse. When conquering United States’ skies, divers must be 18 years of age or older, however this age requirement varies in other countries. Besides insane amounts of adrenaline rushing through your veins, very few other physiological side effects have been reported. Some have mentioned experiencing nausea and lightheaded feelings upon parachute deployment, but this passes after landing and varies by person. But, for those who have been brave enough to even dare, all can agree it’s the ride of a lifetime!

What exactly happens during Tandem skydiving?
During a Tandem skydiving session, the diver is first taught the basics and is given specific safety requirements for every aspect of the dive. During this process, you learn how to safely exit the aircraft once at a suitable altitude, how to safely maneuver the short, but exciting, free fall, and how to operate the parachute for the slow descent back to the ground. Although these techniques are taught to you as the diver, the experienced instructor you are securely harnessed to is responsible for the bulk of the work required to safely perform the activity. The instructor initiates every step of the dive plan, from exit to landing, all while ensuring the diver has an unforgettable experience.

What about equipment?
Besides the harness used to connect directly to the instructor, some other very important equipment is used specifically for Tandem skydiving. First, a drogue parachute is used to slow down the very rapid free fall upon exit of the aircraft. This parachute allows both diver and instructor to experience the free fall at a more comfortable velocity and controls the overall speed of the entire skydive, allowing the trip to last longer and every second to be recorded (if you choose to add video to your session). An additional, larger parachute is also used to support the weights of the diver and instructor, combined. And, because you can never be too safe, a reserve parachute and an automatic activation device are also required, just in case the main parachute has not deployed by a certain point during free fall.

What are you waiting for?
Tandem skydiving is the best way to release the daredevil in you or conquer life-long fears you may have of flying. If there was a gateway drug to skydiving, this would be it! Why not dive in head first? Go through appropriate training, get strapped to an awesome certified instructor and grab life by the ropes! We can help set you up with all that and exceed all of your expectations.

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Syracuse Skydiving - Advanced Skydiving Training in Syracuse, New York

Become Certified!

Think you have what it takes to do more than Tandem skydiving? If you’ve survived your first dive and feel like you can no longer live without the feeling only skydiving can provide, it’s time to do some more exploration. We make it easy to pursue your newfound passion of diving at more extreme levels. Although it takes time to acquire the certifications to go on solo dives, you get to do plenty of skydiving along the way.

After your first Tandem skydive, you have the opportunity to undergo training that allows you to do a training Tandem skydive, which is very similar to the first, but gives you more responsibility and is credited towards your certification requirements. You also have the option to do an Accelerated Free Fall jump, in which you wear and control a parachute separate from your instructor. No worries, though. You’ll still have two instructors diving with you, guiding you through everything.

The ultimate goal is to earn your United States Parachute Association (USPA) license. The USPA A license allows you to take off the training wheels and go forward full speed. After accomplishing 25 jumps and displaying safe skydiving techniques, you can earn your license. Then you’re able to rent equipment and jump at permissible drop zones across the country! So, get to work!

Syracuse Skydiving - Accelerated Free Fall Training in Syracuse, New York

Accelerated Free Fall!

If you want to experience solo diving sooner, Accelerated Free Fall is the way to go! You’ve probably seen images of three skydivers holding hands during a free fall. That’s the image that should come to mind when you think of an Accelerated Free Fall. During training for this very common technique, the trainee jumps with typically two instructors. Each diver wears an individual main parachute, giving the trainee the opportunity to deploy the chute all on their own after the free fall period.

Throughout every level of Accelerated Free Fall training, the trainee must prove their abilities during free fall. The most critical requirement trainees must excel in is the deployment of the parachute during free fall without assistance from the instructor. Basically, the instructor is there to guide you through it, but gives you the opportunity to prove yourself by successfully pulling your own ripcord to activate your parachute at the appropriate altitude. Without doing this, the instructor cannot allow you to move forward in training. That prevents you from being able to take on solo dives, so try to avoid that at all costs!

With each successful parachute deployment, you, as a trainee, become that much closer to solo diving and your instructors get even closer to removing the training wheels. During initial training, your instructors will hold on to you after you exit the aircraft and while you are in the free fall stage of the dive. Once you’ve successfully and safely deployed your parachute, they release you and allow you to continue your descent by yourself. After you’ve done this efficiently a few times, your instructors will begin to release you during free fall to prove you can safely maneuver in the sky and pull your ripcord, all during the most intense portion of the dive. After all, that’s the goal of training. If you can do that, you’re pretty much ready for solo diving!

