Skydive and You’ll Never Look Back! Springfield! Springfield has revolutionized our industry by truly caring about its customers. We are in the business of exciting tales and experiences that will give you purpose and motivation to look at life in a new light. There is an array of options for you to take your pick from; our website showcases the bulk of it, but if you have particular questions, we encourage you to call us.

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Skydive With Springfield, You’ll Never Look Back!

Skydive With Springfield, You’ll Never Look Back!

Skydive in Springfield, Massachusetts, Today! Springfield has revolutionized the skydiving industry by truly caring about its customers. We provide exciting tales and experiences that will give you purpose and motivation to look at life in a new light. There is an array of options for you to take your pick from; our website showcases the bulk of it, but if you have particular questions, we encourage you to call us. Springfield Will Prepare You To Live, So Call Now at 1-800-617-7948!

Skydiving in Springfield, Massachusetts

You’ve never wanted this more, and here’s your chance. We know that you’ve been putting off the relentless urge to pick up the phone and call to book your skydiving adventure. We know that there is ambiguity because you don’t know what to expect. But we also know that if you skydive with professionals, there will be nothing that you’ll want to do more. And you won’t stop thanking us. All you have to do is dial our number and you’re set! Besides, this might be the most attainable goal in your list, and once you’ve accomplished this, there’s no telling how far you’ll go in achieving the same means in other areas of your life. Call us today!

With Springfield, The Choices Never Seem to End!

Tandem Skydiving near Springfield, Massachusetts

Tandem Skydiving

Ultimately, skydiving is a different experience for each individual; some might be looking to make it a rare event while others are looking to gain discipline and learn from it. There are more reasons behind wanting to skydive than we can count, but for many first-timers, it is about the freedom of being ‘on top of the world’, away from their monotonous lives. By opting for the Tandem Skydiving deal, you truly do gain perspective about life in general. Though you might not be doing flips or truly bearing much of the responsibility, you get to simply sit back and relax, as they say–except you’re up in the air while a professional does the bulk of the work for you. Learn more…

Advanced Skydive Training in Springfield, Massachusetts

Skydiving Certification

If you want to skydive on more than just one occasion, and it’s something you’re interested in actually learning how to manage, the Advanced Training option might be most suitable for you. It is preferable that you choose to train if you’re already familiar with the process, but your instructors do train you step-by-step before allowing you to perform the risky parts that involve many skills. We take pride in the many individuals that come to us when they want to work on their skydiving abilities. It is a serious sport, and it does require consistency and close attention. Also keep in mind that all instructors have earned professional certifications–from the USPA. Learn more…

Skydiving Video Packages - Springfield, Massachusetts

Video Packages

If there’s no picture to prove it, did it really happen? Well, we know it did, but you might want to purchase a video package in case your friends have a hard time believing that you actually pulled all the strings and went skydiving. They might not believe that you got around to it before they did. But more than anything, you’ll want to remember that you actually went all in for the experience. Whenever you get the urge to rewatch in the future, you’ll know that it’s only a video away. Make sure that you check out the packages that we have for each type of skydiving experience and that you hear about our deals. Say Cheese… Springfield Awaits You, So Book With Us Now! Call 1-800-617-7948!

There is no feeling that quite matches that of skydiving–the feeling you get in your stomach, the anticipation, the very adrenaline that makes you want to take on the experience over and over again. Depending upon the type of experience that you choose, there are different expectations for what you should be prepared for. If you’re planning on choosing the tandem skydiving option, we must warn you that you are in for a time of pure bliss, because your mind won’t have to be anywhere except for right in that moment. However, if you’re planning on taking this hobby a level further, keep in mind that this would ask a lot more of you. Your life is important, so you must take it as such and take the practice very seriously. This isn’t supposed to be a stressful experience, but we do emphasize that it is a heavier load of responsibility than that of the tandem style.

That said, just because there are responsibilities doesn’t mean we expect you to automatically know them all or remember every word we say the first time around. We will be repeating ourselves, and we will keep in mind that you are not yet an expert. This will prompt instructors to make decisions based on their assessment of where you stand, meaning that they will take it upon themselves to evaluate whether they can begin to give you more responsibilities. In true Springfield fashion, we want to make it clear that any questions or concerns should be addressed to us. We are here to help out in any way that we can, to ease the process, and to make sure that progress is made.

These communicative efforts are made in part because it makes the experience so much better for you–and we want you to feel that it was worth every penny and every second of your time. The most important part, after all is said and done, will be for you to leave in a more fulfilled state of mind than when you arrived. If your friends want to join you next time, we hope you let them know that they’re in great care.

