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The sky really is the limit! San Diego, CA, is serious about making sure that all patrons are having the most fun possible under the safest conditions. Memories will be made, fears will be conquered and bucket lists will be fulfilled. Don’t worry, there are packages available for novices through advanced skydivers alike at the premier dropzone on the West Coast. This team of certified instructors and knowledgeable customer service agents is eager to provide professional instruction in safety and maneuvers to further establish your trust and knowledge about safe skydiving.

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Let Skydiving.Com San Diego, CA Take You to New Heights!

Let Skydiving.Com San Diego, CA Take You to New Heights!

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The sky really is the limit! San Diego, CA, is serious about making sure that all patrons are having the most fun possible under the safest conditions. Memories will be made, fears will be conquered and bucket lists will be fulfilled. We have packages for novices through advanced skydivers. Our team of certified experts are eager to provide professional instruction in safety and maneuvers to further establish your trust and knowledge about safe skydiving.

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Skydiving in San Diego

You’ll never have to skydive alone again after you call San Diego! Ask one of our friendly operators about Tandem jumps or even consider buying a gift card for a friend or family member as an incentive to join you on your skydive. Nothing should stop you or slow your momentum now. You’re on this site because you belong in the sky, plain and simple. San Diego will schedule your visit, answer questions, and support you on the phone for additional concerns you may have.

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Skydiving Options for you!

Tandem Skydiving near San Diego, California

Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Skydiving is designed so that the student and teacher exit the aircraft and Free Fall together. They are attached to each other by a harness. This ensures the student’s safety and is recommended and popular for beginner skydivers. After the parachute has been activated, the teacher leaves the student to safely skydive to the ground. Students are educated for approximately 30 minutes by their instructors before flying to the jump point. Learn more…

Advanced Skydive Training in  San Diego, California

Skydiving Certification San Diego recommends two different advanced jump training options. We realized that two scenarios prevailed. Although they were advanced-level skydiving, each are designed with features that addressed its individual needs. These two types being Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) and Tandem Progression. For the safety of our patrons,’s highly experienced and trained staff will also evaluate and play a role in determining which level or jump is right for you. Learn more…

Skydiving Video Packages - L San Diego, California

Video Packages

Why do you need a skydiving video? Bragging rights, of course! It is okay to show off and show your naysayers what you have accomplished. Capture your first jump on video as a keepsake. The memory will last forever. You can also purchase it for training purposes. What better way to learn than to catch the action on video. At the end of every AFF training level, with most instructors, you will experience a thorough debrief using video critique. Learn more…

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We know you want to join the pros in the beautiful skies of San Diego, CA! San Diego is your one-stop destination for all things skydiving. If it has anything at all to do with skydiving, we’ve got you covered! Our passion for getting people to jump out of airplanes drives us to help arrange safe, friendly, professional experiences to each and every person who contacts us. Whether it’s your first or 52nd visit to a dropzone, you will receive the same high-quality care and service that we think you deserve. The primary focus is safety. We realize that many people don’t know what to expect on a skydiving visit and may have little to no experience in skydiving. Our services are designed with this mind. Your expert, certified instructors are trained for any situation and the equipment they use is constructed and inspected for every adventure. Seasoned skydivers are also catered to when you call us. Gift certificates, group rates and holiday discounts are also available

San Diego Has Perfect Skydiving Weather All Year Long!

It’s never too hot and it’s rarely too cold to skydive in San Diego, California. We’re talking near perfect weather all year round! Dropzones around the US strive to make every skydive awesome, but, unfortunately, nobody can control the climate. If we could, we would set the daily average outdoor temperature to the mid-70s, with very little chance of precipitation. Hey, that just so happens to be average weather in San Diego, CA! San Diego’s great weather gives you more opportunities to take to the skies and skydive.

