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Schedule your first jump through Port St. Lucie and let the most seasoned jump instructors lead you into a whole new relationship with your home planet. Your instructor will take you up for a simple Tandem jump and you’ll ride down attached to a certified instructor who’ll make all the right decisions on the jump. Or you can embark on the training process that’ll result in your own certification. Either way, skydiving will change your frame of reference forever!

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The Biggest Thrill On The Treasure Coast!
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Our team of skydiving experts will help you choose which of our skydiving packages is right for you! Whether you are a beginner or have been jumping for years, we’ve got the perfect options to fit your skydiving needs. Imagine the feeling of flying through the air at 14,000 feet!

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The Biggest Thrill on the Treasure Coast!

Jump with the experts for the thrill of a lifetime or to begin your journey to skydiving certification. This action sport will take you places you’ve never been before, both literally and emotionally. Call Port St. Lucie now and schedule your flight to an amazing new relationship with the world around us.

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Port St. Lucie Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving near Port St. Lucie, Florida

Tandem Skydiving

The most approachable opportunity for beginners in all of sport parachuting today, Tandem skydiving exposes the beginner to all the thrills of a true diving experience, combined with the assuring presence of your host diver, a certified veteran who makes all the functional decisions of the dive. They’ll fit you out with the necessary gear, and then you and your instructor will be strapped into the Tandem harness. Then, you simply enjoy the ride. Learn more…

Port St. Lucie Skydiving - Advanced Skydive Training in Port St. Lucie, Florida

Skydiving Certification

For the person who makes a serious long-term commitment to skydiving, there’s a formal process resulting in several levels of certification. There’s ground school, a certain amount of real homework, and a series of qualifying jumps. And as you’d expect, there’s a rigorous and sustained emphasis on safety throughout your training. Starting with your first jump, your confidence will build along with your ability to perform in free fall. On the ground and in the air, you’ll enjoy every moment! Learn more…

Port St. Lucie Skydiving - Skydiving Video Packages - Port St. Lucie, Florida

Video Packages

Not that we’d ever mention such a thing as fear, but lots of your friends and family will be amazed that you overcame your reservations and went skydiving. You can show them what happened and how it felt, from suiting up to exiting the airplane, free falling and then descending under the canopy, all the way to a graceful landing, with a personalized DVD recording of your jump. A videographer/jumper will make the entire trip with you, and create the most remarkable souvenir of your life! Learn more…

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Are you an adrenaline junkie seeking the thrill of a lifetime? Nothing can compare to the feeling of jumping out of an airplane at 14,000 feet. Port St. Lucie can educate you on all the right skydiving packages for whatever your needs may be. Check out available packages like Tandem Skydiving, Advanced Skydiving Training with Accelerated Free Fall and Tandem Progression programs, Video Packages, and Gift Certificates! See all of what beautiful Port St. Lucie has to offer by going skydiving high above the city! Our experts are ready to take your call seven day a week. To learn more about your skydiving options, give us a call today at 772-236-0688.

A Whole New Way of Seeing Your Home Planet

Skydivers see the world differently from the passengers and ground-pounders. After all, your grandmother could sit in an aluminum tube and waddle out when it stops in Port St. Lucie. Skydiving is about flying.

From the moment you first talk to us on the phone, you’ll realize you’ve found your way into an elite community of decisive action, special skills, devotion to safety, a lifestyle of action and fitness, and most of all a zest for adventure.

You’ll be accepted at face value as another true adventurer–nobody ever goes skydiving just for appearances–and you’ll justifiably feel proud to be included in this elite corps of the energetic, the self-determined, the skilled, the fit and mainly, the adventurous.

At Port St. Lucie, we can arrange the entire program to transform you into a certified skydiver or even ultimately an instructor. And that’s not all. We take a lot of joy in introducing people to the dive experience through the Tandem jump, that most beginner-friendly arrangement for a accompanied jump with a licensed veteran jumper.

We help create memories for special occasions with group dives of any size. Port St. Lucie caters to the schedules of two kinds of people: our permanent neighbors and our very welcome visitors. There are holiday discounts. And if you think you know somebody who’s another true adventurer, we can supply a gift certificate.

