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International model and world-class extreme sports athlete, Roberta Mancino is proving that if you can dream it, you can do it. The Italian beauty has won a number of awards and participated in record-breaking skydiving feats. Ms. Mancino has said that after watching a video of a friend BASE jumping from a mountain, she was inspired to fly. Since her interest in airborne extreme sports began, she’s won three world record titles for free fly formation skydiving and jumped all over the world.

She’s also an experienced BASE jumper and shark diver. Given the fact that each of these type activities is action-packed and adrenaline producing in nature, one wonders if she has an addiction to walking on the wild side. When asked once, if that was the case, Ms. Mancino credited her love for flying, water, and animals for leading her toward her adrenaline-inducing interests.

According to Ms. Mancino, she had tried skydiving the first time while participating in Static Line training in 2006 but discovered she didn’t really enjoy it. She then waited for an opportunity to join an AFF instruction course near her home in Nettuno, Italy. She said of the experience that she loved it but quit after disagreeing about the activity with a former boyfriend. However, when she moved away, she started jumping again and transitioned into freestyle.

She recently moved into the realm of BASE jumping and started to wingsuit fly. She described the sensation as more flying than actually falling and has said that she enjoys the liberty of movement that this type of extreme aerial activity elicits.

Beside skydiving and BASE jumping, Ms. Mancino has filmed numerous television shows, commercials, movies and can be seen in loads of print ads but when asked about which one she liked best, she mentions filming an advert for an HTC mobile phone in which she gets to execute a skydive alongside stellar aerial cinematographers and skydiving superstars Norman Kent and Joe Jennings, to name a few.

She has additionally filmed a number of campaigns that showed her executing BASE jumps for GoPro wearing Roberto Cavalli and Harper’s Bazaar and swimming with sharks for Vogue.

All things considered, it seems as if there is little left to do for a woman who has participated in so many amazing activities and done so the world over. She has said that her favorite skydive took place over a volcano in Chile and that her most impressive and impactful BASE jump was off a building in Dubai. One wonders what could possibly be next for her?

Her plans, for now, include filming more adventures for GoPro, more skydives on trips with her boyfriend to South America and then she’s off to Europe. Life doesn’t seem to be able to deliver a dull moment to Ms. Mancino who is fully invested in living it to the fullest.

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