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Experiencing a serious case of the weekend doldrums? For a second, imagine soaring through the sky, enjoying a constantly refreshing gust of air with miles of Earth before your eyes. Too good to be true? Think again. The ability to experience pure fun and adrenaline is just a phone call away. Skydive Pennridge specializes in arranging 1st rate skydiving activities to suit every taste and experience level. Don’t stress if you are inexperienced, straightforward classes are offered to help the faint of heart easily transition into becoming a thrill seeking junkie! Contact us today to discover which experience will work best for you! Call 1-800-617-7948 Right Now!

Tandem Skydiving in Pennridge

Tandem Skydiving

Pure thrill awaits you at Skydive Pennridge with Tandem Skydiving. If you’re not sure where to start, Tandem Skydiving is the ultimate way to experience the freedom of the open sky. Tandem Skydiving can often seem intimidating at first glance. However, intimidation is easily overcome by the combination of surreal adrenaline and unique views of the Pennridge, Pennsylvania landscape. Stop waiting and throw yourself out of a plane today! Learn more…

Pennridge Certified Skydiving

Skydiving School

If you’re an eager skydiving connoisseur, Skydiving School is the ultimate way for you to take your hobby to the next level by getting certified at Skydive Pennridge. We offer a variety of classes for you to choose from the Accelerated Freefall (AFF) course to tandem training jumps (Tandem Progression). Which not only speed up the learning process but acclimate you to the joys of skydiving. Making the idea and ability to become an expert much easier to digest and achieve. Learn more…

Skydiving Gift Certificates in Pennridge

Tandem Gift Certificates

Everyone loves surprises, and it’s time to give the season’s most unexpected gift: Skydive Pennridge Gift Certificates. Our wide variety of choices make it easy for you to give a loved one the experience of a lifetime and pure happiness alike. To make it simple for you, we’ve extended the valid period of these vouchers for 24 months after the purchase date! This, along with the best prices in Pennridge, easily makes these skydives the perfect gift for anyone. Get yours…

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Your Options

Ultimately, your choice of adventure is yours to make. Training is available for every option and precautions are in place to ensure your safety. If knowledge is the only thing keeping you from either option, experienced professionals have answers to all of you questions and can assist in any dilemmas you may face when making a final decision in a quick call to 1-800-617-7948. Provided each skydiver knows what their personal comfort levels are, instructors can usually help in providing you with all the information needed for you to feel confident before, during, and after your jump.

Your Options

Ultimately, your choice of adventure is yours to make. Training is available for every option and precautions are in place to ensure your safety. If knowledge is the only thing keeping you from either option, experienced professionals have answers to all of you questions and can assist in any dilemmas you may face when making a final decision in a quick call to 267-404-3222. Provided each skydiver knows what their personal comfort levels are, instructors can usually help in providing you with all the information needed for you to feel confident before, during, and after your jump.

Tandem Skydiving

Any experienced jumper would agree that skydiving is a therapeutic sport, but the word “therapeutic” can be misleading. Skydiving is, unsurprisingly, chock full of the adrenaline, anticipation and relaxation that goes hand-in-hand with this diverse adventure. Most people prefer their first skydive to be an experience filled with fun, and void of any extensive learning or training. Frankly, you’re looking for an experience to wow everyone back at home. Tandem Skydiving is an option that requires no prior experience of the customer, less attentiveness and pressure to perform. The instructor has the knowledge and ability to take complete control of the parachute while you sit back and enjoy the ride. Or maybe safety is your main concern, in which case a large crew of certified instructors, top-of-the-line equipment and informative training can make your jump more memorable. Tandem Skydiving allows the enthusiast to get used to the insane experience before exploring the more advanced options available.

Accelerated Freefall

What if you could control your time in the sky solely, without the assistance of someone else? The Accelerated Freefall (AFF) program allows you to do just that. AFF offers you the unique opportunity to experience that freedom you seek, all the while being immersed in an adventurous setting and the fluctuating sensations of adrenaline and relaxation alike. All it takes is a little bit of time, preparation and effort to reap the ultimate benefits of jumping solo. The AFF course is designed to give you the tools to perform a flawless skydive, and as such, it is extensive. It will teach you the fundamentals of skydiving as well as more advanced topics including exiting the aircraft, proper body position, parachute deployment, canopy flight, landing techniques and much more. It is also made to suit beginners, which means you shouldn’t feel pressured to succeed and understand everything the first time you hear it. Skydiving is naturally fun but serious, which is why we prepare you thoroughly, not quickly! We will treat you with the idea that you are a novice, but with the expectation of you becoming a professional. Don’t worry about messing up now and then, your instructors are there to teach you and help you learn from your mistakes. Not only will they teach you the logistics and techniques of skydiving, they will also give you the right attitude and critical thinking skills needed to be successful. This is especially handy, offering you the ability to keep safe and enjoy the skydive without worry. The AFF course officially ends when you have completed seven jumps and received a certificate for being a Professional Skydiver!