And, you can jump with the pros with confidence. As you’ll observe, and especially if you embark on your own certification training, safety and meticulous checking procedures are at the heart of everything skydiving.

Kinder, Gentler Parachuting

Parachute jumping became a large activity in World War II, but it was a rough-and-tumble proposition for a screened, strenuously conditioned population of young men. Most of the rigor of 1940s jumping has been engineered out of today’s sport skydiving, and you should be glad. For example:

When a chute deployed, the heavily laden GI jumper suffered a jerk of about 4G. Today’s canopies have been designed to decelerate you much more gently. And, the landing in the old days was an impact equal to jumping off a three-story house. Today’s landing is more like jumping off the tailgate of a pickup truck.

But most of all, modern chutes enable the jumper to control his direction, and only very unusual conditions ever prevent a jumper from landing in the designated–safe–jump zone. Up through the 1960s, even sport jumpers used basic silk domes and were helpless if winds aloft carried them over a busy expressway, a tall forest or a swamp full of hungry alligators. Really, you’ve picked the best possible time to get into skydiving.

See the Treasure Coast at Its Best

Skydiving in Port St. Lucie adds an unforgettable lifetime experience to a vacation. Or jumping gives a longtime resident a whole new perspective on life in their area and its surroundings.

First of all, like other people involved in aviation, skydivers take advantage of the usually perfect flying weather in Florida, one of the true cradles of aviation in the United States. You can count on spectacular visibility along this beautiful vacation resort coast when you jump out of a plane above the greatest state in the US.

Your attention will probably turn irresistibly to the beaches. After all, the entire nation and many foreign tourists come here to bask at this edge of the Atlantic Ocean.

Then you’ll scout the town, and depending on the season, you may see the New York Mets in their preseason camp, a PGA tournament or a semi-pro soccer game. If you know the town, you can identify schools, the three colleges, parks, churches, shopping areas, etc. You’ll have plenty of time to orient yourself.

If you look westward, you’ll see that other Florida, where many contribute their fair share to the great American breadbasket: beef, citrus fruit, and vast acreage dedicated to watermelons, tomatoes and dozens of other supermarket staples.

Turn your eyes eastward for a truly fascinating survey of ships at sea, from naval to merchant vessels, gigantic tankers to humble shrimpers, tourist liners to tugs towing barges… and you can still count on landing feet dry.

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Port St. Lucie Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving near Port St. Lucie, Florida

Tandem Skydiving–The Perfect Introduction

Here’s what a Tandem jump is. It has all the thrills and sensations of any parachute jump, but you–the beginner–are harnessed to a certified jump instructor who takes responsibility for the conduct of the jump, although he (or she, of course) may let you pull the ripcord.

You will learn about the drogue chute and the reserve chute, observe the pre-jump safety inspection, read the altimeter, prepare for the landing, in short, all the things a solo jumper would do before a jump. But you don’t have to make the jump alone, and your companion is somebody who absolutely knows how to have a good time safely from 14,000 feet all the way to the landing zone.

The tradeoff is in the training. For a Tandem jump, you show up at the airfield about an hour before takeoff, and we suit you up and give you a basic briefing. You take a couple of minutes to record your impressions with the videographer if you’ve arranged for a video of the jump. Then, you and your host climb into the airplane and after a quick climb to about jump altitude, out you both go.

For a beginning parachutist whose first jump will be solo, the training leading up to that moment when you push away from the airplane is a good bit longer and more complicated.

So, a Tandem jump is the ideal introduction to skydiving for an adventurer who knows he wants to do this once but has not committed to training for full certification, or he’s pretty sure he never wants to jump but once–an opinion that sometimes changes after a first jump.

Here you are dropping through the air, attached to your host diver and in turn, to an oversize chute that will support the weight of both of you, and you’re free falling at a rate approaching 120 mph: the acceleration of gravity impeded by air resistance on your bodies. You may be surprised at the quiet of the upper air, and you may feel more like you’re suspended above the earth than hurtling toward it. You may, if your instructor and conditions permit, perform a few free fall maneuvers, somersaults, for example.

