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California is jam-packed with breathtaking views from Northern to Southern California and everything in between but we think Santa Rosa is the most outrageously gorgeous place to skydive! Especially over the marvelous Santa Rosa Valley. If you are visiting Santa Rosa, let help you book a complete skydiving experience in the most beautiful locale in the United States! Santa Rosa offers full concierge skydiving experiences in California…
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California is jam-packed with breathtaking views from Northern to Southern California and everything inbetween but we think Santa Rosa is the most outrageously gorgeous place to skydive! Especially over the marvelous Coachella Valley. If you are visiting Santa Rosa, let help you book a complete skydiving experience in the most beautiful locale in the United States!

The Sky’s the Limit with Santa Rosa!

It‘s time to take a leap of faith and make your life extraordinary! Now is the time to let out your adventurous side! Let down your hair and get ready for an exciting experience! Are you the type to let opportunity pass you by or are you constantly on the lookout for the next thing? Secure your harness and adjust your goggles! It’s time to fly over the vineyards and skydive over Santa Rosa!

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Tandem Skydiving in Santa Rosa

Tandem Skydiving

Would you like to skydive near to Annadel State Park? How about enjoying the beautiful scenery of Spring Lake Regional Park and heading close to Mount Hood for a skydive? Whether you’re a beginner or an expert skydiver, there is a spot waiting for you with your name on it! Tandem skydiving is enjoyable, exhilarating and most importantly, safe. You will be accompanied by a certified instructor, get ready to experience all of the excitement that awaits you! Learn more…

Santa Rosa Certified Skydiving

Advanced Training

Are you ready to make things a little bit more official? Santa Rosa partners offer an accelerated freefall program to prepare you to obtain your USPA A License. You’ll be thoroughly trained by an experienced Jumpmaster and go through a 7 Level program. You’ll learn how to properly position your body during a skydive, as well as various safety procedures, to name a few. If you’re ready to take your expertise to the next level, this is the program for you! Learn more…

Skydiving Videos in Santa Rosa, California

Video Packages

Memories to last a lifetime! You’ll have so much fun that you just have to show all of your family and friends! Awesome video and photo packages are available to capture all of the excitement. Highly qualified photographers and videographers will make sure you relive all of your priceless moments. An amazing way to capture all of the beautiful scenery Santa Rosa has to offer. With high definition photos and videos, it’ll be the finishing touch to an awesome skydive. Say cheese…

Skydiving Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Get into the spirit of giving! Santa Rosa offers gift certificates for any occasion. Surprise a family member, friend, your boss, co-worker or anyone, with a personalized gift certificate to enjoy a Tandem skydive! Our gift certificates are redeemable at any of our 80+ affiliate locations and there is no rush to redeem your gift since they are valid for up to two years. Our certificates are in demand, so you don’t want to miss out! Call 1-800-617-7948 to purchase today! Get yours…

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A Higher Altitude – What You Didn’t Know About Skydiving!

Skydiving is a recreational sport enjoyed all over the world. The concept originated back in 1797 when Andre-Jacques Garnerin completed successful parachute jumps from a hot air balloon. Parachuting was picked up by the military as a process to save flight crews from emergencies and transporting soldiers to the battlefield. This eventually paved the way for skydiving to be recognized as an international sport in 1951. In 1957, the first skydiving school opened thus the birth of popularized skydiving. As the sport continued to progress over the years, Tandem skydiving began to rise in popularity. Tandem skydiving is a particular form of skydiving where you are connected to your instructor by a harness. Your Tandem instructor assists you through every aspect of your dive, from exiting the aircraft to the proper execution of maneuvers during your free fall. This form of skydiving is very popular for first time skydivers, as it requires little assistance from the student.

Not only is skydiving an enjoyable sport, but it actually has many health benefits. Along with the adrenaline rush, Tandem skydiving is very beneficial to the body. To begin with, Tandem skydiving is an excellent way to relieve stress. When you’re in the air, your mind shifts and only concentrates on skydiving. You forget about all of the uncertainties of life and you’re able to blow off some steam and clear your mind. Skydiving is considered to cleanse you mentally and physically. Controlling the parachute allows you to build upper body strength, while during landing and maneuvering your body during the freefall, helps build lower body strength. Not to mention the skydiving gear itself is quite heavy, which will help tone muscles as you transport the equipment. It is no argument that skydiving is an extreme sport and it is a great way to overcome your fears.