The Experience

The dilemma of choosing whether to jump solo or accompanied by a certified instructor can be a tough one, but you should know there is no time limit. And while we do advocate taking advantage of such an incredible opportunity; there is simply no need to rush, so take your time! Skydiving is a once in a lifetime opportunity (even though you can theoretically jump as many times as you wish), but you get the point. Learn the process, understand each experience, then make a decision that will not only enhance your experience in the end, but ultimately allow you to gain the most satisfaction out of your choice.

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Tandem Skydiving in Pennridge

Experience the World’s Most Extreme Sport.

Tandem Skydiving near Pennridge and Perkasie, Pennsylvania offers the expected, natural high of skydiving; but also an exciting introduction into the most extreme aerial sport in the world. For all you novice skydivers out there, Tandem Skydiving is a no-pressure, no-obligation means to begin your skydiving career.

One day you’re sitting at home watching the newest Netflix series; the next you’re dauntlessly leaping from a plane miles above the Earth’s floor. Exciting right? Not only is it exhilarating, but also easy and safe with the help of a professional, experienced instructor by your side as you officially become a skydiver. You can feel comfortable knowing that Skydive Pennridge will provide you with the necessary skills, equipment and help to enjoy a safe and thrilling skydive at 120 MPH.

Once you are confident about your own and the staff’s ability to perform a safe and exciting jump, you will board the plane. The excitement and adrenaline that naturally begins to build is more than enough to fuel your entire adventure, from start to finish. Jumping from 14,000 feet, you will freefall for approximately one full minute, which can be accurately captured with the help of a professional video and pictures package. Because we want to give you the chance to relive this experience for decades to come, because skydiving is the ultimate adventure, and we don’t want you to overlook it.

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Pennridge Skydiving School

Become a Professional

Make your skydiving dreams come true by taking a Skydive Certification Course. You’re only one call away from diving solo!

Students can enjoy the excitement of skydiving and lucidity of a unique learning experience with the Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Course. This program is intended for the more enthusiastic skydiver; someone who is looking to take their skydiving endeavors to the next level. It offers students the ability to learn and hone the necessary skills to complete a solo jump. Skydiving, along with the inherent adrenaline and exhilaration, is one of the safest ways to experience the open sky, with the right training. This course is designed to give the average person the tools to learn, grow and enjoy first-hand the adventure that is human flight.

This course combines every known aspect of skydiving into a single, comprehensive program. This course, the “Integrated Student Program” (ISP), being trusted and created by the United States Parachute Association (USPA), is the most common instructional protocol used by skydiving centers in the US. Which offers you the peace of mind of knowing that you are learning the best, with the best.

Ensuring a student is effectively prepared is among our biggest priorities when instructing novice jumpers. Standards for a student’s expected level of knowledge and performance have been set high as per USPA regulations including Targeted Learning Objectives (TLOS) for a series of seven training levels. Each level has a different set of TLOs that must be successfully executed to progress to the next level of the course. While we maintain the enjoyment and thrill of skydiving, we similarly maintain safety by complying with these rules.

Once the seven level AFF course has been completed, a student is now allowed to “self-supervise” their jumps, working under the indirect guidance of a certified Skydive Pennridge instructor. The next step in becoming a professional skydiver is receiving an actual license, these being the ‘A’, ‘B’
‘C’, ‘D’ Licenses. An ‘A’ License is awarded after a student has completed a total of 25 jumps and has executed an “A-License Check Dive”. Once this is done, the student is no longer a student, but a licensed professional.

Backed by the comfort and assurance of an A-License, a skydiver is then allowed to travel and jump at any other USPA member skydiver center across the US. This liberty to jump anywhere means you have the skill to jump when, where and with whom you see fit. While others participate in the malpractice of skydiving without a license, many dropzones have disallowed this practice. This certification not only provides you with the confidence and skill of a professional skydiver, but the legitimate freedom to jump anywhere, anytime.