In the midst of this reverie, the jump instructor attached to you–a 500-jump veteran–will be watching the altimeter, and usually at a predetermined altitude, he’ll announce that it’s time to open the canopy. You may be allowed the privilege of pulling the ripcord.

The descent under the canopy will be long, slow and serene, and you and your instructor can chat in a normal speaking voice, as you literally learn the ropes that control the direction of your descent, and scan at leisure the terrain spread beneath you–half Florida, half Atlantic Ocean. No other sightseeing compares to this.

Feet together, knees bent, you’ll hop back onto your native planet and your videographer, who will have gotten down ahead of you, will record your first impressions.

Once again, the Tandem jump is the introductory parachuting experience for nearly everybody… age 18 or older. There are a few physical limitations, weight being a significant one. You’d know if any of those physical constraints applied to you.

You don’t even have to be in particularly good shape to Tandem jump, though we certainly encourage fitness and an active lifestyle if you’re looking to skydive. In fact, sport parachutists rightfully number themselves among the ultimate pursuers of an active, fit lifestyle. Put yourself forward to join the ranks and you’ll be made to feel welcome.

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Port St. Lucie Skydiving - Advanced Skydiving Training in Port St. Lucie, Florida

Become the Real Thing, a Certified Skydiver

The A License: Your Membership In The Sport Jumping Community.

Here you are; you’ve either completed a Tandem jump and loved it, or you already know that skydiving is meant to be part of your active lifestyle. You’re ready to take the next step and get serious about your training.

You’re about to enter a training program that leads to the U.S. Parachute Association’s A License.

You will make some 25 training jumps and demonstrate your proficiency in eight categories of training. The categories, as you’d expect, are progressive: each builds on the the previous training and you must be checked off on, say, category 3 before you start working on category 4. There are ground sessions and assigned reading as well as the jumps, in each category of the training.

You’ll start, possibly as soon as your first jump, learning to perform various maneuvers during free fall–an activity and an experience known only to the exclusive band of adventurers who choose to become sport parachutists.

Your confidence and your physical abilities will grow rapidly during your training jumps. As you work toward the A License, you’ll acquire a keen new respect for safety in all areas of life. You’ll practice the skills to inspect your equipment thoroughly and then rely on it completely.

Once you qualify for the A License, you’ll be welcomed as a jumper at any drop zone in this country. And you’ll be holding the prerequisite for more advanced qualifications.

Port St. Lucie Skydiving - Accelerated Free Fall Training in Port St. Lucie, Florida

AFF Instructors Hang Close Until You’re Truly Ready to Jump Alone

Most sport parachuting trainees start their training in the Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) program. On your first two or three AFF jumps, you’ll leave the airplane in the company of not one but two instructors, who are holding onto your harness. They will stay with you throughout the free fall descent.

The instructors are there to train the trainee, of course, but as your early free falls approach the so-called hard deck–the minimum altitude for free fall–their play their most important role as they ensure the safety of the jump for all concerned. If you’re acting calm and lucid, and they see you pull your ripcord at the altitude specified in your briefing, the instructors will drop away and deploy their own chutes. This is what was supposed to happen. They will remain in voice contact with you via radio, as will an instructor watching your descent from the drop zone.

But in rare cases, when the trainee is not responding in accordance with his briefing, the instructors can put the trainee’s hand on the ripcord, and if that doesn’t provoke the desired response, they can pull the cord and deploy the trainee’s chute before separating from him. Again, this is an extremely rare contingency, but safe operation and preparedness dominate every consideration in skydiving.

There’s even a backup for the instructors, a worst-worst case option: your chute is equipped with an automated activation device that will deploy the canopy at a safe altitude.

Before you go up for your first solo jump, we’ll make sure you’re conditioned to read the altimeter during free fall. We’ll familiarize you with safety measures–most importantly the use of the reserve parachute. You’ll be coached on the methods to control the direction of yourself in free fall and the canopy during the canopy descent. Even on your first solo jump, everybody including you should expect you to steer yourself accurately into the drop zone.

And finally, your instructors will communicate as well as they possibly can, how to make a controlled landing, cushioning the impact through correct positioning of your feet, knees and hips. Most sport jumpers never meet an orthopedic surgeon, except maybe socially..