Syracuse Skydiving - Syracuse, New York Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Tandem Progression Accelerated Free Fall

Some United States drop zones offer an additional option for training. Tandem Progression pretty much combines the two more popular training methods into one. The diver is still required prove the same skills, but the method of training is given slightly differently. As a trainee, you’ll take on three Tandem training dives with the instructor giving you more and more responsibility. This option is great for super fast learners who are able to absorb a lot of information and put it all into action rather quickly, but still desire the presence of an instructor for reassurance.

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Syracuse Skydiving - Syracuse, New York Skydiving Video Packages

Every Moment Captured!

You may think just letting the people in your circle know you’re going skydiving would be satisfying enough. You’re wrong! Your family, friends, and coworkers will probably doubt you from the moment you tell them. They’ll refuse to believe you have the guts. So, you’ve got to show them!

You can show them exactly how much heart you have by having your entire skydiving session captured on video, literally from start to finish! Adding a videographer to your skydiving package gives you the opportunity to do just that. Get your initial feelings, fears and anticipation caught on camera during the pre-jump interview. Watch all of the moments leading up to the dive, including the smooth flight up to the perfect altitude with incredible views. Relive the rush as you watch yourself jump from the plane, free fall just long enough to really get your blood pumping, and the relaxing descent safely back to the ground, as the videographer dives with you recording all of the excitement. Back at the drop zone, your video is edited to make it extra cool and memorable, and you can even have your favorite song added to personalize it that much more. After it’s complete and you can feel your limbs again, you’re free to show off your very daring act.

If you’d like a more up-close-and-personal option, you can opt for the GoPro video package. This package is pretty self-explanatory, but, instead, your certified diving instructor will wear the GoPro camera on his helmet and catch all of the intimate moments as you travel back to the ground. This is a great option to choose if you know people will think you were just photoshopped into a video and can’t believe you actually went through with skydiving. Like the videographer option, GoPro videos are professionally edited at the drop zone, providing you with an extremely high-quality video.

Take your most daring act home with you and relive it over and over again by adding a video option to your skydiving package! Be the center of attention and maybe win a few bets from everyone who doubted you. Post it to your social media accounts so everyone can swoon over how brave you are. Keep this incredible memory for the rest of your life!

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Syracuse Skydiving - Syracuse, New York Skydiving Gift Certificates

The Gift That Gives Before It’s Redeemed and After!

There’s absolutely no gift better than an experience. Surprise a deserving someone with the time of their life by gifting them an eye-opening dive. tandem skydiving, the most popular form of skydiving and our most popular package, makes the perfect gift for anyone you know who has the guts to dive from up to 14,000 feet into the clear skies with an intensely trained instructor. If you have a more experienced diver in your life, you can even spoil them with an Accelerated Free Fall Level 1 skydive. Give them the opportunity to take on a solo dive after soaring through proper training from certified instructors. If you’re feeling extra generous, purchase a package that includes video so they can hold onto their unforgettable gift for the rest of their life. The memorable video option is available for both Tandem and Accelerated Free Fall packages for an additional fee. Whatever package you feel suits your potential diver, we can help make it happen!

Our gift certificates come with benefits you cannot find anywhere else. One of the most amazing perks is they are not limited to the closest dropzone to Syracuse. That’s right — gift certificates are accepted at over 80 affiliate skydiving locations across the country. This is great if the diver you have in mind has a case of wanderlust and vacations elsewhere frequently. What makes them even better is that they don’t have to be redeemed immediately. Gift certificates are valid two years from the purchase date. That’s enough time for your special someone to get more comfortable and excited about diving if they don’t quite have what it takes right away.

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Syracuse Skydiving - Syracuse, New York

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Skydiving.com Syracuse is the one-stop shop for all things skydiving. If you want to see Syracuse from new angles, don’t hesitate to call one of our experts. Not only are they friendly and courteous, they’re also knowledgeable with tons of insight to put your mind at ease and get you in the sky. From beginner to skydiving rockstar, we can arrange the perfect package suitable for whatever thrill you’re seeking. Show off your skills to all of your friends by adding an optional video package to your dive reservation. Whatever it takes to grab life by the parachute, we can get you all set up in no time.

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