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If you’re looking for Tandem Skydiving, certification, or skydiving gift certificates, you’ve masterfully navigated the internet labyrinth and found the only true one-stop destination for everything you need to go skydiving. Portland has the best affiliate drop zones The City of Roses will ever know of. From Tandem Skydiving adventures to certification, Portland is here to support your skydiving goals. Talk to our friendly customer care agents about what you’re looking for, and we’ll make it happen.

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If you’re looking for Tandem Skydiving, certification, or skydiving gift certificates, you’re in the right place. Our network has the best drop zones The City of Roses has to offer. From Tandem Skydiving adventures to certification, we are here to support your skydiving goals. Talk to our friendly customer care agents about what you’re looking for, and we’ll make it happen.

We’re Ready to Launch Your Skydiving Adventure. Call 1-800-617-7948!

Portland Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving in Portland, Oregon
Portland Skydiving - Skydiving Video Packages in Portland, Oregon
Portland Skydiving - Advanced Skydiving in Portland, Oregon

When you’re planning to go skydiving, there’s lots to think about. Fortunately, Portland makes it simple for you. We love helping make skydiving dreams come true, and we have a network of awesome affiliate drop zones to accomplish just that. When you plan your skydiving experience, you don’t have to worry about the quality of your instructors, or the equipment they use. Every drop zone in our partner network is filled with highly skilled instructors who can make newbies and experienced skydivers feel comfortable. Let us help you ease your mind so you can experience the joy of free falling miles above the Earth without worry.

Skydiving Options for Every Type of Adventurer!

Portland Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving near Portland, Oregon

Tandem Jumps

The vast majority of new skydivers choose Tandem jumping. And there’s a good reason for that. It’s easy to learn and very safe. You have an experienced skydiver strapped to you, and it’s their job to make sure that you get to the ground safely. That frees you up to get totally immersed in the experience! Learn more…

Portland Skydiving - Advanced Skydive Training in Portland, Oregon

Getting Certified

Once you’ve done Tandem Skydiving, it’s easy to decide that you want to take the next step. If you’ve set your sights on getting your A-license, then Portland can help. The dropzone pairs you with instructors who have extensive experience. They’re passionate about helping you to jump solo. Learn more…

Portland Skydiving - Skydiving Video Packages - Portland, Oregon

Video Options

Skydiving is an unforgettable experience. But without a video, you won’t be able to show off to everyone you know! With a video package, you can brag with visual proof of your amazing experience. Watch it as many times as you want – and how awesome it will be to relive your experience years from now! Learn more…

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While skydiving is extreme fun, planning it properly is serious business. At Portland, we provide access to the best drop zones in the country. For new skydivers or someone who wants to have a one-off experience, Tandem Skydiving is a fitting path. For people who want to take their passion for skydiving to a new level, we can help with that too.

We can educate you on the most comprehensive range of skydiving services in the area – even gift certificates. Our customer care agents are very passionate about skydiving. We understand that you have lots of questions, and we will do our best to help in every way. Above all else, we care most about you having a safe, comfortable skydiving experience (and saving you some of your precious time and money along the way).

Planning to jump with a group as a bonding experience? We offer discounts to help you with your teambuilding or friendship goals. We also offer discounts for holiday jumps.

Portland, Oregon’s Best Drop Zones Are Right Here

It’s understandable why anyone would want to skydive in Portland. It’s a city unlike any other. Great music, food, and natural beauty offer anyone, whether a resident or tourist, a memorable adventure. And why not add skydiving to the list of amazing Portland experiences?

Imagine seeing Tryon Creek State Nature Area, Mount Hood, and Mount St. Helens as you free fall over this one-of-a-kind city. And with our beautiful skyline, it’s the perfect balance of urban splendor and natural bounty. As the warmest big city in the Pacific Northwest, we see sunny summers and mild springs and falls. That means it’s possible to skydive year-round.

Portland is a city that’s on the cutting edge. Portland Skydiving values sustainability, progressive thought, and good beer. There’s always a new band to discover, or a new brewery to try. You can catch a Trail Blazers game or explore our vast greenspace. And we’re really big on outdoor adventures. Cycling, running, and winter sports lovers flock here. Well, is there any other outdoor adventure more extreme than skydiving?

Stumptown, as this city is affectionately known, is a beautiful place. You’ll get a new perspective on its glory when you experience it through skydiving. Picture yourself gliding over the city, as a wave of exhilaration and excitement rushes over you. Without a doubt, Portland is a skydiver’s dream. And with our friendly customer care agents guiding you through the process of setting up your jump, you’ll be sure to have the best possible experience.

