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You’re in college at one of the most impressive and well-known schools in the country, Texas A&M, so what’s a college kid to do on the weekend that’s different than the same old movie theater visit or drive down to Galveston? Skydiving. Sure, you do have to be 18 to jump in the area but who isn’t already 18 or almost 18? With your photo ID and a quick phone call you can experience one of the most badass activities known to man and at a price even a student can afford!

Skydiving is an incredibly stress relieving experience. Yes, you read that right, stress relieving. By pumping out that adrenaline and freefalling you are in essence clearing your chalkboard and starting over. So take your test and then come skydive to really clear all of those stress inducing thoughts out.

Texas A&M Student Skydiving Options

Tandem Skydiving near College Station is often the most popular choice for students as it allows you to first jump with a professional skydiver attached to you. You will be jumping at an impressive 10,000 to 14,000 feet above the ground and may fall up to 120 miles per hour before your instructor pulls the parachute and you glide to the ground. This is the most economical option and required to continue into training to get your skydiving certification. Once completing the high flying jump, you can decide if you want to continue to get your AFF or Accelerated Freefall Certification which is similar to a license to skydive on your own.

No, it’s not like finals, it’s scary, but definitely not as stressful to be a professional skydiver and you can do it in as little as a few weeks! Just imagine your spring break in some other state or even outside of the country and your ability to jump on your own there!

Another option for you to add to your skydive whether for training or tandem are videos and still photography of your jump. When it comes to posting the most awesome photos of yourself on social media, very few pictures compare to those taken on a skydive. So show off your sick moves to your friends with a video or set of photos of you in the sky.

How much does it cost?

Skydiving has never been more affordable as it is right now especially for students. By offering reservations for those located in Austin, Houston and at the college, we can afford to cut the prices a good bit to make sure you get your opportunity to have a “goodbull” time. Pricing differs depending on what kind and type of skydive you are looking for, your student status (current or previous) and what add-ons you are looking to take advantage of as well. But don’t worry, skydiving is often less than what you would typically pay for books per semester!

How can you get started with Texas A&M Student Skydiving?

Everyone has heard of Kyle Lobpries, right? If not, check him out. He was a TAMU alumnus and in 06’ broke the North American record for speed skydiving, and then went on to hit a new record at the U.S. Parachute Association National Championships in September of 2017 for fastest average free fall speed! Whoop!

Now, is your chance to make your Aggie predecessors like Kyle, proud by skydiving in the name of TAMU! This opportunity can be taken advantage of by contacting Skydiving.com and calling us or filling out our convenient form. Make sure to specify that you are wanting to book Texas A&M student skydiving and we will get you scheduled right away and at our exclusive student discount! Want to bring a big group? We can do that. We are available for student calls seven days a week and year round. Ready to fly? “Gig ’em!”

Call Skydiving.com College Station at 1-800-617-7948 Today!

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