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Your experience will be lead by a highly experienced team of Free Fall professionals. These Tandem instructors comply with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations requiring 500 skydives prior to teaching, and the equipment they use meets or exceeds FAA expectations. Embrace the unknown and step outside of your comfort zone. Check out solo and Tandem services for skill levels ranging from novice to advanced.

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Get all the information you need by calling today at 1-800-617-7948! Riverside offers premier skydiving services in California!
Call 1-800-617-7948 Now! Riverside offers premier skydiving services in California!
Call 1-800-617-7948 Now!

Your experience will be lead by our highly experienced team of Free Fall professionals. Our Tandem instructors comply with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations requiring 500 skydives prior to teaching, and our equipment meets or exceeds FAA expectations. Those rules dictate the inclusion of secondary parachute activation features in Tandem and solo parachute systems that reduce the risk of a life-threatening situation. They also mandate the reliable packing of all of our parachutes by highly trained riggers. Embrace the unknown and step outside of your comfort zone. We offer solo and Tandem services for skill levels ranging from novice to advanced.

Get all the information you need by calling today at 1-800-617-7948!

Tandem Skydiving in Riverside, California
Skydiving Video Packages in Riverside, California
Advanced Skydiving in Riverside, California

We all dream of flying; not in an airplane, but unsupported. Skydiving is the only sport in the world where you can experience the world the way a bird does. Speed, inertia, wind resistance. For a brief instant, these are the only forces you need to concern yourself with. Arrange an experience like no other today!

Whatever your experience level is, we know there is an option for you.

Tandem Skydiving near Riverside, California

Tandem Skydiving

The perfect option for beginners, this safe method of skydiving enables you to feel confident that everything you do is double-checked by a professional jumper. Afraid of going it alone? You won’t have to! Learn how to stabilize yourself while supervised in real time. With a Tandem skydive option, everything is under control. Learn more…

Advanced Skydive Training in Riverside, California

Skydiving Certification

Want to learn more of the nuts and bolts of skydiving so that you can do it independently? Sign up for Skydiving School. Riverside recommends either one of two courses available: Tandem Progression and Accelerated Free Fall (AFF). Based on our years of experience, we’ll figure out which course is ideal for you. Rest assured that when we’re through with you, you’ll be where you want to be. Learn more…

Skydiving Video Packages - Riverside, California

Video Packages

Feeling a peculiar urge to redefine yourself? What better first step is there than jumping from a plane? Riverside can figure out which of several options for recording your jumps in common video formats is best for you, enabling you to play them on your computer, as well as publish them on social media. They’re all filmed in high definition, there won’t be any stunt doubles in this take! Learn more…

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We do everything we can to ensure your experience at our affiliate dropzone is a safe one. All of your tandem instructors conform to the requirements defined by the FAA, meaning they must have 500 skydives under their belt, have been skydiving for 3 years, and hold an FAA recognized master parachute license. Furthermore, as a member of the United States Parachute Association (USPA), these instructors must meet that organization’s requirements as well. Finally, we will assess whether our clients meet the health requirements necessary to do such an intense sport.

We make it possible to not only experience skydiving first-hand, but to also learn to do it by yourself in a way that the USPA recognizes, opening up the opportunity to skydive at all USPA approved locations. You can learn in the standard manner via the Accelerated Free Fall method, or if you’re more of a tactile learner and think things will move more quickly than you’re comfortable with if you do AFF, then we also have a program that introduces you to the important nitty-gritty details a solo student needs to know while you’re skydiving in Tandem rather than in a classroom. In the end, you’ll learn the same material. Whichever course you choose, once the introductory stuff is out of the way, you will perform 8 solo skydives with professional instructors.

Our partnered dropzones have the camera gear and the editors needed to turn your skydive into an envy-inducing piece of cinema. Add music at no extra charge.

