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We’ve been there, the sick and anxious feeling you get when you realize that you want to skydive, but you know you’re going to be jumping out of an airplane thousands of feet above the ground. It’s only natural. The idea that if we were meant to fly, we’d have wings is one that millions of people have adopted and live by when it comes to heights. But, missing out on the adventure that is skydiving is one thing we do not wish upon any one who is actually able to make the jump. This is why we wanted to give you a chance to learn what overcoming your fear of skydiving can do for you and get you ready to take that first leap into sky!

Skydiving is the one thing on most bucket lists. Why? Because it is something that most people fear but also feel drawn to. You’ve heard the horror stories, but you have also hear how safe skydiving can be and that dance between fear and excitement can be seductive. So how do you face it? How do you get past the heights and adrenaline? With a few realizations to think about prior to taking your very first skydive we can show you how overcoming your fear of skydiving can get you ready for the most exhilarating and incredible sport known to man:

Step One: Realizing That the Numbers Don’t Lie, Skydiving Is Safe.

Skydiving may seem like an unnecessary risk. We understand that, however, it can have amazing benefits on your mind and body. But what is really stopping you is the idea that jumping out of an airplane at that height could seriously hurt you…if you aren’t careful. We understand that imaginary barrier that lies between the rational and irrational. A rational fear is one that is substantiated, that has numbers to prove it and can be proven to be a dangerous situation. An irrational fear is one that you may think is rational, if you aren’t educated enough on the situation.

Our bodies tell us when we are in a dangerous situation, they react with fight or flight, our hearts race, our pupils widen and we get a strong sense of dread. You may think that is what your feeling when thinking of skydiving, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Your body feels scared because the idea itself is scary, but when you look at the safety numbers for skydiving you will see that that fear is irrational. The reality is, skydiving is safe, especially for those taking a tandem skydive which is what you will be doing your first time. Jumping with an experienced skydiver who is responsible for pulling your ripcord is much safer than jumping alone, even if you have years of experience. You have a higher chance of being seriously injured by bees, being struck by lightning or being killed by a cow. No joke, look that up.

Doing your research and seeing the statistics prior to making your first skydive will help you to rationalize your want to go, because you will come to realize that skydiving is in fact, safe.

Step Two: Understand, You’ve Taken Chances Before, Skydiving Should Be No Different.

This step is much easier to understand. You’ve done things in your life that may have seemed risky at the time, even getting in your car and driving to work everyday is a risk. You may not have realized what the risk is even though car accidents happen all of the time, but it is something you’ve done hundreds of times and you take that risk daily. Skydiving is the same in that once you’ve done it, once you have ripped the bandage off, you will have that same idea about it. You just need to get acclimated with the idea. Trying something new especially when you aren’t sure how it works, can be frightening, but the sooner you accept the unknown, the closer you are to overcoming your fear of skydiving.

You’ve ridden in a commercial plane right? Were you scared? Maybe the first time, but after so many you have come to know that the flight is safe and you will land just fine at the airport. Coming to this conclusion brings you one step closer to jumping out of an aircraft, after all the flight up to altitude is something you’ve already done, except MUCH HIGHER on a commercial flight.

Step Three: Trust in Those Experienced People Taking You up on Your Tandem.

So we’ve gotten you up to where you need to be in getting on the aircraft and now comes the part where we discuss jumping out. Here is the next realization: the person jumping with you has completed hundreds, if not thousands of jumps and is still here to take you on the next flight. If regulations are your thing then understanding how much training goes into being a tandem instructor will really help you to trust the man or woman you are diving with.

In the United States, skydivers are certified and regulated through an organization called the USPA (United States Parachute Association). This organization keeps records on all skydivers and through a series of tests, jumps and experience determines who gets to fly with other people and who doesn’t. Your instructor will be professional, experienced and probably will have a dozen or so more jumps after yours the day you skydive so trust in them, they will save your life.

By knowing every maneuver, every emergency response, and having the experience they have will tell them what to do during your jump, you just have to sit back and relax. They will put your harness on you, they will attach you to themselves, they will pull the parachute and they will land you safely on the ground when it’s all said and done. When you get to the drop zone make sure to get to know them well, they are your new best friend and getting to know them will put your mind at ease.

Step Four: Embrace the Feeling and Get out There!

Don’t hold back. Overcoming your fear of skydiving takes a few steps, lots of self control and a little bit of research on your part to get you mentally ready. Once you are ready, however, the sky is literally the limit and you should be able to complete your first skydive with no problems. Your courage will come to you, it did us and every other skydiver who jumps daily. Once you have committed to the idea, get out there, live your life to the fullest, set the date for your tandem skydive and get ready to make your jump. Don’t worry about the nerves, your adrenaline will take care of those, but at the end of your skydive what you will have is an irreplaceable memory and an amazing experience to tell your friends and family. Get your reservation in today!

Feel better? Great! Now call Skydiving.com to set up your amazing first skydive, we are happy to walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have!
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