Find Your Skydiving Thrill at Philadelphia!

At Philadelphia, 14,000 feet never looked so sweet! We have the know-how and years of experience to help get you up in the air and flying through those Pennsylvania skies. Whether it’s your first jump or you’re looking for a little extra derring-do, skydiving in Philly is the answer.

We know you want to fly high in Philadelphia!

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Find Your Skydiving Thrill at Philadelphia!
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Find Your Skydiving Thrill at Philadelphia!
Call 267-420-0015 Now!

At Philadelphia, 14,000 feet never looked so sweet! We have the know-how and years of experience to help get you up in the air and flying through the Pennsylvania skies. Whether it’s your first jump or you’re looking for a little extra derring-do, Philadelphia Skydiving is the answer.

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Philadelphia Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Philadelphia Skydiving - Skydiving Video Packages in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Philadelphia Skydiving - Advanced Skydiving in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to feel an adrenaline rush like no other, give Philadelphia Skydiving a call to book your skydiving trip today! At Philadelphia, we’re your experts in the art of free fall over the City of Brotherly Love, standing by to introduce you to the greatest experience of your life.

Explore Every Option in Skydiving…

Philadelphia Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tandem Skydiving

Get your start in skydiving with a tandem skydive! We’ll hook you up to a certified Jumpmaster and send you up into the skies for the ride of your life. Enjoy the views and the thrill of flight with an unbeatable feeling of security that comes from jumping with experts, who are in the top of their field. Jump…

Philadelphia Skydiving - Advanced Skydive Training in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Skydiving Certification

You may have taken your first leap with a Tandem jump and couldn’t get the experience out of your mind. Never fear! There are always new heights to reach. With advanced training in Accelerated Free Fall (AFF), you’ll be on the flight path to skydiving solo. Start with a series of instructor-supervised jumps, and then move on to solo certification. Go big…

Philadelphia Skydiving - Skydiving Video Packages - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Video Packages

You don’t want to let the most epic adventure of a lifetime go undocumented! Upgrade to a video package and relive your skydive for years to come. We’re pros in more ways than one. Videography experts dive with you to capture your skydive from nerves on the ground to exhilaration in the air. Don’t miss out! Smile…

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Get the Whole Skydiving Package!

At Philadelphia, we can get you the full package. Our experienced staff is passionate about arranging for you the best jumps available in the skydiving world, with the ultimate in safety and fun! You start the experience with a quick phone call to our office, where our team of skydiving enthusiasts will take your reservation and answer any questions you have. Philadelphia Skydiving likes to make sure you feel comfortable before you dive from an open airplane door.

Once you’ve set the date, the anticipation will start to build. From booking to jump date, you may experience a fluttering stomach, accelerated breathing, clammy hands and general impatience, but don’t worry—jump day will eventually arrive, and that’s when the real fun starts.

Our company features and offers the most options around, with gift certificates available as well. Be sure to ask about group and seasonal discounts when you call to book!

Skydive Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!

We love Philadelphia for all the same reasons that you do—the history, the culture, the brotherly love and sisterly affection that the bustling metropolis is known for. It has free attractions, family-friendly activities, world-class cuisine, a humming nightlife and a whole lot of charm. But, after you’ve explored the museums and visited the go-to sights, what’s next? Philadelphia Skydiving recommends seeing the view from above! From heights of 14,000 feet, take in the architecture that has made Philly the legend that it is, and pack in an adrenaline rush along with that unbeatable vista.

This isn’t our Founding Fathers’ Philadelphia. Even though statues of Benjamin Franklin may still abound around town, our own Newton of Electricity never saw the city the way you will from the outer reaches of the atmosphere! Imagine soaring high above world-famous landmarks like Christ Church and Independence Hall—home of the Liberty Bell—all without the constraints of an airplane.

It will be just you and thin air (and a harness and parachute of course, and maybe some instructors or a Jumpmaster), enjoying the expanse of city and countryside as no one from 1776 could have imagined.

If nature is more your thing, not to worry. The meandering length of the Delaware River holds a prominent spot in the landscape, winding its way through a region dotted with parks and natural areas. And you will be hard pressed to experience greater natural beauty than what you will encounter as you fall through the sky from over two miles high!

Whether you’re visiting for a quick trip and want to experience Philly like few other tourists do, or you’re a die-hard local looking for a new kind of thrill, Philadelphia has the solution.

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Philadelphia Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Take a Tandem Jump!

With a Tandem jump at Philadelphia, you can be comfortable knowing that you’re in good hands—the best of the best, in fact. When you jump tandem, your trusted, certified Jumpmaster takes care of the safety. But, that comfort doesn’t mean that the famous free fall adrenaline rush will be any less intense. In fact, Philadelphia Skydiving finds that the experience is even more invigorating when all you have to think about is the drop and the view.

