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Skydiving Kris Kringle, George Krokus, crashes into a tree and then the beach News Leave a Comment

News outlets are reporting that a skydiving Kris Kringle on a mission to deliver an Elf on the Shelf to a little girl crashed into a beach. The crash saw the parachuting St. Nick, named George Krokus, in an effort to execute an epic entrance worthy of the name Claus, crash into a tree followed by a light post before he had an unexpected impact with a Gulf Port beach. The landing left him with a broken leg. The injury was fairly serious requiring surgery and a hospital stay.

The skydiver, Krokus, was attired in traditional Santa garb at the time of the skydiving event in which he was to skydive to deliver toys and volleyballs to participants last Saturday at the Tampa Bay Beach Bums Operation Santa Charity Volleyball Tournament.

Madison Spiers who witnessed the crash and is the 9-year-old the Krokus was endeavoring to deliver the elf back to found a note following the event. It indicated it was from the elf, named Kristoff and said, “As we were about to land this big tree jumped right out in front of us!” This was Kristoff’s effort at an explanation of what happened following Madison allowing Krokus to tandem with her elf.

The note further tried to quell her anxiety by saying “Don’t worry though…now G and I are resting in this hotel that they keep calling a ‘hospital’! G has reservations for a few more days, going to hang out with him so he doesn’t feel lonely!”

For those of you expressing concern, Kristoff was unharmed during the collision with the tree, post, and beach. However, in a show of sympathy for his comrade in parachute rig, he did sport a bandaged appendage and sat with Krokus while he was recuperating.

Dominick Nelson, event organizer, and Madison’s mother’s boyfriend said he was happy that Krokus, the skydiving Santa, was ok.

Madison said that Kristoff is known to be involved in mishaps, and Nelson reiterated her comment saying, “I don’t know where elves get their information, but I guess he found out that Santa wanted to bring him a little more excitement and get him down to Madison because he knew she’d be there selling raffle tickets and be in support of the event.” He further said, “So I think he wanted to, I guess they like to pull pranks and this was one of his pranks.”

Despite his injury skydiving, Krokus has remained in good spirits and friends have established a Go Fund Me to help him with the cost of his medical bills. The fundraising efforts have garnered Krokus $2000 so far.

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