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Ready. Set. Fly! Petoskey Skydiving welcomes all skill levels of skydivers. There are several options for you to choose from in order to best suit your needs. Skydiving is a once in a lifetime experience and we are waiting to fly with you! Our team guarantees an instant addiction to diving in the sky. The staff at Petoskey are passionate extreme sport lovers that are dying to get you flying!

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Skydive in Style! Call Petoskey Skydiving Now at 1-860-358-0830! Petoskey, the Highest Level of Fun in Michigan!
Call 1-860-358-0830 Now! Petoskey, the Highest Level of Fun in Michigan!
Call 1-860-358-0830 Now!

Ready. Set. Fly! Petoskey welcomes all skill levels of skydivers. We have several options for you to choose from in order to best suit your needs. Skydiving is a once in a lifetime experience and we are waiting to fly with you! Our team guarantees an instant addiction to diving in the sky. The staff at Petoskey are passionate extreme sport lovers that are dying to get you flying!

Skydive in Style! Call Petoskey Skydiving Now at 1-860-358-0830!

Are you ready to enjoy the beauty of Petoskey, Michigan? There is nothing more freeing than floating in mid-air while enjoying the view of the city. Skydiving is the perfect sport to get your adrenaline rushing, and Petoskey is the best place to make it happen.

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Petoskey Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving near Petoskey, Michigan

Tandem Skydiving

If this is your first time skydiving, have no fear. With the Tandem jump, you will always feel secure. Regardless of your skill level, this style of jumping is perfect for everyone. You and your Jumpmaster are harnessed together and using one parachute. Yes, you will be securely connected to a pro while comfortably floating through the air. You will never be alone during the Tandem jump because your instructor will be connected to you from beginning to end. Learn more…

Petoskey Skydiving - Advanced Skydive Training in Petoskey, Michigan

Skydiving Certification

Practice makes perfect, that is why Petoskey is super excited to help arrange your advanced training. Setting aside the time to train before you actually begin skydiving will have you feeling more confident and at ease. Instructors take pleasure in assessing your abilities and later placing you in the appropriate course to help you learn to be the best skydiver you can possibly be. When you are ready to learn, the pros are here to teach! Learn more…

Petoskey Skydiving - Skydiving Video Packages - Petoskey, Michigan

Video Packages

What better way to capture an everlasting moment than to get it on video? You may jump once, but a recording stays with you for the rest of your life. You can relive this moment every day and show your friends and family how brave you are. There are several video options to choose from. Catch this breathtaking moment on camera by selecting a priceless video package. Petoskey wants you to remember your skydiving experience forever! Learn more…

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Find Fun in the Sun at Petoskey Skydiving!

Skydiving is a radically extreme sport that everyone should experience at least once. Our partners have the most skydiving options in Michigan; whether you are flying solo or bringing some friends along. We offer great group discounts or gift certificates which you can use in the future or as a gift to another extreme sport lover.

The team at our affiliate dropzone is very well rounded and qualified individuals who pride themselves on providing a memorable experience to each student. They deliver a wide range of knowledge in skydiving while consistently practicing exceptional safety habits. The main goal at Petoskey is to ensure that every student has the best experience possible. Considering the fact that we can set you up with the best skydiving services in the area, we want you to share this moment! If you are a seasoned advanced jumper or a first time beginner, Petoskey has you covered. We encourage taking advantage of our expert skydivers. That is why we are here! The team has impeccable knowledge of the sport and a genuine interest in teaching you to skydive.

Staffers at Petoskey are extreme enthusiasts that are ready for you to experience an enjoyable jump. We give you the highest level of quality service, as well as set you up with a friendly encounter with skydiving experts, and most of all an incomparable skydiving adventure. Prepare yourself for the time of your life because that is exactly what you are going to get. The thrill of jumping out of an airplane is priceless, the freedom of floating through the air is beyond imaginable, and the excitement of conquering an unforeseen altitude is a moment that you will never forget! It is our duty to guide you from beginning to end addressing any questions or concerns. Skydiving ensures a magical ride through the sky with a safe landing.

LIfe in Petoskey

etoskey is a beautiful city in the infamous state of Michigan. It has been the perfect vacation spot in the state for decades and a captivating city that sits on the coast of Lake Michigan. With the cool breeze from Lake Michigan and 157 sunny days in Petoskey, this is the ideal area to skydive. Nearly half of the year makes for perfect weather for outdoor sporting. What better area to skydive than one that is considered a coastal resort community?

The ravishing city of Petoskey is located in Emmet County, home of the Emmet County Fair which was established since before 1905, offering several activities such as carnivals, live shows, and other events. The fair is in operation for five consecutive days in August when the temperature is typically 75 degrees; a perfect time to learn some history of the city and shoot on over to Petoskey Skydiving, the best place to skydive in the area.

