Russellville; Let gravity take the wheel.

At Russellville, we pride ourselves in helping bring to you the best skydiving experience in Arkansas. Whether for the first-timer ready to experience the wonders and excitement of free fall, or the jump junkies looking to take their skydiving to the next level, our partners have all the offerings including video packages and expertise to make your day skydiving the ultimate experience.

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Let gravity take the wheel at Russellville, Arkansas.
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Let gravity take the wheel at Russellville, Arkansas.
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At Russellville, we pride ourselves in offering you the best skydiving experience in the state. Whether for the first-timer ready to experience the wonders and excitement of free fall, or the jump junkies looking to take their skydiving to the next level, we have all the offerings including video packages and expertise to make your day skydiving the ultimate experience.

Reach for the sky and call Russellville at 1-800-617-7948 today! You won’t regret it.

Let us give you a day you’ll never forget – and a video of your epic adventure to relive it. Enjoy the beautiful sights of the Lake Dardanelle region from 14,000 feet, all with the security of certified expert instructors. Wouldn’t that be the best? It’s the perfect gift for yourself or a friend.

Tandem Skydiving near Russellville, Arkansas

Tandem Skydiving

Experience the spine-tingling joys of freefall all while safely attached to an expert certified instructor who does almost all the work. All you have to do is enjoy the ride and the view above Arkansas. Don’t forget to smile for the camera. There’s no better or safer way to get the ultimate adrenaline rush and enjoy the beauty of the Lake Dardanelle region of Arkansas. Learn more…

Advanced Skydive Training in Russellville, Arkansas

Skydiving School

Want to take your skydiving experience to the next level? There’s no better place to do it than in Arkansas. Your friendly and expert instructors are ready to train you in one of two ways: Advanced Free Fall or Tandem Progression. Better yet, we’re standing by waiting to talk about the best fit for you. Then you’ll train and get ready to start performing aerial acrobatics and the ultimate: SOLO freefall. Learn more…

Skydiving Video Packages - Russellville, Arkansas

Video Packages Russellville wants you to go big and go home with a video to prove it. If you’re going to jump out of an airplane, the least you can do is get a high-quality video to show off to friends and family and on social media, right? We agree, which is why your the professionals offer a variety of video packages so that you can be the star of your own epic movie. No stunt-doubles here. Make sure you ask about available video options! Learn more…

The best offerings, views and videos!
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Let’s face it, skydiving is not for everybody. It takes a special kind of person to voluntarily toss themselves out of a perfectly operational airplane.

The kind of person like you. And we’re here to ensure it’s the safest, most breathtaking experience of your life.

If you’re ready to experience the ultimate in adrenaline-pumping excitement, Russellville partners are ready to provide everything you need from experienced certified and friendly instructors to professional video offerings. You can have it all.

With friendly and expert instructors, you’ll be in safe hands. Choose a tandem jump that will having you riding in the front seat, safely harnessed to a certified instructor ensuring your safety and doing almost all the work.

Or choose an advanced training program that will take your skydiving experience to new heights as you learn to land and freefall by yourself as well as perform cool aerial maneuvers. Russellville has you covered.

These expert instructors are all certified by the United States Parachute Association, which means they are highly trained.

And we’ll take care of everything else too. We offer group and holiday discounts as well as gift certificates. And of course, you can’t pull off something as epic as launching yourself out of an airplane without a top-notch video of the whole thing. We’ve got that covered, too.

Picture the looks on the faces of your family and friends as they see it all. They’ll see you boarding the plane, catch your wide eyes and deep breaths as the plane climbs to altitude and then your epic plunge out of the plane. They’ll see and hear it all.

At Russellville partnered dropzones, you can have everything to make your amazing adventure truly unforgettable. The hardest part is making the jump to pick up the phone.

There’s more adventure in store for you in Russellville.
We want you to have a skydiving adventure as unique as it is thrilling. Nowhere else can you sail through the sky viewing the natural beauty surrounding Russellville, located at the joining of the Arkansas River and 34,000-acre Lake Dardanelle. It’s a spectacular view.

