How to Skydive Like a Champ

How to Tackle Your First Skydive Like a Champ Tips & Tricks 13 Comments

Just about everyone has heard about skydiving, but not everyone has the desire to experience it. This heart-pounding extreme sport is not for the faint of heart. Most people only wish to experience free fall on a G-Force thrill ride at an amusement park for only a few seconds at a time. It takes a true daredevil to be able to jump from an airplane at altitudes of up to 14,000 feet!

Everyone feels scared on their first jump. However, if you can push through the almost crippling fear, you will join the ranks of an elite group of adrenaline junkies! Here are some tips that will help make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

Don’t waste time.

Was your decision to go skydiving a split-second one? Act on it right now! Don’t wait for weeks. All that will do is allow you to think up the worst possible scenarios, and you may even end up talking yourself out of it completely. You’ve made up your mind to give it go, so go ahead and go! Your nerves will spike while you’re at the skydiving facility. Anticipation grows once you realize that this is a real thing. If you are jumping with a group that has been split into two separate jumps, ask to be in the first group. This way you will not be waiting around thinking about all the “sane” reasons why you should definitely not be doing this. Also, try to be the first person to jump in the group. Not only will this just get it over with, but your group members will think of you as a true champion for taking the first plunge into the sky! Don’t wait until you are ready because you will never be.

Tips for Your First Skydive

Put the pressure on.

Another way to skydive like a champ is to blab to everyone you know. Tell all of your friends, family members, coworkers, and classmates that you are going skydiving. Now you can’t back out. They will all think that you are crazy, but they will respect you for it if you actually go through with it. Feel the satisfaction when you see their faces after you have actually completed the jump. Some people will not believe that you can go through with it. Prove them all wrong! Once they see that you actually went through with it, they may even buck up the courage to give it a whirl. Who knows? You may inspire a whole new flock of skydiving enthusiasts! The important part of the matter is that you were the first, and you did what you said you were going to do.

Bring along the pals.

Everything’s better when you have your friends involved. Get some of your adrenaline seeking buddies to go with you on your skydive. All of you will be more likely to complete the jump if you are all together. Even with all the teasing that is likely to occur, nothing beats having your friend near you for encouragement. Imagine the cool video that you will all share afterward. It’ll be a great experience and much more fun with all of your best mates around. You can hang out after the jump or go out and celebrate the madness of the activity you all just completed together. Anything is possible when you are with your friends.

Calm your nerves naturally.

Do not consume any kind of alcohol or drugs before you go skydiving. This is not the way to calm your nerves. Intoxication of any form can lead to you missing important details or doing something the wrong way because your judgement may be impaired. Do not put your life at risk because you are nervous. Take a few yoga breaths. It probably will not help much, but it’s better than drinking and diving! Once you have landed safely back in the drop zone, you and your friends can go for celebratory drinks. If you are prone to motion sickness and nausea, you are permitted to over-the-counter anti-nausea medication before you go up. If you are afraid of getting sick during the jump then don’t take the chance. Take your anti-nausea medication beforehand, and you should be just fine. Other than that, you should not take anything. Your instructor will ask if you’ve had anything to drink. Don’t lie to them. If they discover that you can been consuming alcohol, you will not be allowed to jump that day.

Conquer your fear.

If you are the type of person who hates roller coasters, are afraid of heights, and only go five miles per hour over the speed limit – don’t automatically think that you will hate skydiving. This extreme sport is nothing like even the scariest ride at a theme park. You will not be aware of the distance between yourself and the ground during the free fall. The feeling goes unmatched by any other experience out there. Some people pass out as a natural response to the feeling of such a long free fall. Reaching a speed of up to 120 miles per hour, your brain makes you think that you are floating in an anti-gravity environment. You will not really be aware of the height until you can see the ground again during your canopy ride. This is not very scary since the free falling experience is over with by this point. There really is not anything to be afraid of when you go skydiving. It is not an experience that can be compared to anything else.