In terms of equipment, the dropzone provides safety guidelines on how to handle everything along with what is needed for the experience. Prior to a tandem adventure, your instructor will give you a brief overview of what is to come, describe the expected behavior, and teach you the basics. If you’re doing a more advanced version, we expect you to truly listen and apply the techniques when you jump. Instructors entrust much responsibility because they know that you can handle it; after all, this is a great, hands-on activity that you can do alone or with friends. Ask us about group and holiday deals.

Come to Springfield in For Never-Ending Fun

Springfield, Massachusetts offers families many opportunities. There are beautiful parks, zoos for the kids, and plenty of museums.

Check out the Titanic Museum! The museum was designed in a way that allows visitors to feel the authenticity of its initial design, to truly experience part of what has made the tragedy so well-known that it was made into a movie.

The Forest Park Zoo offers programs, making it perfect for families, and they also host birthday parties. If your kids love wild animals, this might be the place for them. If your kids like sports, you can take them to the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame! Mass Center Mutual is the place to be for live sports and showings such as Disney On Ice.

If you’re a newly wed or traveling with a significant other, there are beautiful, romantic bike trails all around. The Carriage House at the Barney Estate is perfect for riding horses and they also host events, including weddings, at the location, so be sure to check out the beautiful scenery.

You can’t forget to make a stop at the CityStage Symphony Hall. There are always unique shows that you can purchase tickets to see, so it’s a can’t-miss whether you’re visiting or live near the area.

Springfield, Massachusetts is perfect for families, singles, and romantic getaways. If you live in the area, you’re aware that the four seasons show themselves beautifully, and that there are unique events during each season. In the winter, there are many activities to keep you warm, and you won’t regret skydiving in such a beautiful place.

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Tandem Skydiving near Springfield, Massachusetts

Skydiving Has Never Looked So Good

Imagine yourself on your next flight leaving New York, looking out the window within a minute after departure. Isn’t that view beautiful? Wouldn’t you love to be looking at that view, not from an outsider’s perspective, but actively appreciating it? This is your opportunity. Why can’t you do everything you ever wanted? We’re pretty sure that skydiving is pretty much up at the top of your list. We suggest tandem skydiving for this type of experience, for the type of experience that is going to shake your world up and offer you temporary relief–with lasting repercussions indeed. If you’re looking for that excuse to be the wild child that you wanted to be, or the adventurous soul that you already are deep inside, come and choose tandem skydiving! We at Springfield would be more than just a little enthusiastic to help fulfill your dream.

Before we go further, are you at least 18? This is the minimum age that you have to be in order to be able to skydive in the U.S. We do have to follow this, so if you’re not yet 18, come back when you are. But the good news is that we actually enforce higher safety standards than U.S. regulation does–and that should make you feel much better about going skydiving! It is a common misconception that skydiving requires excessive permits. The USPA put the pressure upon itself in order to come up with ways to encourage added protections prior to this experience. For this reason, all instructors have been formally approved by the USPA and we hope to help you with your own certifications once you’ve reached a higher level–but for the beginning, just do yourself a solid and stick to tandem!

Of course, you won’t jump blindly, but the magic of the tandem option is that, well, we aren’t relying on your participation or listening skills. We don’t demand very much of you except for your amusement. We don’t expect you to remember it all because you should be jumping with a clear mind that’s only focused on the excitement that has built up and the excessive excitement that awaits. This is only the beginning, because if you use the tandem option a time or two, you might be compelled to take action and begin further missions (such as the more advanced training sessions).

We must explain where the drogue parachute comes in. This is the parachute of choice when it comes to tandem skydiving. It’s a safe type of parachute, so it’s important for us to know that you’re confident prior to jumping. Questions, questions, questions–ask away if you’re particularly interested in a certain subject. Ask to the point where all that’s left is excitement and you’re just ready to jump. At this point, you’re going to simply live out the experience and embrace the moment.

Maybe you have a hard time shutting off your brain. Perhaps math is your best friend (it can happen, right?) and, as a result, you love solving problems. Maybe you like crime shows, so you analyze in efforts to solve crimes. Point is, on the day that you decide to pursue tandem skydiving, shut it down–stop, don’t think. Just live out the moment, as we’ve said, and always remember to smile.

But you truly cannot complain for having to shut off your brain, because what’s better than that breathtaking view? You’ll be in awe, in such a trance that you won’t even be tempted to figure out the square root of a number that’s too big to fathom (people do that, right?). With Springfield partner’s tandem option, the instructors take the responsibility upon themselves, so leave the thinking to them and just try to breathe. It’ll be great, we promise!

Once you turn your brain off, you’ll realize how much that analytical overload weighs you down. The world looks so much clearer when seen from a more objective standpoint, and when you’re overwhelmed by that, it makes your problems seem so small in retrospect. The beauty of skydiving is that it transforms your world–literally.

