Your Life Will Change Forever If You Skydive; Springfield!

Here at Springfield, our goal is to make you feel welcome and excited to start something new. Whenever you hope to change your life and have something new to talk about, we can guarantee that the experts know just how to do that. Additionally, get ready to customize–and choose the option for jumping that is perfect for you. Do not fret; we are here for you whether this is your first or 100th time!

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Your Life Will Change Forever If You Skydive With Springfield! Say You’re All In!
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Your Life Will Change Forever If You Skydive With Springfield! Say You’re All In!
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Here at Springfield, our goal is to make you feel welcome and excited to start something new. Whenever you hope to change your life and have something new to talk about, we can guarantee that Springfield knows just how to do that. Additionally, get ready to customize–and choose the option for jumping that is perfect for you. Do not fret; we are here for you whether this is your first or 100th time. In other words, we take the guesswork out of this process, so smile for the camera and enjoy the ride down.

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Skydiving in Springfield

If you and your loved ones need motivation to stop procrastinating, leave it to us to convince you that we can find the right fit for you all. Maybe your friend’s reasoning is economic, in which case you can help make your friend’s dream of skydiving a reality by purchasing a gift card and encouraging him or her to go with you! If you’re afraid of heights, we promise that you’ll forget about it as you’re up in the air, but if we can’t encourage you, at least make sure your friend gets the full experience! We offer deals for videos where you can decide which option is best under the circumstances and, well, you won’t feel like you’re missing out on your friend’s outing. Our services and many options go above and beyond the call of duty. Did we mention that the experience is priceless? You can’t put a price on experiences, after all–especially because you’re getting your money’s worth. All of the aforementioned will be possible, once you decide to pick up your cell phone and call us.

Endless Options Await Your Indulgence!

Tandem Skydiving near Springfield, Missouri

Tandem Skydiving

There is no more denying that it is time you finally got around to skydiving. The Tandem Skydiving option is the most comprehensive in the sense that it offers everything that you’re looking for in a first skydiving experience. Maybe you won’t be learning any tricks while you’re up in the air, but it’s a trade-off–you’ll get the chance to simply take in the moment and smile without a single worry. And the more advanced tricks could be learned later on, but it’s best to experience tandem as a start. Jump with a professional on your back and remember to brag about it to your friends later on. Learn more…

Advanced Skydive Training in Springfield, Missouri

Skydiving Certification

Endurance and attentiveness are possibly the two most important qualities if you plan to take your passion for skydiving to a more advanced level. The option for Advanced Training is best if your desire is to truly gauge the moment. If you’ve used the tandem option several times, it might be time for a change. Believe us when we say that we are more than thrilled that you’re looking to take this to the next level. We do our best to make sure that you have the time of your life — and if you’re looking to become a certified skydiver, you must know that your instructors are USPA approved. Learn more…

Skydiving Video Packages - Springfield, Missouri

Video Packages

Get ready for the video purchase that is going to make your skydiving experience all the more worth it. You’ll feel so accomplished as you view your journey from the beginning and through the landing. You are awesome and super bold, so make sure that others get the opportunity to see this for themselves. Your friends have no way to deny that you did what many of them have been putting off — and it will make them see what you’re made of. A cool choice would have to be the GoPro because you will be able to view the journey, as you jump and stick the landing. Learn more…

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Skydiving is an activity like no other; you’ve likely never experienced anything that remotely matches the thrill of skydiving. However, as is the case with most physical activities, there must be a certain level of passion required, simply because it is important that you truly absorb the information that is thrown at you. This is your life, so unless you’re planning on simply enjoying the ride in tandem style, it is likely that you will need serious commitment. Even though it is of utmost importance for the instructors to keep you safe, certain endeavors, such as professional skydiving, begin to require more of you–in terms of responsibility and response. Depending on what you’re looking for from your experience, there are different levels of expectations, after all.

Because we know that it is our duty to make sure that you are aware of the expectations, we do teach you what to expect and how to carry out your duties before you even book your jump. That’s why we recommend the tandem skydiving method for beginners; this method only requires the dropzone to provide you with the necessary equipment, to give you standard safety guidelines, and to advise you on what not to do. For the more advanced skydiving sessions, instructors will wait until they believe that you are truly prepared to handle that which may come your way–and we expect you to continue in that manner once you’re jumping entirely on your own. Be sure to inquire about any issue and let Springfield Skydiving know if something is bothering you so we may assist you to the best of our abilities. You should be open with us if you begin to feel concerned. As we’ve emphasized, your well-being is of top priority for everyone involved.