The visual delights that California’s second-largest city and the nation’s eighth largest city provide are many. You may find yourself mesmerized by the beauty of more than 70 miles of its white sand shoreline or you may discover that the blissful peace and tranquility that encompasses you as you float on your parachute is a pleasant surprise. Skydiving is a great start for planning an adventurous family or personal vacation in San Diego, . In addition to skydiving, consider hiking at Torrey Pines State Reserve, surfing at Coronado Beach, taking in the arts and culture scene at Balboa Park, or perhaps visiting a local festival, museum, theater or event. Day and night, San Diego provides the ideal weather conditions, a multitude of sights and activities, exquisite cuisine, and lots of history. “The Plymouth of the West” is an experience! If you’re not a San Diego resident, prepare yourself for an abundance of “wow” moments. If this is the place that you call home, then consider how lucky you are to call such a delightful and awesome town “home.”

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Tandem Skydiving near  San Diego, California

Tandem Skydiving: A Great Start

Tandem skydiving, also referred to as Tandem parachuting, is the most popular and safest way to introduce skydiving to beginner and amatuer skydivers. This technique of jumping in tandem takes the guesswork out of what to do during a dive and greatly reduces anxieties, thus giving all of the other wonderful elements of jumping out of an airplane a chance to be enjoyed. Tandem skydiving is a skydive jump during which the instructor is attached to the skydiver by a harness. This harness, other Tandem skydiving equipment, regulations, and the basic procedures of skydiving are strictly regulated and enforced by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The FAA of the United States requires that skydivers must be 18 years old or older. Tandem skydiving is a great way to introduce yourself to skydiving. The Tandem harness mechanics allows the skydiving novice and the Tandem instructor to exit the plane while attached to each other, sharing one parachute. This safety element of Tandem skydiving offers a huge benefit and helps more people every year take up skydiving.

Additionally, all potential Tandem skydive instructors must:

  • Complete 500 skydives
  • Have 3 years of skydiving experience
  • Pass a certification course from each Tandem parachute system to be jumped
  • Have USPA Tandem Instructor Rating Course certification
  • Hold a master parachute license issued by a FAA-approved organization
  • Possess a current FAA Class III Medical Certificate

  • Skydivers must complete an approximately 30-minute tutorial and briefing before any action takes place. This briefing includes instructions, safety procedures, what to expect, and what not to expect, and also delivers the important role that the Tandem instructor will play throughout the whole skydive.

    Additional preparation tips include:

  • Be within the weight limit. Usually this number is 225 lbs but could vary, so check prior to booking your skydive
  • Proof of age, such as a driver’s license. All skydivers must be 18 or older
  • Dress appropriately in loose-fitting clothes. No flip-flops
  • Wearing glasses or contacts will require a proper fit of your goggles to avoid injury.
  • Be prepared to spend a couple of hours at the drop zone. A sensible snack is welcome, as vending machines may be out of order or low on stock, etc. The weather and the amount of people waiting to skydive may affect your wait time. Some people even bring card games or books to pass the time
  • Take medicine for motion sickness or find out which medicines you take that may not agree with skydiving beforehand
  • A film may be available to watch about the pioneers of skydiving
  • Sign waivers
  • Order photo or video package to capture your skydive
  • Leave valuables locked securely in your vehicle, out of plain view

  • The fun begins next. You and your Tandem instructor will board the aircraft and fly upwards of 10,000 feet. Upon reaching the proper jump altitude, you and your Tandem instructor, already attached by a government-approved Tandem harness, will jump out of the plane and free fall for around 40 seconds. The free fall will seem fast, as you will be going 240 mph for those 40 seconds! You won’t even be able to hear anything due to the velocity of the Free Fall.

    At approximately 5,000 feet, the parachute cord gets pulled by the Tandem instructor or student and a much slower and relaxing descent takes over as the parachute delivers a floating effect. For the next five minutes of your skydiving adventure (average time to land once parachute is deployed), you will no longer feel tense. You are now serene and you have a bird’s-eye view of the world below. You are ever-so-casually being guided down to the airport of the facility. You are prepared for the final landing and you are safe because you completed an FAA Tandem Skydive.

