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Are you tired of keeping your skydiving logs? It is indeed very tedious to copy all the details of your most recent jumps from your device into your logbook, only to transfer them manually to the app on your phone or your computer. Thanks to the ground-breaking innovation of the Alti-2 Chronos, you’ll only need one simple, elegant ‘wristwatch’ to keep track of all of your skydives! Are you a bit skeptical? That’s understandable, it’s a lot to take in.

Meet Chronos, the compact little device that can make your skydiving life so much easier. Its sleek and simple design is paired with a robust and powerful interior. Let us list a few of its mind-blowing features. Chronos is a visual-only electronic altimeter, accurate up to 40,000 feet. It records all the major data about your jump, and uploads it into your cloud (the virtual one, not the fluffy white thing you’re free falling through during your skydive).

Alti-2 designed Chronos based on the feedback and ideas of real skydivers. This means that it has all the features an experienced skydiver would want, and none of the useless ‘innovations’ cooked up by techies who’ve never been on a skydive themselves.

Chronos has a built-in mode-detector, already known to skydivers through Alti-2’s other products. This means that it can automatically detect whether you’re standing around on the ground waiting to board your airplane, or you’re about to start your hair-raising free fall. If you’re not skydiving at the moment, Chronos will display the time for you, like any decent wristwatch would do.

It comes with a free app (suitable for both Android and iOS systems) that will make keeping your skydiving log as easy as checking the time. How does it work? Chronos uploads your data into the cloud, exporting your dive log into the app after you’re back on the ground. The app does all the calculations for you and the next time you open it on your phone, you can already view every single piece of data about your most recent skydive, even before you’re back at the drop zone. That’s pretty impressive, huh? Create statistics and compare your achievements at the touch of a button. Keep track of your progress and watch how you get better and better at your favorite extreme sport!

In addition, Chronos comes with a Device Configuration Utility and it updates its software regularly through its built-in wireless connection. Other perks are the Lithium battery, easily rechargeable through a USB cord, and its water resistant casing (provided you use the USB plug).

The casing of Chronos is black, but the ergonomically designed wristband comes in many colors. Choose the one that goes best with the rest of your gear! The box you’ll receive your new skydiving accessory in, contains a few other things in addition to the altimeter itself. You’ll get the wristband (make sure to choose your favorite color, otherwise you’ll get the standard black one), a USB Type C charging cable, and an instruction manual.

Chronos is a great invention that will make the life of skydivers considerably easier. You won’t have to keep in mind to update all your logs and do your statistics; Chronos will do that automatically for you! That means less time spent on tiresome admin, and even more time to enjoy skydiving itself.

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