Skydiving allows you to challenge yourself and unleash the inner confidence from within. If you can jump from an aircraft 14,000 ft in the air, then you can truly accomplish anything! You’ll leave your appointment feeling strong and empowered! Research shows that the adrenaline rush produced by Tandem skydiving burns around 230 calories per hour. When your adrenaline pumps through your body, it is said to help sharpen your mind and fine tune your survival instincts. Tandem skydiving is a great energy booster that will leave you energized throughout the day with a more upbeat attitude. Imagine yourself flying and catching glimpse of the Schramsberg Vineyards and the glistening waters of Lake Ralphine as you travel to a safe and open location to free fall back down to the ground. You’ll descend through the brisk California skies and truly indulge in a breathtaking experience. An awesome production team will capture every moment, so be sure to request a video or photo packet during your reservation.

The Flow of Adrenaline

Tandem skydiving is a recreational sport full of excitement, which means that your adrenaline will sky rocket. The anticipation of skydiving usually gets your heart pumping, as you get ready to experience a new aspect of life. Adrenaline is a particular stress hormone also known as epinephrine, which is secreted from the adrenal glands onto the kidneys. Your adrenaline begins to increase when your body sends a signal to your brain that you are in a ‘fight or flight’ type situation that elevates your senses. Typically, your adrenaline gets pumping when you’re in a dangerous situation or various activities that are strenuous. For example, strenuous exercise, chronic stress, or an imagined threat can be considered types of events that contribute to increased adrenaline. However, in this sense, your adrenaline begins to pump because of your excitement, so it has positive aspects as well, that are very beneficial. When you consider something very exciting the hypothalamus in the brain sends a signal to your adrenal glands and other hormones in your body that it is time to produce adrenaline. Your body produces adrenaline by the amino acid in your body known as tyrosine and transforms it into dopamine.

The process of oxygenation begins and the dopamine creates noradrenaline, which essentially converts into adrenaline. Adrenaline ties together the receptors of the heart, liver, arteries, pancreas and fatty tissues. Connecting to receptors on the heart and the arteries, adrenaline increases your heart rate and respiration. Once, the receptors are linked with the pancreas, liver, muscles and other fatty tissues, your body produces insulin which promotes the combination of sugar and fat. The body uses the insulin to fuel itself during highly elevated situations that may occur. In the case of Tandem skydiving the body producing adrenaline is all serves a positive purpose.

There are several beneficial factors when the body produces adrenaline. Mildly increased levels of adrenaline can have great effects on the blood content of leptin which is a protein produced in the white cells of the body which actually promotes the growth of cancer cells. However, the active release of stress hormones helps regulate how much leptin the body produces. Imagine yourself working out at the gym. As you begin a full body intense workout, your heart rate begins to increase and your body begins to release adrenaline. Your body also releases other feel good hormones, such as catecholamine and norepinephrine. This increases your blood glucose, oxygen and muscle strength which produces more oxygen in the body. It allows your body to increase blood flow for your vital organs and your body cleanses itself through sweating.

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Tandem Skydiving in Santa Rosa, California

Tandem Skydiving Santa Rosa

The Tandem skydiving program will provide you with everything you need to know about Tandem skydiving. Tandem skydiving is an excellent way to experience the adrenaline and excitement of this popular sport without having to commit to becoming professionally certified. You will learn all of the fundamentals of performing a safe skydive. You will be accompanied by a qualified Tandem instructor, who will thoroughly train you on key areas involved in executing a skydive. You will learn how to position your body correctly to make sure you’re in alignment with your instructor.