Buy a gift certificate and pay it forward to a special person in your life. Our gift certificates can be used for Tandem skydives or certain Accelerated Free Fall coursework. Unexpected scheduling problems? We’ll still honor your gift certificate. You can also use the certificates to pay for video packages!

If you’re really ambitious, check out wingsuit training. Do we have your attention now?

Thinking of free falling somewhere remote? There’s a better way!

If you’re going to go to the trouble of jumping out of an airplane, you really should set aside some time to find a drop zone with some nice scenery. Well, look no further than the area near Riverside, California. Home of the University of California Botanical Garden and the only place where you can find a Parent Navel Orange Tree (there aren’t any more anywhere else), Riverside is semi-arid and houses Box Springs Mountain, a prominent, 3000-foot distinguishing feature and landmark of the region that will serve as a stimulating sight as you return to Earth.

Still thinking? Consider this: 12,000 feet is pretty chilly. Imagine free falling through that sort of air only to pull your canopy and land in dry, 96-degree June heat. That sounds like a nice conclusion, don’t you think? Have goosebumps? Good.

What’s the environment like? We’re glad you asked. Every location needs a distinguishing geographic feature. Riverside’s is Box Springs Mountain. Part of the Box Springs Mountain Reserve, the mountain is marked by a 132-foot tall letter C, courtesy of students from University of California Riverside.

Not ready to come down from the rush of plummeting at double the speed limit yet? Stay a while and check out some local events. Meet famous racers at the Legends of Racing Film Festival, or Check out the work of intellectual movers and shakers in the region at the Long Night of Art & Innovation if you’re coming in March.

Pulse back to normal and looking for something more low-key? With Riverside’s local culture, you’re in the right place. At least 34 television and cinema films have been shot there at least partially, including Eagle Eye (2008), The Man in the Iron Mask (1998), Black Samurai (1977), The Love Bug (1968), and On the Beach (1959). Movie trivia not your thing? Get cerebral instead by checking out the myriad museums in the city, including the Riverside International Automotive Museum, the March Field Air Museum, and the Entomology Research Museum.

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Tandem Skydiving near Riverside, California

Tandem Skydiving: Double your dopamine!

Beginner? Want to build a skydiving skill set? Tandem jumping is a good, safe way to get started. Your instructors strive to make this as safe and awesome an adventure as possible. As a member of the United States Parachute Association (USPA), Riverside partners obey strict guidelines pertaining to safety and certification. For instance, your instructors maintain an Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Class III medical certification. Also, not only must these instructors’ general skydiving skills be top notch, they must also be trained on the specific Tandem harness they will be using by the employees of the company that makes it.

So, what are the details of tandem skydiving? First of all, are you at least 18 years old? Good. Hurdle 1 cleared. As you’ve likely realized by this point, Tandem skydiving involves jumping while attached to an instructor. You go below, and the instructor carries the parachutes. They will show you some techniques, and at all points, the instructor will be responsible for the dive. They will control the parachute handle and make sure to pull it at the right altitude. With them there, you won’t need to concern yourself with keeping yourself oriented properly or avoiding tumbling. Worried about the main parachute not working? Not a problem, your instructor will have a backup. Worried they’ll pack them wrong? Not an issue. To comply with FAA rules, everyone who packs a parachute must be an expert rigger, and they are paid to dedicate all their time to it.

Most dropzones have two senior riggers and one master rigger. What’s involved in becoming a certified rigger? You must demonstrate proficiency in three ways. The most intense is the practical test. You have to pack 20 parachutes and make sure they’re in good condition. The test for becoming a master rigger is even more intense. You need to have packed 200 parachutes before they’ll even let you take the test. Then, you need to show that you can handle repairing a number of components of a parachute and that you can refurbish a harness, too. You also need to be able to recognize different construction materials. Parachutes are taken very seriously.