The Accelerated Free Fall Course

What you need to know about Accelerated Freefall Training:

Skydive Pennridge ensures several layers of precautions to ensure the safety of each student. And while more liberty to act solely is progressively given to the student throughout the program, two licensed instructors will accompany each trainee during freefall. This is accomplished through “Harness Hold Training”, a technique used during these few dives to assure the student’s safety while in freefall. Moreover, communication is continuous throughout freefall through the use of hand signals to avoid miscommunication and assure tasks are carried out in a timely manner. Students will be tasked to cycle through a distinct set of safety checks throughout freefall including altitude checks, maintaining correct body form, signal checks, practice pulls and more. Once at 6,000 feet, a student will wave the instructors off, pull and effectively deploy their parachute if all goes well. However, if the student shows no indication of an attempt to deploy the parachute, both AFF instructors will signal to the trainee to do so using hand signals. If the student shows signs of trouble or simply doesn’t pull, the instructors physically place the student’s hand on the pilot chute or, in rare cases, pull the parachute for the student. Canopy flight is an important part of the skydive because it is the deciding factor of how, when and where you land. And while we give you the tools to land securely on your own, our instructors will be communicating with you from the ground through a radio to talk you through the landing process. You can see these precautions we have listed, and more unmentioned, are there to make sure each student is safe at the end of the jump.

Tips for getting certified with flying colors:

– Make sure to know your preliminary free fall procedures and how to release your parachute.
– Grades will be given for each demonstration to ensure a student’s progress is warranted.
– Mind your altitude! All instructors have a firm minimum altitude at which they must pull their own parachutes. So be cognizant of it!
– Safety Is Key! Every student rig is equipped with “Automatic Activation Device” (AAD) which immediately releases the parachute if the altitude limitation at free fall velocity is crossed. Please note: AAD deployment is a rare circumstance, but needed in case of unforeseen complications.

Training jumps allow our instructors to coach and hone a student’s performance through a variety of techniques and topics. From correcting any faults to mastering freefall stunts like tracking, speed control, turns, flips and more! Achieving success at every level in the AFF program is essential to building upon skills learned. This success is measured through Targeted Learning Objectives (TLOs), which are filtered through each skydive. These are a clear indication of a student’s progress.

Upon completion of the course, a USPA application is given to each participant. This application serves as a student’s initial leap into the realm of professional skydiving. So we encourage you to join! For answers on any questions call Skydiving.com Pennridge right now at 1-800-617-7948 and begin your training today!

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Pennridge Skydiving Video Packages

Skydiving Video Packages

You supply the memories. Skydive Pennridge supplies the footage to relive them.

No matter what, skydiving is an experience you won’t forget.

The memories you make here in Pennridge, Pennsylvania are destined to be remembered. Why not go the extra mile and secure these moments with a specialty video package from the best. While you are bound to remember this experience, a professionally filmed and edited video is the perfect way to share your adventure with friends and family.

Skydive Pennridge partners with a large network of professional videographers to film your adventure. The filming process ensures every aspect of the skydive is captured. They start by conducting pre-jump interviews to get your thoughts and emotions documented for contrast with the landing interview! They are by your side every step of the way, even as you exit the aircraft. It’s their job to ensure every smile, scream, and fist pump during freefall is captured from close range in high-definition. While you continue your descent, your videographer will fly down to prepare to film your landing in full. Not to mention, the entire video, from beginning to end, is fully edited with music of your choosing to maximize video quality and personal enjoyment.

This lucid experience is entirely captured for you to share and relive the experience as many times as you like. Feel free to ask our experienced agents about the details and availability of professional videographers for your jump. Get your video to boast and share with anyone through social media or your next family gathering! Don’t wait… act now!

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Pennridge Skydiving Gift Certificates

Skydiving Gift Certificates Pennridge

Change your life with the gift of skydiving… you can’t go wrong!

Still not convinced of the idea that skydiving is the greatest gift to receive or give in any situation? As you would expect at this point, skydiving is an experience naturally accompanied by thrill and adrenaline; but we go the extra-mile to ensure your instructor is fully certified and a true professional. This paves the way to the ultimate learning experience without forfeiting the fun you want. If you are still unsure or have any questions about the process, our knowledgeable customer service staff is here to answer any questions on your mind. Or if it’s a question of being comfortable, simply bring a friend or loved one to ease those pre-jump nerves. We take every measure needed to ensure your experience exceeds your expectations, and we can confidently say you will be happy you called Skydive Pennridge! Don’t let doubt cloud your judgment! It is not an overstatement to say skydiving is a life-changing experience, and you have a Skydive Pennridge guarantee that you’ll be living a life worth living after jumping!

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Our gift certificates are valid for two years from your purchase date and are valid at our Pennridge, Pennsylvania location as well as over 80 other locations across the United States!

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