As you progress through the categories, you’ll soon reach a level where you jump with only one instructor. The last three categories allow a trainee to self-supervise, under the observation of an instructor, remotely, not holding onto the trainee’s harness.

The performance requirements in the categories are called Targeted Learning Objectives (TLOs) and are signed off by an instructor. The process, for the student who completes it, always achieves the intended result: a diver who is not only skilled and self-confident, but utterly committed to safety in every aspect of diving.

Port St. Lucie Skydiving - Port St. Lucie, Florida Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Tandem Progression Training: the Alternative for the Student Who Wants Company

Some trainees opt to start their training with more Tandem jumps. A Tandem Progression training jump will differ from the introductory Tandem jump only in that your instructor will actively begin your conditioning for free fall maneuvers. You will be expected to start monitoring altitude, and to pull the ripcord at the briefed altitude. Under the instructor’s tutelage, you’ll steer the chute toward the drop zone.

After three Tandem training dives, you’ll be expected to move over into the Accelerated Free Fall schedule and continue your training with an instructor connected to you only by his hand on your harness. Your confidence will bloom instantly as you complete successful, graceful landings in the drop zone!

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Port St. Lucie Skydiving - Port St. Lucie, Florida Skydiving Video Packages

The Flight Video Makes Your Jump a Lasting Memory

You’ve overcome whatever reservations you had about jumping out of an airplane and riding down to earth under a parachute. Just making that decision moved you into a small and rigorously selected group of adventurers. You’re entitled to the satisfaction of showing family and friends visual proof of your baptism into this exclusive fraternity.

The video will not be punishingly long; it consists of a short interview with you before takeoff, a few shots of you suiting up and boarding the airplane, the jump in real time from exiting the airplane all the way to the ground, and then your reactions immediately after landing.

The videographer will jump out of the airplane ahead of you, to capture your exit, and then, by means the videographers seldom disclose, he will land ahead of you to record your landing.

Everybody you know will have to see your video once. You’ll treasure it for years to come.

The first thing you need to know about videographing your jump is that you need to plan the coverage in advance. These videographers, who embody great creative camera skills along with their own skydiving qualifications, will be delighted to make your movie, but they aren’t sitting around waiting for us to call. Mention the video when you schedule your first jump and we’ll make sure it’s a day when a videographer is available.

The video will be professionally edited and background music of your choice can likely be added. It will come to you in a format that lends itself to sharing on social media.

Alternately, your host jumper can wear a Go-Pro camera and make a recording of the jump. The results will be similar, but certain perspective shots, such as exiting the airplane and landing, will not be possible.

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Port St. Lucie Skydiving - Port St. Lucie, Florida Skydiving Gift Certificates

Do You Know Any Other Adventurers? Give a Skydiving Gift Certificate!

Are they the real thing, too, or do they just wear the outfit? Find out when you give that other adventurer in your life a generous heartfelt gift, a gift certificate from Port St. Lucie.

Imagine the expression on his (or her) face when your fellow adventurer learns he’s been given a free parachute jump.

Skydiving gift certificates are usually issued for Tandem jumps, but we can also write a gift certificate to cover the first training jump of the Accelerated Free Fall program. You can add video coverage to the gift certificate if you like.

A gift certificate from Port St. Lucie is valid at 80 other affiliate operations nationwide. The gift certificate is valid for two years.

Get Your Gift Certificate!

You can now purchase online right thru But you might want to give one of our friendly experts a call to see if we are running any specials or if you qualify for any discounts!

Shop on!

Not Just a Gift, but a Tribute to True Heroism!
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There are only two kinds of people in the world: couch potatoes and those who go out and live the adventures we show the overfed TV audience. You define yourself as a true adventurer when you go jumping, and you do it far more for your own satisfaction than for the admiration of others.

Skydiving rewards you for your willingness to come out. There’s no exhilaration like free fall, no self reliance like you and a bundle of nylon floating above the earth, no grandeur like the panorama spread below your canopy. You’re the kind of person who needs to live these sensations firsthand, not just read about them.
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