Also worth mentioning is that if you’re totally sketched out about not having any ability to manually deploy your canopy, we’ve got good news. You will have a main parachute handle as well, in the unlikely event the instructor is unable to use his, and you will be shown how to use it in advance, per FAA requirements. If that responsibility raises your blood pressure, again, rest easy. Even if both of you are unable to deploy your canopy, FAA regulation 14 CFR Part 105.45 requires Tandem reserve parachutes to be connected to an automatic activation device (AAD). It’s a gadget that makes the decision for you if you get too low.

Prior to your jump, your instructor will sit down with you and explain what to expect, emergency contingencies, the altitude you will jump from, and the point at which you two will deploy your parachute. They will also help you put on your harness. You’ll board a plane with your videographer, instructor, and possibly other skydivers, then take off. When you reach your drop zone, after climbing 10,000 to 14,000 feet, you will jump out with your instructor, and for roughly a minute, you will be a human shaped paperweight. Nervous?

After literally letting go and pulling a Superman, your Tandem master will pull a handle and your mutual parachute will deploy above you. From that point on, it’s all about enjoying the view. For many thousands of years, humans have wished they could glide above the ground like a bird. Most never got to. But here you are, you’ll think, living a caveman’s dream.

Finally, after building rapport with your instructors, you will retain the option to invest in more serious training along two potential training tracks geared to make you able to do unsupervised solo dives at USPA member locations: Accelerated Free Fall (AFF), and Tandem Progression. Once you’ve completed one of these programs, built a large body of experience, and are still hungry for a radical challenge, you can sign up for a wingsuit course. The bottom line is that Riverside partners are fully equipped to entertain, train, and certify you in an impressive array of valuable and fun skill sets.

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Advanced Skydiving Training in Riverside, California

Still got something to prove? Get advanced!

Adrenaline starting to wear off? Maybe you’re ready to graduate to skydiving solo. Riverside recommends two complete training packages for learning to skydive solo by a highly knowledgeable staff. Once you have that in your quiver, you can jump by yourself with any company the USPA recognizes. That’s great, because all affiliate locations are USPA certified, and their trainers are certified by them.

There are two course options when you decide to take the plunge: Accelerated Free Fall and Tandem Progression. Accelerated Free Fall is a faster program, and the route most people usually take. It consists of eight training steps, and at each step of your training, you will begin with classroom education followed by field training under the constant supervision of one or more of our instructors at a time. The curriculum conforms to the learning objectives of the USPA Integrated Student Program. During the beginning of this training program, the student and instructor are in constant physical contact during free fall. Your instructors will also maintain contact with you through a radio voice link. High tech, eh? The toys don’t stop there. You will also have an automatic activation device (AAD) in case, for whatever reason, you and your instructor don’t deploy your canopy on schedule. And don’t worry, your instructor will make sure you can do what you need to do if we lose physical or radio contact.

Tandem Progression works a little differently, but both it and Accelerated Free Fall conform to the expectations of the USPA Integrated Student Program, meaning they possess identical Targeted Learning Objectives, or TLOs. In fact, both plans use a core of Advanced Free Fall training. The difference is that Tandem Progression precedes this core training with three skydives in a Tandem configuration. This way, you’ll avoid needing a Christopher Nolan style info dump in the beginning that might make things stressful. The idea is to gain gradual hands-on experience prior to going solo.

Accelerated Free Fall Training in Riverside, California

Tandem feel too much like sightseeing? Try Accelerated Free Fall!

If the urge to jump from a tall height has remained with you following your first tandem skydive, maybe your body is trying to tell you something. Accelerated Free Fall is the curriculum most people follow to obtain a USPA solo skydiving authorization. It is a timely, 8 level process by which you go from greenhorn to free fall powerhouse. Sound cool?

The 8 levels of Accelerated Free Fall training each consist of a solo dive accompanied by instructors. The dives slowly build up your skillset in a supervised environment. Before you start Level 1, though, you will undergo Ground School training totaling about 5 hours. The difference between Accelerated Free Fall and the less expensive Static Line Progression is that in the latter training style, an instructor is put in charge of more than one student, whereas in Accelerated Free Fall, it’s 1 or 2 instructors to each student. You get more attention and improve faster.