And as inexplicably thrilling as your skydiving experience will be, your adventure doesn’t end when your feet hit the ground and you celebrate your triumph.

There’s more adventure in store for you in Russellville, Arkansas.

First, you may hit this historic downtown for some killer barbecue and beverages before heading out to sample our famous live music scene.
We would also recommend you book your adventure around a famous downtown events, such as the quarterly Downtown Art Walks, when locals come out for food, drink and music. Or perhaps the Downtown Fall Festival and Chili Cook-off is more to your taste.

Or, since you’ve already jumped through the skies over the lake, perhaps you want to go in it. Lake Dardanelle, made famous as a popular spot for professional Bassmaster fishing tournaments, offers a variety of amenities for your pleasure, including campsites, boat ramps, an outdoor amphitheater, a visitors’ center complete with aquariums, and a fishing pier. Or, rent a boat or kayak and spend the day paddling around those beautiful waters.

If chilling on the water or fishing aren’t your thing, take a 10-mile trip to Mount Nebo State Park for some hiking, biking or camping. Rising 1,350 feet, Mount Nebo offers sweeping and breathtaking views of the Arkansas River Valley. It also has 14 miles of trails, a mountain biking trail, campsites and even fully-equipped cabins complete with a kitchen and fireplace for those who want to do the outdoors thing in style and comfort.

Russellville is also home to the Pope County Fairgrounds, which hosts a number of events throughout the year including horse racing, music and the famous Pope County Fair, which draws more than 50,000 annually.

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Tandem Skydiving near Russellville, Arkansas

Tandem Skydiving: Feel It From the Front Seat!

Experience the chills and nerve-tingling thrills of skydiving all while safely secured to an expert instructor who has jumped out of a plane at least 500 times. Better yet, your instructor does almost all the work, leaving you a front-row seat for your epic plunge out of an airplane to your blissful canopy ride overlooking the stunning Arkansas River Valley, Ozark-St. Francis National Forest and Lake Dardanelle.

Sound awesome? We assure you it is. And it all starts when you call Russellville to begin your adventure.

The pros got your entire skydiving experience covered. All you have to do is show up ready to learn and have a blast.

Your day will start out when you meet your fellow jumpers and your friendly instructor whom you will wear as a backpack for your big jump. You’ll go over skydiving basics as well as get familiar with the equipment. You will also get fitted for your skydiving kit and go through basic training on exiting the plane, body positioning during freefall, emergency procedures and more.

After your training is complete, you’re ready to get your suit on and head to the plane. It’s go time!

The roar of the plane’s propellers sings in your ears as the plane climbs to altitude. Around you fellow-jumpers are getting ready for the big moment. There are thumbs-up, pats on the back, deep breaths and then the doors open and your heart pounds in anticipation. Your expert instructor moves you into position and suddenly…you’re free-falling.

Fear and anticipation fly away with the unbelievable awe of a free fall. Behind you, your instructor keeps track of your positioning and altitude. All you have to do is scream and smile and wonder why you never did this before.

All too soon (it seems) your instructor deploys the parachute and with a tug, you’re suddenly gliding above the beauty of the Lake Dardanelle region wishing you had more sets of eyes to take it all in.

And then your instructor glides you into the landing zone and your feet hit the ground. You did it. There are a flurry of slaps on the back and handshakes, but it’s all a blur and you rush over to grab the video so you can relive it all over again.

And then if you’re like so many others, you begin planning your next tandem skydive. It’s that addicting.

Tandem Parachuting in Russellville!

Still a little unsure? Not a problem. Voluntarily jumping out of an airplane isn’t the easiest thing to wrap your head around, but tandem skydiving is the safest way to do it.

Besides, although people still think we’re nuts for launching ourselves through the air from 14,000 feet, we know the truth. It’s actually not that crazy.

Statistically speaking, the National Safety Council says you’re far more likely to die in a car accident while driving to the airfield (1 in 113) or by slipping and falling somehow (1 in 133) than by skydiving (roughly 1 in 100,000). But, uh, feel free to keep those facts to yourself when your friends are watching the video of your epic jump. We won’t tell.

