Three Generations Honor Mother with Charity Skydive

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On September 2, 2017, three generations will honor Pauline Stringer with a charity skydive.

Stringer passed away five years ago after battling Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP), “a rare and progressive condition that can cause problems with balance, movement, vision, speech and swallowing,” according to the National Health Service.

According to its website, “PSP Association (PSPA) is a national charity providing support and information to people living with PSP and CBD, while funding research into treatments and ultimately a cure.” PSPA relies entirely on voluntary donations. Part of PSPA’s Mission Statement reads, “We promote and fund research to understand the causes of PSP and CBD, improve diagnosis, develop new treatments and ultimately find a cure.”

The charity skydive, which is sponsored by Hunter Global Recruitment, will be attended by family and friends of Stringer who hope to bring attention to the disease and raise money for a cure.

Stringer’s daughter, Jo Ferguson, 49, of Averham, who manages Hunter Global in Lincoln with her business partner, Rachel McCarthy, decided to sponsor the event after her mother succumbed to the illness.

“We assumed it was linked to her diabetes but then she started slurring words and leaning to one side when she was sat in a chair,” Jo said. “Eventually, after having numerous tests, other illnesses were ruled out and we finally got the diagnosis. Rachel said it would be brilliant if I could do it with my brother and sister in memory of mum,” Jo added. “We need to raise awareness of this urgently to try and help others in the future.”

Stringer was diagnosed with the disease in April 2011. Six months later she was unable to walk and had to be admitted into a home for full-time care. Eventually, she was unable to even speak or swallow without aid.

It is estimated that approximately 4,000 people are afflicted with PSP in the UK.

Stringer’s other daughter, Claire Castle, explained her motivation for participating in the jump on her JustGiving page.

“I always wanted to do a Parachute jump, then one year to the day mum died, in October 13, I did it – One of the best days in my life,” she said.

“At the time, I asked my sister if she wanted to do it too and she said, NO WAY was she jumping out of a perfectly good plane! Now she has finally changed her mind and her company, Hunter Global has decided to sponsor us.”

“To make it extra special, there will be me, my sister, my brother, our 74 year old dad (the jump is on his birthday), my nephew, my niece and some others from Hunter Global all doing a skydive on 2nd September 2017 to raise awareness and funds for PSPA. This charity is close to my heart as my mum passed from this disease in October 2012,” Castle added.

The skydive will be held at Skydive GB in Bridlington on September 2. All proceeds will benefit the Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Association. The goal is to raise £5,000. Donations can be made at Hunter Global’s JustGiving page.

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