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Portland Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving near Portland, Oregon

Experience Tandem Skydiving in Portland

Maybe you’ve been skydiving once or twice before. Maybe you’ve had it on your list of to-dos for a long time. Maybe one of your friends is bragging about their skydiving experience and you’ve got serious FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Whatever draws you to skydiving, Tandem Skydiving is the method of choice for beginners. Why? Because it assures that you’ll have a great time without sacrificing your safety.

The drop zones in the Portland affiliate network offer excellent Tandem Skydiving experiences. That’s because Portland Skydiving makes sure that you will get to jump with experienced skydivers who care most about your safety and enjoyment. When you go Tandem Skydiving, you jump while attached to an experienced skydiver, who is often called a Tandem Master or Tandem Instructor.

Tandem Masters earn that title. They complete hundreds of jumps, so it becomes like second nature to them. They once were like you – nervous newbie skydivers who were eager to feel the rush of jumping out of a plane. They can relate to your jitters and excitement, and they love answering questions and making sure you have an unforgettable skydiving experience. Here in the Pacific Northwest, you’ll find that Portland Skydiving has some very talented Tandem Masters. They are skilled in the technical aspects of skydiving as well as customer service. Since they’ve completed so many jumps, they know how to put you at ease!

Interested in Learning What the Experience of Tandem Skydiving Is Like? It’s a Simple Process, and Here’s What You Need to Know:

  • Booking:

    When you contact Portland, tell us about how you envision your experience. This way we can hook you up with the drop zone that best suits your needs and prepare you for what you need to know beforehand.

  • Arrival at the Drop Zone:

    When you get to the drop zone, you’ll be greeted by some of Oregon’s most passionate skydivers. You’ll receive a short (but informative and important) training session that covers the equipment, what to expect, and more. This is a great time to ask any questions you may have. Your Tandem Master wants you to be totally comfortable before you jump, so ask away!

  • Suit Up:

    You’ll get suited up and harnessed. You’ll also be feeling crazy butterflies in your stomach at this point too!

  • Take Off:

    You’ll board the plane and head up to the right altitude for jumping.

  • Jump:

    You and your Tandem Master, while strapped together, will jump from the plane. You’ll free fall for a bit, and then your Tandem Master will deploy your parachute. He or she will guide you gently to the ground. You’ll experience an amazing rush, and you’ll be humbled and awestruck by the beauty of the Earth’s urban and natural surroundings.

Many people want to jump again as soon as they land. Because the Tandem Master is in charge of the technical aspects of jumping, you’ll be able to really enjoy your jump and be safe at the same time.

The feeling of free falling, gliding through the air, and landing safely will make you feel like you’ve never felt before. Even though skydiving is a pretty “out there” thing to do, the Tandem method allows almost anyone to walk into a drop zone and have a safe experience.

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Portland Skydiving - Advanced Skydiving Training in Portland, Oregon

Get Your A-License and Jump Solo

Have you ever seen videos on YouTube or television where skydivers are jumping on their own, doing crazy tricks, and having a blast? Do you see yourself in their shoes? Well, if you pursue your A-License, you can get to that point. The United States Parachute Association (USPA) provides certification that allows you to jump solo at any facility approved by them.

But to get that certification, you need to be trained according to their rules. No worries – Portland has you covered! All of our affiliate drop zones are USPA certified, and they’re staffed by skydiving pros with the proper licenses. Their equipment is top-notch and adheres to the USPA’s strict standards. Once you’ve trained through one of these world-class skydiving centers, you’ll be a competent, confident skydiver.

Portland Skydiving - Accelerated Free Fall Training in Portland, Oregon

Accelerated Free Fall Training Basics

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Training is a very popular approach for skydivers to take. What makes it “accelerated” is the fact that it lets you experience the feeling of free falling early on into the training program. With this method, you progress through a series of levels while your instructors guide you through a gradual training program. You will move through the seven levels of the program as you demonstrate your knowledge and skills.

The reason you’re able to experience free falling early into the program is because you will have instructors at your side, holding on to you, as you free fall. Plus, you’ll have a lot of training while you’re on the ground. In fact, you’ll spend hours on the ground before you ever suit up to take your first jump. This isn’t Tandem Skydiving, so this part of the process is super important. Soak up all you can during on-the-ground training so you’ll feel comfortable when you’re in the air.

In these beginning levels, you’ll learn a couple of new techniques with each jump. Deploying your parachute, positioning yourself properly, and keeping the right distance between yourself and other skydivers are some of the topics you’ll cover. You’ll have to demonstrate these skills properly in order to progress through each level. On some levels, you’ll repeat the lessons from the previous level, so it’s all about consistently showing that you understand what you’ve been taught. Fortunately, Portland’s affiliate network is made up of dropzones who employ awesome instructors who are effective teachers.

