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On Saturday, July 8, 2017, a voice actor died in a skydiving accident near Houston, Texas. Since the incident, the voice actor has been identified as Randy Schell. He is best known for playing the voice actor for “Fear the Walking Dead.” The accident occurred around noon on Saturday, local time. The incident occurred in Rosharon, Texas, which is approximately 32 miles south of Houston.

Schell was skydiving through the company Houston’s Skydive Spaceland.

According to a statement issued by the company, two “licensed, experienced skydivers accidentally collided following a planned group skydive.” While the statement does not directly say that Schell is the one who died during this accident, his agent, Jenny Bosby, has confirmed his identity. Schell is said to be an experienced skydiver—it was his second jump of the day according to Houston Skydive Spaceland. Houston’s Skydive Spaceland goes on to state:

“Both jumpers had made at least one successful skydive earlier that day.”

When commenting about how experienced the skydivers were, the statement reads that both “had hundreds or thousands of skydives each.” Houston Skydive Spaceland then states that both “were jumping their own parachute systems. Both jumpers deployed their parachutes normally and collided afterward. They sustained injuries in the collision and/or on landing, and one did not survive. Weather was not a factor.”

Schell’s agent, Bosby, described the voice over actor as a “generous, spirited man,” saying that he has mentored numerous people in the entertainment industry. Schell’s resume includes 25 active years of voice over work. Millions of people all over the world have heard his voice in various projects where he contributed his talent. According to CinemaBlend, he “has been putting his signature vocal talent to work for over 25 years now, and it’s hard to imagine anyone out there not being familiar with his deep and textured voice.”

CinemaBlend also states, “his most famous regular gig had been with AMC, taking on TV spots and ad bumpers for shows such as The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, Preacher, and more over the years.” Schell has also performed voice-over in popular commercials for Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Geico, Nike, and Levi’s. In addition, Schell has done voice work for T.V. stations and radio stations in Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Denver, Detroit, Miami, San Antonio, New Orleans, Salt Lake City, Austin, Tampa, and for the ABC Radio Networks.

Fear of the Walking Dead is the prequel to the popular AMC T.V. series The Walking Dead.

The show premiered on August 23, 2015. Like The Walking Dead, the show is based on Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard’s comic book series. The show was renewed for a fourth season on April 2017. According to Schell’s website, “Ever since 10-year-old Randy Schell ‘borrowed’ the tape recorder his dad used to dictate engineering reports, he started learning about audio—and in the process, things he could do with his voice.”

“By the age of 14, he convinced the local radio station to let him hang around to ‘help’ and learn. And while most kids his age were still working a paper route, Randy was in demand, voicing commercials and promos.”

“Since then, he’s tackled just about every kind of audio project imaginable.”

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