Wingsuit Skydiving and Expert Instruction

Take your skill set to next level outrageousness when you train to wingsuit skydive with us! Not only is jumping in a wingsuit a more complex endeavor, but it’s also an opportunity to display to the world your impressive athleticism and physicality. Bonus, it’s a heck of a lot of fun too!

Wingsuit Skydiving and Expert Instruction

Take your skill set to next level outrageousness when you train to wingsuit skydive with us! Not only is jumping in a wingsuit a more complex endeavor, but it’s also an opportunity to display to the world your impressive athleticism and physicality. Bonus, it’s a heck of a lot of fun too!

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Suit up! Wingsuits and the Joy of Flying.

Wingsuit Skydiving and Expert InstructionSince the beginning of time, little boys and girls have used multiple household items to leap or jump. Regardless of whether they wanted to fly like a bird, or they were attempting to soar like the superheroes they so desperately try to emulate. Fact is they are always trying to fly farther, jump higher, or simply just float like falling leaves. They take their mother’s bed sheets or towels and clip them around their necks like capes or make parachutes out of them. From there they climb atop things and one, two, three…they jump! From off beds, from chair to chair around the circumference of rooms, from off porches. Eventually they grow courageous and curious enough to attempt jumps from out of trees, down entire flights of stairs; often resulting in injury. Most the time though it’s just a whole lot of fun.

This explains why so many people have a fascination with leaping from out of and off things at high elevations. It’s fun, it feels exhilarating, like you are flying! When you jump from a plane during a skydive, although your free fall seems like a simple action, it’s more complex than that, as incorrect body position could cause injury. Even more complex still, is jumping from a plane in a wingsuit. The design of the wingsuit is such that it allows for air to find its way beneath the jumper to create additional lift. It also serves to propel them forward, as if they are gliding across the sky. Sounds like hot air ballooning, but it’s not. Hot air balloons are considerably less daredevilish. Enough about dangerous endeavors, we’ll talk about safety in a minute, after a brief lesson in wingsuit history.

People have tried to make various types of wingsuits or similar apparatuses to leap from off things since the early 1900’s. Once such attempt was made by Franz Reichelt who jumped from the Eiffel Tower in a winged parachute, unfortunately it was not a success. In 1930 a young American man used a variation of a wingsuit to try horizontal flight, during a parachute jump. Early wingsuits were constructed of multiple types of materials; wood, silk, steel. You can see why it took another 60 years before someone perfected the design. It’s hard to conceive of how wood and steel would have made for any type of successful undertakings thousands of feet in the air.

The Anatomy of a Wingsuit.

In 1999, Jari Kuosma established Birdman International and alongside Robert Pecnik, created a safe and effective wingsuit that was available for use by all skydivers. Wingsuits consist of the following parts; webbing between the arms and legs, and parachute like material as wings. Let’s explain another way, imagine a wingsuit in terms of a flying machine, like an airplane. Envision your body as the fuselage, your head is the rudder, your shoulders are the skeletal structure of the wings, the webbed areas are flaps, and your feet and legs act as a stabilizer. Dependent upon your body position, the wingsuit will help you achieve the ability to traverse the sky in horizontal motion for quite a distance.

For example, a wingsuit will allow for a skydiver to fall at rate that is three times slower during free fall than average straight downward facing jumps. Additionally, wingsuits make it possible to travel in a horizontal motion for several kilometers at a time (the world record is 20 kilometers) at speeds exceeding 220 miles per hour. It doesn’t get more awesome than that!

The correct body position is crucial at this stage, as your legs or arms being placed wrong could result in injuries. It’s vital that you have completed the necessary training to elevate your skill level to be able to accommodate the responsibility of a wingsuit. However, at, we have the perfect remedy for this issue. Enroll in our wingsuit skydiving school and get it right in no time!

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Getting Wingsuit Schooled, style!

As discussed earlier, little boys and girls have always strived for a way to reach for the sky, to achieve the sensations of flight and speed in conjunction with one another. Now, that they’re grown, men and women can pursue their dreams of flight on a more advanced playing field. A field that necessitates that an individual be more adept at stipulating the placement of their limbs and implementing the principles of skydiving safety. If you happen to be interested in pursuing wingsuit flight, why not enroll in our training program. There are only a few conditions that must be met prior to getting started;

Wingsuit Skydiving and Expert InstructionThis is non negotiable, no matter where you train*

  • You must have completed at least 200 jumps within an 18-month period (or 500 cumulatively)

The following catalog is based on location, requirements may vary*

  • You must have your log book and USPA license
  • A wingsuit accommodating canopy
  • A Bottom of Container (BOC) deployment system
  • An Automatic Activation Device (AAD)
  • An audible altimeter
  • Mountable altimeter (wrist or chest)

Remember that if you need to train to be licensed, you can enroll in our Accelerated Freefall (AFF) skydiving school. Our AFF skydiving school is a comprehensive program consisting of seven to eight steps or protocols, including ground training, coursework, and multiple skydives. After which you will be expected to demonstrate the principles put forth by our instructors. All culminating in you being able to execute several jump styles unassisted and unaccompanied. Sounds complicated, but it’s not. We’ll get you through the course in just a few weeks’ time. You can then apply for your certificate through the USPA, and come back and we’ll get you started in your wingsuit!

However, if you happen to already be possession of your certificate, we can begin today. Every experienced skydiver knows that the it’s important to pay close attention to every detail in respect to body position and gear maintenance, especially rig packing. The training isn’t lengthy but it is necessary that you pay close attention as wingsuit skydiving isn’t for the faint of heart or the unprepared. Therefore, if you’re interested in hearing some advice, while you’re waiting to reach the max goal for jumps to apply to wingsuit school, focus on remembering and applying the following techniques;

Wingsuit Training

  • Body Position and Angle Flight
  • Exiting the aircraft
  • Control of the canopy
  • Wind Tunnel Training

When you’re ready, give us a call, we’ll get you enrolled. Training is simple and generally includes;

  • Rigging up your suit
  • Preflight/In flight procedures
  • Accompanied first jump with an Instructor
  • Video of your jump to indicate where improvement is needed

Following Your First Jump;

  • Ground Training (roughly 4 hours max.)
  • View your video and debrief
  • Log book sign off

If you don’t have a wing suit, you can rent them at some of our facilities as well. It makes little difference what your motivation is in pursuing wingsuit instruction. Whether you just want to add the skill to your skydiving cache or you have interest in adventuring further into it by base jumping from cliff sides or learning wingsuit formation skills, we can help your ambitions come to fruition.

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