Tips for Your First Skydive

There’s more to the jump site than looks.

Most skydiving jump sites are as basic as they can be. There really isn’t much that the place needs. Typically, a skydiving jump site will have a place for parking, a few small airplanes, trailers or and office to watch the instructional video, and picnic area to use after the jump. They will ask you to sign a waiver that states that they are not liable for your death or any injuries. Don’t let this scare you out of it. It is for insurance purposes only. The likelihood of anything happening to you during your skydive is slim. So, don’t let the bare bones scare you away. Once you are up in the air, there really isn’t a need for all the extra add-ons. Simplicity is best.

Pay attention.

Be sure to listen to everything that your tandem skydiving instructor says. He or she will go through a quick, 30 minute ground course with you before you go up in the airplane. You will learn the basics of skydiving and emergency procedures. It is crucial that you pay close attention when this information is being presented to you. Talk to your tandem skydiving instructor. You should get to know each other since he or she will be strapped onto your back in a few minutes. You will be very cozy for the ride, so open up a conversation with them. They most likely have some pretty amazing stories to tell since their daily job consists of jumping out an airplane multiple times.

Look straight ahead.

Do not look down! This is imperative that you take this advice to heart. If you look down right before you are about to jump, you will most likely back out or have a panic attack. Your airplane ride will last for about 10 to 15 minutes until you are at the right altitude and in the correct vicinity of the drop zone to jump. The doors of the airplane will open. Look straight ahead. Do not look down. The pilot will turn on the green light, which signals to the skydiving instructor that it is okay to jump. You will be in position, look straight ahead, and your tandem instructor will tell you to lean your head back. He or she will then lunge from the aircraft and into the sky. You will immediately go into free fall. If you have requested a video of your skydiving experience, the cameraman will follow shortly after you jump. Don’t worry. You will get to see all the funny faces you make when the wind is contorting all of your features. You will not be relaxed. You will be filled with heart-pounding adrenaline. Enjoy this experience because there is nothing else that can even come close to comparison.

Everyone who tries out skydiving is afraid the first time. If they say that they are not scared, they are lying. Don’t believe a word of this nonsense! However, if you follow the advice laid out in this article, you will have a much more enjoyable experience. Rest assured that this will be an experience that you will never forget. It does not matter how many years pass by, the memory of free falling 14,000 feet above the ground will simply never leave you. So, what are you waiting for? If you think you want to give skydiving a try, you’d better get on it now. Waiting any longer will only result in you talking yourself out of going. Jump to it!

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  1. hey my name is sky and I was wondering when there were open spots or how long of a waiting list there is and if you can get a better deal with the more people you get to go with you.

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      We absolutely offer group discounts. Also slots vary depending on date and location. Call us at 1-800-617-7948 and one of our experts can get you all the answers you need quickly!

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    2. Hi! I’m turning fifty in July and I want to go skydiving for my birthday! How far in advance should i book my tandem jump?

      1. Hello Corline,

        We would love to be of assistance. We believe booking at least a week or two prior to the big day is the best bet! This way an additional changes, if you want to schedule a videographer etc. can all be made prior to your jump!

        How exciting to be turning 50! Happy early birthday!!

        We would love to speak to you more about making a reservation to skydive on your big day! Please give us a call at 1-800-617-7948 to talk more!

  2. Hi, I am interested in purchasing a gift certificate, if available, as a birthday gift for a tandem jump. What is the cost? If a gift certificate is not available can you please provide the cost anyway? What is the cost with the addition of the video?


  3. Hi there,
    I was just curious how much the tandem jumps and beginners class were. This is on my bucket list and ready to cross it off.

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      Hello Shavin,

      To book a reservation for a tandem skydive near San Francisco, give us a call at 1-800-617-7948. If you would like to take advantage of our current Black Friday specials on tandem skydiving gift certificates, please click here.

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