At first, your solo training will be harness-hold, meaning your instructor won’t let go of you until you pull your chute handle. After you’ve mastered some basics, you will conduct your first release skydive. In this dive, your instructor will still hold on for a while, but then at some point will let go of you and let you show what you can do so far. It’ll help you learn and help them gauge how well you’re learning. In subsequent skydives, the instructor will remain focused on ascertaining your mastery, and with them close by, the student can watch them demonstrate proper technique. When it is all over, you will all review a video of your dive together and identify areas you should focus on next time.

Prior to every skydive, you and your instructor will inspect your gear. You will be assigned a list of maneuvers to conduct that reflect that day’s learning objectives. Every day, you’ll practice a new set of power moves. You’ll learn 90-degree turns, positioning yourself upwind of your landing area, and forward motion. On your third dive, you’ll be unattached to your instructor at all times. Don’t worry though; if your skills aren’t demonstrated to be good enough yet for this next step, you won’t advance until they are. As the series of dives progresses, you will learn and perform more and more advanced power moves. At the start of each training day, before you jump out of anything, your instructor will go over the materials learned to date. As you improve, you’ll learn things like tracking and front rolls, the kinds of the tricks that defined your mental image of skydiving when you were a kid. Well, they’re real, and you can do them yourself. Finally, you’ll conclude the program with one final demonstration of your understanding of the skills you learned.

One thing you’ll hear in this curriculum time and again is the importance of confidence. Do you have the control necessary to get the job done when seconds count? Our mission is to make the answer to that question invariably “Yes”.

Riverside, California Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Want to take it a little slower? Tandem Progression is for you.

Freaking out about going solo right out of the gate? Understandable. No need to rush. Tandem Progression is designed to make the transition from Tandem to solo less sudden. Naturally, all of the FAA rules relating to Tandem jumping are still in play in the Tandem part of this scenario. You still carry an automatic activation device (you carry one of these in the Accelerated Free Fall portion as well, for the record). Your instructor still needs a ton of training and your harness still needs a student deployment handle that you can pull in the event you need to deploy your canopy yourself. You will still carry a reserve parachute, as well.

While this training isn’t used as often as Accelerated Free Fall, they both employ 8 Accelerated Free Fall skydives. The difference is that they are labelled differently. Whereas in pure Accelerated Free Fall programs, each skydive is assigned a level between 1 and 8, in Tandem Progression, the classifications are defined by training categories which are denoted by letters that range from C to E. The three Tandem skydives are defined as part of the categories A and B. Preceding A and B is a period of ground training so you have some idea what you’re doing before you start your field training. Your instructor will show you how to react to an emergency situation and how to maneuver, among other things. On the third dive, you’ll do what you were taught during the first two skydives, but without intervention by your instructor. They’ll just be there to see how you do and help jog your memory in a pinch. You’ll handle everything from free fall to landing, all with help immediately available. On the next few dives, your first solo ones, your instructor(s) will remain in physical contact with you, just the way it would be if you had chosen Accelerated Free Fall rather than the Tandem Progression track.

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Riverside, California Skydiving Video Packages

Look Hollywood cool without all the green screen.

Don’t go home without an awesome trophy to show other people. Skydiving is an emotional gauntlet. Spoils are half the fun of waging battles. So, whether you just feel like jumping out of a plane once in your life, or you want to make it a regular thing, recording it for posterity makes a lot of sense. Show your wife. Show your husband. Show your mom and dad. Show your overachiever coworkers. Show your kids fifteen years from now when they insist you were probably born a stick in the mud. Show yourself when you need reassurance of just how awesome you can be when you resolve to do something. Riverside partners are equipped to record and edit a video of anything you do through them, even if it’s training material. The video fee you pay is for an individual jump. If you decide to pull the trigger on this, and want premium content, we will arrange for a videographer to join you on your flight and record your experience up close and personal. Too pricey? If you plan to do a Tandem jump, option two is to have your movie shot with a GoPro camera, the same kind sometimes used to shoot extreme sports videos for Red Bull. If you are jumping in Tandem, your instructor will wear one. Just try not to scream too loud. Want something more awesome than a simple, full length recording of the whole event? We thought you might. Our affiliate dropzones offer a complimentary editing service that will also dub in music that you specify. John Barry too dated? Hans Zimmer is a hot item in Hollywood right now. Just a suggestion. You won’t even have to wait long for it because in half an hour, you’ll have a DVD copy to take home.

