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Skydiving is an exciting adventure sport that involves jumping from an aircraft. The greater majority of skydives that are performed safely worldwide in comparison to the fatal accidents that occur is extremely low, however as with other adventure activities, there is a slight risk. It has to be said that this risk lends itself to much of the sports’ appeal.

That being said, it’s additionally important to adhere to the guidelines to execute skydives in a safe, fun and effective manner.

Regardless of the most stringent adherence, there are cases in which safety and professionalism were incorporated to the utmost degree and an accident still occurred resulting in the injury or death of a skydiver. In one such case, reported by the Daily Mail Australia (23 March 2017), an unfortunate event occurred that resulted in the death of an experienced skydiver. The skydiver, who has been identified as a Melbourne man named Boguslaw Andrzej Drazek, 36 years of age, was a professional with more than 500 hundred plus jumps to his credit. The incident occurred when his parachute became entangled with that of another skydiver during a formation jump on the second day of competition during the Australian Skydiving Championship.

The collision caused Mr. Drazek to fall from the sky as a result of his chute not deploying properly and the impact from hitting the ground is what ultimately led to his death. No one else was hurt as a result of the incident. Per Robert Libeau, Australian Parachute Federation spokesman, the incident was a “freak accident” that occurred during a standard skydive that was executed at a safe release height and under the safest of conditions. He went on to say, “It was a competition skydive for the intermediate four-way formation discipline, and unfortunately two parachutes collided and caused an entanglement and unfortunately the victim was unable to get away from it.” he went on to further explain that the man did deploy his reserve chute and at the time, it had yet to be determined what went wrong with it.

Mr. Libeau then went on to say that the deceased skydiver was a much loved member of the Nagambie skydiving club.

At the time of the collision, there were spectators and the man’s skydiving team present. As a result of the trauma, counseling was offered to those who witnessed the tragedy. Competition was stopped for a period of time, however, the 200-plus competitors voted to continue as a sign of respect and solidarity as “… it is a very close-knit family in skydiving,” Mr Libeau stated. Although there are certain risks involved in skydiving, strict adherence to safety norms can make skydiving safe and exciting. The skydiving tragedies that occur on rare occasions need not deter a person from participating in a skydiving adventure.

If you have the right mindset and determination, you can achieve the extraordinary by following the guidelines.

The skydiver needs to be familiar with everything pertaining to safety equipment, free fall, and gliding down when the parachute deploys. When you plan to skydive, make sure that the drop zone that you approach is a reputed one. Check their track record and ensure that they maintain a high safety standard. The aircraft used by the drop zone should meet the safety norms prescribed by the aviation authorities and skydiving regulations. Ensure that the center provides instructors who are experts with vast amounts of experience in skydiving. Many people are afraid of the possible failure of safety equipment during skydiving. You can overcome the fear by verifying the track record of the skydiving center and you can ensure that they use safety equipment that is of highest quality.

Many skydiving tragedies occur due to the lack of understanding.

You need to pay attention to all instructions given. They are vital for understanding the procedure to be followed and judgements you will have to make. One should be mentally and physically fit for a skydiving adventure. Although people above 18 are qualified to go for skydiving, it is not recommended for those with heart problems, epilepsy, and obesity. Since skydiving is strenuous, it is better to get a medical checkup from your doctor prior to skydiving.

Standard safety equipment is used for skydiving. The helmet is used for protection from head injuries in the event of rough landing. The jumpsuit you wear gives protection from cold, wind, and debris. The harness provided should fit properly and it should work with the jumpsuit without any flaw. An automatic activation device is part of the equipment. It is programmed to open the reserve parachute at a predetermined altitude. The altimeter helps to measure your altitude. Familiarize yourself with the hand signals used for communication while skydiving. Eat only light food. If you are a beginner, your instructor will provide you with the necessary instruction and accompany you while skydiving.

Although scary, skydiving can be an exciting adventure sport if you follow the safety instructions strictly. With determination and the right mindset, you can achieve a safe, exciting and successful skydive!

Be confident and enjoy your skydiving.

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