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The team at Skydiving.com Saginaw is here to help you get started with skydiving in Michigan. Choose from different packages including tandem or solo diving, or even give the gift of an exhilarating experience. Our experts can help you choose the best option for you and guide you through what to expect when having a safe and fun time skydiving. Cross this amazing, once in a lifetime experience off of your bucket list!

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Looking to Skydive in Michigan?
Skydiving.com Saginaw has packages for you!
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Looking to Skydive in Michigan?
Skydiving.com Saginaw has packages for you!
Call 1-800-617-7948 Now!

Our team at Skydiving.com Saginaw is here to help you get started with skydiving in Michigan. Choose from different packages including tandem or solo diving, or even give the gift of an exhilarating experience. Our experts can help you choose the best option for you and guide you through having a safe and fun time. Cross this amazing, once in a lifetime experience off of your bucket list!

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Skydiving in Saginaw

Skydiving is one of the most exhilarating things you can experience. Skydiving.com can help you get started with booking your flight in Michigan today. Our team of skydiving experts and enthusiasts can provide you with the information and encouragement you need to get rid of your doubts and face your fears!

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Tandem Skydiving near Saginaw, Michigan

Tandem Skydiving

Tandem skydiving provides the ultimate adrenaline rush as you fall through the air while being guided by an experienced professional. Tandem skydiving quenches your thirst for adventure, teaches you the basics and helps you stay comfortable. This safe and structured experience will quickly become a cherished memory and leave you wanting for more. Learn more…

Advanced Skydive Training in Saginaw, Michigan

Advanced Training

If skydiving is your passion, this may be the option for you. Skydiving school features courses in Accelerated Freefall (AFF) and Tandem Progression. Get started with advanced training by testing your knowledge and skills. Then, we can help determine the right course for you. At Skydiving.com Saginaw, we can determine and recommend the perfect solution for all of your training needs. Learn more…

Skydiving Video Packages - Saginaw, Michigan

Video Packages

Whether you’re just starting out or on your hundredth jump, any skydive is a unique and unforgettable experience. With video packages, you can record and relive your jumps at any time. These packages range from an affordable GoPro to more professional options. Either way, you’ll be able to share and show off your experience in any way you want. Learn more…

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Over 3.1 million skydives happen all over the world annually. You too can be a part of this unique and exhilarating sport. Falling from tens of thousands of feet above the ground can be a daunting thought but the feeling of it and the view from above will energize you like nothing else. If you’re looking to start this amazing and unforgettable journey, you came to the right place!

Our qualified team of skydiving experts and enthusiasts is friendly, knowledgeable, and here to help you with any questions you may have. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned adrenaline junkie, we have the answers and can arrange the options you want. At Skydiving.com Saginaw, we know that you want the most out of your experience. Through our partnered dropzones, we offer complete skydiving services and the most options in Michigan. With us, you will be able to choose from a variety of options and get paired with the one that works best for you. Your instructors focus is entirely on your safety and experience so you can be assured that you will have a great time regardless of your experience level. We can easy any fears you have allowing you to live life to the fullest.

Skydiving is an experience best shared with your loved ones. If you know someone obsessed with living on the edge, consider purchasing a gift certificate and giving them the present of an unforgettable experience. If you and your friends want to live out this bucket list favorite together, we also offer group and holiday discounts. Or, if they can’t be there with you in person, make sure to explore the video packages that allow you to share your skydive with your friends and family no matter how distant.

Whether you’re just getting your head in the game or trying to set a world record, Skydiving.com Saginaw is here to connect you with all the great skydiving experiences in Michigan.

Saginaw Boasts Great Views, Weather and Skydiving Options!

Skydiving over Saginaw presents a great opportunity to see everything that the city has to offer from above. As you fly overhead, you’ll be able to see the layout of the whole city, even making out individual streets and homes. As you descend, look towards the horizon to view the sprawling acres of farm fields that lay in the city’s outskirts. Depending on the time of day, you can even see the sun set over the beautiful Michigan landscape as the last rays illuminate the Earth. The contrast between the urban sprawl and expansive rural areas in Saginaw really make skydiving there a breathtaking experience.