If you take the ‘survival’ factor out of the picture, what’s left? Well, a happy person just looking to appreciate his or her world from a different angle. If you live in this city, you can see what you’ve been missing by skydiving! You can see the beauty of the city that you call home or that you’re vacationing it–and it might even make you more grateful. Remember that while you’re smiling for the camera, there’s a world that’s waiting to hear about your adventures. Make them proud and have something to tell. Well, to be fair, probably not a world waiting to hear about it, but at least your circle of loved ones–your world. As they say… carpe diem! Springfield, there is no doubt that you will leave our affiliate dropzone with a feeling unlike any that you’ve ever felt before. We are more than certain that you will want to come again — and soon. Tandem skydiving is an experience that will allow you to feel a combination of relaxation and euphoria, without having to worry about what the future holds. You will just be living in that moment. Your worries, obligations, familial responsibilities — they’ll still be there when you come back down, but for that instance, it’ll simply fade away.

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Advanced Skydiving Training in Springfield, Massachusetts

Jump Your Way To A Solo Skydiver Certification.

Certified skydiving is more than merely a hobby, as it requires meticulous planning and precision when it comes to the landing. The training process is totally worth it, but you’re gonna have to dedicate yourself to learning the ropes. To assure you that you are in great hands, you must keep in mind that your instructors have been approved by the USPA (United States Parachute Association). These instructors make sure that you stay safe and that they adhere to USPA regulations. The process to become certified is pretty simple, ultimately.

While the U.S. does not require certifications in order to skydive legally, the USPA took the situation into their own hands and decided to enforce regulations. The “A License” is the first step toward being a certified skydiver, but you can work your way up to the “D License”. We would be happy to explain in further detail what this certification process entails, so when you call us to book your skydiving session, feel free to inquire about the training. What you have to know, is that the USPA regulates the industry by setting standards. All of our affiliate locations are USPA approved, so you can skydive in any of these locations as well as in all other USPA approved locations once you get your license.

The instructors at Springfield‘s partnered dropzone make sure to prepare you for whatever is to come; they walk you through the entire process if you’re planning on becoming certified. While you get a brief overview during the tandem session, you don’t actually receive a fully informative overview until you plan to earn a license. They will persist alongside you, so long as you don’t give up. Everything, from the deployment of the canopy to the way that you position yourself for landing, ultimately matters.

We recommend the AFF option (which stands for Accelerated Free Fall), as well as the Tandem Progression. Essentially, the tandem progression is a hybrid; it’s not quite a tandem skydiving technique, but it’s also not quite the AFF. It’s a mixture because its pace is slower than that of the AFF technique, but it’s also not quite as little responsibility as you would get with a tandem jump. You should look into both of the techniques and determine which one suits you best before you book with Springfield.

Accelerated Free Fall Training in Springfield, Massachusetts

Accelerate Your Progress with the Accelerated Free Fall

The Accelerated Free Fall. There’s truly no way to describe it because it’s difficult to do it justice, but let’s just refer to it as the monster of monsters in the world of skydiving. This is the ultimate experience, which lasts a bit longer than your typical in-and-out experience with the tandem jump. The AFF is truly rewarding because, for the most part, you’re responsible for you. Well, better put, your instructors teach you how to be responsible for yourself in a way that does not compromise anything. The best part about the AFF is that as the instructor begins to see progress, you get closer and closer to becoming certified, so you’re jumping–but really working toward something simultaneously. It doesn’t feel like work, because how could skydiving lessons ever feel like work?! It’s such a perfect way to spend the time, with adrenaline pumping through.

Generally, the way the AFF preps you is quickly yet efficiently. You start off with two instructors most times, jumping three times with them both, until you jump with only one–once it’s been determined that the three prior jumps were successful. By the time you jump with one instructor, it’s expected that you know how to handle most situations, even when under lots of stress. The instructor might signal with their hands if they feel that you are not on top of your game at that moment. He or she might even even decide to try and open the parachute up for you.

While it is supposed to be an enjoyable process, it’s also a process where you’re learning massively at once, because we need to be sure that you are able to perform the whole process on your own, without supervision, once your instructor has handed the license over. We expect a lot from you, but we know you’re capable. If you’re training, take it seriously. Because you’re only jumping with one instructor at this point, we believe that you don’t even truly need the assistance, but it’s there regardless, because you’re not yet certified. We recommend that you feel comfortable by the time that you’re jumping with only one. Otherwise, let us know, of course.

If your parachute has not deployed after a certain amount of time, it is bound to open itself up once you’re relatively close to the ground. The instructor that jumped with you is doing his or her best to help you out; you also have radio connection, but if that begins to fail, we expect that you’ll know how to handle the situation and land safely.

You won’t be allowed to progress to certain levels of the process if you haven’t proven that you’ve understood the previous requirements. This isn’t to scare you; we want you to enjoy the certification process, but do remember that you must be aware while in the process of learning. Pay close attention and it will be enjoyable for everyone!