We believe that if there’s mutual understanding and open communication, the skydiving experience will be greatly enhanced. We know that you chose to call to Springfield Skydiving and we appreciate it. We hope you will continue to use us to facilitate your skydiving needs and that you spread the word, whether your friends are beginners or looking to take their skydiving aspirations and turn them into a license.

Maybe it’s time that you stop dreaming and start acting. The opportunity is right here, awaiting your arrival, and you can always begin the licensing process once you’re comfortable with tandem skydiving and know what it’s like. Though the experiences are completely different, you’ll soon realize that skydiving as a whole is not at all intimidating. Tell your parents, your siblings, your best friend’s aunt–spread the word and make it a group activity. The more, the merrier, in this case, so make a day of it and you might even find awesome group deals! Ask Springfield Skydiving about the different packages that are available in your area, as packages might vary according to location.

Jump in Springfield, MO for the Excitement of a Lifetime!

If you’re traveling alone or you’re traveling with family, we’ve got you covered in Springfield, Missouri. If you reside in this city, you might be aware that there’s a lot of fun to be had and much to learn at any given moment. There are many breweries and wineries in the area, such as the 7C’s Winery & Vineyard, the Copper Run Distillery & Tasting Room, the Lost Signal Brewing Company, and a few others.

Dr. Michael J. Clarke History Museum of Ozarks Scouting is a unique addition to the city, unlike the museums you typically see. The Archery Hall of Fame allows you to see accurate models of the history of archery. You also don’t want to miss the Civil War Library at Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield. Lew’s Ozard Fishing Museum? Another family-friendly outing, along with the Springfield Conservation Nature Center, where you can be sure to find walking trails and hunting opportunities.

If you want fresh fruit and vegetables, the Farmers Market of the Ozarks is a can’t-miss as well. But the city of Springfield places lots of emphasis on free events and things to see, so we must mention the Grizzly Industrial, Inc. which is a staple as a machinery company. You can also make a stop at Evangel University, if only because the campus offers visitors and students a relaxing atmosphere. The buildings are pleasing to the eye, the surrounding areas beautiful to look at.

As you can tell, Springfield, Missouri has so much for you to do and see — things that you don’t have anywhere else! Consider making this destination your next vacation spot or weekend getaway and book with Springfield.

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Tandem Skydiving near Springfield, Missouri

Skydiving’s Never Looked So Good

If this is your first time gathering the courage to jump, it suits you well to know that your responsibility is merely to jump. That’s right–your instructors take care of the rest in order to make sure that you do have the time of your life. That worry-free, hair-in-your-face moment that you’ve always imagined–that’s what it really is like, provided that you choose the tandem option. Your instructors take the guesswork out of the equation, in order to give you what you came for. It’ll be an experience no matter how you look at it after the fact, and there will be pictures to prove it. We’re excited that you’re gonna experience this for the first time and we do know that you’re going to want to re watch your first time as opposed to simply letting the memory remain in your mind.

The age of consent is 18 for those looking to skydive in the United States. The reason that we strongly recommend tandem skydiving for most people’s first time is because it adds to the experience and allows you to assess whether it’s something you want to pursue regularly, but without the added commitment prior to jumping. The more advanced training generally comes in when you feel more comfortable with the situation. If you want to know which one is right for you, simply ask–we don’t bite. You’re not making any sort of commitment this way; if you want to jump just that one time, tandem is perfect, and if you want to become certified, you can always come back to check for training deals.

A lesson in basic training is given to you before you jump, but because the point of tandem skydiving is for an instructor to jump along with you and do the groundwork for you, we don’t expect you to remember everything you’re told. Relax and remember that we’ve got you–just take in the sight! There’s lots to see in Springfield, Missouri, and you likely won’t forget that during your tandem skydiving experience. You’ll learn how to exit when you’re ready, deploy the canopy, and carry out the landing. But relax–as we said, this isn’t advanced training.

Drogue parachutes: let’s define. All you have to know is that this is the parachute that is used in tandem skydiving–at least for the most part. What’s crucial during this process is that you’re calm and happy with your decision to jump. What fun is it for us if you’re not able to enjoy it? Ask any questions you might have and please feel comfortable enough to let the pros know if there’s anything they might be able to help with. Just do us a favor and, once you’re ready to jump, keep up a smile!

