Skydiving Wedding Proposal

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When it comes to a marriage proposal you only really have one shot. It’s kind of a big deal. The novelty for some guys is an even bigger deal. Some guys just go the traditional route. They will ask a girl to a fancy dinner and after the dinner propose to her or take her to the place the two went on their first date.

Other guys get a little bit fancier. Guys will hide the ring in her dessert. Another option is having the “Will you marry me [insert girls name]?” billboard. Of course, the first option can fail if the woman chokes on it. The second one can backfire if she, you know, just does not look at the billboard! Some guys have embarrassed themselves ridiculously—asking a woman to marry them on the kiss board and being shot down, or while filming it.

One great option to consider—if anybody out there claims any one option is the best option then they are not taking into account people are different—is to pop the question during a skydiving expedition.

It is probably not recommended to pop the question before the jump itself. That is something you do not want to take away from. During the jump itself, this is almost impossible (unless you use some sort of banner or the parachute itself) because it is extremely hard to hear somebody while skydiving.

The best option is more than likely after the jump itself. Having the ring prepared right after she lands is the ultimate surprise. If you have not skydived before, it really is crossing two things off the bucket list at the same time: skydiving and popping the question. Combining the two can result in an adrenaline-filled breathtaking day. Possibly one of the best days of both of your lives.

A skydiving marriage proposal is just one of many ideas if you—remember, guys or girls can propose—are looking for a unique way to pop the question to your loved one. As far as novelty goes, this is better than the standard wine and dine and getting on your knee with the ring deal. This is expanding your skydiving adventure. Diving through the clouds, feeling weightless, and getting a true bird’s eye view of the world below, and then topping off this amazing experience with something she does not expect.

Putting this in the idea column of ways to propose is not a bad idea for any gentleman. Some advice if you do consider this route: pick out where you are skydiving carefully. Know the area and the scenery. Next: inform your skydiving instructors of the plan in advance so they can help assist you. Finally: do not think about it too hard. Just do it. Plan an activity after the jump and proposal to unwind. A drink at a local establishment or a relaxing calm dinner. After all, if you have the guts for a skydiving proposal, you deserve to reward yourself for your bravery.

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