Dallas Skydive Lodge’s English-Only Policy Attracts Criticism

Dallas Skydive Lodge’s English-Only Policy Attracts Criticism

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A Texas skydiving facility Skydive Tandem Greenville AKA Dallas Skydive Lodge is receiving criticism for a policy they adopted; some have said it is “racist.” Dallas Skydive Lodge’s English-Only Policy has been met with criticism. This heat may come from phrases on their website encouraging people who came to the U.S. via illegal immigration to “pretty please go home” to skydive.

According to the requirement page, the Dallas Skydive Lodge’s English-Only policy is for safety reasons, and they want people to “understand skydiving is dangerous and neither you or your family will sue us if you are injured or killed.” The page also states, “If we can’t prove you were able to understand the forms when signing we will lose a liability lawsuit.”

The page states, “Think about it. Do you really want to climb out of a plane with somebody you can’t talk to?”

But there may be heat around the phrasing of Dallas Skydive Lodge’s English-Only policy. “If you are in this country illegally pretty please go home and skydive in your own country,” Dallas Skydive Lodge states on their website. “We don’t want any money you obtained in the USA illegally. Jump back home then legally apply to return.”

Dallas Skydive Lodge’s Facebook page defends their position, stating, “We also “discriminate” against people from Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Canada, France, etc. that can’t speak English. The “racist” card is always the first liberals pull when the question of illegal presence in this country comes up. Apply legally like my ancesters did after you go home.”

Dallas Skydive Lodge politically supports President Trump. A July 15, 2018, Facebook post states, “Jump For Trump! $5 of every jump revenue goes to the 2020 reelection campaign!!”

Dallas Skydive Lodge‘s July 14 post said “an organized illegal alien hate group” has targeted their skydiving business. “This drop zone is an enthusiastic supporter of the president and his policies concerning illegal immigration,” the post states. “We are a conservative, Christian, all American citizen group with several former military members.

Dallas Skydive Lodge’s English-Only policy is further iterated on the July 14 post. “There are a couple drop zones in the area that do have Spanish speaking staff members and don’t care if you have a fake ID. Simply go there instead.”

Dallas Skydive Lodge states it has a “perfect safety record,” and the waivers must be legally signed to “cover our ass just in case a student screws up and hurts themselves.”

According to Fox News, the owner of the Dallas Skydive Lodge, Hank Schraeder drew criticism from a 2016 post on the skydiving page when he held up a sign that read, “Trump Wetback Round-Up 2016.” Under the photo, Schraeder wrote, “I think I figured out a way to keep non-English speaking people from coming to the drop zone!”

According to the news station, the post has been removed.

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