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    Advanced Skydiving Training in  San Diego, California

    Jump Your Way To A Solo Skydiver Certification.

    Everything about advanced skydiving training is different from what you have already learned. Instructors specifically trained for advanced teaching will prepare you to skydive without an instructor. This is a big step in your skydiving journey and will require more steps to get you to the status of licensed skydiver. As a licensed skydiver, you will have completed a series of practice skydives in Tandem and alone to train and teach you all of the components necessary to skydive completely solo in the future!

    You will be required to read and learn printed materials and perform ground exercises in this preparation process, as well. Of course, you will do the bulk of your training and preparation in the sky. Yes, many parts will equal the whole, to prepare you to become a successful, confident and safe skydiver. You will be skydiving alone. During and throughout the training process, you will still have access to the highly trained and experienced instructors at the dropzone for guidance, but you won’t have them attached to you via a Tandem harness when you exit the plane.

    Skydiving altitudes and free fall time that elapses before the deployment of the canopy set advanced training for skydiving apart from Tandem Skydiving. Advanced Training is segmented into two basic areas of study and training: The first is Accelerated Free Fall also commonly referred to as (AFF), and the second is Tandem Progression. Once these requirements have been satisfied based on government standards, procedures and testing, you will then be well on your way to skydiving solo or instructor-free!

    Accelerated Free Fall Training in  San Diego, California

    The Fast Track To Your Skydiving Certification: Accelerated Free Fall.

    Accelerated Free Fall Training is a method of skydiving that can require up to two instructors per each student. The AFF skydiving method usually will take place at lower altitudes than other methods, approximately 10,000 to 15,000 feet. During the first three skydives in the AFF training, your trained instructor will still have physical contact with you. However, this contact is only going to be in the form of a firm grip. The grip and the method of the grip used by the instructor on the student is the Harness Hold Method. Ironically, no actual “harness” is involved, such as in the Tandem skydiving method. By using the harness hold method as you both depart the plane, your instructor is able to provide guidance and ensure that you deploy your parachute within the proper timeframe. Once the instructor witnesses your successful deployment of your personal parachute, they release their grip and fly away to deploy their own parachutes, also known as, canopies. The average altitude used for this portion of the skydiving training is generally 6,000 feet above ground level or (AGL).

    To put things into perspective, 6,000 feet is equivalent to a mile! As training progresses, this number will decrease to roughly 5,000 feet AGL. During the harness hold method portion of training the instructor or instructors will make sure that the student has successfully deployed their parachute before releasing their grip. Should a student not deploy the parachute when needed, the instructor will use hand signals as a way to remind them to pull the parachute cord. If deployment is further delayed, the instructor will physically guide the student’s hand and place it on the pilot chute. Ultimately, if the student fails to deploy, the instructor will deploy the parachute for them. Oftentimes, the student is equipped with a specially designed student parachute system that is equipped with multiple emergency pulls so that the instructor can perform the parachute deployments from various angles. This safeguards the student and the instructor, should the unexpected occur during the initial jumps of the advanced training. The student will advance to the next level upon proving to the instructor that he or she can perform successful parachute deployments without assistance.

    Next, the students must work on free falling from a lower AGL. Going forward, the student’s skydiving will be referred to as “release dives.” At those crucial points, the student has proven capable of deploying their parachute successfully at the the proper altitude. Release dives will have an instructor nearby, but not near enough to be in contact during the dive. The student should be confident, exposed enough to key techniques by way of repetition, and thoroughly trained to handle parachute deployment. Leveling up to the release dive may take some time, but safety is very important and students are not going to graduate to the next level until the instructors are completely sure that the student is ready.