Petoskey is in the Northern Michigan region; which is a high volume area for vacationers and very active locals. This region of the world is filled with outdoor activities, classic art, and intriguing history. Some of Petoskey’s top sights are Bear River Valley, Odawa Casino Resort, Crooked Tree Arts Center, Bayfront Park, Petoskey Winter Sports Park, East Park, Little Traverse Historical Museum and Pennsylvania Park, all of which were rated 4 stars and above by their visitors.

Need some adult relaxation time? You can visit the Maple Moon Sugarbush and Winery. Want to send the kids off in style? Try the Burnt Marshmallow Brewing. Or, come together and enjoy some family fun at any of Petoskey’s game and entertainment centers. Petoskey is a remarkable place with countless activities, and skydiving is at the top of the list. If you are a lifelong resident, new to the area, or just traveling through the city, Petoskey is the best place to soar through the city skies!

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Petoskey Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving near Petoskey, Michigan

The Jump That Will Have You Hooked!

You are in for the rush of your life with Tandem skydiving. The Tandem skydive is definitely the most common choice among novice skydivers. The Tandem jump is one of the more popular styles of skydiving and a great pick for first-timers and beginners. During this jump you, will be harnessed to a skydiving expert. The professional will wear a parachute and have full control of the jump, full control meaning he or she will guide the entire process, controlling the canopy and administering a safe and smooth landing. The cool thing about Tandem skydiving is that you will not need much instruction. You get to literally sit back and enjoy the ride. Have you ever wanted to skydive but not spend extra time learning the major technicalities? Well, this is the jump for you because your skydiving expert is responsible for it all.

Being connected to a master skydiver is the best way for you to feel comfortable and protected from the time that you exit the airplane, while maneuvering through the sky and finally on the ground. Tandem skydiving will be everything you expect and more! Not only will your experience be full of fun and excitement, our staff is extremely thorough and full of energy. When you book through us, you know you will get the best skydiving options in the area, and Tandem skydiving is a major pick.

You and your Jumpmaster are tied together, using one parachute. You float down as one and land as a team, so get ready and gear up to fall! The Tandem jump is the ultimate thrill for beginner students or on occasion, advanced skydivers. Diving into the sky is an impressive story that will capture the attention of everyone in the room. If this is your first time, you will not be disappointed with the Tandem jump. This professional team is here to make sure your first jump is very comfortable, safe and a moment to remember. Tandem skydiving is an excellent choice to jump start your extreme sport venture.

The Tandem skydive is an unforgettable jump that will give you major bragging rights. You have been a student in school for a massive amount of years, obeying your teachers and doing all of the work. Now, it is time to sit back, enjoy the breeze while listening to a small amount of instruction and letting your teacher do the work! How cool, right?

The Tandem jump is great if you want to try a sport that will literally set you free. Petoskey partners have all the special equipment needed for you to complete your Tandem jump successfully. The dropzone you will attend has the best airplanes, very experienced Jumpmasters and they always practice safety first. It is the most stunning drop zone in the area and the clear choice for you to come and participate in the enjoyment of Tandem skydiving. Come explore the sights of the home of Motown, while flying to jump altitude, and cascading over the beautiful waters of Lake Michigan. Strap on your jumpsuit and prepare for your Tandem jump at Petoskey.

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Petoskey Skydiving - Advanced Skydiving Training in Petoskey, Michigan

Learn to Skydive at an Accelerated Pace!

Did you know with proper training you could become a certified solo skydiver. There are several training courses to choose from to find one that best meets your skydiving needs. Each of our instructors have been thoroughly trained and certified. We want the opportunity to teach you the step by step fundamentals of skydiving. Once you become certified by the instructors, the United States Parachute Association, or USPA will issue you your license as an official skydiver. From there you can begin your solo skydiving journey. Yes, you can jump alone at any of our affiliate facilities across the country. Once you receive your license you go from a student to a certified solo skydiver.

Petoskey Skydiving - Accelerated Free Fall Training in Petoskey, Michigan

Accelerated Free Fall Training – The Fast Track

The Accelerated Free Fall training is a very popular method of training amongst students. This technique teaches you to become a safe skydiver and gears you up to be able to jump without any assistance. Accelerated Free Fall or AFF is the quickest method of training. It is accelerated in the sense that your progress and completion may be done in less than 6 hours. Although the process is quick, there is no need to feel overwhelmed because you will be assigned two instructors. This means that two experts will be dedicated to your training and success.

There are about 7 intricate levels in learning AFF. During level 1 your main objective is to gain stability, ensure your altitude is always maintained, and focus on the ability to pull your ripcord to open your parachute on time. Do not worry! Your instructors will be holding on to you the entire time. Level 2 is super fantastic, you get to practice and eventually perform 90 degree turns and forward movements. Level 3 comes fast where you begin to quickly advance. Your instructors will finally release you! The excitement of training is inevitable, just picture yourself jumping solo.

