Donald Trump ruins kids Summer Camp Surprise

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Some people love him and some people hate him. Donald Trump has no doubt garnered attention with his questionable tweets, his boisterous warnings about the consequences of making the United States mad, and his declaration on “fake news” that does not align with his viewpoints. What some may not know is that he also ruined a surprise for 250 kids at a summer camp.

Trump’s “working vacation” in New Jersey had some consequences. Due to his presence in Randolph, New Jersey, a surprise for kids between the ages of three to 12 did not go as planned.

The initial plan for kids attending Tamarack Day Camp in Randolph was to have a skydiving surprise for them. Four skydivers dressed as superheroes were supposed to fall from the sky and put on a show for 250 kids on the ground and “save” the kids from “bad guys” dressed as bikers.

The assistant director, Jessica Gannum, at camp Tamarack explained what happened. According to Gannum, the plan had been in the works for over three months. Speaking on the day of the event, Gannum said, “This morning we had FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) clearance, the skydivers were ready on the plane and then the Secret Service shut us down for the no-fly zone, which was really sad.”

The superhero skydiving antics were scheduled for Wednesday, August 9 in the morning.

The Secret Service shut down the show because the camp was in the “no-fly zone” that was by Trump’s golf course, which is located in Bedminster, New Jersey—the exact location of this golf course has not been disclosed. Aircraft were prohibited from flying within a 30-mile radius of where Trump was located. It was reported that the camp was only 1/10 of a mile inside the 30-mile radius.

Gannum was disappointed a short window was not granted for the show. “It was really just five minutes that he needed to give us,” Gannum said.

The FAA issued the no-fly zone only a week before the planned superhero skydive, on Wednesday, August 2.

This resulted in a conference call between the FAA, the skydiving company—Skydive Sussex—and the Secret Service on Wednesday morning. “The FAA was fighting for us,” Grannum said. “But the Secret Service wouldn’t even listen.”

Grannum said that the counselors and staff at the camp were disappointed and that the skydiving company lost business and “a large amount of money.” She added, “It’s really not fair to them.”

The story does not have a completely sad ending. As a last resort, counselors at the camp dressed up as superheroes to perform the show and “save” the kids from the bikers. Unfortunately, the superhero attire was not as planned out and had to be constructed at the last second.

The Tamarack Day Camp sent out their only two tweets ever the morning of the planned superhero skydiving, trying to reach Trump directly. The first one read, “Mr. President, Please ask Secret Service to allow our Sky Divers to fly to Randolph, NJ to break Color War today.”

The second read similar but added that “lots of kids” were involved. Both were tweeted on Wednesday, August 8 a little before 7 a.m.

Trump did not respond to the tweets.

The FAA, the Secret Service, and the White House did not issue any comments on the issue yet. This appears to be one of the only issues that Trump has remained quiet on.

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