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An amazing weekend of skydiving was planned by three of the sport’s most enthusiastic thrill seekers.

Deb Hobbs, Kieren James, and Cameron Jarret planned and led a three-day skydiving event at Goulburn, New South Wales, airport over the weekend. All three individuals have previously represented Australia internationally in the sport of skydiving, and all three were happy to make jumps at the event. The entire event was hosted by Adrenalin Skydive, a regional skydiving company that has hosted previous events. Adrenalin is owned and operated by John Ferrara, who also owns the Goulburn Airport where the event took place. The skydiving facility was opened in 2011, and Ferrara has served as CEO since August of 2012.

However, he hasn’t been alone in his venture.

His partner, Billy Tuddenham, has also worked to make the airport a success, and Matt Chambers served as the Chief Instructor for the skydiving operation through 2015. After Chambers’ retirement as the Chief Instructor, that honor went to Yaakov Bokay. Since then, Bokay and Ferrara have worked to open up skydiving to the masses. Their events have centered on creating thrilling skydiving experiences in the region, and countless people have spent the weekend at the facility learning to dive. Visitors to Goulburn Airport were probably impressed by what they found.

The facility is a full-service location that can cater to people staying over a long period.

Goulburn Airport operates its own hotel, which allows people to stay on-location even after their skydive is over. The hotel catered to the people visiting the airport during the course of the weekend’s festivities. Guests were treated to the on-premises bar and restaurant, which served dishes and dinners of all kinds. Visitors were also able to relax while enjoying their favorite cocktails in the evening. In many ways, the event at Goulburn helped open people up to new ways of thinking about the skydiving experience.

The event itself focused on bringing in crowds of experienced skydivers to jump over the weekend.

These aerial thrill seekers performed all sorts of skydiving maneuvers in multiple disciplines, including Belly, Freefly, and Canopy Piloting. They also demonstrated their technical prowess through a series of fast turns as they came in to land, stunning the crowds and onlookers. Leading the “Belly” group was Deb Hobbs. Along with the rest of the team, Hobbs exited the plane at 15,000 feet above Mean Sea Level. The entire group was linked together in an exciting freefall.

Together, the group fell belly-to-earth for thousands of feet before opening their parachutes.

The second group to launch were the Freeflyers. These exciting daredevils were organized by Kieren James. Members of this group went into complete freefall, plunging head-to-earth before deploying their chutes. Finally, the high-performance landing specialists were led by Cameron Jarret. Charged with organizing these specialists and the team swoopers, the entire group leaped from a height of about 5,000 feet. This was a lower height than the other teams. Because of this, the team had to open its parachutes immediately after exiting the plane.

They didn’t spend more than a few seconds in freefall before pulling the line on their chutes.

Best of all, the entire event was open to the public. Bokay was happy to invite people to come and skydive. Bokay noted that the event was sponsored by the NSW Parachute Council, whose mission is to administer parachuting in the State of New South Wales. The Council works to guarantee the safety of skydivers by ensuring all necessary regulations are met. Adrenalin Skydive’s event took every precaution to meet the regulations of the council and guaranteed a safe weekend for both skydivers and visitors alike.

Visitors who arrived for the event were welcome to come not only to watch the action, but also to participate in a tandem skydive themselves. No matter what they came for, guests were welcome to use the on-site facilities and enjoy the three days of events. The exciting proceedings began every day at eight in the morning, providing plenty of time for visitors to enjoy themselves. This was only one of several events Goulburn Airport has hosted.

For anyone who missed the event, it’s likely that another will be hosted in the near future.

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