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Skydiving is an incredible jolt of adrenaline for first-timers and seasoned jumpers alike. Skydiving over gorgeous locations such as the Gulf Coast can make any jump a unique and incredible experience past the excitement of free falling through the air over 100 miles per hour. With so many locations spread out through the seven states included on the coast, you are never limited to the amazing things you can see at each individual drop zone. Whether you are visiting or live in one of these charming coastal cities, it is worth a look at all of the best places to skydive on the Gulf Coast.

These are’s top 7 best places to skydive on the Gulf Coast.

Fort Myers. FL:

Fort Myers, Florida, with its incredible sunsets, sugar-sand beaches and historical places such as those occupied by the famous Thomas Edison and Henry Ford is one of the most gorgeous places to take an exhilarating skydive. Just North of Naples and along the Caloosahatchee River is the gateway to the chain of barrier islands. The area includes amazing sights such as mangrove swamps, pine forests, and shimmering blue-green waters that paint this city in gorgeous colors you shouldn’t wait to see from above!

Galveston, TX:

32 miles of golden beaches make up the beautiful city of Galveston, TX. Take a skydive around sunset to see the glistening water and brilliant pink sky in one of the Lone Star State’s most gorgeous destinations on Galveston Island. As one of the major cities along the Gulf Coast, the amazing views achieved only in the air on your skydive include the dunes of the beach, local beach parks, and shops as well as the natural beauty of Galveston Island State Park.

Corpus Christi, TX:

Corpus Christi, Texas is number three on the list of best places to skydive on the Gulf Coast. Tucked into a bay, this awesome vacation spot and skydiving destination offers views of both the Padre and Mustang Islands that surround the city. The area is perfect to jump at year-round with Summers seeing temperatures up to 90 degrees and from over 3 miles straight above, you may even see those colorful specs on the horizon which are often times parasailers on the water!

New Orleans, LA:

New Orleans, Louisiana is known most for its Creole history and amazing cajun food, but the city is growing in popularity for skydivers from all over the World! From views of the historic city and beautiful dark waters of the Gulf, steamboats and Mardi Gras celebrations, there is so much to see and do after you land! The Big Easy gives skydivers a chance to experience seeing the city from a vantage point the city founders could only dream of.

Tampa, FL:

The subtropical climate of Tampa, Florida makes for pristine skydiving conditions above the warm waters of the Gulf. With 361 days of sun, the city provides jumpers with optimal weather conditions and a great way to cool off during those steamy summer days. Generally speaking, cooler air can be found the higher you go off the ground, so take in the breeze as you freefall over this colorful city. In terms of sights, skydivers can see Clearwater Beach, piers and the boats coming in and out of port on a clear day.

Panama City Beach, FL:

Number six on our list of the best places to skydive on the Gulf Coast is Panama City Beach, Florida. One of the most breathtaking cities to see from above, the Emerald Coast offers views of the Florida Panhandle, clear-blue waters and 27 miles of beaches across the city. From Schooner’s beach, Camp Helen State Park, City Pier along with some of the most gorgeous sunsets in the world, there are so many amazing things to see from the sky!

Biloxi, MS:

Biloxi, Mississippi offers the most attractive beach views of all cities in the state. With a 26 mile stretch of white sand beaches along the Mississippi River’s outlet of the Gulf of Mexico, there are so many natural views to see from your skydive that you may have to take a few jumps to take it all in. From The Biloxi Lighthouse to the cruise boats that coast along Deer Island and possibly a pod of dolphins in the distance, there is so much to see on your skydive above Mississippi.

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