US climate data shows that the coldest month in Saginaw is January, with an average of 29 degrees Fahrenheit while July is the warmest, averaging 83 degrees. With such cold winters and warm summers, it is recommended that you skydive in the warmer months. This also gives you the chance to experience the city from above and ground level. In the summer months, Saginaw is alive with local events and festivals bound to make your skydiving trip even more worth it.
During the first blooming of roses in June, Saginaw hosts its annual Art and Garden Festival. Taking place in the beautiful Lucille Anderson Memorial Garden, this festival offers free demonstrations, an art fair, and fresh strawberry shortcake to satisfy your summer sweet tooth. Later in the summer, beginning July 10th, the garden is filled with the serenading sound of Jazz. What already promises to be a wonderful day out in the garden also offers snacks from different vendors and is completely free.

If you prefer the milder weather of spring or autumn, cities around Saginaw also have local events. From the Michigan Bean Festival in Fairgrove and the Northern Michigan Lam and Wool Festival in West branch in September to the Scarecrow and Big Country Fests in Frankenmuth during October, Michigan is sure to have something for everyone in the fall. In the springtime, you can bring back the 80s in Frankenmuth or win a fishing competition in Freeland, both just a short drive way from Saginaw.

On any other days, there is still a variety of things to do in Saginaw. History buffs can spend hours exploring every nook and cranny of the 1898 building which is now the Castle Museum while art aficionados are sure to enjoy the Saginaw Art Museum which often displays the work of local artists. Even those too young to skydive will find something to do at the Children’s zoo or museum which both have interactive displays made for curious children.

Regardless of when you decide to visit, Saginaw will have something in store for everyone. Skydiving above the city is sure to be an unforgettable experience with the breathtaking views and comfortable whether. As you prepare for your flight, make sure to walk around the city and experience everything going on. The beautiful streets are sure to satisfy your every need from above, and at ground level.

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Tandem Skydiving near Saginaw, Michigan

Tandem Skydiving in Saginaw

Tandem Skydiving is the perfect option for beginners. During a tandem jump, you are exposed to all of the excitement of skydiving while needing only minimal instruction. For the duration of the jump, you are strapped to a professional instructor that will guide you through the flight, exit, fall, and landing. The instructor that you are paired with will be solely responsible for the timely deployment of the parachute making this the safest and best option for those just getting started with skydiving. Saginaw, Michigan is great city to take on this exciting endeavor and the pros are here to get you set up and souring. We have all of the best options, deals, and all the information you might need before your flight.

In the US, tandem instructors are required to have at least 3 years of skydiving experience, completed at least 500 flights and have a master parachute license. These requirements make it so that you are guaranteed to have a capable, educated, and experienced instructor with you.

Tandem jumps are one of the most common types of jumps and the safest, most structured jump available. On Skydiving.com Saginaw you will find a vast variety of packages available in Michigan. This city, with its gorgeous views and great weather is the perfect place to get started with skydiving. Whether you’re interested in pursuing skydiving as lifelong hobby or just want to do it once to cross it off your bucket list, a tandem jump is the best place to start.

Other than the instructor, high end and certified equipment also ensures your safety. You will be equipped with a drogue parachute used to decrease your terminal velocity. This also lengthens the duration of your skydive, leaving you with more time to take in the impressive views over Saginaw and feel yourself falling through the air at over a hundred miles an hour. Tandem skydiving requires a large main parachute capable of holding the weight of two people. These parachutes can stretch over 360 square feet! They are also equipped with a reserve parachute and an automatic activation device. This safety device will automatically deploy the reserve parachute if it detects that the main one has not been deployed below a certain altitude. The landing during a tandem jump is a gentle one. The parachute will bring you to a slow stop. Skydivers say this feels like jumping off of a chair. All of these different safety procedures guarantee that you will not only have an amazing, unforgettable experience but also a structured and safe one.

While you will be supervised and guided by a professional, tandem jumps are no less exhilarating than solo jumps. You will still be freefalling about 12,000 feet down to the ground at about 120 miles per hour and have about a minute of freefall to take in the unique views of the approaching earth that this sport provides. Freefalling at terminal velocity will feel like flying and is an unforgettable feeling. Saginaw is the perfect location to experience this amazing opportunity and Skydiving.com can help you on your way. With its sprawling countryside and intriguing urban centers, tandem skydiving in Saginaw is truly a unique experience. You will be paired with only the best skydiving instructor and safely guided to the ground as you learn the basics of the sport like how to properly exit the plane and when to deploy your parachute.