As you grow confident through each level, you’ll move into the higher levels which are all about gaining independence. You won’t have instructors holding on to you, so you’ll be feeling the sensation of free fall on your own. In these levels, you’ll learn more complex maneuvers, like turns and flips. These are the cool tricks you see others do, and you’ll have your chance to learn them too! By this point, you’ll be comfortable in the air and feeling sure in your skydiving abilities. And your instructors will help you progress safely to reach your goal of getting your A-License so you can jump solo.

Portland Skydiving - Portland, Oregon Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Train at a Slower Pace with Tandem Progression

Another way to learn how to skydive is the Tandem Progression method. It’s called Tandem Progression because you start out Tandem jumping. Instead of free falling with instructors holding on to you for your first few jumps, you’ll jump in Tandem with your instructor. You’ll start with on-the-ground training where you’ll learn basic skills, one at a time.

After the first few jumps with your Tandem Instructor, the training wheels will come off and you’ll enter the AFF program. The beauty of Tandem Progression is that it’s perfect for those who prefer to take a slower approach and want to focus on one skill at a time. Even though AFF is very popular, Tandem Progression is available because there is no one-size-fits-all approach to getting certified. Our customer care agents are happy to help you decide which method is the best one for you.

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Portland Skydiving - Portland, Oregon Skydiving Video Packages

Skydiving Video Packages

You can really impress your loved ones with an edited video showing how awesome your skydiving experience was. Plus, you’ll relive the rush every time you watch it. Everyone who gets a video package will tell you it’s totally worth it. The drop zones in the Portland affiliate network offer numerous video packages that you can pick from.

If you want a video that truly focuses on you getting suited up on the ground to the crazy rush you feel after you land, then the videographer package is for you. With this option, a professional videographer with experience making skydiving videos will jump with you. The end result: a one-of-a-kind video that highlights your whole skydiving experience.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, the GoPro package may be better for you. Your Tandem Master will wear a GoPro camera attached to his or her helmet to create a point-of-view video that shows your full dive from your perspective. GoPro videos are edited, so you’ll still get the quality of a cool final product that you’ll want to watch over and over. This choice is a great value.

Both options are great ways to memorialize your skydiving experience. Since you’ll feel such a rush when you jump, it’ll be great to see yourself free falling over the beautiful landscape surrounding you. Each time you watch the video, you’ll probably catch something different.

These days, when you have an unforgettable experience like skydiving, you want to share it with your social network. All of our partnered drop zones provide videos that you can easily share on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media networks. Cool, right? This makes it extra easy to share your experience with your loved ones and watch it from anywhere.

In order to ensure that you have the best possible video of your skydive, make sure you ask us about it when you call. We will help you decide which option is best for you, and we’ll make sure the drop zone is prepared to give you the package that you’re looking for.

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Portland Skydiving - Portland, Oregon Skydiving Gift Certificates

Give Something Unforgettable – a Skydiving Gift Certificate!

Many people want to skydive for a special occasion, like a birthday or major milestone. You can be a part of that special moment by buying a skydiving gift certificate for someone close to you. Gift certificates are also available for the first level of AFF Training. Make your loved one’s skydiving dream come true with a gift certificate that’s perfect for them. This gift isn’t typical, and that’s what makes it a great idea. You’ll be helping someone create a new memory.

So, what kind of gift certificate can you get from Portland? Well, there are several options to choose from. To ensure that your loved one has a successful jump, it’s important to give us as many details as possible when purchasing your gift certificate. Since our customer care agents are enthusiastic about skydiving, they’ll be able to help identify the best package for you to buy.

You can add video to your gift certificate so that your loved one can show you what the experience was like. Plus, they can use the video to feel the rush of their skydiving experience over and over.

Another great thing about our gift certificates is the fact that they’re transferrable. Planning a skydive isn’t like planning to go for a walk in the park. Lots of factors play into the decision to jump. Since our gift certificates can be used at over 80 of’s affiliate drop zones around the country, your gift recipient can plan the skydive that’s perfect for them. We understand that timing is everything, that’s why they have two years from the date of purchase to redeem the gift certificate. We want to help you give a gift that your loved one can truly enjoy, and one they don’t have to rush to use.

Our customer care agents are available seven days a week for your convenience. We love helping make skydiving dreams come true, so call us today to get the wheels in motion. We’ll make sure you give the gift of an experience that is like no other.

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We take the hassle out of finding the best drop zone for you. And remember, our affiliate drop zones are staffed by experienced, qualified pros. It’s all about providing you with a safe, amazing experience. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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