Sure, it’s good to be smart and think quickly on your feet, but the art of tandem skydiving is that you get to not think for a bit and simply enjoy the view. It’s a different type of experience; if it’s your first or second time, you’re likely skydiving for the ability to see the world in an awe-filled sort of way, right? So let the pros take care of your survival and just trust that they’re in control and that you’re in the best care!

If you take the ‘survival’ factor out of the picture, what’s left? Well, a happy person just looking to appreciate his or her world from a different angle. If you live in this city, you can see what you’ve been missing by skydiving! You can see the beauty of the city that you call home or that you’re vacationing in–and it might even make you more grateful. Remember that while you’re smiling for the camera, there’s a world that’s waiting to hear about your adventures. Make them proud and have something to tell. Well, to be fair, probably not a world waiting to hear about it, but at least your circle of loved ones–your world. As they say… carpe diem!

There is no doubt that you will leave with a feeling unlike any that you’ve ever felt before. We are more than certain that you will want to come again — and soon. Tandem skydiving is an experience that will allow you to feel a combination of relaxation and euphoria, without having to worry about what the future holds. You will just be living in that moment. Your worries, obligations, familial responsibilities — they’ll still be there when you come back down, but for that instance, it’ll simply fade away.

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Advanced Skydiving Training in Springfield, Missouri

USPA Certifications Are At Reach Springfield offers you the opportunity to truly grasp the concept of professional skydiving. It is a sport indeed, so you can become a certified skydiver by training. Because our priority is you, we make sure that you are safe–be assured that all of the instructors at our affiliate dropzones have received their USPA certifications. The USPA is the acronym for the United States Parachute Association which, luckily, places much emphasis on practicing safety, despite the fairly lax skydiving regulations set in place by the U.S. Feel free to further inquire about the certification process.

The USPA does make sure that there are safety regulations, while U.S. law demands the safety of the equipment used. Regulations by the USPA fill in gaps where it feels that they’re blank–that there’s something missing in making sure that the industry remains safe for all. In order to become certified, you must earn your “A License”, which basically is a way to assure that you went through the proper steps that qualify you as an advanced skydiver. USPA approved locations include all of the affiliate locations, so feel free to jump with the best skydiving community anywhere long after you’ve received your license.

Your instructors ensure that they have trained you properly, from the preparation process through the landing and for everything in between. This process takes time, though the exact time has to do with the amount of time it takes you to master the minimum requirements and with scheduling. But rest assured, they will make sure that you do reach your goal of becoming a certified skydiver, and they won’t quit until you get your license if you don’t. They will make sure that you feel comfortable with the canopy deployment, with the landing process, and with the preparation process prior to it all. You must be good at dealing with situations under pressure, because it’s important to have quick instincts when you’re skydiving alone.

Your instructors will train you well, but they will take it from the beginning. There are, of course, steps that must be taken before taking it all the way and allowing you to jump alone. Once they feel confident in your abilities and in your own level of assurance, they will make sure to keep an eye on you, but we do expect you to know how to react and how to take the steps alone. The AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) technique, which essentially is referring to an advanced jumping technique, requires you to jump closer to the ground. Since you’re expected to know what you’re doing, we suspect that 10,000 or 15,000 feet up in the air should be no problem. The other method, which is the Tandem Progression, is a combination between the AFF and the original tandem methods. We recommend this one if you’re not yet comfortable with the completely advanced AFF, but still want more responsibility than you received with the tandem jump.

There is a variety of levels offered by the USPA in terms of certifications. However, even the lowest of certifications require extensive practice and feats that you must prove capable of completing. This is in order to make your experience as simple as possible, as they break it down so that you can reach “License A”, eventually receiving “License D”. They walk with you through all of it, making sure that you understand the staff’s commitment to your safety. Your professional instructors make it easy to learn, but also challenging to advance, because they want to make sure that you’re truly there.

