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Skydiving is one of the most exciting activities one can endure, but skydiving in Raleigh is all the better. You literally fly through the sky at insane speeds arguably over the most beautiful scenery for hundreds of miles. Find out about how you can book a Tandem skydive by calling 1-800-617-7948 today.

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We love to skydive, for us, it’s not just a job but entertainment, passion and maybe a slight addiction. Our professionals know more about skydiving than our competitors, with literally hundreds of successful jumps to their credit. The one thing about skydiving is that it has to be fun, whether you’re taking a Tandem jump or working your way up to a solo adventure, we make the process entertaining. So, you will love every moment of it!

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Raleigh Skydiving - Skydiving in Raleigh, NC

Unreal Skydiving Options Tailored to Your Needs

We believe that everyone should skydive at least once in their lives. It changes your perspective on everything and for that brief movement you’ve shut out the entire world. Come jump with the best in the world and experience your home-state from thousands of feet.

Raleigh Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving near Raleigh, NC

Tandem Skydiving

The Tandem jump is one of the most popular options. It does not require any formal training, certification or practice. All you need to do is follow the direction given by the instructor with whom you are going to jump. The Tandem jump involves being harnessed to the instructor, so you just need to brace yourself and enjoy the landing! What’s more is the fact that this type of jump can be undertaken by anyone!

Raleigh Skydiving - Advanced Skydive Training in Raleigh, NC

Advanced Training

Are you one of those people who has always wanted to skydive? If you have a passion for jumping out of airplanes traveling several hundred feet in the air, then this is for you. The package includes complete skydiving training after which you can jump solo. A team of professional instructors will ensure that you’re well versed in every aspect of skydiving, so that you can undertake future solo jumps on your own, too.

Raleigh Skydiving - Skydiving Video Packages - Raleigh, NC

Video Packages

The videography package is a must add for anyone. The package includes the professional services of a videographer who will ensure that every important and funny incident relating to your jump is captured in vivid clarity. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to share their experience with friends or family or probably watch themselves skydive later on. It also makes for an excellent souvenir.

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Why Choose to Skydive as Compared to Any Other Activity?

One of the biggest reasons to choose to skydive in your area is because Raleigh partners have the most experience instructors. They offer the most options in the state, so whether you want to choose a Tandem jump or jump solo, it can be arranged by us in the shortest time. Plus, we throw in group discounts and regular holiday specials, which are meant to help our loyal clients save money. Our years of experience in this industry, and the hard-to-believe (in a good way) safety record of each affiliate dropzone make this the perfect time for you to throw yourself out of a plane. The staff at the dropzone will make sure that every bit of equipment is thoroughly inspected to ensure safety during the jump, so you can focus less on the functional parts of the jump and more on the fun parts.

Experience the ‘City of Oaks’ like You’ve Never Imagined!

Raleigh, today, is home to a number of educational, historical and cultural sites. The most notably visible from the sky is the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts located in Downtown Raleigh. The largest amphitheater, Coast Credit Union Music Park, may also be visible from the sky during most days when jumping. As a matter of fact, it’s possible to even see an outline of the Smoky Mountains during a clear day and from a high enough altitude. The gently rolling hills and changing features make it one of the most interesting places to skydive. Since light rain is always expected, dropzones tend to take a few extra measures to ensure that it does not interfere with the skydiving schedule.

Most first timers want to take in all the scenery making Raleigh one of the most enjoyable places to skydive. Raleigh knows that most people want to skydive in the city because it’s beautiful. However, the significant difference between our partners and others is that we jump from the exactly the right location from the sky which gives you the most breathtaking view. Though it’s impossible to literally see an entire city when skydiving but you do get a sense of its depth, scale, and beauty. A videographer following closely behind you or below you will also be able to record the scenery, so if you happen to miss something while falling several feet a second you can always hit ‘replay’!

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Raleigh Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving near Raleigh, NC

Tandem Skydiving Is for Everyone

Tandem Skydiving involves jumping with a harness attached to the instructor. It is the safest and easiest type of skydiving, best suited for people who have never jumped before. Plus, since you’re harnessed to the instructor there is nothing that can go wrong which makes it suitable for people of varying ages. Your instructor will guide students through the entire process from the time you exit to free falling, opening the canopy and finally landing. That said, students require very little instruction prior to jumping which saves a lot of time.