Our expert instructors are trained to put your safety first. They are all certified by the United States Parachute Association, which means they have at least three years of skydiving experience, more than 500 jumps and a master parachute license from a Federal Aviation Administration-approved organization. They also have to pass an FAA medical exam as well as a certification course given by the manufacturer of the parachute that will be used on the jump. These are highly trained people.

And then there’s the equipment.

The FAA requires all tandem parachute kits to be packed with a main and reserve parachute. They are also equipped with an automatic activation device, which is programmed to deploy the parachute if the skydiver is at freefall speeds at a certain altitude. All of this is to ensure your safety and put your mind at ease so you can enjoy the incredible joys of skydiving.

And it is amazing. Plus, with one of our Russellville video packages, you’ll be able to show friends and family and your social media world exactly how awesome it was.

Ready to take the plunge and start your epic skydiving adventure? There’s no better place than Russellville. We’ve got the stunning scenery, the expert instructors, video packages, available group discounts, and gift certificates to hand out to friends after they watch your video. We have it all, but you have to make the first move if you want to jump in Arkansas.

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Advanced Skydiving Training in Russellville, Arkansas

Advanced Training: Raise Your Skydiving Game!

In order to truly experience what skydiving is all about, you need to learn how to do it on your own.

At Russellville, we get it, which is why we recommend a pair of advanced training courses aimed at teaching you all you need to know to experience solo free fall.

Your expert instructors will get you up to speed in no time. Depending on your prior experience, skill level and personal preference, we know the perfect course for you.

The Accelerated Free Fall course is the fast-track. Here, you will be diving in your own skydiving kit right from the start while a pair of instructors hold your harness and coach you on the way down. On each successive jump, you will be given more and more responsibility and freedom as you get more comfortable with tracking and monitoring altitude, deploying your parachute and landing. Ultimately, you will transition to release dives, where your instructor will release hold of your harness and you are on your own.

If that sounds like things move too quickly, no problem. Check out a Tandem Progression course that is more gradual. You start out harnessed to your instructor for the first three dives, allowing you time and comfort to learn the skills necessary for your ultimate transition into Accelerated Free Fall.

Both courses aim to teach you all you need to enjoy the thrills of solo free fall, not to mention do cool aerial flips and turns, as soon as you are ready.

And Russellville is the perfect place to do it. Our partners’ friendly and knowledgeable instructors will have you up to speed quickly, and if you’re going to be jumping multiple times, we can’t think of a better venue than over Lake Dardanelle and the Ozark Forest with Mount Nebo and the Arkansas River Valley in the distance. You’ll never tire of the view. It would be perfect.

These courses also put you well on your way to completing the requirements necessary to become a United States Parachute Association-certified (A-Licensed) skydiver. This designation allows you to jump solo at any USPA-approved skydiving center, including the more than 80 in our affiliate network.

Accelerated Free Fall Training in Russellville, Arkansas

Accelerated Free Fall: The Fast Lane to Solo Free Fall

Skydiving captured your soul and now you want to experience it solo? We understand, which is why we recommend the Accelerated Free Fall course – the fastest way to get you experiencing solo freefall.

Your experienced and friendly instructors will teach you all you need to know to be able to skydive on your own, and do some cool aerial acrobatics while you’re at it.

This program will have you jumping while wearing your very own skydiving kit and parachute pack from the very first jump. You will be accompanied by a pair of instructors who will hold onto your harness on the way down to coach you and reinforce different skills you were taught on the ground. They’ll be there to help you out, too, if you require assistance.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Equipment basics
  • Proper technique to exit the airplane
  • Proper body positioning and free fall techniques
  • How to keep track of your positioning and altitude
  • Proper canopy deployment and emergency recognition and procedures.

Your expert instructors wil teach you everything you’ll need to experience the ultimate: skydiving on your own.