And what a drop! Philadelphia Skydiving doesn’t just mean the way your stomach drops as you step up to the open plane door. Experience the long-stretching seconds of free fall, with that sweet unobstructed view of Pennsylvania beneath your feet. Opting for a tandem skydive gives you the chance to experience the very best that skydiving has to offer—free fall.

In a word, free fall over Philly is breathtaking. Philadelphia Skydiving means that in the sense of the view—the city skyline, the Delaware River, the sweeping countryside, seeing all that from 14,000 feet will surely take your breath away. But, have you ever moved 120 miles per hour? Not in a car or a plane or a train, but just yourself through the air. That is what free fall feels like! The G forces working on your stomach, pulling an excited scream out of your mouth, all that brings you an adrenaline rush to top all others. Now that’s a different kind of breathtaking!

Rather than going through extensive training or static line jumps, Tandem lets you leap with an instructor and relish free fall no matter your skydiving experience level.

Your instructor’s job is to get you both into the air, to pull the parachute when your period of free fall comes to an end, and to guide you safely to the ground. As for your job, now that’s the fun one! All you need to do is enjoy the thrill of the jump, the bottom dropping out as you free fall, the soaring rush of adrenaline that stays with you in the days and weeks to come as you look back on your skydiving trip.

Here’s how it works: you arrive on the day of your jump and suit up in your safety equipment, which includes a harness, a parachute and a Jumpmaster! You’ll be skydiving securely strapped to a trained professional. These guys and gals have undergone hundreds of hours of training and over 500 jumps each to obtain one of the top certifications available in the skydiving world.

Instructors earn their certifications from the United States Parachuting Association, the licensing board that oversees our fine, blue Philadelphia skies. A full certified instructor has passed their Instructor Certification Course (ICC) with flying colors, as well as their master parachute license and has hundreds of jumps under their belt.

Let’s take a minute to get into the fine points of your safety equipment, so you can be relaxed and ready to dive on your jump day. Obviously we have the parachute—you couldn’t get too far without it. On a tandem skydive, the chute is specially designed to support the weight of you, your instructor and all of the extra adrenaline flowing through your veins. Then there’s the harness, which keeps you snugly strapped to your instructor and your handy dandy parachute. Finally, each rig has an automatic activation device (AAD), a contingency gadget that senses your altitude and will auto-deploy your parachute should you drop below a safe altitude for free fall. With these systems in place, you have nothing to fear!

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Philadelphia Skydiving - Advanced Skydiving Training in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Go Solo with Advanced Skydiving Training

Have you already tried a Tandem jump or two and you just can’t get enough? It’s time to level up with an advanced skydiving training course!

We’ll set you on the track to your A License, which is your ticket to dive at nearly any drop zone on the planet, including all of the skydiving centers in the affiliate family.

Whether you choose Accelerated Free Fall or Tandem Progression, your experienced instructors will be with you every step of the way. Each of these awesome skydiving instructors has the utmost qualification to fly the Philly skies. That means hundreds upon hundreds of jumps and an unshakable passion for free fall that they are excited to pass along to you!

Our Philadelphia affiliate drop zone offers two kinds of solo skydiving training to best suit your learning style and skydiving dreams! Find out more below.

Philadelphia Skydiving - Accelerated Free Fall Training in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Zoom into Accelerated Free Fall!

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) is your fastest route to solo skydiving. The eight levels you must pass for your A License are easier to achieve than besting that super tough level on the latest smartphone game, and far more rewarding!

AFF training starts with a jump alongside two instructors. You’re not strapped to them and they’re not pulling the cord. They do call the shots, but the jump is all on you. Of course, your instructor will go through all of the training and procedure with you in advance, making you more than confident and capable by the time you reach the open door of the airplane.

At that point (at the open airplane door from 14,000 feet, that is) you take the leap with an instructor on each side, their hands holding your harness. You all head into free fall together, and when the time comes to deploy your parachute your instructor will signal you to pull the ripcord! You glide to the ground all on your own. Be sure to stick the landing!

From those first couple of jumps, you’ll accelerate on to the higher levels of AFF. After a few rounds of hand harness hold jumps, you get to prove your mettle with more and more advanced jumps. Seize the opportunity to fly like the birds do and ride those air streams! Your instructor will test your flying ability and maneuverability with progressing through Targeted Learning Objectives (TLOs) for each lesson as you go along.

The training sequence will take you from A to E in the USPA training breakdown. This means you will complete five levels with an instructor by your side to give guidance, while still remaining autonomous in terms of equipment—no Tandem harnesses here!

Once you instructor clears you on level E of the sequence, congratulations! There are three more categories to accomplish, but you are cleared to fly solo from there on out in training.