Equipment for a Tandem Skydive

A Tandem skydive requires slightly different equipment as compared to a regular solo skydive. Modern Tandem jumps require the instructor to initially deploy what’s called a drogue parachute, which is deployed a few minutes after jumping off the plane to reduce terminal velocity. The lower velocity is needed to ensure that the parachute is deployed correctly, plus it will lengthen the duration of the jump, so that the tandem jumpers free fall may be at a similar pace to the videographer. Plus, for first-time skydivers, a slower pace may cause less discomfort.

Tandem jumps usually require a 360 feet large or larger parachute to support the weight of two people. United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules dictate that the equipment also has a secondary parachute, incorporating an automatic activation device which deploys the parachute in the event it detects that the skydivers are below a safe altitude.

Who should choose a Tandem Skydive?

Anyone who does not have the required training and does not want to undergo it should choose this option. Also, a Tandem jump can be arranged much sooner because it does not require significant amounts of training or practice. However, once people have a taste for skydiving and want to pursue it solo later on, they can get the necessary training to ensure that they can jump without an instructor. We recommend a Tandem jump for people who have a fear of heights but want to push their limits. Also, older people will find that a Tandem jump is better suited since it’s quicker and requires no effort on their part.

Why choose Raleigh Skydiving for your Tandem Skydive? Raleigh partners are some of the most recognized and established skydiving institutes in the state. Each has a team of highly professional and experienced skydivers who are licensed and certified as instructors. Their clean safety record coupled with the fact that they make safety a main priority means that you have nothing to worry about. As a matter of fact, there is absolutely no effort on your part to ensure the safety of equipment or during the jump because your instructors handle everything. We also pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, so whether you have reservations before the jump or need to make a few last minute adjustments, we try to accommodate your requests in a timely and orderly fashion.

The Tandem jump is also meant to teach first timers about skydiving. You will learn how to exit an aircraft, deploy the primary canopy, and free fall maneuvers. That said the instructor remains in control which makes the jump safe yet educational for first timers.

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Raleigh Skydiving - Advanced Skydiving Training in Raleigh, NC

Advanced Skydiving Training

There are two types of advanced skydiving training; both types of training are meant to enable you to earn a license also called an “A License.” To become a United States Parachute Association (USPA) certified skydiver, there are certain things that you need to be well-versed in, to begin with and both programs ensure that’s the case. However, the program you choose will mainly depend on what suits your learning style the best. Since all instructors at our affiliate drpzones are USPA certified, you too will earn this certification when the training is successfully completed. Once certified, you can skydive solo at any USPA approved skydiving center across the United States. All the training programs ensure that you progress at your own pace while making sure that you have fun every step of the way. We believe in making the process of learning how to skydive a crucial part of training, regardless of where or with who.

Raleigh Skydiving - Accelerated Free Fall Training in Raleigh, NC

Accelerated Free Fall – Advanced Training

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) is also sometimes referred to as progressive free fall. It is a method of advanced skydiving training. The term “accelerated” refers to the fact that it allows for the student a way of experiencing solo free fall in the shortest time, usually commenced between 10,000 to 15,000 feet in the air.

We know that jumping solo for the first time can be a little scary and a newbie will make mistakes. So, to ensure extra safety, the AFF program has two instructors jump with the student during the initial free fall jumps, unlike other programs that use just one instructor. The instructor initially holds on to the student until they deploy the parachute which is why it’s also sometimes referred to “Harness Hold Training.” The only physical connection with the instructor is via his grip on the student, so when the canopy is successfully deployed the instructor lets go.

During the Accelerated Free Fall program, the canopy is usually deployed at 6000 feet and later at 5000 feet as the student progresses. If we feel that a student is having trouble with deploying the parachute, the instructor will use a series of hand signals to show the student how and when to “Pull,” the parachute. But if the student is still unable, the instructors will then help the student by making physical contact with the chute. Instructors will many times pull the canopy for the student if they see that there is no time left.

Once students prove that they have the ability to deploy a shoot by themselves after the initial jumps, the student is allowed to skydive solo to show their skills to the instructor. Students also have to demonstrate their ability to perform various flying maneuvers during free fall. Each level has an objective that students need to master before progressing to the next level.

All levels of Accelerated Free Fall use what’s called a hard deck which is when they should pull open their own canopy to save their lives. If instructors have not been able to assist students with pulling their own canopies by this level, the onboard Automatic Activation Device will fire up the parachute. In our experience, it is very rare for students to experience a failed activation. That said having an extra layer of safety helps everyone have the peace of mind knowing that the canopy will deploy if all else fails.

