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Reno is knows as “The Biggest Little City in the World” famous for its casinos as well as the birthplace for the well known Caesars Entertainment Corporation. Reno offer year-round activities like Skydiving, which soaring over the Sierra Nevada Mountains & Lake Tahoe is something you’ll just have to experience yourself!

Defy Gravity with in Reno! is the #1 choice for first time skydivers. Reno in Nevada will have you soaring through the skies over the breathtaking views during a high-adrenaline experience that is unlike anything you will see or do in Nevada!

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Call 1-800-617-7948 Now! Reno an Experience of a lifetime! View Lake Tahoe & Sierra Nevada Mountains like never before…Call 1-800-617-7948 Now!

Reno is knows as “The Biggest Little City in the World” famous for its casions as well as the birthplace for the well known Caesars Entertainment Corporation. Reno offer year-round activities like Skydiving, which soaring over the Sierra Nevada Mountains & Lake Tahoe is something you’ll just have to experience yourself!

Defy Gravity with in Reno Nevada! is the #1 choice for first time skydivers. Reno in Nevada will have you soaring through the skies over the breathtaking views during a high-adrenaline experience that is unlike anything you will see or do in Nevada!

Don’t Hide from Your Fears. Instead, Let the World Know How Strong You Are!

Tandem Skydiving in Reno

Tandem Skydiving

This “safer” version of skydiving is for the enthusiast who just wants a taste of the rush without committing to free fall. You’ll be attached to a Jumpmaster, a professional with hundreds of jumps under his/her belt, so you can sit back and enjoy the ride. There’s still plenty to take in with Tandem skydiving in beautiful Nevada! Learn more…

Reno Certified Skydiving

Advanced Training

If you want to take skydiving to the next level, consider enrolling in a skydiving course. You can earn your right to jump solo, or work toward a certification in skydiving. Once certified in skydiving you can teach others how to surf the sky! Don’t let anybody hold you back from your skydiving goals. We want you to strive to become a Jumpmaster. Learn more…

Skydiving Videos in Reno, Nevada

Video Packages

It’s not uncommon for you to videotape important events in your life, from prom to graduation, your marriage to the birth of a child. So, why don’t you capture your first skydive on tape? You can relive your skydiving experience over and over. While you watch yourself on film, reliving the greatest moment of your life! Say cheese…

Skydiving Gift Certificates in Reno Nevada

Gift Certificates

Send friends or family a gift to beat all gifts with a Tandem skydiving package. Tandem jumps can be redeemed at any of our affiliate drop zones across the country. No more wondering what you can get those relatives that don’t live in the same state. We also offer special rates and discounts for holidays & military population. Get yours…

There’s a Party in the Reno sky…

…And you can consider this your invitation for the event of a lifetime…

14,000 feet above Nevada!

Skydiving for the Soul

I would bet never seriously considered the idea of skydiving before; you are probably visiting our site because you were compelled to delve into the mystery of skydiving-how dangerous is it? How much does it cost? Perhaps someone at work mentioned it, maybe you saw an advertisement for it online or your favorite sitcom featured skydiving, igniting a spark of curiosity that you just couldn’t snuff out. By the time you finish reading this page, I believe you will be able to drop the innate fear of the unknown and give us a call. I know that once you try skydiving, you’ll never look back. We are waiting for your call and are ready to reserve your first skydiving experience.

Our partners have knowledgeable skydiving instructors who can walk you through your journey, holding your hand when you need it and letting you soar when the time comes to let go. Once you have committed to embark on a tandem jump, or even better, to train for a solo jump and reach toward certification, you will find that skydivers become family after their first jumps.

Explore the world of skydiving, and then call to reserve your spot in the next class at an outstanding affiliate dropzone! We look forward to talking with you!

Your Wild Ride in the Skies

Man’s urge to fly led to the invention of a variety of death-defying attempts to capture the rush. First was ancient “base jumping,” where early Chinese adrenaline junkies jumped off castle towers using impromptu “parachutes.” Later, medieval entertainers jumped from a hot air balloon basket 3,000 feet in the air, giving most of the spectators a heart attack before landing safely with the aid of a chute that slowed them down.