Springfield, Massachusetts Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Learn Skydiving, Slow And Steady.

Tandem Progression is basically a great way to meet in the middle. Maybe you want a bit more responsibility, maybe you have a desire to eventually jump alone. This takes it easy on you by taking it one step at a time. This method requires you to jump three times successfully with two instructors, and eventually, only one will jump with you. However, the training is more extensive and they let go of you once they’re confident that you can handle it. At some point, you will reach AFF levels, but the beginning is a walk-through as opposed to giving you all the responsibility at once.

You will become more confident because basically you will learn a thing or two each step of the way, mastering each individual step before moving on to the next one. It’s middle ground because the beginning is a lot like the tandem jump, though it begins to resemble AFF more and more each time, until eventually you’re caught up. It’s merely a different way of going from point A to point B.

If you can’t decide whether you’d prefer AFF or tandem, perhaps this one is best! Some locations have this as an alternative.

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Springfield, Massachusetts Skydiving Video Packages

Your Skydiving Adventure Will Last A Lifetime.

There are options to choose from in terms of video packages when you book through Springfield. There are video packages available, whether you chose tandem, AFF, or tandem progression. You won’t even notice that the camera’s there, but you’ll capture yourself at your best–you’ll be naturally smiling, without having to fake it. Or, you might be screaming, but it’ll be candid, and a keepsake you’ll be able to look back on for years to come. Maybe you plan to buy a gift card for a friend. If you’re planning on doing so, make sure that you get them a video deal to go along with it. They’ll thank you forever and, best of all, you’ll have proof that they used it. Springfield also allows you to choose from a variety of prices. The price range differs in order to suit different needs. The GoPro is budget-friendly, but still offers insanely awesome coverage of your jump. The instructor will be in charge of making sure that the GoPro coverage comes out the way it’s supposed to. There’s also the option of having a videographer come along with you for the ride; this is probably the most professional–and outrageous–option. How long is the wait period, you ask? Well, a mere 30 minutes is the maximum wait period, but it could be 15 minutes–which will fly by, and you’ll get a professionally edited keepsake in return.

If you give this option to your friend, it’s going to make the gift card so worth it, because you’ll be able to feel as though you’re there with him or her, making the gift better for you as well. Your friend might even compel you to join her next time–might even return the favor and get you a gift card with video coverage for your next gift. This doesn’t have to be once-in-a-lifetime–you could train, and you should be able to repeat such an experience! Whether you opt for the GoPro or videographer option, you will be satisfied. Ask us about other types of deals.

The GoPro option is supposed to correspond with the tandem option, and it’s a budget-friendly option indeed. These options are all media-friendly as well, making it perfect for today’s technological world. You–or your friend–are going to love this accessibility.

Remember to smile–or scream, though it’ll come naturally. Post away and make everyone jealous!

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Springfield Skydiving Gift Certificates

Skydiving, The Greatest Gift You Can Give!

The skydiving experience that you’re about to embark on is immeasurably special. Don’t you want those around you to be able to experience the rush that you are bound to become enthralled by? If you buy a gift certificate for a loved one, what you’ll really be giving them is a memory that will be one of the best that they’ve lived through. They’ll only have you to thank for such an incredible gesture. In fact, you can even decide to go on the same day–and buy them the gift card so that they can be right there with you. Whether it’s for your son or daughter, a significant other, a sibling, or a friend, you are bound to bond over this shared experience for, yes, years to come.

You have to keep in mind that these gift cards have long life spans, so even if the person you want to gift is not going to be free anytime soon, these cards last two years. This is definitely sufficient time, especially given that it’s skydiving! Just make sure that the person books the appointment in a relatively reasonable amount of time and, in cases of emergencies, we understand and allow for rescheduling. If the weather is unbearable, we also provide the option to reschedule–and in terms of other scheduling issues, call us to speak to us and, if there is fear, we will reasonably assure you that you’re in great hands. Did we mention that you can use this gift card in any of our 80+ affiliate location?

In terms of customer service, feel free to call us at any point during the week, as we are available sevendays a week. Questions? Maybe comments or concerns? Feel free to call. Upon arrival, we commit ourselves to a walk-through of the process, though we only offer gift card availability for the first level of AFF and for the tandem jump.

Be sure to include the video option along with the gift card!

It is up to you, as mentioned, to decide whether you want to buy the first level of AFF or the tandem experience. You also have flexibility when it comes to video coverage, which we recommend, and we also recommend you ask about the packages available at your location of choice. But you want to experience the thrill alongside them, and if you can’t be there, the least they can do is show you the video afterwards, so invest in that portion of the deal. Be certain that you tell us all about it afterwards as well!

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