Skydiving Cost, Why Is It so Expensive?

Skydiving Cost, Why Is It so Expensive? Skydiving

Skydiving Cost

When it comes to skydiving, there are a number of questions people often ask. One of the more prevalent we have come across is why is skydiving so expensive? To a certain extent, skydiving may seem expensive when you see the actual cost presented on paper, however once you factor in the different kinds of skydiving cost associated with your skydive, you will see it actually isn’t as pricey as it seems.

Things like fluctuating fuel cost, insurance, pilot expense, equipment wear and tear, and payroll for the expertise of the rigger who packs the chutes, etc all contribute to the cost. In the event of a tandem jump, there is the added expense of the tandem instructor who will be jumping with you and their time and effort as well as supplemental costs for videographers and their equipment plus so much more. To offset the deficit created by all of these elements when combined with the drop zones additional expense simply to remain open on a daily basis, the skydiving cost may seem somewhat expensive.

In truth, skydiving is one of the cheaper adventure sports and activities. To participate in it for the first time typically costs less than 200 hundred dollars and requires no previous experience. First time skydivers generally participate in tandem skydives, which are safer for novices than solo jumps.

Tandem jumps are the execution of a skydive while attached to a certified instructor who will assume the functional responsibilities for the jump. If you elect to reserve a tandem skydive, you may be asked to watch a brief instructional video or have to listen to a few points of note from the tandem instructor but that will be the extent of training that you will be required to have before you jump.

Also, you won’t have to purchase your own gear prior to jumping for the first time as most drop zones provide the equipment you can use. Unless you wish to add on videography services, your cost should remain below two hundred dollars so for less than it cost to spend one night in a reasonably nice hotel, have dinner out and pay the uber fee to travel there, you can experience the thrill of a lifetime.

It can become pricey, of course, if you develop an interest in perfecting the art of skydiving in a particular discipline or training for certification. The cool thing is after you have achieved graduating from training and applying for certification through the USPA, the price of a jump ticket will decrease significantly at participating drop zones.

If you’re on the fence about whether to spend what you might consider a large amount for roughly ten minutes of fun, consider this. Skydiving is an entirely unique experience that can’t be replicated by anything other than doing it again. Which, if you develop a passion for it, you’re going to want to do so, is it worth it? Hell yes, it is!

Still, if you have reservations and aren’t clear as to what drives the high cost of skydiving, allow us to reiterate what factors contribute to the cost.

The Jump Plane

The jump plane is essential to the activity of skydiving. For skydiving centers, their jump plane is one of the larger expenses. Not only as a result of the initial thousands of dollars investment, routine inspections and maintenance and repair all contribute to the overall skydiving cost.

Skydiving Gear

As skydiving is an inherently dangerous sport, it necessitates the use of the highest quality equipment to maintain the safety of the participants. State of the art innovations in development and design of skydiving gear and equipment can force skydiving cost increases. Canopies, rigs, automatic activation devices (AADs), helmets, eye protection, all cost money to purchase initially and maintain.

Skydive Staff

From the skydiving center manager to the individual who operates the cash drawer, each of these people has to be paid for their time away from their home. Additionally, skydiving instructors use their expertise and experience to train skydivers and to perform jumps with newcomers to ensure their safety and they will need to be fairly compensated for their contributions as well. The staff of a skydive enter is what sets it apart from its competitors. If a drop zone employs the wrong people who have neither the people skills or expertise within the skydive realm to appeal to their customer base, they will not succeed. Individuals who serve to make the experience all the more amazing need to receive recompense for their efforts.

If you’re thinking about trying skydiving for the first time or want to improve upon your skill set by getting certified, call today. Agents can help by answering questions, reserving jump times, even delivering cost-free price quotes. Skydiving is a once in a lifetime experience, don’t let the skydiving cost deter you from doing something truly life-altering.

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