Instructors will determine if a student has passed each level by monitoring their jumps. Students maintain radio contact with the people on the ground during a jump who then direct them on what maneuvers to perform. But, we make sure that students have the skills to land solo in case the radio malfunctions.

Accelerated Free Fall is recommended for people who want to learn to skydive in the shortest time. Individuals who have no problem with heights and those who love the thrill of jumping will appreciate this type of training. Since most people come to us with a love for skydiving because they have already experienced it, this happens to be the most popular method.

Raleigh Skydiving - Raleigh, NC Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Learn Skydiving, Slow And Steady.

A select few dropzones around the United States still use Tandem Progression as a solo certification training program. It is a little known and utilized training method that uses a combination of three Tandem jumps with the Accelerated Free Fall method. One of the biggest benefits of this training program is that it works as a more gradual introduction to the sport.

During each of the three Tandem jumps, an instructor will give students bits of information and a little more responsibility. So, instead of having to absorb a large amount of information at once, it’s done in bits. Once all three Tandem jumps have been completed, you are then taken to the Accelerated Free Fall method of training. You will put on your skydiving kit, and jump with two expert instructors by your side. Once you showcase all the required skills, it’s time to progress through to the next step until you jump with just one instructor.

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Raleigh Skydiving - Raleigh, NC Skydiving Video Packages

Skydiving Video Packages

When you jump out of a plane several hundred feet in the air, it’s evident that you’ve joined an elite club of individuals with nerves of steel. Most people don’t jump or take up skydiving to prove a point, for them it’s a lifestyle especially after a stressful week at work or perhaps to celebrate a big win. That said, the skydiving session lasts a few minutes and not many people will be there to witness the feat and that’s where hiring professional videography services come in. Professional videography documents every step through your journey, from arriving at the drop zone to the final toast after a successful jump!

Professional videographer services

The videographer is also a skydiver who has years of experience. Most videographers have a passion for filming jumps and have developed it into a profession. Years of experience as both videographers and skydivers mean that they know exactly where to float around, under and above you during the jump. It goes without saying that one of the most challenging parts of filming a skydive is to get the correct angle and manage the heavy filming equipment at the same time. A videographer will document every step from the time you arrive at the drop zone, to the preparations, briefing, final few minutes before jumping out of the airplane and then the jump followed by the landing.

GoPro Videos

GoPro Videos are a cheaper alternative and will entail both you and the instructor strapping on a GoPro camera during a Tandem jump to film it. GoPro videos are not as good as having a professional videographer, but they still capture the jump in great detail. Since the videos are shot from a first-person perspective, it gives people watching it a first-hand look at how things look as you plummet down to Earth at several hundred feet a minute.

Professional editing

All videos captured are professionally edited to ensure that they are not repetitive or boring. Plus, they are shared with you in formats which can then be uploaded to social media websites. So, there is absolutely no effort on your part. However, there are editors on staff to ensure that every interesting and intriguing bit is included. We know friends and family will love watching your tense expressions and anxiety kicking in before a jump. The editing makes the video fun to watch and share with everyone!

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Raleigh Skydiving - Raleigh, NC Skydiving Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates – Get Your Friends and Family in the Sky!

Now that you’ve enjoyed your skydiving session you may want to encourage a friend or family member to take the leap as well. Our gift certificates are meant to make it very easy for you to get someone to start skydiving right away. Most people would never think of skydiving since its rightly labeled an extreme sport. That said, in our experience some people just need an extra push in the right direction and it’s something that our gift certificates can help with.

Skydiving gift certificates can be purchased for both Tandem skydiving and level 1 of Accelerated Free Fall skydiving training. We also made redeeming the certificate profoundly easy for anyone living in the US. Since our customer service is available 7 days a week, getting in touch with us in the event there is an issue of some sort is quick and easy.

How to buy a gift certificate?

Buying a skydiving gift certificate is as simple as calling us. We are available 7 days a week and will also help guide you with buying the right one. That said you can buy a gift certificate for all skydiving activities, as well as professional videography. Gift certificates are valid for two years from the date of purchase and are accepted at all 80 of our affiliate skydiving centers as well as ones nearest to Raleigh, North Carolina.

If you’ve been given a gift certificate or purchased one but want to give it to someone else, then it can be transferred. However, you’ll need to call us to get the gift certificate transferred to another person’s name. If you have a friend or family member, you’d like to see skydiving, then the gift certificate is the perfect push!

Get Your Gift Certificate!

You can now purchase online right thru But you might want to give one of our friendly experts a call to see if we are running any specials or if you qualify for any discounts!

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