In Level 4 you are left with one instructor and get to really show off those maneuvering skills you learned and practiced in level 2. In level 5 you continue practicing your maneuvers, only this time with 360 degree turns. How amazing is it that all of this is happening in the air? Lastly you finally get to exit the airplane by yourself and perform as many tricks and maneuvers as you can. Who knows, you may be the next person to create a new trick in the sky! Start your skydiving training the right way with the Accelerated Free Fall course!

Petoskey Skydiving - Petoskey, Michigan Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Tandem Progression – The Slow Track

Like AFF, Tandem Progression training is also great regardless of your skill level. At our affiliate sites, each and every instructor will be outstanding at teaching you either method. First time jumpers may favor this technique because the pace is not as quick as AFF. You begin with ground school where you are “on the ground” learning several aspects of skydiving, including emergency procedures and equipment basics. The real fun begins and you now get to practice what you learned in ground school. Similar to AFF training, you enter the aircraft and begin to implement what you were taught while jumping. At this stage you will start your training jumps with your instructor who will maintain a close distance every step of the way. You will eventually practice all of your ground school skills on your own. Learn and understand your boundaries and go for what you know!

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Petoskey Skydiving - Petoskey Skydiving Video Packages

Capture Your Adventure Forever!

How amazing would it be to watch yourself jump from an airplane? Which ever jump you decide to experience, there is a great selection of video packages for you to choose from. The best way to celebrate after your jump is to watch yourself on the big screen! The first option is having a videographer right by your side. He or she jumps with you to record your entire skydiving moment.

With this package, your recording will include you boarding the plane, your anticipation and preparation on the way up to altitude, your jump out of the airplane, all of your special flips and tricks, and finally your beautiful landing and celebration.

You also have the GoPro video as an option. GoPro is a HD waterproof camera that will be attached to your Tandem master. Your video will indeed be stabilized with voice control. The exciting thing about this option is that your video will be filmed at a closer view. Once your skydive is successfully completed, your video will be professionally edited! Now, you can share your experience with your friends and family at a watch party, via email, and even on social media! Watching yourself skydive will never get old and is a cherished moment that will last a lifetime.

Think about it. We record weddings, births, birthday parties, graduations, and even funerals. Why, because these are irreplaceable milestones that we can never get back. A recording is the perfect way to relive a special moment over and over again. Skydiving is an adventure beyond imagination that others may not get the opportunity to experience. You can show off how brave you are at BBQ’s, family gatherings, and reunions. Your video may inspire someone else to conquer a fear or simply try something new. Maybe you can get a group together for your next jump! Whatever you decide, we have the perfect video package for you.

Capture Your Jump on Camera with a Video!
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Petoskey Skydiving - Petoskey Skydiving Gift Certificates

The Ultimate Gift Is a Certificate from Petoskey Skydiving

Once you have conquered your fear and completed the Tandem skydive, make yourself an official skydiver by attending training school and becoming certified, then watch your awesome jump on video! You can also grant someone else the opportunity to experience it for themselves. Gift certificates are amazing presents for family and friends. I can think of at least 3 people that would be thrilled to have a gift certificate to go skydiving! Can you?

We all know a few daredevils that are not afraid to try the unthinkable who deserve a good dose of adrenaline. This special person will be able to use their gift certificate here at Petoskey’s affiliate dropzone, as well as at over 80 other affiliate skydiving centers. How great would it be to travel across the country and jump right into the sky wherever you are? Skydiving is an unusual and extravagant sport that should be shared for everyone to experience.

The wonderful thing about our gift certificate option is that it will be valid for 2 years! This means the special recipient has 730 days to work up the courage and make it happen! By this time, you may be a certified professional that can jump along with them for motivation. You can also choose which jump you feel would be most suitable for them, either Tandem skydiving or accelerated free fall level

To put the icing on the cake, you have the option to add a video package as part of the gift certificate deal! The lucky person receiving the gift certificate will be able to have the greatest skydiving experience and will be able to watch it later. Gift certificates are fully transferable and customer service is available 7 days a week to assist with any concerns and answer all questions. Shock them speechless with the biggest surprise ever! A gift certificate to skydive in Michigan will be mind-blowing.

Get Your Gift Certificate!

You can now purchase online right thru But you might want to give one of our friendly experts a call to see if we are running any specials or if you qualify for any discounts!

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Petoskey Skydiving - Petoskey, Michigan

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One-Stop Skydiving Adventures

The best place in the area for you to skydive is right in Petoskey! Regardless if you are a beginner or advanced veteran, we have something specifically for you. Not only will you be able to jump for fun, you can also take it a step further and attend skydiving school to become USPA certified. The options for skydiving are endless. Our team is more than ecstatic to get you started and keep you hooked. Petoskey Michigan is a beautiful and historic area and the ideal place to skydive. Drop by sometime

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