Your instructor is responsible for determining when the parachute will deploy, so you are able to enjoy every aspect of your dive and have a great time! This is a very safe and easy way to be introduced to the world of skydiving. You will be attached to your instructor with a secure harness that includes shoulder straps on each side, a secure chest strap and leg straps. You will be secured to the front of your Tandem instructor for a beautiful view of all the sights of gorgeous Santa Rosa. It all begins with a briefing of safety procedures, which usually last no more than 30 minutes. It is recommended to arrive at your drop zone early to allow time for your briefing and assistance with putting on all of your safety gear.

You must be 18 years of age or older with a valid state issued photo ID to participate. We recommend wearing weather appropriate clothing and closed toe shoes. It is best to remove any piercings and to tie your hair back, as well. You should not carry any loose articles such as jewelry, glasses etc. and secure all personal belongings in a safe place. Now, you are ready to board the plane and ascend 14,000 ft in the air to get ready for your skydive. As your adrenaline continues to pump, you will jump out of the plane and enjoy up to 60 seconds of free-fall. And then, you will enjoy a smooth transition on a 7 minute canopy ride back to the ground. Don’t let another moment go by!

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Santa Rosa Skydiving School

Earn Your Credentials-Become Certified

You’ve completed your Tandem skydive and relived those priceless moments over and over with your pictures and videos. You enjoyed your Tandem skydive experience so much that you want to take it up a notch and become certified. Santa Rosa is pleased to recommend Accelerated Freefall (AFF) training courses. The objective of this program is to teach you all the necessary safety procedures and body maneuvers, so that you are able to go anywhere in the United States and perform solo skydives.

During your training, you will learn how to properly check your gear, how to pack your parachute, how to effectively spot a plan and the best way to remain stable during your skydive. Skydiving is a very demanding sport and you must be 18 years of age and have a valid U.S. driver’s license. You must be in excellent physical condition and typically weigh no more than 250 pounds. During your training, you will begin with a five to six hour training covering all aspects of free fall skydiving, aircraft procedures, canopy control, landing procedures and emergency procedures. This seven level program is filled with different objectives that each beginner must complete in order to excel through the program. These tasks are known as Targeted Learning Objectives and you will be accompanied by two skydiving instructors at all times to make sure the tasks are completed efficiently. Once, you complete all seven levels, you will be well on your way to becoming solo dive ready!

Accelerated Freefall Training

If you want to take your skydiving experience to the next level, then the AFF training program is your best option! The Accelerated Freefall program is designed to equip you with the necessary tools to perform solo skydives anywhere in the United States. You will be thoroughly trained by certified skydiving instructors that are certified by the United States Parachute Association or the USPA. The United States Parachute Association is a non profit organization that represents skydivers and drop zone owners with basic safety procedures that assist instructors with the proper tools to train skydivers. As long as the equipment is in alignment with the Federal Aviation Administration design and maintenance requirements, anyone is able to exit a plane legally. The AFF term was adopted back in the 1980’s, when it was deemed as a faster way to learn how to solo skydive, as opposed to the old static line method. Each jump is made from 14,000 ft above ground and each level requires a series of objectives to continue to advance.

Becoming a certified skydiver can be completed in as little as one weekend and once your certification is obtained, you must complete a jump every 30 days in order to stay current. Once, you complete your certification, you will be well on your way to becoming an “A” License holder.

During AFF training, you are usually trained by two instructors who make sure you know how to deploy your parachute correctly and maintain proper body control throughout your dive. This method is called Harness Hold Training. During HHT, your instructors are not connected to you like in Tandem skydiving. Once, you successfully deploy your chute, your instructors fly away and deploy their own parachutes, as well. AFF is a worthwhile training and is recommended for all skydiving enthusiasts. Beginning with ground school this training last for up to several hours and covers basic fundamentals of performing a safe skydive. Topics include proper equipment, how to position your body during free fall, emergency procedures, controlling your parachute and landing. Once, you complete ground school, you’ll have a 6 month time window to obtain your certification.

7 Steps of Accelerated Free Fall (AFF)

  • Level 1

    Designed for you to remain stable during your freefall, maintain altitude awareness and making sure that you open your parachute on time.

