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Let the experts dish out some Southern Hospitality at 14,000 feet above Pensacola! Don’t miss Skydiving in Northwest Florida. We are the Pensacola skydiving experts! We’re sure you have questions and our skydiving experts are standing by with answers!

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Barrel through the gulf sky above the wild beauty of Florida and let Pensacola show you the world as you’ve never seen it before. Go Skydiving, Pensacola: We Know about Chills and Thrills! Pensacola offer the closest skydiving to the City of Five Flags!
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Let the experts dish out some Southern Hospitality at 14,000 feet above Pensacola! Don’t miss Skydiving in Northwest Florida. We are the Pensacola skydiving experts! We’re sure you have questions and our skydiving experts are standing by with answers!

We Do It in Gulf Coast Style! Call 1-800-617-7948 Today!

Let the experts dish out some Southern Hospitality at 14,000 feet above Pensacola! Don’t miss Skydiving in Northwest Florida. We are the Pensacola skydiving experts! We’re sure you have questions and our skydiving experts are standing by with answers! Pensacola offers you more choices!

Tandem Skydiving near Pensacola, Florida

Tandem Skydiving

At 14,000 feet above Florida near Pensacola, ride the enchanted carpet of gulf magic. Newbies start here. Take the Leap!

Pensacola Skydiving School

Advanced Training

When it’s your turn to solo, let the professionals teach you the incredible pleasures of defeating gravity. Learn more…

Skydiving Video Packages - Pensacola, Florida

Video Packages

In the future, you’ll still cherish the memories of Skydiving near Pensacola when you play your video. Say cheese…

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Every vacation in Pensacola deserves a skydiving experience!

Chances are you’ve come to Pensacola to enjoy the beautiful, pristine white sand beaches as you bask in the gulf’s creamy yellow warmth. A dream vacation. A delicious seafood dinner on the water. So many things the kids want to do. Bicycling the two mile course on Gulf Islands National Seashore. Or seeing the military history of the area firsthand, from old Nineteenth century forts to the Pensacola Naval Air Station where you can visit the National Naval Aviation Museum with hundreds of aircraft and thousands of artifacts on display or see the Navy’s Blue Angels flight demonstration practice on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, between March and November. If you prefer history, Fort Barrancas is located just east of the Naval Air Station.
In the same general area is the tallest lighthouse on the Gulf Coast. Climb the 177 steps to the top of the Pensacola edifice and take a look at the sheer beauty of the surrounding area. If you’re not ready for your experience with skydiving yet, you soon will want to see more, from an even higher vantage point. And the pros is ready to show you Northwest Florida like you’ve never seen it before.
Perhaps you want a day to relax. Lay on the beach. Smell the salty air. Let your ears attune themselves to the squawks of the Sea gulls, floating above, watching, waiting for their chance to swoop in to devour the next meal. Maybe you’ve read the poet John Masefield who wrote, “I must go down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied.”
Maybe you’re ready to answer that call.

A Heron over Pensacola Beach A Heron over Pensacola Beach

Or, you’re thinking parasails. Kayaks. Waverunners. Paddleboards. Bicycle rentals. And you’ve already decided to go in a different direction. You’ve mapped out an excursion onto the Navarre Beach Causeway across the Gulf Islands National Seashore, that long narrow finger of barrier island preserving the natural and historic resources along the Gulf, all to find that local treasure at Navarre Beach State Park: Juana’s Pagodas. Perhaps you want to enjoy Juana’s delicious cheeseburger with fried onions as a local band plays the sounds of Pensacola. Then, once finished, you and your family sit outside, gaze at the boats undulating in the marina, gripping a cold beer in your hand, telling stories as you breathe in the briny atmosphere of a brilliant sunny Gulf Coast day.
Then the family packs into the SUV and heads out to see some of the unique local spots on the Seashore, such as the ruins of Fort Pickens, built in 1834 to protect the entrance to the Pensacola Bay Harbor. Fort Pickens has a visitor center and museum which are open daily, and daily Ranger-led tours.
Or maybe you brought bicycles from home, or rented them locally, because you want to cycle the two-mile bicycle path or you’re more adventurous than that, you want to ride the 40-mile-long multi-use path. See local herons perched atop bushes like sentinels as you picnic on a winding nature trail admiring the local flora and fauna of the coastal marshes. Then let the kids daydream while you dip a rod into the crystal-clear water and wait for supper to come calling.
For a completely different experience, a romantic dinner for two, try the Grand Marlin Restaurant and Oyster Bar set on the Santa Rosa Sound at Pensacola Beach. It’s on State Route 399 on a causeway in the middle of the bay, no wonder the views are unforgettable. You’ll remember the food as well.
Don’t forget a cruise on the Gulf. Try Key Sailing, Dolphin Express, or Condor Sailing. They will boat you onto the Gulf, and if you’re lucky, perhaps you’ll see an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin, the largest and most prevalent mammal in the area.
We’re out of breath listing all the ways you can spend your time before you go skydiving. Once you arrive at one of our network facilities, depending on the skydive you’ve requested, we’ll get you ready for an exciting interlude in the sky. If you’ve requested a tandem-master, he’ll prepare you for the dive, get you ready for the 10 to 20 minute flight to 14,000 feet. When everything’s set, and the plane has reached the proper altitude at the spot to drop, you’ll approach the door and the tandem-master will tell you when to jump. Then you’ll experience the dive together, hand-in-hand, sliding and slipping through air currents as you simmer above the pastel colors below. You’ll keep your wits and your head up. Swallow the experience. Whole. Feel it suffuse into your body. The thrill of it. The sheer excitement of those minutes that you will remember for a lifetime. And if you chose our videography service, you’ll be able to replay the experience over and over. You’ll never need forget the thrill of this day.