In the final countdown to certification, the levels F, G and H will take you through solo skydiving at its ultimate adventure status. You will jump alone or with your instructor several more times, and then experience the excitement of “hop n’ pops!” Hop n’ pops simulate a plane crash in progress, ejecting you from the plane close enough to the ground that you must deploy your chute immediately upon exit. This high-paced training gets the adrenaline pumping even faster! You’re on the clock and in control of your skydive.

After 25 total jumps in your training, your instructor signs off on your skills and you are certified! Take that A license and use it as your pass to the skies, whether at our drop zone here in Pennsylvania or at sites around the country and the world. You’ve earned this and all of the adventure that comes with it.

Philadelphia Skydiving - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Slow and Steady with Tandem Progression.

Tandem progression is all about taking your skydiving solo training at your own pace. Although there’s no way to avoid the pace of gravity, of course! You’ll still feel those crazy G forces and fly at speeds over 100 miles per hour in free fall. You’ll just reach the point of diving solo after a little extra Tandem time.

That’s the basis of the Tandem Progression option. You strap in and dive in tandem with your instructor a few times—as many as you need to get comfortable—and then from there, you move on to the solo stuff in the standard Accelerated Free Fall training. Just like with basic AFF, the goal of Tandem Progression is to get you to your A license and parachuting wherever you please.

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Philadelphia Skydiving - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Skydiving Video Packages

Be a Star with a Skydiving Video Package!

Lights, camera, free fall! Skydiving is the apex of the bucket list, the impossible-to-top feat of derring-do that you will remember for the rest of your days. Think back on those other life milestones—birthdays, graduations, marriage.

You remember those moments so clearly because they are the icing on the cake of life, the crème de la crème of the human experiences. Skydiving is one of them, but with the add-on of an unbelievable adrenaline rush! Don’t let the moment pass you by in the rush of excitement and wild free fall thrill. Instead, look back on the greatest ride of your life for years to come with a video package upgrade!

The top-tier option brings you a cinematic skydiving film from a professional videographer. As you step out of your car at the drop zone nearest to the Birthplace of America, the film crew will be standing by to get your grins and grimaces through every step of the training. Once you’re suited up, they come with you up into the air and jump ahead of you. They zip alongside to get the best angle on your excitement as you fly through the door of the plane and into free fall!

For a more economical way to capture the moment, consider a GoPro video package! You won’t get the sweeping cinematic shots that the videographer can capture, but with a GoPro camera secured to your instructor’s equipment, you’ll get a tight-in view of the whole shebang! Your screams at the drop, the mad grin and ecstatic rush as you float high over Philadelphia. That’s the kind of memory you will love watching over and over in the years to come!

The video formats we send you are seamlessly edited and easy to share across social media channels. Get your friends and family in on the action and share your skydiving experience from start to finish. These are the memories worth revisiting!

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Philadelphia Skydiving - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Skydiving Gift Certificates

Skydiving Gift Certificates

There is no better gift to give than free fall. We may be a bit biased in the skydiving department, but we think you’ll agree after your first jump, that it doesn’t get better than this. So go on, share the thrill and give a skydiving gift certificate!

Whether to make a promise to your future self to seize the day, or to give a loved one the time of their life, a Philadelphia gift certificate gives the greatest gift around. We’re all about experiences here (in case you couldn’t tell), which is why we make it easy for you to pay it forward and spread the skydiving joy to everyone you know.

We all have a daredevil in our lives, someone with an insatiable appetite for adventure and an undying desire for the next adrenaline rush. They already have their climbing equipment and their hammocks and their tents. They ask for intangible goodies that make it impossible to find them a present they will enjoy. But, we’ve solved that riddle with a certificate to skydive!

We offer gift certificates for the Tandem skydives and AFF Level 1 training, with video packages available as well. If you would like to add on a video upgrade, be sure to give Philadelphia Skydiving a call so we can adjust the pricing and arrange for your videographer to shoot the jump! Two gifts in one will make the skydiving all the sweeter.

You don’t have to worry about the recipient having trouble fitting a skydive into his or her tight schedule or finding it difficult to get to Philly. Philadelphia gift certificates remain valid for two years after purchase, and they can be redeemed at any affiliate drop zone in the country! That’s over 80 skydiving locations to choose from across the United States. Our customer service staff can assist you with every detail, from purchase to booking. They are standing by, every day of the week, to take care of your skydive gifting!

Get Your Gift Certificate!

You can now purchase online right thru But you might want to give one of our friendly experts a call to see if we are running any specials or if you qualify for any discounts!

Shop on!

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Philadelphia Skydiving - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Every day between now and jump day is just another day you haven’t skydived. But after that day, your life will change forever, and for the greater! Don’t wait to experience Philadelphia from the best seat in the house. Schedule your Philadelphia trip and get ready for the bottom to drop out. There’s no replicating the view from 14,000 feet, or the way you feel after the knot of nerves in the pit of your stomach turn into a freeing adrenaline rush!

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