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Larger cities all over the globe are faced with overpopulation and overcrowding. Many traditional architects believe that building upwards is the only solution to this growing problem. Some concept architects have taken this idea to a whole new level. They have moved their designs to space!

Architects at the Clouds Architecture Office in New York have proposed building a tower secured to an asteroid that would turn residents into skydivers that can parachute down to Earth.

This concept would be the world’s tallest building from which residents could come and go as they please by simply skydiving. Designers are calling it the Analemma Tower and say that it will be strapped to an asteroid controlled by NASA.

The asteroid would orbit the earth in a figure eight pattern between the southern and northern hemisphere. This would path would be a daily routine. The longest stretch of the journey would be it’s trip over Midtown Manhattan in New York City.

The Analemma Tower is not the company’s first concept into space. Back in 2015, Clouds Architecture won a competition hosted by NASA for their design for 3D printed homes on Mars. This was for the hypothetical voyage to build human settlements on the neighboring planet. This is something scientists and astronomers have been debating for decades. Whether or not life can be sustained on an alien planet is still a question that is hotly debated around the world.

In early March of this year, the company Oiio presented another conceptual structure that is noteable. They proposed what could potentially be the world’s tallest tower. It is designed to look similar to two conjoined 432 Park Avenue Condominiums in New York City. These concepts are viewed by some as outlandish, while others find them to be potential solutions to the growing problem of space in big cities.

Skydiving back down to Earth is something only a select few will most likely enjoy. Not everyone is accustomed to this extreme sport. Although, several skydiving enthusiasts simply cannot get enough of this adrenaline rush. For them, the thrill of traditional skydiving has simply worn off. They have become desensitized to the free fall of 14,000 feet from an airplane. Many are moving to even more extreme heights. Some are even about to attempt near space jumps in the coming months from weather balloons.

Space jumping was first brought to the world’s attention in 1959 when Joseph Kittinger landed a successful jump of 74,700 feet. One year later, he broke his own record by skydiving from an altitude of 102,800 feet. The very first record for the longest free fall was set in 1962 by Yevgeny Andreyev. This record was not broken until 2012 by Felix Baumgartner. His last record shattering jump was from an astounding 128,000 feet above the Earth.

Both of these records, highest jump and longest free fall, were smashed in 2014 by extreme sport enthusiast Alan Eustace. His skydive was from 135,908 feet.

Now, a company known as Orbital Outfitters is developing a suit specifically designed for space skydiving. This is theorized to allow parachuting from space. Perhaps this will be used in the conceptualized Analemma Tower, if it is ever made into a reality.

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