Lsd Hd Bigway Skills Camp: Foundational Education Seminars for Head down Formation Events, Skydiving Leave a Comment

These types of events aren’t for the faint of heart. They’re the kind for those that already know a thing or two about jumping out at 16.5k from the sky and have hours of experience logged under their belts. Rest assured, while you may be pro, these coaches are sure to make you stars!

Whether you’re looking to train up for setting bigway records to building up head down formation prowess, this is certainly the event for you! Professional coaches Nimmo and Ally Milne have decades worth of experience between the two of them as they’ll be providing instruction out of the highly-acclaimed Skydive Empuriabrava!

You will be tested the whole way through on your competencies regarding skydiving, so it’s absolutely imperative you know what you’re doing every single time you load up for one of 5+ jumps you’ll be making the day of the event. This three-day course is designed to bring you into a higher state of understanding regarding bigway skills and head formations. Only those that are comfortable with their abilities will be permitted to continue forward with the course and any required certifications associated with skydiving as a whole or as a community!

Be sure that you and your team are ready to fire at all pistons as you and they will be put through the paces on all aspects of bigway skills development. Not many slots are available for other competent and capable skydivers to gain coveted knowledge in the art of bigway head skydiving formations!

Should you need more information on how to get a slot in one of the most mission critical education programs for your skydiving needs! Think beyond the normal classroom, think interactive with

To learn more about formation skydiving visit the link below or call Agents will be happy to elaborate on all aspects of skydive training plus more. Additionally, you can learn more about the LSD HD Bigway Skills Camp by visiting their facebook page here.

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