Go Skydiving near Sacramento and hit Terminal Velocity!

Skydiving enthusiasts and first-timers will find all the information needed to get started on their adventure. Skydiving.com Sacramento helps facilitate some of the best skydiving resources in Northern California. Whether you’re new or experienced, we will guide you to a tandem, accelerated freefall and solo adventure for an amazing thrill.

Best Skydiving near Sacramento, CA!

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Go Skydiving in Sacramento and hit Terminal Velocity!
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Go Skydiving in Sacramento and hit Terminal Velocity!
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Skydiving enthusiasts and first-timers will find all the information needed to get started on their adventure. Skydiving.com Sacramento offers you some of the best skydiving resources in Northern California. Whether you’re new or experienced, we will guide you to our tandem, accelerated freefall and solo adventures for an amazing thrill.

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Skydiving in Sacramento, California

Skydiving is a thrilling experience surpassed by no other. Go from traveling 120 miles per hour through the sunny skies to a tranquil glide while taking in the beautiful view. The perfect experience to enjoy yourself or gift to a family member or a friend. The Skydiving.com Sacramento team is there to help you get a safe and memorable jump. Call today to book an appointment!

Exciting Options for the Thrill-Seeker!

Tandem Skydiving near Sacramento, California

Tandem Skydiving

Enjoy the exhilarating feel of flying. Popular with first timers, tandem skydiving is an amazing introduction to the wonders of skydiving. The team at Skydiving.com Sacramento will set you up with the best instructors to take you to the skies for a safe and exhilarating experience of a lifetime. Enjoy a breathtaking landscape from 14,000 feet in the sky. Feel the wind rushing past as you race through the blue skies. Tandem skydiving is an exciting, unforgettable adventure that leaves you with lasting memories. Learn more…

Advanced Skydive Training in Sacramento, California

Skydiving Certification

You’ve tried it and you loved it? Ready to jump right in from the start? Advanced training opens the door to even more types of exciting skydiving experience. With solo training, you have the option to enjoy Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) or Tandem Progression skydiving. The experts at Skydiving.com Sacramento affiliate dropzones provide all of the practical training needed to confidently make your solo jump. Learn to skydive solo with the professionals and earn your A-License. Learn more…

Skydiving Video Packages - Sacramento, California

Video Packages

The excitement of your skydive doesn’t have to end with the jump. Capture your experience with an affordable video package. Enlist a videographer or use a GoPro for an up close and personal video experience. The team at Skydiving.com Sacramento can help you choose the best package for your adventure. With a professionally filmed and edited video, you, your family and friends will share in the thrill of your skydiving experience again and again. Learn more…

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Skydiving is an exhilarating sport that provides an exciting experience while boosting your confidence. At Skydiving.com Sacramento, we bring to you a complete selection of skydiving services. Most options are available in the Sacramento area and these skydiving experts are friendly and knowledgeable. They will make sure you know all you need to know. With their wealth of experience, the instructors will guide you on a safe yet awe-inspiring jump into the atmosphere. Take an adventure on your own or bring a group with you. If you are looking to give a unique gift for birthdays or holidays, gift certificates are available.

The awesome scenery makes Sacramento the best place to skydive

Sacramento, the capital city of California, sits where the Sacramento and American River join. This Central Valley city boasts a coastal climate of wet, mild winters with average temps in the 40s and hot dry summers averaging about 73. The best time to visit is the dry season between spring and fall. Known as the sunniest location in the world during the summer months, Sacramento is ideal for experiencing clear blue skies on a jump. The delta sea breeze cools the warm summer air for a comfortable and scenic adventure.

Whether in the air or on the ground, Sacramento has a variety of historical and cultural spots to see. In addition to vintage homes and mansions, several landmarks draw visitors year-round. The Governor’s Mansion was the first home in California to feature an indoor bathroom. This Victorian-era mansion was home to several California Governors up to and including Ronald Reagan. The Sacramento State Capitol Building in all its glory and grandeur features a beautiful rotunda and an interior graced by elegant chandeliers, large staircases, and marble floors. It sits near Capitol Park where visitors can also explore the California Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

During the 19th Century, Old Sacramento served as the city’s commercial center. Today, the area is a National Landmark now hosting restaurants, hotels, shopping, and museums. The California State Railroad Museum is one of the world’s largest railway museums. Train aficionados will enjoy the collection of restored locomotives and railway cars. Those who are more of an art connoisseur will enjoy a visit to the Crocker Museum of Art. It features a collection of California art as well as art from Europe and East Asia. Collections also showcase contemporary art and photography.