  • Level 2

    You will execute 90 degree turns and learning forward movement. These skills will be learned in addition to continuing to perfect the requirements for level 1. Throughout the training process, you will notice that each level is simply an add on from the previous level.

  • Level 3

    Allows you a little more freedom where your instructor will allow you to execute some of the motions on your own. Your instructor will be nearby to make sure each move is done correctly and that all safety procedures are followed.

  • Level 4

    You will only be assigned one instructor and you will be required to execute moves learned in level 2.

  • Level 5

    This is simply an add on to level 4. You will execute 360 degree turns. From here on out, supervision will be limited, since you will have enough experience under your belt and will continue to gain confidence to dive on your own.

  • Level 6

    As you will exit the aircraft on your own and show off what you’ve learned throughout your training.

  • Level 7

    This is where you will exit the plane and conduct your first solo dive while you show off all of your skills you have learning during the AFF program.

Now, that you’ve completed the seven levels, you are almost ready to become a certified skydiver. The last phase requires you to complete at least 25 more jumps before you complete the requirements to receive your A License certification. After you complete your License A Check dive, you are now a certified skydiver!

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Santa Rosa Skydiving Video Packages

Exclusive Digital Media Skydiving Packages

You owe it to yourself! Don’t miss out on the chance to capture all of the exciting moments during your Tandem skydive. Capture all of the twists and turns as the excitement begins to flow inside of you. Document your experience from beginning to end and replay the excitement over and over again. Santa Rosa is pleased to help bring to you exclusive photo and video packages to be used at any of our affiliate dropzones. Your experience will be so memorable that you would be out of your mind if you didn’t want to capture every facet of your skydive adventure.

Free falling from 14,000 ft in the air may be something that your family and friends would not believe that you accomplished. Prove all of them wrong and carry the memories for years to come. With a video package, you can expect to receive an HD copy on a DVD rendered from a digital video camera including all of the components of your skydive. These qualified professionals will film you periodically during your skydive experience. Your video will include pre-flight and post flight interviews as well as action shots of your free fall. They will record all of the beautiful scenery and include an up close and personal view of the aircraft and skydiving equipment.

This amazing video package will capture all of your emotions before, during and after your skydive. They will capture the most electrifying moments and you’ll be able to relive this awesome experience time and time again. You can also check out amazing photo packages where all of the fun and excitement will be captured in glorious still shots. These professional photographers are equipped with HD cameras that will capture up close and personal shots of your skydive adventure. You also have the option to combine the photo and video packages for an even more electrifying experience. We recommend that during your reservation, you opt for the video or photo package at that time to make sure the dropozne will be able to meet your accommodations. Just ask one of our friendly representatives about more information.

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Santa Rosa Skydiving Gift Certificates

The Perfect Gift Just in The Nick of Time – Skydiving Gift Certificates

Skydiving is a great way to not only become a certified skydiver, but it makes an excellent gift! It’s time to let go of the typical, boring gifts like a sweater or socks. With the help of Santa Rosa, you’ll be the best gift giver in town! Sit back and let the experts take care of you! We are pleased to offer custom gift certificates for any occasion. Our gift certificates are personalized and can be redeemed for the monetary value of your choosing. This is an excellent way to surprise your loved ones with an out of the box gift. Skydiving allows for people to let loose and enjoy all that life has to offer. It allows for you take a deep breathe and just let your guard down. It will boost your confidence and you’ll feel empowered knowing that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. Gift certificates are great for birthdays, graduations, Boss appreciation day, weddings, and so much more.

Gift certificates are easy and simple but yet transcend into a thoughtful gift. Give someone a gift that they will never forget! Tandem skydives are an excellent gift and the great thing is that they are redeemable for up to two years after purchase, so you are able to carefully plan out your trip. We have over 80 affiliate locations across the United States, so you are able to choose any location to redeem your gift certificate. No matter your request, Santa Rosa is here to assist you.

Get Your Gift Certificate!

The gift that keeps on giving! Our gift certificates are perfect for any occasion. Redeemable for up to 2 years and transferrable. It can’t get any better than this!

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