Modern skydiving is an evolved method of flight that takes the adrenaline rush to a whole new level. Yet, even when traveling at terminal velocity thousands of feet in the air, skydiving remains one of the safest sports around. Sound strange? Think about this, the main reason for accidents in skydiving is jumper negligence and overconfidence. Let’s face it, you have to be “in the zone” to land in the zone. If you are not aware of your surroundings and the common rules and safety procedures of skydiving and landing, even the widest landing zones are easy to miss. However, as long as you put your safety first and pay attention to your instructors, your skydiving experience will be enjoyable. Statistics from the U.S. Parachute Association support the idea that skydiving is relatively safe. In 2013, more than 3.2 million people jumped from a plane. Of these people, 99.999% had a safe and memorable experience. You can see why you shouldn’t be too worried about staying safe during your experience.

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Tandem Skydiving in Reno, Nevada

Tandem Skydiving in Reno

Reno, Nevada isn’t called the biggest little city in the world for nothing. While its people and setting give it a quaint, western atmosphere, the population and 24-hour-a-day activities attract a crowd that wants more than a small town existence. Skydiving is a popular pastime in the northern part of Nevada, as the weather is often dry and sunny, perfect weather for a good jump. There is plenty to see from the blue yonder. Reno is surrounded by natural beauty from striking, snow-capped mountains to miles of sagebrush-infused desert landscape. Tandem skydiving packages set up through reno are particularly popular among tourists who come to Reno to visit area casinos. While you may come for the gambling and shows, you will inevitably enjoy the skydiving experience more, since the odds of having fun and staying safe are in your favor.

Tandem skydiving is considered much safer than Accelerated Free Fall. In Tandem skydiving, you are harnessed to a professional skydiver who pulls the parachute cord and handles the landing so you can focus on the view all the way down. After the adrenaline rush of the first thirty seconds of Free Fall, the Jumpmaster will deploy the parachute. There is so much to see from high above Reno that you might become overwhelmed. Mountain ranges fade into the distance on both sides, and the dark blue of Virginia Lake with its pristine beauty looks like a crystal in a stone setting. It can take up to ten minutes to reach the ground; in that time, you will have the opportunity to absorb many emotions that can stick with you forever.

Your Tandem Experience

If you want to give skydiving a try without committing a whole day to it, Tandem skydiving is the way to go. Before you enter the plane to climb to the drop location, you will be introduced to safety procedures and proper body dynamics. You can expect to spend anywhere between thirty to forty-five minutes going over the details of your jump.

The jump itself should be uneventful, since the Jumpmaster who jumps with you is going to be in charge of the parachute and landing. Your main job during the jump is to enjoy the clear blue of the sky and memorize these moments for reminiscing.

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Nevada Skydiving School

Shoot for the Sky and Become a Certified Skydiver

We live in a certifiable society. Adults often feel like they have to have proof that they’ve mastered a subject. A certificate or degree is tangible proof of an accomplishment. For skydiving enthusiasts, certification is the culmination of a lot of work and passion for the sport. Once certified, they can claim professional status and use their knowledge in skydiving to become part of something larger. When you complete a certification program, you can also claim professional status and follow your dreams. What do your dreams include? Teaching, joining a professional team or just enjoying the freedom to jump over some of the most beautiful terrain in the world? Whatever your inclination, a certification course can help you meet your expectations.

To complete a Skydive certification program, students must complete a multi-stage jump program, where they will be taught everything they need to know to safely perform a solo jump. Some of the lessons they will learn during the certification course include:

  • Proper body positioning during freefall
  • Equilibrium/balance techniques
  • How to deal with emergencies in the air
  • Tracking techniques and turns
  • Parachute deployment
  • Landing using radio communication

Becoming certified in skydiving opens the door for you to increase your air time and use what you know to become an instructor. It also helps you build the confidence you need to jump solo whenever you feel like it. But don’t take our word for it.

Accelerate your Path to Solo Skydiving

If you are one of those people who has to jump right into the middle of chaos, you might choose to forego the tandem experience and invest your energy in learning how to jump solo in our Accelerated Free Fall Program. This AFF experience requires you to attend a 5-6 hour class in order to learn how to control your body during a jump and how to handle problems in the air. Reno partners are committed to providing you and your loved ones a safe and emotionally satisfying skydiving experience. The AFF program puts the control in your hands while ensuring that your safety remains your instructors number one priority. Once you have completed the required training, you will be accompanied by two instructors who will serve as your backup should you need a helping hand. After all, a five hour class isn’t going to teach you everything about skydiving. Your escorts will be close enough to help during deployment of the chute and preparing for landing, but far enough away that you can claim you jumped solo.

What’s the Difference Between the AFF Course and Certification?

The AFF course is a training experience with multiple levels, each one allowing jumpers to learn more advanced maneuvers. Once you have completed all of the levels in the AFF course, you can become certified as a skydiver. The introductory level of the AFF course, Level 1, is the class you take when you want to learn to jump solo but do not want to commit to completing certification.