Accelerated Free Fall Training in Springfield, Missouri

Enhance Your Experience With Accelerated Free Fall

You’re going to love the Accelerated Free Fall, but it’s going to require a level of commitment unlike any level you’ve experienced prior. You will need endurance, but more than that, you will need to want to learn. If all you want is the view, then this might not be the option for you, because there are lots of responsibilities that you are required to take on when you decide to go for this experience. First, you’ll start off with two instructors; this is so that they can make sure to guide you properly and provide sufficient attention to you. If you’re thinking that you’re looking to jump, but don’t necessarily want to learn how to handle it yourself, this isn’t the right option. However, if you’re looking to truly embrace skydiving and introduce it into your life on a regular basis, we say pay attention and go for it–it’s worth it!

You will need to perfect the jump three times with what will generally be two instructors before you’re allowed to jump on your own. The first time you jump on your own, both instructors will be nearby, ready to walk you through it with hand motions if they that you’re a bit lost. They might make suggestions and remind you of next steps, but they expect you to know the bulk of the process by this point.

Other than hand motions, there are different methods that an instructor might use once they seem to think that danger looms if no further action is taken. They might help you deploy your parachute, if it’s accessible to them, but we reiterate that it is expected that you know what to do when you reach this point. Practice caution, but do enjoy the ride as well. If the instructors allowed you to jump alone in the first place, they know that you learned the required steps and that you should know how to handle situations as they come, even if there’s pressure. Make sure that you feel confident in your own abilities to handle pressure prior to jumping alone.

After successful landing, it will probably only be one instructor jumping with you, though he might not be as closeby at this point. At this point, the amount of preparation you have received is enough to ensure that you know what comes next and that you will practice safety. It is okay to tell the instructor that you’re not yet ready, because it’s the best route to take if you don’t feel comfortable. We cannot stress the importance of confidence enough, and though practice does lead to improve performance, only you know if you react well to pressure. If you know what you’re doing, relax.

If you reach a dangerous level and have not yet deployed your parachute, a parachute is likely to deploy itself. This is in case of emergencies and in case it detects that you’re getting too close to the ground. Your instructor might be guiding you, but there’s only so much that an instructor can do after a certain point, so if radio connection refuses to work, it is expected that the student is prepared to face the landing. Much training was involved, including how to land carefully and in a safe position.

We hope you will consider AFF, but do keep in mind that it involves tremendous responsibility!

Springfield Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Train Through Tandem Progression

The tandem method mixed with AFF provides a much better roadmap for those that feel uncertain about which path to take. The Tandem Progression method gathers the positives from both sides, making it ideal for many, but not readily available everywhere. A few locations around the US still do offer this alternative, though. We recommend this method if you feel confident acquiring certain responsibilities and learning, maybe eventually reaching AFF, but also want to progress from the basic tandem.

Once you’ve jumped successfully–and done so three times–two instructions will be jumping with you. Eventually, only one instructor will jump with you, because they’ll begin to see that your reliability factor has increased. This process allows you to gradually let go as opposed to simply being forced to learn everything at once. There is a longer training process, in other words, which might make it a more accessible goal for you to jump alone eventually. Gradually, you’ll notice that you’ve learned how to master more and more of the skydiving routine, until you’re certain and it’s evident that you’re sufficiently trained. Practice, of course, leads to better results, but at least by the end of the training period, you’ll feel able enough to take on a jump on your very own.

Consider the tandem progression option if you can’t pick between AFF and tandem.

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Springfield Skydiving Video Packages

All Smiles in Springfield!

The tandem skydiving option isn’t the only one that offers video accessibility; video options are available for the tandem jump, the AFF, and the tandem progression. It’s the most laidback feel, and you’ll get to capture that worry-free moment at its finest. This is your opportunity to show your world that you conquered a feat–that you did something many of them dream of doing, yet tend to put off. If you’re planning on purchasing a gift card for someone, consider doing the same for them and adding the video coverage. Once you’re back on the ground, you will reconsider going back up–but if you can’t get up there fast enough, at least you’ll have a video reminder.

When it comes to Springfield, affordability should not be an issue. Once you’ve purchased the skydiving option of your choice, the video coverage is simply icing to the cake–so if you can’t splurge too much, there’s a cool GoPro option at your disposal. At most, your video will be available to you within a half hour of landing. It’s not like it’ll feel like an eternity either; you need your blood to stop pumping rapidly and you need to wait for the rush to wear of anyway. And, as a plus, a distinct portion of the staff at the dropzone you attend will edit your video professionally during that wait period. We are so excited for you to experience what we’ve had the honor to offer many others through the years!

