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“Some people think I am crazy, but if you’re not doing what you love, then I think you’re crazy.” – Miles Daisher

It is very probable that there is nobody who loves BASE jumping more in the entire world than Miles Daisher. In June 2017, he set the record for most BASE jumps in a single day—he jumped a whopping total of 63 times in a 24-hour time period. He was completed over 4,521 BASE jumps; this is more completed jumps of this kind (BASE means jumping from a fixed object) than anybody else on the entire planet. Aside from this, he currently holds the record for the most BASE jumps in one year at 737. As if this were not enough, Daisher is also credited with creating two new sports: skyaking and rope swinging.

“It’s a magical thing when you fall from the sky,” Daisher said. The 48-year-old has over 7,200 skydives to his credit.

His parents may have not particularly enjoyed his “magical” ways of jumping off of high objects. His father, Phil Daisher, said that his son would always jump off of just about anything, but he considers his son sporty. “Some of the things he did in his youth were a little shady,” Phil reflects. “I hate to think of other people trying these things. The fact that he didn’t get hurt was a tribute to his control and capability.”

In 1995, Daisher discovered his love for skydiving. After only a couple of years, Daisher upgraded to the far riskier BASE jumping. BASE jumping creates more of a risk because parachutists have less time to correct their mistakes due to jumping at a lower altitude. BASE jumping is illegal in such places as Yosemite National Park where two base jumpers—Dean Potter and Graham Hunt—died in May 2015. Speeds of 120 miles per hour are achievable during this sport.

Daisher moved to Twin Falls, Idaho. Part of the reason for his move is because of the I.B. Perrine Bridge. The bridge allows BASE jumping throughout the year; it is the eighth highest bridge in the United States.

According to his Facebook page, Daisher has been sponsored by Red Bull since 2002.

Daisher has invented the sport “skyaking,” which is exactly what it sounds like: he falls from the air in a kayak. He admits the sport can be a little “tricky.”

“Either you control the boat or the boat controls you,” Daisher says, admitting to being barrel rolled before. “But if I’m stable and upright, it’s fun to throw in a couple of front flips and loops.” He adds that “perfect canopy skills” are required. According to his Facebook page, Daisher believes in his skills. His “About Me” section states, “I’m the world’s greatest BASE jumper . . . Self proclaimed and not.”

A video of Daisher perfecting a landing on North Lake Tahoe while skyaking can be seen uploaded to his Facebook page. The video was posted on July 16, 2017.

He has resided in Twin Falls for over 10 years and he coaches “Miles D’s BASE Camp.” He also works with the military, teaching precision parachuting. Other appearances include performing stunts in the movie, Iron Man 3.

Daisher has a wife, Nikki. Together they have three children. Commenting on his calculated nature on every jump, Daisher says, “The only thing she worries about is if I’ll be home in time for dinner.”

Phil Daisher expressed a similar sentiment, “We don’t worry anymore, but that’s partly because we hear about these stunts after the fact.”

Airborne: Miles Daisher’s love of skydiving, BASE jumping and ‘skyaking’

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