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Carol Vorderman, 56, enjoyed an unparalleled adrenaline rush as she fell 12,000 feet to ground in a tandem skydive.

Vorderman is a participant on the “I’m A Celebrity” reality show.

Accompanied by the Tigers Free Fall Parachute Display Team, Vorderman described the experience as “the best day.” She participated in the skydive with an expert crew of soldiers from the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment, who were on hand to pull the parachute and manage the landing.

According to their site, “The parachute display team was formed in 1986 under the watchful eye of Colonel P. V. Panton and was primarily co-located at Bassingbourn Army Barracks and the Queens Division Headquarters.

“The first team leader, Sergeant Bill “KIWI” Sharpe was drafted in from the Army Parachute Regiment, instead of a member of the Queen’s Division for his vast knowledge and expertise; which without his guidance throughout its formative years, the team would not have been as successful as it has been and still remains today.

“The team were originally provided with the name “The Flying Dragons,” a legacy that still continues to this day, with many members of the regiment choosing to refer to the team as “The Flying Tigers.” Today, the team have adopted the name also taken up by their regiment – “The Tigers.” 

“Since its formation, the team has had various team Commanders including Andy Brown, Paul Beat, Tom Major, Tony Wasley, Bill Bilner, James Wills, Jay Gladwell, Jay Smith, Roly Coleman, Dave Clarke and Chris Smith. In 2011, who after many years of service to the team relinquished the leadership of the team to Capt. Ian Wicks.”

Vorderman shared her experience on social media, taking a selfie while diving with one of the servicemen.

Vorderman told The Express newspaper that “I don’t know whether my 50s are my sexiest years – I loved my 40s. I’m just much more confident at this point – the difference now is rather than in your 20s and 30s where you criticize yourself all the time, you think “oh damn it” and you appreciate what you have and where you are in your life.”

The jump was a tribute to her mother, Jean, who passed away earlier this year at the age of 88 after being diagnosed with terminal cancer three months prior. She had survived three cancer incidences in the last 12 years, which included skin cancer and kidney cancer, as well as an ovarian tumor.

“I love her beyond measure. We are laughing so much and [Jean] is having a lovely time. She refuses to let us be sad so we are taking our lead from her,” Vorderman said. “Now my family and me will concentrate on being happy and celebrating the time we have together, I’m refusing to let them be sad.”

Carol became a celebrity after presenting Countdown. It was her mother who had signed her up for the show.

“She spotted an advertisement in the local paper asking for a girl who was good at maths to help present a new TV show, Countdown. She sent in an application for me and I ended up with the job.”

The role led to spots on the Loose Women panel and her current role on ITV’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here.

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