During the first three jumps, your instructors will be holding onto your harness during freefall and using hand signals to communicate with you, giving you real-time information and critique. There are even extra pull tabs on your parachute should they need to assist.

But with ground training and instructors right there, you should be fine doing this on your own. Once you’ve demonstrated the ability to deploy your canopy and land on your own, you will be ready for the next step: Release dives.

As the name suggests, this will involve your instructor releasing hold of your harness at a certain point in freefall. Now you know what solo free fall feels like, and it’s amazing.

Now your confidence is building and you’re ready for some fun. Your instructor will work with you on aerial maneuvers such as barrel rolls, flips and turns.

Although these are super fun and look cool on camera, we have a method to the madness. You’re being taught on how to better control your body during free fall and also how to recover from disorienting maneuvers.

At this point, you’re doing everything on your own and your training is complete.

If you’re like us, you’ll want to keep going and move to coached jumps that will teach you additional skills, such as how to skydive safely in groups. But perhaps more importantly, you’ll be increasing your jump-count toward the ultimate goal of the 25 necessary to obtain your United States Parachute Association certification license.

This will allow you to jump solo at any USPA-approved skydiving center, including any of the more than 80 within our affiliate network.

Up your skills and master the sky with an amazing Accelerated Freefall course.

Start your journey toward the freedom and thrills of solo skydiving today.

Call our experts at Russellville now: 1-800-617-7948

Russellville, Arkansas Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Tandem Progression: Solo at Your Own Speed!

If you’re ready to take your skydiving experience up a notch and work towards doing it on your own, Russellville knows the perfect advanced course for you.

The Accelerated Free Fall course if the most popular option, but we know it’s not for everybody. For some, the thought of starting out with your own parachute pack, attached to your instructors by only their grip is a little intimidating.

No problem.

The Tandem Progression program is the perfect answer. It allows you to jump harnessed to your instructor for the first three jumps. Not only does this ease many fears and anxieties – after all, your friendly instructor has done this more than 500 times – but it also allows students to learn skills and build confidence at a more gradual pace.

Securely attached to your instructor, you will make three skydives. During both the jumps as well as the on-the-ground training, you will learn vital skills such as:

  • Properly exiting the airplane
  • Proper freefall technique
  • Tracking your position and altitude
  • Properly deploying your parachute and more

All these skills are aimed at preparing you for your solo dives.

After your third tandem skydive, your instructor has given you more and more responsibilities and you are ready to transition into the Accelerated Free Fall program.

Now you’re ready to start experiencing what skydiving is all about. You will shed your instructor from your back and wear your own skydiving kit and parachute.

You will make your initial dives with a pair of instructors alongside you, holding your harness and coaching you, or assisting you, depending upon what is required.

Again, the goal is to reinforce your skills and give you more and more freedom and control. By this time, your skills and confidence level are building and you should be comfortable deploying your canopy and landing.

Once you can land on your own, you’re likely ready for some solo free falling, which you will begin doing with some “release” dives. Instead of hanging onto your harness until parachute deployment, your instructor will release you at a certain point and you’re basically on your own.

Now for the fun part. You will learn aerial maneuvers such as flips, turns and barrel rolls. Not only will these look awesome for the camera, but you’ll also be learning how to deal with and recover from disorienting maneuvers.

Now your training is complete, but you’ll likely want to continue on with coached dives. These allow you to learn how to skydive in a group, but also will help you increase your jump counts toward the magic 25 necessary to obtain a United States Parachute Association certification license that will allow you to jump solo at any USPA-approved skydiving center, including all of ours in the affiliate network.

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Russellville Skydiving Video Packages

Video Packages for Shooting Stars

You’ve experienced the nerve-pulsing thrills of jumping out of an airplane and lived to tell the tale. Don’t just tell it. Show it.

Imagine the scene when family and friends and friends gather around to watch your video. The oohs and aaahs as they watch you ride up to altitude and take your brave leap into the blue sky. The laughter and nods of respect as they watch you freefall and soar above the beautiful Arkansas River Valley. That’s almost as good as the jump itself, right? Well, no, but it is still pretty good.