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Tandem Skydiving near Pensacola, Florida Tandem Skydiving near Pensacola, Florida

Tandem Skydiving Near Pensacola

You’re at the door of the plane. The sky can’t decide between its mauve past and the cobalt piercing through its edges. You have already decided. That’s why you’re perched at the doorway, waiting for a green light to energize your body. It looks like a vegetable soup down there, now that the plane has moved inland. The tandem-master you will jump give you all of the advice you will need. He is right behind you. And will be with the entire course of the jump. Which is why you are so confident. So ready to do this. You can feel your nose reacting to the cold air. Metal clips and hooks are rattled to be sure they are securely fastened. The tandem-master pulls the straps on your parachute and reassures you, everything is set. As it should be. You pass over a marshmallow cluster and dream of campfires when you were a kid, how wonderful those marshmallows tasted burnt to a crisp, the hot flesh, the gooey center and you wonder if dropping through a cloud is anything like that. Of course not. But your mind is running as quick as the plane. No green light yet.
Historic Pensacola is out there. You’ve read about it. Lots of older buildings. The very first Catholic Mass ever held in the United States occurred on Santa Rosa Island in 1559. Pensacola once was the capital of Florida when it stretched across to New Orleans. Daniel Boone was here in the 1760s. You think about the fishing boats out there on the Gulf. So many of them. Makes you hungry for a seafood dinner. You can practically see the fish on your plate, smoke billowing up and away from it. And the scent. You reach for your knife and fork but just at that moment your tandem master taps you on the shoulder.
Tandem Skydiving: Exiting the AirplaneYou hear him say, “Lean your head back. We’re about to go.”
The meaty succulence of that imagined squid has left you hungry, and your tandem-master is about to satisfy your gluttony for excitement and elan.
Bingo. Green light.
And there you go. Both of you.
The plane soars on an aerial line thrumming away from you.
There’s nothing between you and the Florida terra firma now. You were just at 14,000 feet. Must be lower already. But you feel an exhilaration. A giddiness. Like you’ve put your hand in the cookie jar and grabbed a cookie. And no one’s slapped your hand. Life can be wonderful, can’t it?
The tandem-master has a firm grip of your hands and he’s twisting around you as you seem to be sliding horizontally across the sky. You can’s believe the excitement… The thrill… This was worth the drive from Pensacola without a doubt!
You can feel the wind buffet you as you slice through it. The pull of gravity greater and greater with every second that passed. You remember he told you you would be falling at 120 miles per hour. Hell, you’ve never even driven a car that fast. Wanted to. But never did. Maybe that’s why this feels illegal. More than dangerous. Wrong. But it’s right. And safe. Absolutely safer than driving 120 miles per hour.
The tandem-master has spun you around and points you like a missile toward a tiny building below. What is this? Whatever it is is indescribable. Like you’re in some sci-fi flick. You, like George Clooney in Gravity. Except you’re not out of control. You’re in the hands of a tandem-master. Damn, he points at your ripcord.
Has it been a minute already? Why must it end? God this is great. Best thing I’ve ever done for myself. So glad it’s being videotaped.
“Pull it,” he screams. You pull it. The parachute releases.
You almost feel like a car that’s stopped short to avoid hitting an animal or a person. Except you can’t hear the brakes screeching. And you’ve flown upwards several feet. Life has changed.
You can see a huge dome of fabric filled with air above you. Florida is coming slowly into focus. The buildings are larger. And larger. Closer.
Florida seems about to grab you by the ankles. Gently.
Your feet have hit the ground. Your knees have bent. The grassy knoll brushed your hip like a green pillow. It’s over. You’re on your feet. Grinning. Gravity has won. But damn, so have you. Just to be sure you jump into the air and a second later you’re back on the ground. You’re ready to do it again. Soon.