Tandem jumps make up more than 65% of first jumps in the United States and generally are the best place to start. They’re a great way to get firsthand experience with skydiving and find out whether or not skydiving is for them in the long term. If it is, you’ll learn the basics and be able to take your knowledge to your next jump.This is also the perfect time to bring your adrenaline junkie friends with you and skydive together. Skydiving.com Saginaw brings to you the best deals and options to make this experience truly unforgettable. With the great weather, views, and team of experts, what’s stopping you? If you know you’re interested but are still having doubts, we can answer all of your questions. See Michigan from above and skydive!

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Advanced Skydiving Training in Saginaw, Michigan

Advanced Training in Saginaw, Michigan

If you’ve done your tandem jumps, enjoyed the thrills, and are ready for more it might be time for you to look into advanced training. Through the advanced training courses, you will be able to become a USPA certified solo skydiver. This certification will allow you to do solo jumps at any USPA approved skydiving center. All of the centers affiliated with Skydiving.com are USPA certified. This means that with us, you’ll be able to skydive all over the country! Your instructors are also all USPA certified and have extensive experience with jumping and training other so you can be assured that you’re getting the best skydiving education.

You can start this exciting journey right here near Saginaw and Skydiving.com is here to help. We’ll be able to tell you all about the best options for you and a team of experts and enthusiasts will be able to answer all the questions you might have. You can test your knowledge at an online skydiving school and figure out which one of the classes would work best for you.

Advanced training comes in two different types of classes; accelerated free fall and tandem progression. Accelerated or progressive free fall is the most common method of training. You’ll be paired with one or two instructors that will show you how to deploy your parachute properly while physically being able to deploy it themselves. Tandem progression training is a much less common type of training. Instead of learning a large amount of information at once, you’ll be slowly led into your first solo jump with little bits of information and responsibilities. First, you’ll go through a series of typical lesson on the ground. Once you’ve learned all of the emergency protocols and textbook information you’ll graduate to tandem jumps and finally do your own solo jump. Whatever lessons work best for you, Skydiving.com is here to help set you up!

Accelerated Free Fall Training in Saginaw, Michigan

Go All in With Accelerated Freefall Training

Have you experienced skydiving and fell in love? Do you want to take this passion to the next level? Would you like to experience free falling from an airplane and pulling your own parachute before coming to a safe landing? If so, you might be ready for accelerated freefall training. This is the most common form of advanced skydiving training and will put you on the course to be able to skydive on your own all over the country. Here at Skydiving.com, our team of skydiving experts and enthusiasts will be able to help locate the best training center for you.

Starting out you’ll be paired with one or two qualified skydiving instructors. All instructors are USPA certified and highly experienced so you can be sure that you’ll be learning from the best to be the best. Your instructors will walk you through the proper procedures of how to exit the plane, when to pull your parachute, and what to do during landing. Once you’ve got the basics, you’ll be ready to do your first non-tandem jump! The instructors will still jump out of the plane with you but you won’t be physically strapped to them. Instead, you’ll have to pull your own parachute cord at the right time. Don’t worry though, you’re not expected to get everything perfect the first time around. If you’re having trouble with your cord or taking too long, the instructors will signal to you. Should you still be having trouble, they’ll take your hands and put them in the right position to pull the cord. Finally, if you haven’t been able to deploy your parachute beyond a certain distance, and instructor will do it for you. This way, you’ll be able to do a skydive without being strapped to anyone but you still have nothing to fear if you don’t get it right the first time.

If you’re still worried about the safety, remember all of the other measures in place to keep you skydiving safely. All the skydiving centers affiliated with Skydiving.com are USPA certified meaning that they follow the strictest safety protocols. During accelerated freefall training, you will be not only be accompanied by certified and experienced instructors, but you will also be equipped with the best up to date safety equipment. During your flight, you will have a main parachute and a backup. This reserve parachute is checked beforehand to ensure that it will properly activate should it be needed. Along with this, you’ll also have an automatic activation device which deploys your reserve parachute if it detects that you have fallen a certain distance without deploying your main parachute. All of these safety precautions make sure that your landing is safe and smooth.

Accelerated freefall training is the next step if you’re interested in becoming an expert at skydiving and you can take that next step. We’re here to help you get started on this exciting journey. Direct any questions or doubts you might have to our team of experts and enthusiasts and we’ll clear them all up with ease!

Saginaw, Michigan Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Take Skydiving Step by Step With Tandem Progression

If you’re excited about taking your skydiving dreams to the next level accelerated freefall doesn’t sound like it’s for you, tandem progression might be. This is a much less used method of training but might work better for people that are uncomfortable with the amount of responsibility accelerated freefall training entails. With tandem progression, you will be eased into the material through a series of progressively harder lessons and jumps. This way, you’ll learn the material first and be able to apply it slowly instead of being faced with the responsibility of knowing how to operate a parachute right away.

