Fifteen-Year-Old Kyra Poh Wins Gold Again at the 2018 Wind Games in Spain Indoor Skydiving Leave a Comment

Kyra Poh, known as the world’s fastest flyer, matched her win from last year last month by raking in two gold medals while competing in Girona, Spain.

Kyra got her start in indoor skydiving by accident when her mother was hired to create commercials for an indoor skydiving facility in Singapore and needed a child to appear in the advertisement.

Kyra has said, “My mum asked me to try it out. I said yes. I really wanted to fly… and it was really exciting.”

Kyra placed first in the solo freestyle match after scoring 547.80 points over the course of four rounds to outscore a dozen or so other competitors.This is the same match she won gold in last year at the 2017 games.

She then joined forces with three others, fellow countryman Choo Yi Xuan and Josh Ruiz-Velasco alongside Andrzej Soltyk, both from Poland, to win gold in the four-way speed competition. The four-person team recorded a cumulative time of 285.625 seconds to achieve the win. The four-way speed match is a mixed gender category that requires the competitors complete a number of diving sequences in as little time as possible.

Kyra said of the match,”Together with Andrzej and Josh, the fastest male indoor skydiving pairing in the world, we also knew it would be a formidable team. We were really excited when we formed Team Nemesis with them during the competition at Lyon, where we won gold on our debut.”

Besides the two gold medals she won last year, Kyra was also named the top freestyle junior. A title she achieved at the biennial World Indoor Skydiving Championships last October.

She said of competing in this year’s games,”There was a lot more pressure on me this year coming back as defending champion, and the standard of this year’s competition was very high. So I’m really proud that I managed to defend my gold.”

Competitive skydiving is not limited to indoor skydiving. There are several competitions held annually worldwide that feature formation and freestyle skydiving disciplines. These competitions are not demonstrated at indoor facilities.

Those who have an interest in skydiving like Kyra Poh may wish to try indoor skydiving and then transition to a tandem skydive . The differences are few but impactful. One of which is the elevations at which the dives commence, the accelerated speeds one may achieve when jumping from elevations exceeding 10,000 feet and the air temperature, to name a few. It may be safe to assume, indoor skydiving is relatively safer , yet still requires the assistance of certified instructors with plenty of experience.

In an effort to further a career in competitive skydiving, participants will have to complete an instructional course and become certified . The swiftest and most effective of which is an Accelerated program. Contact local providers to get relevant information about how to enroll.

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