Local events are popular in Sacramento. The summer is a perfect time to take in a festival after a thrilling skydive experience. Music lovers won’t be able to pass up the Sacramento Music Festival. The Memorial Day weekend is packed with all kinds of music from jazz to rock to pop. The California State Fair also features music along with exciting exhibits fun activities and amazing attractions. No adventure is complete without food. The Farm-to-Fork Taste of Summer Dine Around features samplings of local food from some of the Sacramento’s favorite restaurants. The Save Mart Grape Escape celebrates the best of Sacramento’s wine and food offerings.

Extend your adventure beyond the skies. Check out the many sights, sounds, tastes, and destinations Sacramento has to offer.

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Tandem Skydiving near Sacramento, California

Sacramento is The Best Choice for the Tandem Skydiving

Ready, set, jump right in with Tandem Skydiving. Popular with first timers, it’s easy to quickly get in the sky with no prior experience and enjoy that adrenaline pumping jump into the atmosphere. Harnessed to an instructor, you are free to be amazed by the experience without the worry of safety or parachute deployment That’s what your tandem instructor is for. With a bit of training with a certified instructor before the jump, you’ll know what to expect.

Upon arrival, you are greeted by the professional team. You will undergo a brief training covering the equipment used, how to properly exit the aircraft and how to position your body during free fall. Once training is complete, it’s time to gear up and head for the skies. You’ll take a short 15 to 20-minute ride in a comfortable airplane up into the skies. The anticipation builds as the plane climbs higher and higher but no need for second thoughts. A skydiving professional is right by your side.

Once you reach an altitude of 14,000 feet, it’s time to jump. The instructor securely attaches to your harness and you both move over to the door. The rushing wind and the sound of the plane surround you, but with a push off with your feet, you and the instructor are launched into the wild blue skies together to experience the rush of adrenaline.

The exhilarating 60-second freefall will bring you to speeds of 120 miles per hour. Remember, you are in the hands of a qualified professional and state of the art equipment. Once the instructor deploys the main parachute, your velocity slows down to about 5 miles per hour for a relaxing glide in the air. This is the time to take in the tranquility of the sky and the beauty of the surrounding landscape. You may feel a slight jerk but the slowdown in velocity is gradual so there’s no worry of injury to the body.

Your safety is a major concern throughout the entire jump. You can feel confident you made the right choice by choosing us to set up your once in a lifetime adventure. Your expert instructors are well versed in handling the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved equipment. Your safety is ensured by an expert instructor who deploys the main parachute with toggles to control the landing in the dropzone. If you’re feeling confident, you can even help the instructor steer. Although rare, if the main parachute fails, there are backups required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). A reserve chute is deployed in case of main chute failure. There is also an automatic activation device (AAD) that deploys the reserve chute automatically if you are still free falling below an unsafe altitude.

You will see the dropzone come into view. It is time to prepare for your landing. Your canopy or parachute has special toggles to help direct your landing. Your tandem instructor will safely guide you into your dropzone. Once you land, the skydiving team will be there to greet you. You can celebrate now that your skydive was completed safely and successfully.

While it’s common for people to be nervous before their first jump, skydiving is safer than riding in a car. With over 3 billion jumps made annually, less than 1% encounter any problems, just think of the sensational story you’ll have to tell when you get home or to the office.

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Advanced Skydiving Training in Sacramento, California

Go to the Next Level with Advanced Training

Ready to take skydiving to the next level and go solo? A tandem skydive certainly provides the thrills but a solo experience gives an intense adventure that emboldens a newfound confidence. With advanced training, you will become USPA certified for solo skydives. By earning your A license, you’ll ‘able to skydive solo at any of our USPA approved skydiving centers in our affiliate network. Experience the thrill and beauty of different drop zones for a unique experience each time you skydive. All of these instructors have comprehensive training experience and are USPA certified. You will learn the skills needed to be a proficient and safe skydiver wherever you go.

Learn about the two types of advanced training we offered at these dropzones. If you are ready to start skydiving solo, accelerated freefall is the most common and quickest way to achieve it. With our eight-level program, you make a smooth, easy transition from jumping with an instructor to jumping on your own.

For the first two levels, you jump with an instructor who holds you. This allows you to get in correct position and deploy your parachute while under direct supervision. If difficulties arise, the instructor is there to help you deploy your parachute. Once your canopy is safely deployed, the instructor moves away and deploys their parachute. This level is all about mastering the canopy and maintaining control for a safe landing.

After successfully demonstrating your ability to handle correct body positioning and deployment of your parachute on your own, you are ready for more advanced maneuvers. Starting in Level 4, you will learn how to perform some fancy aerial moves. The following levels will introduce even more moves. You’ll discover turns, flips, and forward movement. These may be fun and look cool but they are used to test your ability to recover control in the air after experiencing a potentially disorientating move.

