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SkyDive Utah, has teamed up with Shred the Gnar, a lifestyle brand, for a skydiving event July 28-30.

To encourage participation SkyDive Utah, founded by Jack Guthrie 30 years ago, will take $50 off for first time jumpers. Guthrie recalled the start of SkyDive Utah, “I was 37 when I essentially took over Cedar Valley Free Fall. Nobody else wanted to run a drop zone. This was on the Cedar Valley Airport in what is now Eagle Mountain. I changed the name to Skydive Utah, followed by Skydive U and finally back to Skydive Utah. That is a story in itself. I was there for 20 years.”

Marc Warren and Mike Chapman purchased the company in 2016.

The partners worked for Guthrie in 2012 and 2011. They were promoted to managers in 2015, and acquired the business last year. The first skydiving experience involves a tandem jump, where beginners are paired with an instructor, who guides them on the free-fall from 13,500 feet in the air. The free-fall lasts for a minute before the parachute is deployed. Following that first jump, divers can apply to a solo skydiving program at SkyDive Utah. Wes Ruff, a sports anchor at KTVX in Utah, who took part in a tandem dive, describes the experience.

“My jump was pretty awesome as well. I had a big ol’ grin on my face as we rolled out of the door and started our free fall, one minute at 120 mph.”

But I didn’t get the sensation of falling. It felt like we were just hanging there. It was amazing. “One minute into the fall, Justin (Provo), pulled the chord and thankfully, the parachute opened. It was only then that I felt I was drifting down. And it was so peaceful and so calm. It was a great way to see the valley, and I noticed that the valley floor was getting closer, which meant my experience would be over too soon. I tried to stay in the moment and just enjoy it. When it came time for the landing, it was like stepping off a stair.” said Ruff.

“We landed standing up, and I still had a big grin. And apparently I had a textbook jump.”

Warren said Ruff’s experience was typical for a first time diver. “Everybody comes in, their really nervous when they show up, they’re really scared. But pretty much every single person the moment you leave the plane, it’s like all that weight is lifted off and they just have a blast,” Warren said. After the initial introduction, new skydivers will meet their jump instructor, who they will be hooked to on the tandem jump. Provo described how he experiences the jump, “When the parachute opens up and hearing them yell, hearing them in free fall and all of that it’s great. I love it.”

“I remember my first skydive vividly and so getting to bring other people out for that same experience is really awesome.”

Chapman, who filmed the dive, said Ruff’s first jump went very well. “It’s such a blast being able to share that first experience with skydivers and just seeing the look on his face the whole time. We totally shared that experience together and it was a really fun jump. There’s no other better way to see Utah than from 13,500 feet. It’s awesome.” Chapman said.

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