    San Diego, Californiafac Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

    Tandem Progression

    Tandem progression is a method of skydiving training that consists of a series of Tandem skydiving lessons. Each session is designed to give the skydiving student more instruction and responsibilities in increments. This progressive style offers the student the opportunity to learn and retain information in smaller bits, as opposed to one huge chunk of information and instruction at once. The Tandem Progression method is designed to reduce risks and to offer a better learning experience. Upon completion of the series of necessary Tandem progression jumps, you will move on to the AFF method.

    AFF training also is completed in a progressive format. You are introduced to a jump and stay at that jump until you have mastered it to the satisfaction of your instructors. The next jump that you advance to builds on what you have learned from the previous jump, and so forth. Included in the Tandem progression portion of your advanced training, you also will have “Ground School.” The ground school curriculum teaches equipment basics, emergency procedures, skydiving terminologies, what to expect, the details of each skydiving jump, and other important topics and information.

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    San Diego  Skydiving Video Packages

    And … Action! Affordable Video Packages for Memories’ Sake!

    What better way to commemorate and document what could be one of the most exciting things you’ve ever done? Sometimes, when having fun — especially a lot of fun — we want to look back, relive and revisit that moment. Having a video of that moment is such an awesome way to capture organic experiences. San Diego can arrange two fantastic video package options to give you the opportunity to enjoy the experience of skydiving over and over again with friends and family, or just for your own personal enjoyment.

    Here is what is available to book: there are two tiers, both are individually considered as an upgrade. Be mindful to let the representative on the phone know that you would like to add one of the two video packages to your skydiving reservation.

    The first tier is the professional video package. In this package, a professional videographer jumps along with you and records your jump. The Professional Video Package includes video coverage of your entire skydiving experience.

    This translates to you receiving:

  • You boarding the plane
  • The plane ride taking you to your jump
  • Plane departure or your actual jump
  • The entire Free Fall
  • The parachute deployment and landing
  • The landing celebration

  • The second tier is the GoPro Vid Package. A GoPro Video camera is strategically worn by your Tandem instructor and will film close video coverage of your actual jump. The video covers only your jump, however, this package is more price-friendly. Both packages are professionally edited and created in social media-ready formats for your convenience. San Diego will gladly confirm that you actually skydived, but it would be so much more convincing and fun to just show the video and watch the expressions of awe and envy in real time!

    Add a Bit of Weight to Your Words with a Professional Video!
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    San Diedo Skydiving Gift Certificates

    Skydiving Gift Certificates Equal Fun Waiting to Happen! San Diego is pleased to offer gift certificates. Gift certificates are a great way to encourage the participation of friends, co-workers and loved ones to give skydiving a try or as a gift to a skydiving enthusiast. Our gift certificates can be redeemed at over 80 affiliate skydiving centers nationwide. Simply call one of our friendly experts to get location information about where our gift certificates are accepted. Most gift certificates are purchased for Tandem Skydives, however, we have gift certificates for the Accelerated Free Fall Level 1 Skydive, as well. Additionally, your gift certificate can include a video package of your choosing!

    You can add two amazing video packages to your skydive: One includes a professional videographer who skydives with you to capture your jump, as well as other events before and after your jump and the other is a video captured by a camera system attached to your instructor during your jump. The video packages are a great add-on option to enhance and customize your gift certificate. San Diego has lots of options for you to choose from to customize your gift. We want your certificate to be as special as the experience it will provide. For your convenience, gift certificates are fully transferrable and are valid for two years from the purchase date. Should the recipient choose not to redeem the gift certificate, either the recipient or the purchaser can regift it to another person without any questions asked. Call our customer care to process the transfer. Customer care will gladly answer questions and explain the gift certificate details and guidelines during the transfer of ownership or any other time. Customer service professionals are available seven days a week. We welcome all questions and look forward to connecting with you.

    Get Your Gift Certificate!

    You can now purchase online right thru But you might want to give one of our friendly experts a call to see if we are running any specials or if you qualify for any discounts!

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