In order to grant you your desired package, we recommend a few options, all entirely different additions to your experience. A videographer has the opportunity to jump with you, if you want the ultimate offer. This would provide you with a perfectly designed video that takes viewers through the entire experience with you. Once you show your friends this video, who knows what will happen! You might have to immediately return to skydiving with us once more, but who’s complaining?! Regardless of the option that you choose, there will be much to envy about your experience. The GoPro option would require the instructor to be in charge of the videography and pictures, but it’s still an immeasurably accurate depiction of your journey.

The GoPro option, as mentioned above, is designed for the tandem option. It does happen to be remarkably cheaper than the option that would require a videographer to jump with you. GoPro technology, as you are probably aware, is incredibly designed, so the economic aspect just adds to its appeal. Since we’re on the topic of pictures and videography, we should mention that it is all compatible with social media; the format of the video will make it very easy for you to post this footage on various social media outlets. This is what might prompt your friends to influence you in coming again, but we imagine that that would be no hassle, so get that video option and entice others to join you next time!

The experience will be recorded in such a visually attractive way that it will be difficult not to get more than just a couple of likes.

Skydiving is sure to blow you away, so give it a go soon!

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Springfield Skydiving Gift Certificates

Springfield Skydiving, The Greatest Gift You Can Give!

You really cannot put a price on the ultimate skydiving experience. Think of it as an investment, a gift that will continue to live on in the minds and hearts of those who experience it. They definitely won’t be forgetting about it anytime soon. After all, they’re pretty high up in the air. If you’re giving this as a gift, it’s likely that you want to ‘pay it forward’ and allow others to experience the same thrilling sensations that now define your days. Okay, maybe that last part is an exaggeration, but if you’ve done it, it’s definitely been a life-changing experience of sorts. Maybe it’s opened up your eyes to all that the world has in store for you. Even if you’ve never jumped because you’re just not up for it, for whatever reason, consider giving a gift card to a friend. You probably do know that this is a very popular activity, and for good reason, too.

Here’s how the card works: cards have a two-year period of potential usage. If you don’t use it within the two years, it becomes void, but we firmly believe that two years gives you plenty of time to work on finding the time. If you’re expecting the timing to be ‘perfect’, you might never use it, so pick a relatively convenient time, book the appointment and figure out how to make it from there. If weather conditions are not pleasant on the day of your appointment, there’s no problem with rescheduling your experience. Tell your loved one that aside from that, we can find ways to accommodate other scheduling issues as well; just tell them to give us a call. As for you, won’t you love knowing that you’re the reason that they had the time of their lives? We will do our best to prove to them that there’s nothing to be afraid of, so tell them to come now–to any of our affiliate skydiving locations, which total more than 80.

If they need help with anything, our customer service availability includes the seven days of the week, so we make ourselves constantly accessible to those who wish to experience this thrill. If you have questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to call us and we will be happy to help. If there’s an emergency prior to the booking, we’re very understanding.

Once they’ve arrived and are ready to jump, the instructors will inform them of the basics of flying, though they need not worry considering that this gift card is only applicable to the first level of AFF and to the tandem option. They will meet up with their respective instructors and from there, the rest unfolds.

It is up to you, as mentioned, to decide whether you want to buy the first level of AFF or the tandem experience. You also have flexibility when it comes to video coverage, which we recommend, and we also recommend you ask about the gift packages available at your location of choice. But you want to experience the thrill alongside them, and if you can’t be there, the least they can do is show you the video afterwards, so invest in that portion of the deal. Be certain that you tell us all about it afterwards as well!

Get Your Gift Certificate!

You can now purchase online right thru But you might want to give one of our friendly experts a call to see if we are running any specials or if you qualify for any discounts!

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It isn’t fair for you to live your life in the shadows. You need some adventure in your life in order to stay sane, because playing it safe all the time doesn’t get you very far. And, as a plus, we care about your safety more than anything, so this shouldn’t be an issue. By not playing it safe, we mean for you to stop relying on the same routine every single day of your life. Before you know it, you will be wondering where your best days went, or why you never truly lived them through. You’re more of a passenger than a pilot, even when it comes to your own life. Go skydiving, remember it forever, include video coverage, and maybe bring a friend along with you for the ride! If they can’t make it, buy them a gift card for later on, but flying is amazing! You won’t regret it, even if you get butterflies at the thought of it. That just means there is so much excitement to be had!

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