Alicia Watts and Alice Brown

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Two ladies take on a skydiving experience to celebrate their birthdays while raising money for charity.

Milestone birthdays are often a big celebration. Parties, vacations to exotic cities around the world, and even crossing an item off a bucket list. Alice Brown and Alicia Watts of Penryn, Cornwall (UK), are celebrating their milestone birthdays in an adventurous way, along with raising funds to help in the fight for an important cause.

These two courageous ladies will be skydiving to commemorate their 50th and 21st birthdays. Alice Brown support worker with Tracscare is the girlfriend of Alicia Watts’ son, Andrew Price. Alicia is the business administrator for Trident Plumbing, Heating, and Electrical.

They have decided to conquer jumping out of a plane in celebration for reaching milestone ages and to raise funds for their charity of choice, The Cornwall Hospice Care Center. Along with this jump from a plane accelerated at 10,000 feet in the air, they want to support a cause that is close to their hearts, the fight against cancer. The birthday event will take place in June of this year. In the interim, they have set up a GoFundMe campaign in order to raise funds for the skydive and most importantly, the Cornwall Hospice Care Center.

This facility serves as an independent charity, housing and caring for patients suffering from life threatening diseases, such as cancer and lung disease. The Cornwall Hospice Care Center offers their services free of charge and operates solely on donations, as well as a small grant from the National Health Service (NHS). Costs to keep this facility running average about £8.4 million per year. Only £924,000 is contributed from the NHS. Which means that the Cornwall Hospice Care Center will have to rely on volunteer donations to obtain the remaining £7.5 million (est.) to continue care services to their patients.

Watts and Brown are doing their part in helping to fund this care center, as cancer has hit close to home for both ladies. Watts’ best friend, Trina Thomas, currently is supporting her husband, Rob, in fight against lung cancer. These ladies’ birthday skydive for charity is their way of showing their love and support for them.

Both Watts and Brown are very anxious, yet excited about their milestone skydiving celebration. In the planning stages, they were first going to take a ride in a hot air balloon. However, they felt the ride was not as much of the thrill seeking adventure they were wanting for this event. As the countdown to the “June Jump” is on, Watts wants to slim down before the skydive. She is currently working with personal trainer, Jill Sadler of Embrace Dance Fitness in Penryn, to help take off the pounds to be ready to celebrate her birthday.

These ladies have been working for the past ten months to raise awareness about their skydiving experience and the cause they are happy to support. Their goal in raising funds for the skydive adventure and for their charity is £900. A portion of the total amount, £350, will be used for both ladies to participate in skydiving. The remaining funds will be donated to Cornwall Hospice Care Center. Of course, the more funds they raise, the better for their charity’s overall goal. So far, they have raised £490 towards their campaign,

To donate to Alice Watts’ and Alicia Brown’s milestone birthday skydiving for charity you can visit their GoFundMe page. Penryn locals can pick up sponsorship forms at Trident Plumbing, Heating and Electrical on the Ponsharden Industrial Estate, as well as Embrace’s Heartspace in Commercial Road, Penryn.

To learn more about Cornwall Hospice Care and how to donate to this patient service facility, visit

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