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UCONN Team Dives into the Gold

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Andrew Yin was never impressed by the ordinary sports such as baseball, basketball, football, and track. In fact, he spent his school years without participating in any sports at all. It had nothing to do with his ability or agility, he just wasn’t passionate about common sporting activities. It wasn’t until he enrolled in college that he discovered a sport challenging and fascinating enough to peak his interest.

During the second week of his freshman year at the University of Connecticut (UCONN), Andrew Yin discovered a skydiving club and he was so amazed, that he decided to join them. The group in which he joined is called CT True Blue and includes Stephanie Krar, Joshua Reinert, and Alexander Teskey. Yin proclaims that skydiving has always been something that he has dreamed of trying at least once. But after joining this phenomenal group, Yin decided that he wanted skydiving to be more than just a hobby; he wanted to participate in competitions as well.

CT True Blue does not have an official coach. They train and jump at two different venues: Connecticut Parachutists, a drop zone in Ellington, Connecticut, and SkyVenture, and indoor, skydiving wind tunnel, located in Nashau, New Hampshire. Not having formal trainers has not hindered CT True Blue at all. Veteran members and alumni of the skydiving club volunteers to assist the young skydivers by offering tips and advice.

Yin’s perseverance and determination as it relates to skydiving led him to receive his very first skydiving license after completing 25 jumps in just 2 months! In August of 2016, Yin , along with three other members of the CT True Blue skydiving club, decided to team up and train in an area of skydiving known as four-way formation. During four-way formation, divers jump from an aircraft in an effort to complete as many formations within a limited amount of time.

After Yin and his group felt that they had perfected the four-way formation, they traveled to Arizona along with five other University of Connecticut skydivers to enter the National Collegiate Parachuting Championships.This is no ordinary event. In fact, it is one of the biggest and oldest competitions in the world. It is hosted annually by the United States Parachute Association.

After a total of 24 advanced formations in just one jump, CT True Blue brought home the gold! Not only was this win a privilege, but the fact that CT True Blue had won the only medal that wasn’t for a military academy, added “the icing on the cake”. In this same event, Yinn also placed 5 out of 21 competitors for the advanced landing competition.

So, it looks as if Andrew Yin has found and perfected his niche. He has completed an astounding total of 228 jumps in just two years! Yin is a graduate of Greenwich High School in Greenwich, Connecticut. He is currently a sophomore at the University of Connecticut, studying to become a mechanical engineer. The National Collegiate Skydiving Gold Medalist plans to continue to skydive and train to improve his skills. He has already started preparing for next year’s competition at the National Collegiate Parachuting Championships event. When asked to share his input on skydiving, Yin states that skydiving is not the dangerous sport that it is assumed to be. He doesn’t fear it, and in fact, the only thing that he does find a bit shocking, is that skydiving has become a normal part of his life. Congratulations and best wishes to Andrew Yin and CT True Blue!

Photo Credit: David Cherry/USPA

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