Check out a full range of video packages you can purchase when you call Russellville, each will give you an incredible timeless memento of your amazing adventure.

And these videos are easily shareable on social media, so if you want to post your skydive, be our guest. But expect your social media feed to blow up when you do.

The top package will hook you up with a videographer who will film nearly every aspect of your day, from climbing into the airplane, to your thoughts and expressions on the plane ride to altitude. And of course, your plunge from the plane.

But the videographer is going with you to capture the entire ride down from free fall to the blissful canopy ride over the beautiful landscape to the landing and your post-landing celebration – so have a good one planned.

You’ll get it all so you can relive the amazing experience over and over again. Or show your friends. Or even show and shut up that pompous braggart by the water cooler.

Another option is the more affordable GoPro package. This entails your instructor wearing a GoPro camera for your jump, giving you an entirely different but still spectacular vantage point.

All videos are professionally edited on site and are also available via Gift Certificate.

You never get a second chance for your first skydive, so make sure it’s captured on film. You won’t regret it.

And even if you’re an experienced jump junkie, our video packages will capture all your in-air acrobatics as well as the surrounding beauty of the Lake Dardanelle region. Russellville recommends a variety of video packages including ones for Tandem, Accelerated Free Fall and Tandem Progression skydives, so make sure you talk with one of our friendly professional to ensure you get the best package for you.

Certain moments in life are worth preserving on film, and your skydiving experience will be one of them.

Capture all the Thrills and Chills.
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Russellville Skydiving Gift Certificates

Giving the Ultimate Gift of Thrill: Skydiving Gift Certificates!

Tired of giving the same old gifts to friends, loved ones or top clients? Looking for that perfect unforgettable present? Look no further. Give the ultimate gift: Adrenaline.

Your friend or loved one won’t forget it…after all, they’ll be jumping out of an airplane. That’s not easily forgotten. And include one of our video packages in the gift and he or she will have a timeless film of their spine-tingling jump. Plus, you’ll get to see it all. Every scream. Every smile. A Russellville Gift Certificate is the gift that keeps on giving.

Picture the look on their face as they are in the plane getting ready to jump. See and hear their screams as they plunge into the blue sky. See their delighted smiles on the free fall down and their awe and wonder as they look around in bliss during their canopy ride to the ground.

Can you think of a better gift than that? We can’t either.

For the first-time skydiver, there is no better place to take the plunge than with the friendly and expert instructors. We offer Tandem Skydiving certificates, which is perfect for a rookie. Your friend will learn the ropes with a highly-trained instructor who will jump safely harnessed to their back and do almost all the work. All your friend has to do is scream, howl, smile for the camera and try to remember to thank you later for giving the perfect gift..

Or if your recipient is a seasoned jumper, we offer certificates for Accelerated Free Fall Level one training program. The AFF program is aimed at teaching skydivers everything they need to know to take their skydiving to the next level and experience solo freefall.

And we may be biased, but our city offers a breathtaking backdrop for skydivers. Overlooking the joining of the Arkansas River and beautiful Lake Dardanelle and flanked by the Ozark Mountains, Russellville offers timeless natural beauty you can’t find just anywhere.

And if your client would rather jump someplace else? Not a problem. Our certificates are accepted at more than 80 affiliate skydiving centers across the country. They are also fully transferable and valid two years from purchase date. Customer service is available seven days a week, s. So there’s nothing to worry about.

Give the gift they’ll never forget. They’ll thank you for it.

Get Your Gift Certificate!

You can now purchase online right thru But you might want to give one of our friendly experts a call to see if we are running any specials or if you qualify for any discounts!

Shop on!

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At Russellville partnered dropzones, you can have it all from friendly expert instructors for tandem or advanced training courses. So whether you’re a seasoned skydiver or a first-timer, we can find the perfect package for you. You can also purchase full video services so you can relive and share your incredible experience with friends and family, as well as gift certificates for those looking to give the ultimate gift. We promise an experience you’ll never forget.

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