If you realize during your Accelerated Free-Fall Course that you like skydiving and want to pursue skydiving as a career, you can continue with the training by moving on to Level 2. Your hours in the air and training will go with you.

Accelerated Free Fall: An Insider’s Look

There is much more to the Accelerated Free-Fall course than a short course and then a solo jump. Safety alone requires more attention to the details. That’s why, when you start your AFF training, you don’t actually jump from a plane alone. You are accompanied by two instructors who hold onto your harness until you are ready to deploy the parachute at a standardized height of 5,000 feet above ground. This technique is known as the Harness Hold method of training and is very effective.

Learning to deploy the parachute at the right time is vital to a skydiver’s health and future safety. If you don’t open the chute at the right time during your jump, your accompanying jumper will signal to remind you. If you still fail to open the chute he or she may manually deploy it using the “pull handle” that is part of your gear.

In the worst case scenario, you won’t be able to deploy the parachute and the coaches are too far away to be of viable help. While this sounds like a devastating accident waiting to happen, you can rest easy. The parachutes are rigged with a backup Automatic Activation Device (AAD). This device is setup to deploy should you reach a certain altitude without pulling the cord yourself. This kind of backup is vital to maintaining a safe experience and we are happy to be able to offer students this universal protection.


Once you have completed the training courses, you can celebrate your new status by taking a solo jump. From now on whatever time you spend in the sky can be added as experience on your skydiving resume. You are officially a skydiver!

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Reno Skydiving Video Packages

Reno Skydiving Videography: Something for the Scrapbook

What is better than feeling the rush of the wind in your ears and the cool sting of the air as it hits your face, beckoning you to relish every moment of free fall? How about watching yourself experience those moments over and over again? With a video package, you can have your jump recorded for eternity!

What you do with your video is up to you. Once you have possession of your skydiving experience on tape, you can upload your video to your social media, send it to friends and family, or make a digital scrapbook with your skydiving adventure as the centerpiece. Just imagine, future generations might look back at your jump and call you the “cool” one of the family. Of course, you might just garner more respect from those who are in your life right now, like your co-workers, bosses and even in-laws. Reno has a number of photo or video packages for you to choose from. If you just want photos of your experience, that is fine, taking shots of you in and out of the plane and mingling with the other jumpers. If you want an authentic, memorable recreation of your jump, these videographers will work to provide you with a high-quality composition that features everything from the ride in the plane to maximum elevation, the jump and subsequent landing, and the reunion with friends, family and fellow jumpers.

These professional videographers have the tools to capture every moment of your skydiving experience so that you can share it with all the important people in your life. Through the use of helmet cams, they can jump alongside you and record the intimate moments of your adventure. They will capture everything from the smallest drop of sweat on your brow to the relieved smile of that few second after the parachute deploys correctly.

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Reno Skydiving Gift Certificates

Reno Skydiving Gift Certificates for the Wild and Free!

Buying Christmas gifts gets harder every year; with all of the new technology out, buying a tablet or phone can get expensive, and no one wants to get the gift that gets put on the shelf or taken back. Why not get your loved ones a gift that is unique and will be something they remember long after it’s gone? Reno gift certificates make the perfect present for those who are usually hard to buy for. Both practical and exciting, a gift certificate to skydive is unique enough to pique the interest of even the stodgiest Scrooges.

Tandem Skydiving Gift Certificates

Skydiving gift certificates are good for a tandem skydiving adventure and can be redeemed anywhere we have an affiliate drop zone. That means you have no more excuses for not getting your Uncle Dale in Georgia a certificate. Recipients have two years to use the certificates, allowing for plenty of time to gather up the nerve or plan for the experience.

Don’t wait another second! Our Tandem flight gift certificates aren’t just good for Christmas. They make perfect birthday or anniversary gifts, and can even serve as a present for cheering someone up after a breakup. The possibilities are endless.

When you call Reno, ask about our current specials and discounts. We offer regular discounts for seniors and those who are currently on active duty in one of the Armed Forces branches. We also offer family and group discounts for those who want to make skydiving a larger affair. Finally, we often offer special prices on holidays, including:

  • Independence Day
  • Mother/Father’s Day
  • Christmas
  • Memorial Day
  • Valentine’s Day

Get Your Gift Certificate!

Our gift certificates are good for two years from your purchase date and are valid at our Reno, Nevada location as well as over 80 other locations across the United States!

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