Each level progressively advances you to your solo skydiving goal. After mastering the objectives of the seven prior lessons, you are ready for the final level. Jumping from about 5,000 feet, you perform a solo dive incorporating all the things learned from the prior levels. Successful completion of this skydive means you made it! Your dreams of becoming a full-fledged skydiver are now a reality. As a certified skydiver, you can make solo jumps at any of the centers in our partner network.

Tandem Progression is another form of advanced training available at a select few centers. If you want a more gradual and comfortable segue into solo diving, tandem progression may be for you. The team at Skydiving.com Sacramento’s nearest affiliate dropzone trains you with a combination of tandem dives and accelerated freefall training. You’ll go on three tandem jumps first. With each tandem jump, the instructor gives you more information and more responsibility until you are comfortable enough to start the accelerated freefall portion of the training. This is where you learn to skydive on your own. After completing the accelerated freefall training, you are ready to advance to coached jumps. Imagine the confidence and sense of accomplishment from completing your advanced training.

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Sacramento Skydiving Video Packages

Video Packages

You are embarking on a thrill of a lifetime, so you should be able to treasure this moment forever. It’s easy to do with some special video packages. Whether you are engaging in a tandem, an accelerated freefall, or a tandem progression skydive, these video packages can capture it all.
Your agent can easily assist you with upgrading your skydive with an added video package. Just ask your agent what packages are available at your chosen skydiving center.

With a video package, you, your friends, and your family will enjoy watching your skydive experience again and again. You may even convince them to try their own sensational skydive. You have the choice of bringing a videographer along on your skydive or using a GoPro video.

When you choose a videographer, they go with you on the jump recording everything from start to finish. You get a video story of your skydive. Moments such as the plane boarding and the airplane ride to the jumping altitude are captured. When it’s time to exit the plane, the videographer jumps out right along with you recording your intense freefall then gentle glide at parachute deployment. The videographer also stays with you to document your landing and your post-skydive celebration.

The GoPro choice offers a less expensive video package option than a videographer. With the GoPro video package, you capture a more intimate look at your skydive adventure. The GoPro is attached to your Tandem instructor. While you enjoy your thrilling skydive, the GoPro records the entire experience from your perspective.

Once your skydive is done, the video is professionally edited right there at the dropzone. Video formats are chosen for easy viewing or easy sharing on your social media. Thrill your family and make your friends jealous. Get the gift that keeps on giving time after time by adding a video package to your skydive adventure. Don’t jump without one.

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Sacramento Skydiving Gift Certificates

Thrill Family and Friends with a Gift Certificate!

Are you looking for a unique and exciting gift to give? Give the gift of skydiving. Gift certificates are a great birthday, Christmas, or anniversary present perfect for your adventure loving friends and family. Even those a little more timid will enjoy the rousing trip outside of their comfort zone.

First timers will appreciate a gift certificate for Tandem Skydiving. This option is the most popular choice and allows guests to fully enjoy the experience. With a certified instructor in tow, guests enjoy the intense feel and breathtaking views without worrying about handling equipment. The instructor safely handles everything. Those that have already enjoyed a stimulating skydive might want to advance further. We offer gift certificates for Level 1 of the Accelerated Freefall Advanced Training.

After the thrill of the skydive is over, it doesn’t have to end. Many still want to continue to relive it and you can with a video. Both the tandem and accelerated freefall gift certificates are also available with the addition of a video package. Guests can watch and share their adventure over and over again.

Whether you chose a gift certificate for the skydive only or with the added video package, you are still getting a great adventure. If the receiver of your gift certificate is unable to engage in their skydive, they can wait until they are available or gift the certificate to someone else. All of our gift certificates are fully transferable and valid for two years from your date of purchase. Use them at the nearest Skydiving.com Sacramento dropzone or visit any of the over 80 skydiving centers in our afifliate network.

Serving our customers in the best way we can is very important to us. You can always talk to our experts for help choosing the right gift certificate or skydiving package. Our customer service team is available seven days a week to answer any questions.

Don’t give the same old gifts. Give something new and get cool points with family and friends. Give the gift of skydiving with our gift certificates.

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Your skydiving adventure is right around the corner. Enjoy the thrill of flying. Immerse yourself in the surrounding beauty. Feel a new confidence in yourself. At Skydiving.com Sacramento, we offer choices of tandem, accelerated freefall, and tandem progression skydives. Our caring and professional team have your utmost safety in mind. With various levels of expert training and well-maintained state of the art equipment, you will be in expert hands. The team at Skydiving.com Sacramento are ready to set you up with a safe and exciting experience like no other. Add a video package to your skydive to capture and remember the thrilling experience. Contact us now to book your appointment.

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