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Pensacola, Florida Advanced Skydiving Training Pensacola, Florida Advanced Skydiving Training

Advanced Skydiving Training

Northwest Florida may not have a lot of options for skydiving (and here at, we want to change that!) but we can still get you the training you need to become USPA certified so you can fun jump at any USPA dropzone in the United States including the over 80 in the affiliate family. With a short drive to the nearest Emerald Coast skydiving school, you can start your training today!
Being a certified skydiver comes with plenty of benefits. No longer will you have to pay for a tandem master and equipment rentals and lift tickets can be as low as $30 to $40! Now a trip to the skydiving center isn’t just for a single jump… You can stay and enjoy a day of freefall for the price of a tandem skydive! Certification has it’s benefits!
Call one of our experts and ask about the details of the Accelerated Freefall training program. The AFF skydiving course is designed to teach you how to skydive quickly and safely using the latest training methods. Accelerated Freefall has been used to teach thousands of people to skydive with great success all over the United States as quickly as in just a few days. There are 8 levels to the AFF course – each consisting of training on the ground, a single skydive and a set of maneuvers that you must complete before moving on to the next level. It’s considered the fastest and most successful way to learn to skydive and there are experienced AFF coaches ready to help you right here on the Gulf Coast.

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Pensacola Skydiving Video Packages Pensacola Skydiving Video Packages

Video Packages Pensacola can set you up with several video options. The video runs approximately five to seven minutes and may come with pictures, if that option has been selected. All of these videos are professionally edited with music to leave you with a lasting visual and auditory experience. Once you have the disk you can watch it as many times as you want to relive your experience.
If you have any questions, call us at 1-800-617-7948. We’ll paint you a picture of the flight over the Gulf Coast, and fill in the brushstrokes to give you a feel of what it’s like to fall into the clutches of gravity once you’re out of the plane. Or if your questions pertain to details about skydiving safety, please let us allay your fears. Skydiving is safe and safety is always a number one concern. We look forward to your call.
The video packages enable your fondest memories. So, years from now you can tell your kids or grandkids what you once did. See. Don’t make the most common mistake we hear from first time guests when they return for second jumps. They wished they had decided to make a video to show their friends and family. Everyone wanted to see it. What they tend to leave out is how foolish they felt when they told their friends and family they chose not to make a video. Why?
We offer some of the most competitive video rates in the industry. Which is why we recommend you document that first jump. The one you’ll never forget. The one you want to showcase not only to friends and family, but to everyone on Facebook as well.

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Pensacola Skydiving Gift Certificates Pensacola Skydiving Gift Certificates Pensacola Gift Certificates

Give the gift of excitement and watch the joy on your friends’ and family’s faces as they envision themselves thousands of feet up in the air, enjoying their own flight of fancy. Ready when they are, wherever they are. Pensacola Gift Certificates are the perfect gift for birthdays, graduation, anniversaries, or just for that time we you want to show her how special she is. Help her relax after a difficult time. Contact us today if you have any further queries. Our Customer Service staff is ready, willing, and able to help you, no matter the nature of your query. You’ll find that Skydiving Pensacola Florida certificates are accepted at many of our partner venues throughout the United States. When you book with us, we’ll mail your gift certificates out as soon as possible. And remember, our gift certificates have a two-year redemption policy at our partner facilities. Our only caveats are that the person redeeming the certificate must be over 18 years old and weigh less than 240 pounds at the time of the jump.

Tandem Skydiving Gift Certificates

Experience the pleasure of giving a Tandem Gift Certificate to a friend or loved one who wants to jump for the first time. Be aware that Pensacola partners carefully match new divers with experienced tandem-masters, to maximize safety and enjoyment of the customer. Once he arrives for his scheduled dive and shows his Tandem Gift Certificate, he is paired with a tandem-master who walks him through initial preparations, including 30 to 45 minutes of classroom instruction, so nothing is left to chance. Minutes later they board the plane and 15-20 minutes after that they’re at 14,000 feet. After the tandem-plunge they arrive back on Florida soil five to seven minutes later. The customer is thrilled. Who wouldn’t be?

Accelerated Freefall Gift Certificates

For those who have skydived already and want to move to the next level, Pensacola sells Accelerated Freefall Skydiving Gift Certificates. Accelerated freefall skydiving allows experienced jumpers to dive out of an airplane, without an instructor attached to them. Pensacola affiliates offer a comprehensive four to six hour class that focuses on correct maneuvers and techniques involved in the art of skydiving. Students can advance at their own pace, either completing a level 1 accelerated freefall skydive on the same day as the training class or anytime within the following 30 days. Students can continue their training to level seven certification, if they desire.
This Accelerated Freefall Gift Certificate starts divers on an independent path of expertise they can continue at their discretion.

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