When you sign up for a video service, you’ll get your movie in a format you can play on your computer or upload onto the internet. The video service can be ordered with gift cards and can be included for either a Tandem skydive, an Accelerated Free Fall skydive, or a Tandem Progression skydive. When added to a skydive, the cost is $99.

Need more convincing? Think about it, you probably take pictures of your vacations, right? You want to be able to go back to that place in the future. That feeling. The value of this video service is the same value as that of those vacation photos, weighted 1000% by awesome.

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Riverside, California Skydiving Gift Certificates

Give the gift of awesome!

Did you jump out of a plane once and have such an awesome time, you wanted to help someone else discover it? Are you simply open-minded and trying to think of a great present for someone who talks about skydiving a lot? If either one is true, first, thank you for thinking of us. Second, you’re in the right place. A Riverside gift certificate can be applied to either an individual Tandem skydive or Level 1 of the Accelerated Free Fall program. It doesn’t matter at which affiliate branch of your friend or loved one uses the gift certificate, it will be honored anywhere in the country for up to 2 years from the purchase date. If money is a concern at all, you should be aware of two things. The first is that individual skydives purchased through Riverside are not too expensive, especially given all of the factors involved that can lead to costs creeping in, namely the cost of aircraft fuel, the cost to maintain a workforce of skydiving experts, the cost of video recording, and the cost of conducting training both on the ground and in the air.

Not only can your loved one take home an awesome video recording of their experience, but a professional team will edit it to maximize its rewatch value. It’s a fun investment that is totally worth it. You should also be aware that intermittently, you will be able to find discounts for us through

Worried about your loved one’s safety? Understandable, but rest assured, we’re good at what we do. These dropzones belong to the United States Parachute Association (USPA) and to remain recognized by that body, a dropzone is required to meet their expectations for safety. The USPA also has a rule that Tandem instructors must have at least 500 skydives worth of experience before they can become certified. Between these two governing bodies, these instructors know the ins and outs of their profession in fine detail. Meanwhile, riggers, the people who pack our parachutes, are subject to strict FAA criteria pertaining to knowledge of the packing and repair of skydiving canopies. Senior riggers weren’t allowed to assume that mantle until they had completed an apprenticeship followed by a three part test that included verifying the condition of and then packing 20 parachutes. Master riggers are subject to even higher expectations, including an advanced knowledge of parachute repair, not just of the canopy itself, but of the harness and the lines that attach those components to each other. Meanwhile, parachute systems are designed to enable our clients to land safely, even if something unforeseen happens. They include a backup parachute and an instrument that senses if something is wrong and deploys your parachute for you called an automatic activation device, or AAD. Easy breezy.

Last but not least, if life throws a curveball and all of a sudden, your loved one can’t make it to their scheduled dive, it’s ok! We’ll just reschedule it.

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Staffed by well trained, friendly skydiving experts, Riverside partnered dropzones are the go-to place for safe, exciting skydiving arrangements. We know our stuff, and are enthusiastic about introducing our favorite pastime to a wider audience. Come for a day and get an adrenaline fix, or start down a path that will, in a short time, enable you to safely play in midair solo, with the confidence that the United States Parachute Association (USPA) is comfortable with and recognizes your level of training. Still not enough? We also can set you up with video packages and gift certificates!

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