During tandem progression training, you’ll be taught information little by little instead of taking it in all at once before a solo jump. You’ll start out in what is called “ground school”. Here you will be given a series of lessons on various topics such as proper techniques, equipment, procedures, and emergency protocols. This will give you an overview of what to do in the air while being firmly on the ground. Next, you will go through a series of training jumps including three tandem jumps, and five accelerated freefall jumps of increasing difficulty. During the two tandem jumps you will execute a number of maneuvers that you were taught in ground school and go through simulated emergency procedures. You’ll also be able to deploy your own parachute while still flying tandem with a qualified instructor. Then, you will complete a series of accelerated freefall jumps. Through these, you will move from your instructor holding firmly onto you to doing everything by yourself. In the end, you will be able to complete barrel roll, back-loops and front-loops while falling through the air at over a hundred miles an hour! You’ll be able to get certified and earn your skydiving wings in no time!

We can set you up with the best options and training plans. Our team of experts and enthusiasts is here to answer any questions you might have about starting out. Follow your skydiving passion!

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Saginaw Skydiving Video Packages

Relive Your Experience with Video Packages

Purchasing a video package is a must for those who want to relive their amazing, once in a lifetime, skydiving experience for years to come. With a video like that, you will be able to share your experience with all of your friends and family that will love watching you as you jump out of a plane, fall from thousands of feet in the air and come to a smooth landing. You’ll also be able to share it across your social media platforms which is sure to earn you some serious envy points. At Skydiving.com, we can help you choose which packages from an affordable GoPro to a professional videographer are best for you. We know that everyone will want to share their experience, and we can help give you that ability.

The GoPro option is the most affordable and will give you a great first person perspective of your jump. As your friends and family are watching, it’ll feel like they’re experiencing it too. With this, you or your tandem instructor will be wearing a GoPro camera on your flight suit and film the jump from a close perspective. The other option is to have a videographer jump with you to record your jump. This a more expensive but top-level choice. The videographer will experience the jump with you and be able to record all of the action from boarding the plane and the ride to altitude to the exit, jump, landing and post-jump celebration. Regardless of the option you choose, your skydiving video will be professionally edited and put together at the dropzone. It will come in a simple, easy to share format and you’ll be able to keep reliving this experience for years wherever you may be. Due to safety reasons, a student skydiver is not permitted to use a cellphone or other camera at any point during the jump so purchasing a video package is the only way you can get a physical memory of your jump. Remember, this is experience will surely become a treasured memory and there is no better way to preserve it than having a video of the whole thing.

Whether you’re wanting to splurge on a videographer filming every moment from start to finish or want to go with the more affordable GoPro option, Skydiving.com Saginaw is here to provide you with the best deals and options. If you need help choosing or want more information, feel free to ask our team.

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Saginaw Skydiving Gift Certificates

Give the Gift of Skydiving!

If you know someone who’s a total adrenaline junkie, a skydiving gift certificate may be the perfect present! Now you can give the gift of an unforgettable experience to your loved ones! Skydiving.com Saginaw offers gift certificates for both, tandem jumps and Accelerated Freefall Level 1 so they are perfect for skydiving newbies and those who know they love the sport! Our gift certificates are also offered with or without video packages so you have the option to purchase a documentation of this once in a lifetime experience. Join your friends on their trip and save with group discounts!

Skydiving gift certificates from Skydiving.com Saginaw also don’t need to be used in any one location. In fact, they are accepted at over 80 Skydiving.com affiliate skydiving centers around the country. They are also fully transferable. If your friends need a little convincing to jump out of a plane, our certificates are also valid for two years after the purchase so you can take your time. This is a truly unique gift and will be loved and cherished for years to come. They can also be purchased and used at any point during the year whether it’s for the holidays or a summer birthday. A gift certificate is also great as a planned or a surprise gift. Either way, you’re sure to please with a skydiving certificate from skydiving.com!

As always, our customer service representatives are here to help you. We can answer any questions you might have or ease any doubts. All you need to do is call us. We are available 7 days a week and are happy to help you. Skydiving.com offers the best options and deals and all of our partnered centers and trainers are fully certified so you can be sure that you’re buying a safe and fun experience.

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